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louv-117 November 2004
I agree with the previous reviewer completely. This roast was an embarrassment to one of the great comedians of all time.

Bob Saget was horrible. Off this performance you'd have to rate him as one of the most unfunniest comedians ever. Sandra Bernhardt is obviously a good friend of Rodney's, but her performance was horrendous. She seemed completely unprepared, said one or two terrible jokes, and then sat down. I am sure to this day she regrets her performance on this show.

Paul Rodriguez was the only remotely funny comedian on the roast, and he was very funny.

But beyond that, a very, very sad day that this group of unfunny comedians provided this lame roast to one of the great funnymen of all time in Dangerfield.

Poor Rodney gets no respect indeed.
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Not very good
Slaphammer19 December 2001
Disclaimer: It's been a few years since I've seen this so the following comments come from a fuzzy memory, but I thought I'd contribute what I can since nobody has yet commented on this.

This roast was filmed in Aspen, Colorado, and essentially involves about four comedians (and, I assume, personal friends of Rodney) poking fun at Rodney. There are also some pre-filmed "backstage" sketches involving Rodney, and there's at least one point where Rodney talks to the audience directly for an extended period of time.

This roast was not funny at all. The roasters don't seem like they understand the concept of a roast. Bob Saget (Full House, America's Funniest Home Videos) seems to use the show as a venue for him to spout profanity as often as possible, as if he's trying to shed his "family guy" image from the two shows that made him famous. Sandra Bernhard appears to be completely unprepared, as if she's just winging her dialog--she is not funny at all, but I'd argue that this is true for any of her appearances. -grin- The only redeeming roaster is Paul Rodriguez (I think that's his name?)...he was hilarious as he zinged Rodney over and over. He made the show worth watching, but otherwise the roast part was quite painful.

After the roast, Rodney comes on stage by himself and talks at length to the crowd. It is mostly a standup routine, and fans of Rodney will recognize some classic lines, but there are a few points where he seems to get serious and really talk with his fans about his long career. There's plenty of funny stuff here too, if you manage to make it past the horrible roast portion.
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