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  • The Enterprise is diverted to the Romulan homeworld Romulus, supposedly because they want to negotiate a peace treaty. Captain Picard and his crew discover a serious threat to the Federation once Praetor Shinzon plans to attack Earth.

  • After a joyous wedding between William Riker and Deanna Troi, Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew stumble upon a positronic signature which results in a prototype version of the android Data. Then the Enterprise is invited to Romulus to negotiate a peace treaty with the Romulans by their new leader, Praetor Shinzon. However, Shinzon is revealed to be a clone of Picard who was raised on Remus, a slave planet to the Romulans. Later on, Picard discovers that this peace treaty was nothing more than a set-up on account of the fact that Shinzon needs Picard in order to survive. But little do the Enterprise crew know that Shinzon also plans to do away with the Federation by unleashing a weapon that could destroy a whole planet.

  • On their way to William Riker and Deanna Troi's honeymoon on Betazed, the Enterprise heads near the Romulan Neutral Zone, and picks up a prototype version of the android Data. Immediately, they are diverted to Romulus, where the new ruler, Praetor Shinzon, a human cloned from Captain Picard who lives on the slave planet Remus, appears to want peace with the Federation. But then the crew detects a break-in on their computer systems, and Picard is captured by the Remans because Shinzon needs him as his only matching supplier of genetic material. Picard and the Enterprise crew escape, only to find themselves battling Shinzon's completely cloaked Warbird, who goes after the complete destruction of Earth.



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  • On Romulus, members of the Romulan Imperial Senate debate whether to accept the terms of peace and alliance with the Reman rebel leader Shinzon (Tom Hardy). The Remans are a slave race of the Romulan Empire, used as miners and as cannon fodder in the Dominion War. A faction of the military is in support of Shinzon, but the Praetor and Senate are opposed to the alliance. After rejecting the motion, the Praetor and remaining senators are disintegrated by a device left in the room by a military-aligned senator.

    Meanwhile, back on Earth, the crew of the USS Enterprise prepare to bid farewell to Commander William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Counselor Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis), who are being married on Betazed. En route, they discover a positronic signature on an uncharted planet in the Kolaran system in the Romulan Neutral Zone. Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner), and Lieutenant Commander Worf (Michael Dorn) land on Koloran III upon a larger shuttle with an advanced buggy. In the course of scouring the planet's surface, they discover pieces of an android resembling Data scattered across a great distance. After finding the final piece (the head), the team are attacked by the native species in several vehicles with machine guns. The team flee back to the shuttle on the buggy while firing at the aliens with a powerful phaser cannon, only to find it surrounded. Using a remote control, Data pilots the shuttle away from the aliens, much to their surprise, and behind a cliff where Picard daringly pilots the vehicle into the open back of the shuttle. Back on the Enterprise, the crew deduce him as a less-advanced, prototype version of Data. When the android is reassembled, he introduces himself as B-4 (also Brent Spiner), and Data informs him they are brothers.

    Picard is contacted by Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) (who has recently returned from the Delta Quadrant) and orders the Enterprise on a diplomatic mission to Romulus. Janeway explains that the Romulan Empire has been taken over in a military coup by Shinzon, who says he wants peace with the Federation and bring freedom to Remus. On arrival, they learn that Shinzon is a clone of Picard, secretly created by the Romulans to plant a high-ranking agent into the Federation. The project was abandoned when Shinzon was a child and he was left for dead as a mining slave on Remus. After many years, Shinzon became the leader of the Remans, and constructed his heavily armed flagship, the Scimitar. Initially, diplomatic attempts go well, but the Enterprise crew discover that the Scimitar is producing low levels of thalaron radiation, which is what has been used to kill the Imperial Senate and is deadly to nearly all lifeforms. There are also unexpected attempts to communicate the Enterprise computers, and Shinzon himself violates Troi's mind through the telepathy of his Reman viceroy (Ron Perlman).

    Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) discovers that Shinzon is aging rapidly on account of the process to clone him, and the only possible means to prevent the aging is the transfusion of Picard's own blood. Shinzon kidnaps Picard from the Enterprise, as well as B-4, having planted the android on the nearby planet to lure Picard closer to the Neutral Zone. However, Data reveals that he has swapped places with B-4, rescues Picard, and returns with Picard to the Enterprise. They have now seen enough of the Scimitar to know that Shinzon plans to use the warship to invade the Federation using its thalaron-radiation generator as a weapon, with the eradication of all lifeforms on Earth being his first priority.

    The Enterprise races back to Federation space and is ambushed by the Scimitar in the Bassen Rift, a region that prevents any subspace communications. Two Romulan Warbirds come to assist the Enterprise, as they do not want to be involved in Shinzon's genocidal plans, but Shinzon destroys one and disables the other. Recognizing the need to stop the Scimitar at all costs, Picard orders the Enterprise on a collision course with the other ship. The collision leaves both ships heavily damaged and destroys the Scimitar's primary weapon. To assure their mutual destruction, Shinzon activates the thalaron weapon. Picard boards the Scimitar to face Shinzon alone, and eventually kills him by impaling him on a metal strut. Data jumps the distance between the two ships with a personal transporter to beam Picard back the Enterprise and then sacrifices himself when he fires his phaser on the thalaron generator, destroying the Scimitar, while saving the Enterprise. The crew mourn Data, and the Romulan commander Donatra (Dina Meyer) offers them her gratitude for saving the Empire.

    On the Enterprise, now back on Earth for massive repairs, Picard bids farewell to the newly promoted Captain Riker, who is leaving to command the USS Titan and begin a possible peace negotiation mission with the Romulans. Picard meets with B-4, and discovers that Data had copied the engrams of his neural net into B-4's positronic matrix before he boarded the Scimitar. Though B-4 does not yet behave as Data, Picard is assured that he will become like his friend in time.

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