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pumaye6 January 2003
A group of German soldiers find refuge into an isolated bunker during the final months of WWII. They are escaping the advancing US army, and they are sharing a terrible secret (that will be revealed to the spectators only in the final minutes of the movie). Inside the bunker and in the tunnels below it, they will find their worst fears and nightmares materializing, the ghosts of war coming to get them. Without any special effects, director Rob Green manages to make a scary movie, played almost totally on the inner fears of humans caught in something bigger than any of us, into the darkness of the human minds, capable to create such a war. So, if you are an horror fan, waiting for slimy creatures or tentacled nightmares to come out of the cave, beware of this movie. But if you are a real horror movie fan, searching for the atmosphere that a good horror movie can manage without the use of any particular effect, you are for a big surprise in this little, misguided gem of an independent movie. Two thumbs up!!
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intriguing, flawed, but still powerful
dispet25 August 2003
yes. part of me desperately wanted a monster to come flying out of the woodwork, all teeth and claws and shredding horror. but in the end, what i got was an intriguing psychological horror film about the madness of humanity and the splits that occur both in social groups and in the mental structure of individuals. the first 65 minutes are a fairly hard slug, i didnt think it would make it at first. there was just too much build up for them ever to be able to actually pull it off. but they did, and how did they do it? understatment, simplicity. some people here have stated they were confused. yes it is somewhat confusing, there are some plots points that are a little fuzzy which dont help, but for the most part, the confusion comes from the very fact that the characters themselves are confused. the audidence isnt allowed to sit comfortably on the sidelines and get away without thinking about what is going on. there is an awful lot left unsaid in the film which is implied. and in the end it all boils down into a destruction of the most horrifying and realistic type. most people wont care for it. most people wont get it. but for those who do, they will remember this film, for managing to get under their skins and do something original with a worn out plot.
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Believe me I really WANTED to like it, but...
Infofreak17 August 2003
I'd heard very good things about 'The Bunker', and the idea of combining war and horror is potentially very rich, so I was really looking forward to watching it. I kept an open mind as it began, but after about 25 minutes in this movie started to fall apart, and by the three quarter mark I was yawning... I didn't mind that the cast playing German soldiers all spoke in British accents, that wasn't a problem, but the characters were so sketchy I had difficulty telling them apart. Also if any kind of who's-gonna-die-next? story is to succeed you must CARE about the fate of the characters, and 'The Bunker' never managed to do that. I couldn't care less what happened to any of them. BIG PROBLEM. On top of that I didn't think there was any real suspense generated and the climax was a let down. Many people who seem to know their stuff love 'The Bunker', but in all honesty I can't agree. A very disappointing movie.
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Frustrating and I'm paging John Carpenter.
Spikeopath19 May 2009
We are on the German/Belgian border in 1944 and a group of German soldiers are holed up in a bunker trying to survive. But just as they find a tunnel system underneath the bunker, and the enemies outside are closing in, they suspect that something very sinister is down there with them......

One of the most frustrating British films I have watched in a very long time. You see there is a real great movie at its core, one that is desperately trying to get out, but instead of a top notch eerie thriller we get something that looks like a chopped together homage to John Carpenter. Definite shades of Carpenter's chiller, The Fog, and Russell Currie's great and creepy score sounding suspiciously like a reworking of Morricone's scoring for The Thing. The production is not helped by using an array of non German actors for this German soldier based picture. Much as i like Jason Flemying and Christopher Fairbank {my reasons for watching this film}, it's a bit of a stretch to accept them as German soldiers.

With a better director than Rob Green at the helm, Clive Dawson's story could have been fully realised as a serious and dramatic horror film. Instead the end product comes off as something that was too big a task to handle, and sadly the nicely tuned atmosphere is lost amongst the insipid and unimaginative cop out that the film invariably is. 3/10
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Decent Movie, Interesting Concept
greg-51729 June 2004
This movie is one I'd recommend to anyone. Even though the character development is slow, the acting is wonderful. It is so seldom to see a movie which focusses on the "other side" such as Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan. We are so used to looking at them as the enemy, its somewhat refreshing to see the enemy footsoldier's P.O.V. Looking toward U.S. soldiers as the horrific enemy, showing how their troops feared American troops is interesting.

Granted this movie could have been shot better, I am satisfied with its quality. This is a British Independent Film, so I was not expecting brilliant acting or amazing special effects. I was however, surprised with the outcome.

While the movie fails to produce a real "scare factor" quality, it does provide an adequate thriller/mystery feel, and I enjoyed it.
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A psychological thriller
Chuck Straub16 December 2004
First off, "The Bunker" is not your normal monster/horror movie. The cover art on the box is great, it's a real attention getter but unfortunately misleads the viewer about the content of the film. The Bunker is about a group of Germans during WWII in an anti tank bunker connected to underground tunnels. The movie does not show any monsters or zombies. The soldiers go through a psychological breakdown as different events happen to them. The fears they face may be real, supernatural, or entirely in their own minds. It's up to the viewer to decide. If you're looking for a monster movie, I would not choose "The Bunker". It's more of a psychological thriller. What I really liked about the film was the whole sense of fear and the great eerie atmosphere within the bunker. The acting as well as the directing was very good. The characters and dialogue were done well. As always there will be some that don't like the fact that the Germans all had British accents. If it were an American film they would have American accents. You could say the same if it were Italian, French etc, big deal, so what! To be completely authentic they would have to speak German. Forget about the accents, it's' trivial. What ever you do if you watch this movie is pay attention. It's all in the details. You don't want to miss a moment. You could easily get lost and confused. I personally didn't care that much for the plot. Someone else may. That's all opinion. It sure was interesting though. It certainly is a film I don't think I'll forget.
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Survey says... horror?
snared0421 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I read the cover of this movie and thought that it would be a zombie movie, WWII style, a la Day of the Dead. However... this movie swirled around the deep recesses of the darkness in which it was filmed, only to arrive at virtually nothing.

Throughout the movie, the writers attempt some kind of commentary on the evils of Nazi Germany, but seems to focus on very strange, peripheral evils, rather than on some of the big ones.

Aside from all this, there apparently isn't any kind of creature(s) roaming the depths of the bunker, and all the men that die are at each other's hands, thanks to some kind of hallucinogenic gas in the tunnels.

The ending has the feeling of some kind of "trial by fire", the only problem being that we were never really clearly given the emotional struggle of the character(s).

The best part of the movie was the fact that this small platoon of Germans was played by British actors, who didn't even attempt to hide their accents.

Perhaps not a complete was of my life, but I wouldn't recommend it.
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Not bad at all
yojimbo99919 February 2003
An atmospheric thriller that works right up to when everything is revealed. When the film maintains its balance of "is it ghosts or is it paranoia?" the movie works. The claustrophic confines are used well, and the film is a fast mover. It's a slick thriller, with a terrific class, and I for one am I glad that a movie has stopped trying to convince us its actors, despite speaking all English, are "foreign" by using some fake foreign accent. Why does Harrison Ford, when he's speaking completely in English, using a "Russian" accent in "K19"? Beats me. It doesn't make sense, especially when we KNOW they're supposed to be speaking in their character's native tongue. We GET IT. There's no need to make your actors do dumb fakey accents.
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Slow paced, but worth it
Vampenguin14 March 2006
I've started to watch this on a few different occasions, but for whatever reason I've never gotten the whole way through. Until tonight that is, and I wish I hadn't put it off so long! Though it moves at a very slow pace, it's worth it in the end. There are some very tense and creepy scenes, especially once the soldiers begin to lose their grip on sanity near the end of the film. I do have some gripes with the movie however. First off, I cant quite fathom why a battalion of German soldiers all has British accents. Sure, the actors were good and everything, but you think they would have at least tried to sound German, eh? That aside however, this is a surprisingly tense and atmospheric horror film. Any worries that I may have had about Rob Green directing the Dog Soldiers sequel are officially washed away.

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Could Have Been Better
Theo Robertson12 October 2005
I heard about THE BUNKER as soon as it came out ( Being a British movie it would have received far more publicity here than it did in America ) and it seemed to split the critics right down the middle . Some people thought it was a great and atmospheric horror movie while others thought it was a confused cross genre story . Some critics thought it was a good idea to let the cast talk in their native accents while others were puzzled why a bunch of British soldiers are wearing German uniforms fighting against the Americans !

I don't have any problems with the British accents and idioms such as pronouncing the rank of Leutnant as " Left-ten-ant " but I do have a problem trying to identify with the characters . They're Germans from the mid 1940s , they're " the enemy " and even though they're doing a soldier's duty the audience can't think of them as anything but bad guys . It's the same with the very similar THE KEEP where the audience wonder who they're supposed to be rooting for . Perhaps if the characters were Volkstrum protecting Germany from the Red Army this aspect could have worked better but as it stands it's difficult to feel sorry for the characters . Incidentally aren't the surnames Franke and Engels of Jewish descent ?

Ironically enough while watching this I found myself often wishing that this was either a straightforward horror film or a straightforward war film . The early action scenes are very well directed by Rob Green while the scenes set in the dark catacombs are certainly atmospheric but it's the revelation at the end that you suddenly realise that THE BUNKER is neither a war film nor horror film but a ghost story mixed in with a redemption plot and its at this point you are allowed to decide if the film is successful or not and I'm afraid that it failed for me , an interesting failure but still a failure . Some people have complained it would have been better if the soldiers had faced zombies or something more horrific and I agree . Certainly it would have made for a more ridiculous less thoughtful film but would also have made for a more memorable and entertaining movie .
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Boring Bunker!
gazineo-118 February 2008
Extremely boring war movie that tries to establishes a link with terror/horror theme but fails miserably in all the points. So, the movie is a completely failures as a war movie and as a terror/horror flick. The 'Bunker' has a simple plot, in fact. A group of German soldiers enter a bunker to escape an attack of Allied soldiers. In the bunker, they find an old private and a young soldier. There's an atmosphere of mystery all around. The old man is a bit out of mind and very frightened and the young soldier is mesmerized by the tales and weird stories always repeated by the old man about strange facts concerning the bunker. But you'll never know what is the real problem. But you'll have many options: ghosts? zombies? witches? Although all the cards put on the table, the game never ended because here's no satisfactory and reasonable answer at the end. The cast is correct with Jason Flemyng - here the most recognizable actor in the bunch - and Eddie Marsan who did a good job as the old private.
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Facing the Guilty and Fear
Claudio Carvalho3 December 2007
In 1944, in the Belgian – German border, seven German soldiers survive an American attack in the front and lock themselves in a bunker to protect the position. Under siege by the enemy and with little ammunition, they decide to explore underground tunnels to seek supplies and find an escape route. While in the tunnel, weird things happen with the group.

I have recently seen the South Korean movie "R-Point" (2004), which efficiently explores the idea of "The Bunker" – scary and ambiguous journey to hell of the innermost fear of a group of soldiers, in an intelligent screenplay. Now I find that "The Bunker" is a 2001 movie, which has the originally of the concept, but unfortunately the confused screenplay does not work well. The acting is good, but the development of the plot could be better and better. For those viewers that also find that something is missing in the story, I strongly suggest seeing "R-Point" for comparison of what "The Bunker" could have been with some improvements. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "The Bunker – Em Guerra Contra o Medo" ("The Bunker – In War against the Fear")
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Grim Viewing
Mark Hale18 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"The Bunker" features a cast of fine British character actors and Charley Boorman. That's not to say that Boorman isn't good in his role, just that this film is more his level. Guys like Jason Flemyng, Jack Davenport, Christopher Fairbank and even TV regulars Eddie Marsan and Andrew Tiernan could do this sort of film in their sleep, although they all pitch in to "The Bunker" with enthusiasm.

Well, I say "enthusiasm" but I mean war-weary cynicism. The film is set at the nadir of the Third Reich and all the actors in "The Bunker" portray German soldiers in varying degrees of despair or denial. This was what kept me watching the film, as the men stuck in the bunker were forced to face some unknown evil and ended up tearing themselves (and each other) apart.

It's a variation on the standard "Old Dark House" horror theme and it works quite well, but "The Bunker" brings very little that's new or exciting to the screen. There aren't many shocks - more a sense of creeping dread as events unfold, and what could be referred to as "The Twist" at the end has been regularly signposted all the way through the story with grainy flashback scenes.

You may enjoy it but this old couch potato won't bother with "The Bunker" again. It's a quality production let down by a 6-bob screenplay.
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delicious irony.i guess that's something
disdressed1217 May 2008
this is the third movie i have sen which attempts to combine war with the genre of horror.the first two,Deathwatch and Below,both released in 2002,succeeded in the attempt.this one,not so tries,i'll give it that,and at times there's a glimmer of something better.but mostly it's just the vague,ultimately unfulfilled really takes a long time for this thing to get going.actually,i'm still waiting on that score.there's little to be had in the way of suspense or even tension.and i also thought there were a few scenes which were disturbing to the point of distaste.the fact the the German soldiers which the movie centres on,mostly spoke English with British accents,didn't bother me too much,but it was hard to take them seriously when they talked about the Americans as enemies,since in reality,the British and Americans were allies.the main characters were all pretty much morally wretched,which is the one good thing about this might not thing that would be a good thing,but they all deserved their fates,and in a way that occurs,was too me at least, deliciously ironic.otherwise,i found myself becoming increasingly distracted by anything else more interesting and had to force myself to try and stay focused on the movie.watchable,if only for the for the strong irony.i don't see myself watching his movie again,at least until enough time has passed that i forget how ungood it was.for me,the bunker is a 5/10,and a weak 5 at that,only because generally i consider anything 4 and under as bad or worse,and this wasn't quite bad,it was just ungood.that's my long winded observation.
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Good idea, weak movie
Unicorn-92 February 2002
The basic idea of this movie was good, but the end result is seriously flawed. The first, and most obvious, problem is that they chose to have german soldiers played by actors who mostly wouldn't even try to sound even vaguely german, and I never got past the point of wondering why all these english people were running around in german uniforms: this problem should have been obvious before they shot the movie and could easily have been worked around... why not make them english paratroopers stuck behind enemy lines, or something?

Beyond that, the script was confused, the ending where they finally revealed the hideous crime the soldiers were being punished for was a major letdown, and the characters were mostly so undeveloped and indistinguishable that I couldn't keep track of who was who: in a horror movie you're supposed to watch thinking "Oh no, don't let *them* get killed!", so it doesn't really work when you're thinking instead "Hang on, who was it who got killed just then? Oh, it was him, didn't he get killed ten minutes ago? No, can't have, so who was that who got killed back then? Oh, must have been that other bloke."

I'd still give it a 4 or 5 out of ten, but it's a shame they didn't spend the time fixing the script to produce a movie as good as the idea which inspired it. The biggest problem by far with British movies is that they forget that the script is the most important part of any movie, and rush off to shoot it before spending enough time getting it right. Why make a bad movie when for the sake of another month polishing the script you could make a good one?
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Big disappointment
Coventry10 August 2004
The Bunker more or less was the first film that combined the real-life drama of WWII with supernatural aspects of horror. From that point of view, it should be respected for its originality. Maybe I've seen too many similar movies already that were released after The Bunker. I saw `Deathwatch' and `Below' and to be entirely honest, I'm pretty tired of seeing movies in which `evil' is portrayed as something that is constantly present….but you can not see it. The plot of this film involves a group of German soldiers (although they're all speaking with deep British accents) who're stuck in a Bunker near the German-Belgian border. Through visions and dwelling forces, they're faced with horrors from the past. The more their situation becomes critical (American soldiers slowly surround their isolated location), the more the soldiers go insane. Director Green desperately tries to build up an unbearable tension and also the cast makes good efforts to bring madness and hopelessness to their character's faces. But it just isn't helping… As a viewer, you never really care about their merciless fade (maybe because they're German soldiers???). Who knows, maybe cast and crew try a little TOO hard to focus on the supernatural elements, while they should have thought about adding more action and relentless war-cruelty instead. Whatever way you look at it, The Bunker is a missed opportunity and a dreadfully tedious manner to waste an hour and a half of your precious lifetime.
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Could of been a great Nazi ghost story.
shoalin3 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers

A small group of panicky German soldiers, on the run from advancing Allied troops, hole up in a bunker that connects with a maze of tunnels with a deep dark secret. Gets off to a great start, followed by super eerie music and scary as hell "come to focus" images during the opening credits, but the big supernatural payoff we all expect never materializes. Also, the German soldier's assumptions about intruders are totally unbelievable and moronic given the facts they had. And why risk patrolling unsafe tunnels, when you've got an easily defendable single entrance leading to your position, protected by steel blast doors? Better than average acting, color and cinematography; great setting, sound and feel; if only they presented the horror as more real than psychological, plus provided more logical motivation for their character's actions and reactions, this could have been a great Nazi ghost story movie. (5 out of 10)
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virginia-1226 January 2004
Amazing so many didn't get it. The bunker may very well have been the burial ground of plague victims but not here.The Germans were dumping Jewish POWs here and this was how they reached from the Grave to take revenge. But I can't see the blurbs from the critics reproduced on the sleeve of the video. There was more frightening stuff in the real Holocaust movies like Schindlers List or Auschwitz. Probably poorly directed as to add so much confusion in there.
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Uneventful and confusing
Libretio10 October 2005

Aspect ratio: 1.85:1

Sound format: Dolby Digital Surround EX

1944: A group of German soldiers take refuge from advancing Allied forces inside a bunker on the German-Belgian border, where they're haunted by what appear to be the restless spirits of a Medieval massacre...

Debut director Rob Green aims for something less exploitative than your average low budget shocker, but he's rather handicapped by Clive Dawson's feeble script, which mistakes 'creeping dread' for 'narrative drive', and the resolution is both confusing and unsatisfactory. The funereal pace and lack of action is further amplified by Russell Currie's dissonant music score, which fails to bolster the visuals in a constructive manner. Still, some viewers will get a kick out of the creepy setting and sudden flashes of violence, and there's an excellent cast, toplined by Jack Davenport (THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY), Jason Flemyng (LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS) and Andrew Tiernan (EDWARD II). See also DEATHWATCH (2002), a marginally superior reworking of the same basic storyline.
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mike paines3 June 2004
After watching the disappointing Deathwatch, another British-made horror film set during war-time (this time the WWI trenches), I was hoping that The Bunker would prove a better option. Unfortunately, The Bunker falls into the same trap as Deathwatch, in that they're both over-long, characterless and (most heinous crime for a movie) boring.

There is an effectively creepy atmosphere built up during the first half-hour, but this evaporates into the standard horror cliché - creeping up and down poorly-lit corridors - and with such poorly sketched characters, that it generates very little tension.

Towards the end there is an effectively-eerie looking scene where the main characters' hallucinations take on the shape of zombie troops. And there's a vague parallel drawn between the actions of the bunker's supernatural spirits and the Nazis themselves, but it is framed in such a woolly manner that it's almost entirely lost in the mire of mediocrity.
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Harken Back To Darkness **** minor spoiler alert ****
Bill M.17 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I know a movie is good when at the end of it, I run to IMDb to look up other people's comments. This is one of those movies.

I read here that some find the English accents of the German characters disconcerting. These people lack viewing experience, obviously having missed scores of other war movies with similar casting. Personally I would rather see a Brit playing Fritz than a German, or even an American. I daresay the English have a longer, closer and more tumultuous association with the Hun, which gives them a unique insight into German wartime roles.

I found the storyline and the script riveting, and the performances well above average.

The scariest part for me was when Jason Flemyng looks upward from the tunnel, eyes wide, and a splash of light contorts his face through several surreal Picasso-like transformations. That is freakin' spooky.

I appreciate the fact that the film never degenerates into formula "monster" horror. This film may harken back to the Hammer glory days, but there's no typical Hammer villain here. Only the darkness of souls at war.
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excellent british horror film
When this film eventually gets a release, go and see it! It's a well made low budget british horror movie. The performances were great aswell as the direction and cinematography. The film industry should make more films in britain like this one.
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A menacing journey into hell and war. Excellent.
joss agnew28 February 2002
A provocative and claustrophobic movie that grips and never lets go. Fascinating and rare portrayal of German soldiers on the retreat. This picture gets right into the minds of the characters, and like the bunker itself, it's a wonderfully scary place to be. See it.
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Nazi's fight ghosts, or something...
ResidentHazard28 September 2005
This is a horror film taking place in World War II Germany, in 1944 at a time when the German army is beginning to lose a lot of ground. At first glance, and for some other reason I cannot recall, I thought this was a movie about Nazis fighting zombies. Of course I wanted to see it! Nazis against zombies! I don't even need a plot or character development or depth of any kind with that kind of action. However, this is not really close to what the movie is about.

"The Bunker" focuses on, believe it or not, a military bunker. Several retreating German soldiers find their way to it and attempt to use it for a safe refuge from the advancing Yanks—you know, Americans. Inside the base the soldiers fight not zombies, but rampant paranoia and an evil presence influencing them. Now, this wasn't what I was expecting, but, it all worked out really well and was a pretty decent horror flick.

Here's the breakdown:

The Good:

--The atmosphere is thick and engrossing.

--Interesting supernatural story, fairly original.

--Feeling of paranoia runs rampant, and that's good for any horror film.

--Well acted.

--Good editing.

--Scenes that deal with the war itself are portrayed well.

--Excellent use of lighting, camera angles, fog, and cinematography.

Didn't Hurt It, Didn't Help:

--So… these are Nazis? We see only a single Nazi salute and very few swastikas. What gives?

--Possible misrepresentation on DVD package about what the film is actually about. (More a concern about the DVD than actual movie.)

--Music wasn't anything real special, but better than usual horror fare.

--Slowly paced, excellent build-up.

--Decent special effects… when we see 'em.

The Bad:

--Again, I thought this was a zombie movie, the cover and description on the DVD case were somewhat confusing.

--Cheesy cover art. I know this doesn't represent the movie, per say, but it's cheesiness could cause it to be easily overlooked by movie-goers.

The Ugly:

--German uniforms are pretty damn inaccurate. I watch the History Channel about 4500 times a month, I know.

Okay then, I've stated a problem with the uniforms and how they look, the lack of swastikas, etc. There is not a total lack of swastikas, there are a few here and there, but you often have to be looking for them and then, ahhh… that little black circle, there's a broken-armed cross in there… Now, I understand that there are some European laws, which I don't fully understand, that don't allow the use of Swastikas in things such as movies and video games. From what I understand, the movie or game has to be made with historical accuracy in mind and since this was a horror film, I can understand what the problem may be. Still, the movie loses some strength and credibility because the uniforms aren't very accurate at all, in fact, the giant swastika armbands that we're all so used to seeing appear nowhere in this film.

This is also kind of a genre-bender. Blending horror films, ghost stories, and war movies together in one unique mish-mash of paranoid entertainment. Slow-paced as the film is, it is never-the-less assembled quite well. This blend feels a little odd, even to those of us used to seeing horror combined with stuff like comedy, this is still a new oddity. And since these are Nazis we're seeing, it's difficult to know who to root for—the cast is entirely made up of them. But that's where the story comes in, and it's wrapped around the bunker-based horror action pretty well. As it turns out, the characters we're seeing have depth and a past to them, which adds to the film quite nicely. Honestly, while I was disappointed that this wasn't the Nazi-zombie romp I had hoped for, it still was quite a nice war-horror movie, if flawed.

Acting: 7/10 Story: 8/10 Atmosphere: 9/10 Cinematography: 8/10 Character Development: 7/10 Special Effects/Make-up: 7/10 Nudity/Sexuality: 0/10 Violence/Gore: 7/10 (Very minor gore, mostly gun violence) Music: 7/10 Direction: 8/10

Cheesiness: 2/10 (WWII Nazis with British accents, come on!) Crappiness: 1/10

Overall: 7/10

This is recommended to horror buffs, especially those who enjoy war movies. War aficionados may be deeply annoyed by the lack of historical accuracy on the German uniforms, however. Not for everyone--casual movie-goers may not find anything here to enjoy.

( ) ( )
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I Am The Cheese13 November 2001
I caught a Sneak Peek of it at The Showroom on Halloween, expecting it the be something worth the buzz. Unfortunately, it didn't quite make the grade.

The film seemed more of a patchwork of films like The Keep, The Haunting (proper version, not JdB's heresy), even stretching to The Shining and Blair Witch in tone, if not visual style.

Some parts seemed cheesy (towards the end is one VERY groansome segment), characters were templates sprayed into the wrong film, and any unease was killed by the obviousness of what was going to happen next.

Yes, it did have certain elements that worked well, and making a film on a tight budget the way you want it (£1.3m) is commendable, but at times you need more.
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