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Love it or hate it, I think it's great!
scud_muffin13 December 2004
Out Cold is one of my favorite movies. It's not intelligent, the acting isn't anything special and the plot is sub-par. But it's hilarious, and as a snowboarder wildly entertaining. I watch it in the summer when I miss the season, in the fall when I'm waiting for the season, in the winter when I'm NOT snowboarding, and in the spring when the season is ending. There is so much truth to the movie in some aspects that it just feels right. The movie is so funny in so many little ways, and if you open your mind and are willing to accept it for what it is, I think you'll love it as well. It has a great soundtrack featuring a LOT of Jack Johnson, some Weezer, Sum 41, other stuff, all of which is good. Jason London is great as Rick Rambis, Zach Galifinakis is hilarious as Luke and whoever plays Pigpen does a great job of acting dumber then you would think anyone could actually be. You'll either love it or hate it, but if you snowboard or like to have a good time, I think it will be the former.
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MUCH better than expected, a truly fun movie.
LebowskiT100015 April 2003
When I first saw the trailers for this film I thought it looked like just another run-of- the-mill comedy, and I guess in a lot aspects it pretty much is, but still, I thought it was much funnier and much better than I originally anticipated.

Sure, the story is nothing profound, nor terribly original, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't good and fun to watch. The story is basically: guy finds girl, girl dumps guy, guy can't get over girl, guy and girl run into each other again, girl explains why it will never work, guy must decide what he should do... Like I said, nothing profound, or original, but there's still fun stuff to be seen.

The comedy in the film is what made the movie for me. Zack Galifianakis (Luke) is absolutely hilarious and plays a fantastic character. Jason London, David Denman and Derek Hamilton also have their share of comedic moments.

I also feel very much obligated to mention the women in this film. This is reason enough to watch this film. Victoria Silvstedt (Inga) looks nothing less than perfect throughout the film. AJ Cook (Jenny) is also quite the looker and not a bad actress. The last woman I have to mention is Caroline Dhavernas (Anna), very nice!

Normally I'm not one to pay too much attention to the music in a film (unless it's just atrocious), but anyhow, I thought the music choices are great in this film. The movie is packed full of great music (my favorites being Eve 6 - "Anytime" and Weezer - "Island In The Sun").

All in all, I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who likes snowboarding or just likes comedies. Just don't go in expecting the best movie you've ever seen, it's not the best, but it certainly was worth my money. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for reading,

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Animal House for a less discerning audience
mytragicflaw31 January 2005
OK, this film is not going to win any awards for best acting, or best cinematography, or best picture for that matter. However, this film will make you laugh. It will spend about a buck ninety of your time in a very guilty pleasure sort of way. It revolves around a town in Alaska, a ski town, that is about to encounter a shift from a peaceful, secluded atmosphere to a bustling, main stream atmosphere. Our heroes are the snowboard instructors who have to save the day from a irritating, stereotypical land developer. Putting aside the obvious overtones of similar movies of this genre, and dispelling some predictability you really can have a good time. The jokes are funny, the characters have some witty dialog and the story moves briskly. The only drawback for me was the inept love story, but that was balanced out with some good jokes derived from it. It's no Schindler's List, but is a worthy addition to a home library or just a rental on a Friday night.
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Best. Worst. Movie. Ever.
brlancer2 October 2005
This movie is HORRIBLE and you should love it.

From a cursory glance, this movie looks like a retread of what larger names (Adam Sandler, Chris Farley) have done and failed at, but this movie is different. THIS MOVIE IS FUNNY. It is pure unclean fun and what it lacks in a "message" it more than makes up for with sharp humor.

While people may take issue with the subject matter (drugs, dick and fart jokes, boobies), the story and dialogue are exceptional. This isn't Les Miserables (or even South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut, taking jabs at society) but it is smart and witty and you'll find jokes on the third trip that you didn't see before. Give it a try--it's definitely worth your time.

8 out 10: Rated Excellent for Casablanca references, the scene on the mechanical bull, and just being absolutely fun.
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Dear Lord Go See This Movie Right Now
rakman1226 May 2002
Being only one of two people in the world to see this movie twice in the theaters makes me perhaps what one would consider an Out Cold expert. After buying the movie on DVD (available now in all self-respecting stores) I have enjoyed it four more times, and I have to say that not only does this movie not deserve the current ranking in the 4's, but the movie is far better then it is being portrayed. Out Cold is part teenage-gross-out laugh-fest, part Ode to Casablanca, part kick-ass snowboarding. This movie is rich in a deep, philosophical plot, in which our protagonist Rick Rambis, is locked into a bitter war to keep his life and his town. Bull Mountain has been his home forever, and when the departed owner's son decides to sell the mountain (to the Six-Million-Dollar-Man Lee Majors, playing John Majors-no relation) Rick and his n'er-do-well comrades must conform to the new ruler. Majors foresees the Black Diamond in the Rough as the next Aspen, and begins to change the quaint heritage of the land to conform to his new vision, Snow Nook. Rick and his friends decide to rebel and take back the mountain. And if the rich plot is not enough, it also has Victoria Silvstadt, former Playmate of the year, Zach Galifianakis, a great comedian who gets his helmut stuck in a hot tub, and a cast of tens of...well...tens of extras. The movie was unfortunately passed over at the Oscars for movies that did not have anyone having sex with a hot tub, that didn't have any playmates, that didn't have the Weezer song "Island in the Sun", nor did it have the greatest words of wisdom ever in a movie, "No regrets, that's my motte. That and 'Everybody Wang Chung Tonight'".
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The Six Million Dollar Man Vs. Victoria Silvstedt
gein26 November 2001
OK, I'm a sucker for this type of film. I know it's something we have all seen a million times, but, darn it - we NEED this type of movie.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…the story line's predictable: idyllic local winter ski haven (Bull Mountain) is under threat by a big-business tycoon's (Lee Majors) plans for turning it into a high rollers' resort town. And, yeah, yeah, yeah…the subplot is equally original: boy loses girl, boy wants girl back, girl has fiancé, boy must go through trials and tribulations to win girl back, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum. Add a few crass scenarios, a big-breasted beauty (Victoria Silvstedt), beer and you've got yourself another boring teen-sex comedy. Right? Not so fast, partner.

Out Cold joins the ranks of other great teen comedies (Animal House, Better Off Dead, Caddyshack, and the hundreds of others) in its magical ability to stop time – if just for a moment. Like its predecessors, Out Cold captures that youthful time when friends surround us, we are having the time of our lives and the party never seems like it is going to end. Those are our `rites of passage' years - generally, between the ages of 16-25 - nine very short years.

Out Cold takes place in the fictional tiny-town of Bull Mountain, Colorado - elevation 10,000 feet – a winter wonderland of snow, skiing and snowboarding. A place where there's always fluffy powder to plow through and a hilarious friend is at every corner you turn. There's always the local pub to chill in after a hard day of playing – the characters in these movies all have jobs but no one seems to work. Loneliness is not an option. That's what makes this movie (these movies) great.

Out Cold isn't just about gross-out gags with guys running around trying to get laid, it's about the escapism that these films offer. Even if you've never experienced the perfect winter or summer vacation – even if you've never gone to that ivy-league school where no student has homework – even if you've only dreamt about spending time at exotic locales with fun in the sun/snow – this is the reason why we NEED this type of movie. If only for ninety minutes, these movies offer a fantasy or nice remembrances of times gone by (or, to come.)

For all of you naysayers out there who pooh-pooh this film on the account of its wonderfully juvenile content, I say, `Go see Harry Potter, you bombastic moralist and leave me alone!'
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Nice comedy.
fibreoptic5 December 2004
My hopes were not high for 'Out Cold', they really weren't. I thought this would be just another stupid American comedy like 'Dorm Daze' which i also watched a few days ago and was far from impressed with. It wasn't so thank god for that!

For an American comedy the humour is at times sharp even though at times it is blunt but still works very well. Who the heck wouldn't laugh at the drug test scene!? The acting is also spot on. I think Jason London's character is a bit stupid though because that girl Jenny that likes him is much better looking than that french bird Anna he dated for three weeks. No Contest! I was like "Dude, stop being such a douche and go for sweet Jenny who likes ya instead of Anna who is a cheating ho!".

The locations in this film are beautiful and the snowboarding scenes are breathtaking at times. All in all a nice comedy which ultimately tells the story of corporate America f***ing things up. Well worth watching. 9/10
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Although it may seem like the same old crap, snowboard, hot chicks and funny jokes actually WORK!
noxhitman30 September 2002
Ok, I know everyone think this movie is idiot, predictable and has its stupid jokes. I could be with you, I dont like this kind of movies, specially when it gets as bad as "The Sweetest Thing" , "The New Guy" and others from the genre...

But I am here to say that this is one funny movie! The Snow boards sequences are super! We don't care for the acting in movies like this, since we laugh and feel good, it's all right. I am asking you to not be led by the critics, because people sometimes forget to watch a movie as it is supposed to be, do yourself a favor and don't do that.

I recommend you to watch this movie and have a laugh with your friends. But i must say it is not great, there are no mesmerizing jokes, but still got its charm...

My rate would be 6 out of 10, but that blondy , oh man, she deserves a nice star so my rating is : 7 / 10

have fun!
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Fun Movie To Watch Actually
Mr_Sensitive8 February 2005
When talk about this movie you might think it is just another Jason London movie that you barely heard about and is doubted weather to watch it or not; after all he is not very much of a extreme type of guys to be playing this role. Anyway, he did! And tell the truth the movie ain't that bad.

It is about the group of friends try to save their beautiful town from taking over by the rich tycoon.

Not very original story but movie did offer more on pretty funny casting that turn out to be good (Caroline look great); some of the scenes are funny and smile worthy and even to laughable at time.

Recommendation: Definitely worth a watch

Rating: 7/10 (Grade: C+)

Please Rate My Review After Reading (YES/No), Thanks!
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Great way to spend 90 minutes
cgkemp-312701 January 2020
Out Cold isn't going to win any Academy Awards but that's ok. What it does, it does well. Juvenile comedy, the love triangle featuring AJ Cook in one of the first roles I've seen her in, all come together for a good way to spend an hour and a half. The cast seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves both on camera and off. Grab the popcorn, kick back and enjoy.
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Gotta watch it every winter!
tropicalreptile25 November 2019
This movie is ridiculous, but it's done SO well. All the characters are absolutely hilarious and believable. You can't describe it... I LOVE Zach G's character more in this movie than any of the Hangovers - where he was also brilliant - but the polar bear, hot tub scene, and car prank are AMAZING. This movie just works. Give this movie a chance, crack open a beer or whatever your pleasure, just don't drink the bong water!
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An entertaining slobs versus snobs comedy.
darkjezter26 May 2008
Out Cold is a little-known comedy gem from 2001 that has somehow managed to find its way on my list of movies that I watch on a semi-regular basis.

The film is set in the fictional ski town of Bull Mountain, Alaska, a place which manages to maintain its unpretentious, laid-back small town atmosphere despite being located in an area famous for its great skiing and snowboarding. The plot focuses on a group of young twenty-something local residents who enjoy snowboarding, getting drunk, getting high, and playing practical jokes on each other. Leading this group of likable misfits is a man named Rick Rambis (played by Jason London), who is unable to form a relationship with attractive snowboarding instructor Jenny (played by A.J. Cook) because he is still pining over a girl he met during a drunken binge in Cancun, Mexico.

When wealthy businessman John Majors (played by veteran actor Lee Majors) steps in with the intent of buying Bull Mountain and turning it into an Aspen-like "espresso and tofu" resort that caters to rich yuppies, the residents of Bull Mountain begin to fear that they will all be fired and forced to leave town. Adding to the turmoil is the arrival of Majors' two daughters: Inga, (played by former Playboy Playmate of the Year Victoria Silvstedt) a gorgeous blonde bombshell, and Anna (played by Caroline Dhavernas), Rick's old flame from his Cancun vacation.

What follows is a slobs versus snobs comedy in the tradition of "Caddyshack" and "Animal House" as the locals try to stop their town from being taken over by Majors and his cronies. The film also directly parodies Casablanca in several parts, with Rick finding himself in a situation similar to Humphrey Bogart's most famous character from his most famous film.

The acting or script will never win any awards, but the film does provide enough humor to make it worth a rental. It also features some truly impressive snowboarding footage performed by some of the top snowboarders in the world. I also feel the need to mention David Koechner, who provides a hilarious performance as Stumpy, a hard-drinking, tall-tale telling local who is probably insane.

One complaint I have about the movie is that it feels like several scenes were edited or removed entirely so that it would be given a PG-13 rating rather than an R rating. Hopefully someday an unrated DVD will be released.

I give this film a 7 out of 10. It's not a classic comedy, but it's entertaining enough to be worth a rental.
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An Excellent Film !!!
saltonmygame2 January 2006
Before you see this movie, 2 things are important to know about this film. 1. It is not a snowboard/skiing documentary, 2. It is not an Oscar caliber movie. Some people (the older) expect the Oscar, while others (the younger) might think of it as a doc., with focus on tricks and riding. I guess thats why disappointed haters come post here. It's more a 20ish type comedy set in an Alaska ski town. It has a few scenes of some serious snowboard riding, but that is not the primary focus.

It is more about the hilarious undertakings of these lovable characters, and the choices they have to make to save themselves and save their town. This movie would make an awesome date movie, and will have you cracking up throughout. Their a goofy bunch you'll fall in love with. This movie will also make you miss the mountains and wanna hit the slopes. The best pick me up movie on a crappy day. Don't go rent this film, go buy it!! And don't forget the soundtrack, one of the best EVER featuring Foo Fighters, Weezer, Jack Johnson and others!
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Funny stuff
Scruffy0425 May 2005
OK, if you want an intelligent, thought provoking, good movie...this is not it. If you want a stupid, drunken, poor excuse for a movie that will actually make you laugh, see it. There are some really stupid scenes, as well as some really funny ones. This movie is geared toward a younger audience, it is kind of like Grind, only with snowboarding instead of skateboarding. For those of you that don't know, snowboarding is a sport in which a drunken idiot, like myself, straps them self to a piece of wood and slides down a snow covered mountain and does flips and spins and slides across pieces of metal and wood.Plus, it has the six million dollar man in it so why wouldn't you see it?
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Great movie!
mpine16 April 2005
Seriously this movie is great, brilliant, stupid humour, it is a muck around movie, to sit around with a bunch of mates and have a great laugh, that is all you will get.

the car spinning scene is a crack-up! you have to watch it to believe it! Anna is a gorgeous little girl that any man would love to hook up with at Pedro El'Hornys.

Lee Majors plays a great role as the baddie, but was really good. I have fond memories of this movie, because I was on my honeymoon in Jamaica with a seriously bad fever, and this came on the TV and it cheered me up great! I saw it 5 times.

Pig pen and Luke are great together as odd couple brothers and Lance the "gay" guy and the black dude fits in perfect, cant snowboard, but is there for fun!
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Far from perfect, but very enjoyable.
Scott11565 December 2001
If you've read any of the other comments for this movie, then you've probably realized that this movie is far from perfect. It's easily one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen. But unlike the "critics" and a majority of the other people who have commented on this movie, I think that's a good thing.

I like stupid movies. Dumb & Dumber, Dude Where's My Car, Naked Gun 33 1/3, BASEketball, A Night At The Roxbury, Tommy Boy, Big Daddy, and Mallrats are examples of irreverent comedies that have received an IMDB rating of 8 or higher from me. I've recently added Out Cold to that list. If you enjoyed any of the above-mentioned films, then you'll probably like this one too.

The story is pretty simple; Anthony lives in a small Alaskan town and spends most of his time snowboarding with his friends on the neighboring mountain. A big city businessman comes to town, buys the mountain, and quickly turns the town into a ski resort. His daughter is actually Anthony's long lost girlfriend, so Anthony must choose between winning her back and getting a secure job at the new resort, or keeping the traditions of the mountain (freedom and fun) alive with his friends.

Of course, the plot isn't important. What is important are the humor and the characters. Personally, I thought this was a very funny film. It isn't as funny as many of the movies I listed above, but it's better than many other comedies I've seen (BLACK KNIGHT, ME MYSELF & IRENE, and BILLY MADISON for example). I was laughing fairly consistently throughout the entire film. Once or twice there was a joke that fell flat, but overall it delivered. The characters were very fun too. Anthony's friends include a pothead, a crazy guy, a cool ex-girlfriend, an in-the-closet gay man, and more.

I don't snowboard or watch snowboarding on TV, but I've been playing SSX on my PS2 a lot lately. If you want to see this movie because you want to see boarding action, then you should probably find something else. The film starts off with two really cool snowboarding sequences and from there it's pretty much snowboard free until near the end. In-between we get the above-mentioned plot and several funny gags, many reminiscent of American Pie.

Parents should be warned. This film is rated PG-13, but it's pretty close to an R. Almost all of the jokes are Sex/Drug related and this film contains a surprising amount of nudity. The nudity consists of women taking their tops off, and we can clearly see their breasts, but their nipples are blocked from view. There is also a shot of a man's butt and a lot of scenes contain a statue of this bare-assed man.

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Critics suck
opticaldata-6885210 October 2018
This movie is amazing. If you grew up skiing or snowboarding this movie will feel right at home.

Seriously, everyone I know watches this movie the first snow fall of the year. Its a tradition.
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rlowe3017 February 2008
Hands down, finis, no contestare: this is the funniest movie ever made. I thought I was going to break ribs laughing so hard last night. This movie is a quantum leap funnier than anything like "Animal House" or "Dodge Ball."

"Out Cold" sends up every exhausted cliché' in the movie making biz, smartly, dead on, and funnier than I thought possible. The actors who are the most talented (Galifianakis, London, Garson, Koechner, and almost Lee Majors) nail gag after gag with straight and august virtuosity. Galifianakis especially kicks every scene he's in in the n@ts of funny. John Belushi could only wish he had a vehicle like "Out Cold" to show his stuff in. . .

Never seen a movie like it. If you thought "Dodge Ball" or "Animal House" was funny, adjust your viewing settings appropriately and prepare to get assaulted by comedic genius.
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Entire production overshadowed by breathtaking performance
Basco126 June 2006
I don't usually do this, but one actor in this film has captivated me so much, that I am going to write an entire review strictly about him. His chiseled facial features and rippling biceps provide a good case against anyone who thinks that Michaelangelo stopped carving fine marble. And his hauntingly beautiful voice is one for the ages, one that plummets deep into the soul of man like some sonic Magic School Bus and penetrates your soul like only Dirk Diggler (and the man himself) could. His presence on the screen is not just magnetic; it causes you to re-evaluate your life. I am of course talking about the one, the only, Derek Hamilton.

After seeing this movie, I went to my doctor. He informed me I have 7 broken ribs due to intense laughing, and occasional guffawing. He informed me that if I watched the movie again, I may quite possibly die. But I did not care. I watched it again that very night. I woke up in the intensive care ward of the hospital. The doctor told me I would never walk again. Reader...it was worth it.

But there was something else, something deeper than spine-shattering laughter present. It seemed that any time that Derek was not on screen, I fell into a deep depression. My doctor prescribed me zoloft, paxil, but it was no use. There seemed something humanely wrong with not putting this man-- nay, God-- in every single frame of film, and it is the only reason the film is not receiving a 10 out of 10 rating. There is no conceivable reason the credits did not consist of him sitting in a chair reading out names. He could be sitting on the can and it would still be more riveting than the Cuban missile crisis.

His portrayal of Pig Pen is the most accurate performance I have ever seen. It has been reported that Marlon Brando died of pulmonary fibrosis. In actuality, he saw Out Cold, and after witnessing the incomparable majesty of Derek's performance, realized that all his method acting training was a gargantuan waste of time, because nothing he had even done had ever caused such cinematic exuberance. He died of a broken heart.

I could go on...but I will not. Because every second you spend reading this is a minute that could be spent witnessing the single greatest performance in the history of celluloid. It is said that Stephen Hawking created a time machine, and traveled through wormhole in time when he was 21. When he arrived in the future of 2001, the first thing he saw was a movie theatre that was playing Out Cold. He watched the film, and after doing so, decided to scrap all of his projects, and devote his time to figuring out how Derek Hamilton's performance was so magnificent. He soon lost the use of his arms and legs. You do the math.
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this movie was hilarious
onceaweek_doomed4 February 2007
i am not the kind of person that enjoys the "produced to make people laugh because of the stupidity of... just about everything that concerns me" kind of movies, but... this movie was hilarious! i laughed my pants off through the whole thing. the script isn't great, the characters aren't analysed to a psychological level, the actors aren't world-renowned, but i'm freaking lovin' it... don't actually know why. it's something about the whole "feel" surrounding the movie, about the fact that they aren't trying to produce something that will turn the world round, but most of all - about the dialogue. i don't know... did i mention that it was hilarious? it's been some time since i laughed so hard. it just makes you want to watch it again and again and again... and i can't wait to finish writing this review, so that i can watch it once more. man, i love this movie. the only reason i didn't give it an A+ is because i'm very protective of that grade. but, honestly, this movie deserves it.
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It sucks! Big surprise!
Matt1plus124 November 2001
I'm sick and tired of all this teen movie crap. They are too clean-cut, have dumb sexual jokes, no coherent plot, and are predictable from top to bottom. Out Cold (2001) is one of those movies. If you've seen one teen movie, you've seen this one too. Totally generic and non-innovative. I thought this movie would be bad when I saw the preview for the 50th damn time (it's everywhere on TV), and it was. Talk about a disaster..sigh..and I thought Not Another Teen Movie would put a stop to this crap ala Scary Movie and the teen slashers. Oh well, maybe it will.
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Very boring, uneventful film. Oh, and NOT FUNNY.
WaltDittrich12 December 2005
This film came highly recommended to me, and now I have to question everything this friend of mine says in the future. This movie most closely resembles "Wet Hot American Summer", except that it's at a snowboard resort in Alaska, rather than some summer camp. It is equivalent in so many ways, but most importantly, in the fact that neither is all that funny, and the story is boring.

I sat through the end of this thinking it had to get better. Oh, it did. Well, it tried. For about three minutes before the credits rolled, they showed some bloopers. It's snowboarding, so there were bound to be a few wipeouts. These would have been better on America's Funniest Videos with a voice-over, background music and sound effects. Yes, even Bob Saget voice-over! This is rated PG-13, but I think a PG would have been fair. No cussing, NO NUDITY (even though plenty of situations called for it), no drugs, and did I mention a boring story? Don't get it for the kids, but DEFINITELY don't get it for the grownups.

Save yourself time and trouble and skip this. It presently gets a 5.4 from IMDb.com and there is a reason. See the "If you like this we also recommend" Rat Race movie. THAT's comedy. Van Wilder is funny. Porky's, Eurotrip, and Office Space. I could go on.

Walt D in LV 12-12-05
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Confused juvenile sexual innuendo
covington26 November 2001
This movie was, in short, awful. It consisted entirely of people getting drunk, and people (mostly women) getting naked. It was replete with sexual innuendo and never missed an opportunity to use juvenile humor. To make things worse, the plot itself wasn't even put together that well. The movie seemed confused and as if no one really knew entirely where the movie was headed.
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Where was Jeremy Piven??
kombi458 May 2005
This movie might have been more aptly titled "PCU 2, Winter Break". I half expected Favreau (Gutter) and Jeremy Piven (Droz) to make a cameo. Classic snobs v. slobs romp that can be traced circuitously back to Caddyshack, Meatballs, Revenge of the Nerds, and the list goes on. Only this was to Caddyshack what Caddyshack 2 was to Caddyshack.

I wonder what the tag line was: "If you liked Police Academy 4, you'll love this one!"

Mitigating factors:

David Koechner Rad footage of people getting racked up during credits - best part of the movie, actually
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This movie could've been a cult classic, if it didn't suck so bad...
adle010327 June 2002
I am one of those people who take stupid comedies seriously. I was raised on Porky's, Hot Dog (another ski flick), and many other movies about young slackers bringing down "the man". This movie should have gone all the way with their jokes (i.e.- the bear eating the salt on the sleeping drunk)... The jokes were setup, with no real finish for the audience to belly laugh at the climax. It was funnier to imagine what you knew was about to happen, and then splat, the joke falls dead. Too much of that made me think I was watching a bunch of first time amateurs (ironically most of the primary production crew were first timers, including the writer and directors).

By the way, Jason London's long lost love interest in the movie was horrible and not attractive or smarmy enough to be a desirable leading lady. It reminded me of Sophia Coppola being thrown into the 3rd Godfather flick without casting having a fair say. The woman he ended up with (A.J.) was cute and had the right look, but not enough flirting screen time with Jason London.

Movies that are written poorly only do well when there's more skin and sex, but from the commentary on the DVD it seemed the directors wanted early teens to appreciate it. When I was an early teen, nothing excited me more than watching boobie movies with my friends. 20 years ago we would've labeled this movie a waste of time and a tease. I was disappointed, and would suggest people to go into this movie looking forward to the Victoria Silvstedt scenes. At least her sex appeal never runs dry.
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