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Tom Hardy: Shinzon



  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard : What is all this about?

    Praetor Shinzon : It's about destiny, Picard. It's about a Reman outcast.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : You're not Reman!

    Praetor Shinzon : And I'm not quite Human! So what am I? My life is meaningless as long as you're still alive. What am I while you exist? A shadow? An echo?

  • Praetor Shinzon : You don't trust me.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : I have no reason to.

    Praetor Shinzon : You have every reason. If you had lived my life, and experienced the suffering of my people, you'd be standing where I am.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : And if you had lived my life, you would understand my responsibility to the Federation.

  • Commander Suran : We supported you, Shinzon, when you assassinated the Senate. You told us the timing was perfect for an attack on the Federation. I don't understand why now you delay.

    Praetor Shinzon : You don't have to understand.

    Commander Suran : And bringing the Enterprise here? What possible purpose could that serve?

    Praetor Shinzon : I have a purpose.

    Commander Suran : Then perhaps you'll enlighten us?

    Praetor Shinzon : [snarls]  Silence, Romulan!

    [composes himself] 

    Praetor Shinzon : [calmly]  You really must learn patience, Commander. Spend eighteen hours every day under the lash of a Romulan guard and you'll soon understand patience.

  • Praetor Shinzon : [speaking to Picard via a holographic transmission]  I'll show you my true nature - *our* nature. And as Earth dies, remember, I will always, forever, be Shinzon of Remus. And my voice shall echo through time long after yours has faded to a dim memory!

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard : If your issues are with me, then deal with me. This has nothing to do with my ship, nothing to do with the Federation!

    Praetor Shinzon : Oh, but it does. We will no longer bow before anyone as slaves. Not the Romulans and not your mighty Federation. We are a race bred for war... and conquest.

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard : Look at me, Shinzon. Your heart, your hands, your eyes are the same as mine. The blood pumping within you, the raw material is the same. We have the same potential.

    Praetor Shinzon : That's the past, Captain.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : It can be the future. Buried deep within you, beneath all the years of pain and anger, there is something that has never been nurtured: the potential to make yourself a better man. And that is what it is to be human. To make yourself more than you are. Oh, yes - I know you. There was a time you looked at the stars and dreamed of what might be.

    Praetor Shinzon : Childish dreams, Captain - lost in the dilithium mines of Remus.

  • Praetor Shinzon : [explaining to Picard]  The only thing the Romulan guards hated more than the Remans... was me.

  • [Shinzon tells Picard about suffering from Shalaft's syndrome] 

    Praetor Shinzon : Eventually I was treated, and now I can hear as well as you can, Captain. I can see as well as you can. I can feel everything you feel. In fact... I feel *exactly* what you feel. Don't I, Jean-Luc?

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard : [after being transported to the Scimitar]  Why am I here? Why have you done this?

    Praetor Shinzon : [sarcastically]  I was lonely.

  • Praetor Shinzon : [to Picard]  You're too slow, old man.

  • Praetor Shinzon : [to Donatra]  And Commander - if you ever touch me again... I'll kill you.

  • Praetor Shinzon : You may go.

    B-4 : Where?

    Praetor Shinzon : Out of my sight.

  • Praetor Shinzon : What is it your Borg friends say? "Resistance is futile."

  • Praetor Shinzon : Captain Picard. Jean-Luc Picard. I'd always imagined you a little taller. Isn't that odd?

  • Praetor Shinzon : [to Picard]  Come to dinner, tomorrow on Romulus. Just the two of us. Or should I say... just the one of us?

  • Praetor Shinzon : Some ideals are worth dying for, aren't they, Jean-Luc?

  • Praetor Shinzon : Were we Picards always warriors?

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : I think of myself as an explorer.

    Praetor Shinzon : Well... were we always explorers?

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : I was the first Picard to leave our solar system. It... caused quite a stir in the family. But... I'd spent my youth...

    Praetor Shinzon : ...looking up at the stars, dreaming about what was up there; about...

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : worlds...

  • Praetor Shinzon : There's a word I want you to consider: Allegiance. It's something I demand from those who serve me.

    Commander Donatra : Do I serve you?

    Praetor Shinzon : Yes. And I think, faithfully. Commander Suran on the other hand... gives me pause.

    Commander Donatra : Here's another word, Praetor: Trust. Do you trust me? How far does that trust extend? How... deep... does it go? What must a commander do to prove herself faithful to you? What must a woman do?

    [she stretches her hand out to touch Shinzon's face, but he snatches it away at the last moment] 

    Praetor Shinzon : You... are not a woman. You are a Romulan.

  • Praetor Shinzon : There is so much we need to talk about.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : I will be interested to know *what* we are talking about.

    Praetor Shinzon : Unity, Captain. Tearing down the walls between us, to recognize that we are one. I'm talking of the thing that makes us the same. Peace. We want peace.

  • Praetor Shinzon : Can you learn to see in the dark, Captain?

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard : The man who is Shinzon of Remus and Jean-Luc Picard could never exterminate the population of an entire planet. He's better than that.

    Praetor Shinzon : He is what his life has made him.

  • Praetor Shinzon : I can't fight what I am!

  • Praetor Shinzon : [his last words]  I'm glad we're together now. Our destiny's complete.

  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard : It amazes me how little you know yourself.

    Praetor Shinzon : I'm incapable of such an act!

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : You *are* me! The same noble Picard blood runs through our veins. Had you lived my life, you'd be doing *exactly* as I am. So look in the mirror. See yourself. Consider that, Captain. I can think of no greater torment for you.

    Praetor Shinzon : Shinzon? I'm a mirror for you as well.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard : Not for long, Captain. I'm afraid you won't survive to witness the victory of the echo over the voice.

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