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Why does everyone hate this so much?
MovieAddict201631 August 2005
I'll be first to admit that I hate teen comedies in general and typically frown upon most of them - I didn't even like "There's Something About Mary" too much, although I'm not sure it's really a "teen" film.

I own all three "American Pie" films on DVD because they are one of the few teen series whose characters seem real and you actually feel empathy for. They're not awkward characterizations of real people without emotions - the movie takes time setting up their personalities, quirks, etc., and then places them in embarrassing situations. For example, the movie "Swingers." That telephone call Favreau makes is a painful experience for the viewer. Would it have been so painful if we hadn't gotten to know him throughout the movie? "American Pie" is kinda like that. It works well because of the characters. It's crude, yes. It's crass, very. It's sexist, maybe. But that's how guys are. It doesn't exploit these elements as many teen sex comedies do - some are moderately entertaining (like the Johnny Depp film "Private Resort") but unbelievable and basically just lots of skin. "American Pie" is better, one of the best of its genre.

Everyone seems to hate the first sequel, which was released in 2001, a couple years after the original. Jim (Biggs) returns from college and hangs out for the summer at a beach house with his best pals. But with Stiffler (Seann William Scott) there, it's not too easy because they soon end up in more embarrassing situations.

This movie is very similar to the original and normally I have a problem with this. Basically all the scenes are "updates" on scenes that existed in the original. E.g. the lesbian strip over the walkie-talkies, the incident with the glue, the whole thing with Stiffler's mom and Finch.

Nevertheless it is effective, entertaining and funny. The characters are given more room to develop and believe it or not, I think I like this better than the first film. (The third is probably my favorite, if only for the focus on Stiffler and the introduction of Fred Willard, one of the great character actors of our time.) "American Pie 2" is somewhat recycled and some people may find it one of those "pointless" sequels, but I liked it, and this is coming from a guy who typically loathes these films - so considering I'm giving this seven stars, that says quite a lot. Either I'm out of my mind or there's something about these films that's just more accessible and likable than others in their genre.
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A satisfying second slice
hall8959 September 2005
Well here we are, back for more of the same antics we got in American Pie. There may be a sense we've seen this all before but somehow American Pie 2 really works. All the characters we know and love (or hate) from the original are back and they're constantly being placed into outrageous situations which will inspire gut-busting laughs. Even though we're going back over much of the same territory, the sequel is more consistently and explosively funny than the original. What could have easily been a pointless, unnecessary sequel actually manages to be something fresh, funny and appealing.

As with the original the Jason Biggs character of Jim is the glue holding the film together. Everything revolves around him in one way or another. Where in the original film each of the main male characters came with his own romantic storyline this time around Jim takes center stage. Most of the female characters have been shunted to the sidelines here with Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid, Mena Suvari and Natasha Lyonne being mere bit players. Their absence doesn't hurt at all and may actually help by making the story more focused. This one's all about the boys with Jim and friends renting a summer home following their first year of college. Back for more hilarity are Chris Klein as Oz, Eddie Kaye Thomas as the increasingly bizarre Finch and Thomas Ian Nicholas as the comparatively dull Kevin. And even though none of the others like him the script finds a way to contrive to get Seann William Scott's juvenile, vulgar, obnoxious Stifler tossed into the mix. Where the other guys might go to the edge of what is appropriate Stifler is always willing to go careening over the edge and his antics are a hoot.

If you thought nothing could be more embarrassing than what happened to Jim in the original film, just wait. And along to heighten the embarrassment is Jim's father, played wonderfully by Eugene Levy, who in trying to help inevitably just makes things worse. And the one female from the original who actually has a major role here, Alysson Hannigan as Michelle, also does a great job. Oh, the wacky things that go on at band camp. With a slew of familiar characters moving from one hilarious situation to the next, all backed by a winning soundtrack, American Pie 2 succeeds in equaling and even surpassing the original.
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Decent sequel
mattymatt4ever1 February 2002
I saw the movie in theaters and laughed out loud. Now, I rented the DVD. I can't say I got as many laughs as the first time, though, and I started to notice more flaws. At first I thought this movie was better than the original. Now I'm not sure. They both have great redeeming qualities that pretty much balance the scale.

The two films movie at a similar rhythm. In the original, we opened with Jim's Dad walking in on him while masturbating. In the sequel, he walks in on him while he's having sex, only it's taken to the next level with the girlfriend's parents walking in as well. And we have the keg party, with a Steadicam shot following Stiffler around, who yet again gets into a mishap with bodily fluids. And of course, in homage of the famous Nadia scene from the original, we have the guys walking in on two lesbians.

The laughs are still there, and there are some genuinely funny moments. I don't want to give them away, though the previews and some of the other reviewers probably already did.

The cast still got it. Eugene Levy steals the show yet again as Jim's Dad. I do have to say, Stiffler's character got a little too obnoxious at times. It's often funny to hear his foul-mouthed insults, but by the hundredth time you hear him use the word "f**kface" it gets kinda old.

I'm always going to hold the "American Pie" movies several notches above the standard gross-out teen comedies, because they have zest and originality. Not to mention they're done in a professional manner. The gags are as intelligent as they are crude, and delivered with exquisite timing. And to top it off, it's a heartfelt film that is not literally all about getting laid. I thought the original had more heart to it, but the sequel also has its heart in the right place.

The music is great. The soundtrack is full of really cool songs, including "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm. And be sure to check out the unrated DVD special edition. The commentary is cool and--unlike with the first "American Pie" unrated edition--there is some bonus footage worth checking out. The lesbian scene is extended significantly. In the theatrical version, there was only a brief nudity, but you get to see much more in this version.

I'm still not sure if I would consider this movie better than the first, but it is one sequel that lives up to the original--and that's saying a lot!

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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As good as the first
twist198018 August 2001
To make things blunt, I laughed my butt off. I went and saw the movie downtown Seattle the night it opened at the Cineplex Odean at midnight...that was the best crowd I've ever seen a movie with. I could usually tell what was coming, but I was still shocked when it actually happened. I'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to movies, but the American Pie movies have been two of my favorite movies ever. The second movie takes over at the end of the first year of college. The first scene can be figured out by seeing the previews, but there were still a lot of surprises in the movies.

There are a lot of great scenes at Stifler's party, and I was surprised to see that not only were the main characters back, but most of the supporting characters were back as well (remember the two guys from the M.I.L.F. scene?....they were in the second movie as well). Even Stifler's brother is in the movie.

The movie is pretty shocking, but still very funny, I think my favorite part involved Petey. I think everyone needs to see this movie, from junior high aged and older...its destined to be a classic.
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Another Brilliant Slice of Pie
mjw230515 January 2005
I don't think this movie would work, if you haven't seen the first. It relies too much on characters and story from the first encounter set one year earlier.

This said it is a great sequel that simply picks up where the last film left off, it retains all the characters from the first film and places them in equally embarrassing and hilarious situations.

Slick, funny and entertaining

If you've missed it, then check it out, but see American Pie first

If you like it then see 'Road Trip' and 'Old School' as well

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Not much plot, but who cares, it's funny
MLDinTN17 August 2002
I liked this movie and got a lot of laughs out of it. It wasn't as good as the original, but then again, most sequels aren't. This movie is basically several funny skits all thrown together. And some of the jokes are just repeats from the original, but others are new. So, that's why this comedy works.

But, why did they even bring the girls back from the original except for Michelle. Vicky, Nadia, Heather, Jessica added nothing to this movie. Each one of them only had a couple of lines. The guys are what makes it work. Jim and Stifler are the funniest of them all. And Jim's dad is great too.

FINAL VERDICT: It's funny. It's raunchy. Its got lesbian and porn scenes. What more could you ask for from a comedy!
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Not as flat as some may think
stamper2 December 2001
First of all, this is (of course) a film for people who want to laugh (mainly at others screwing up). Especially Jim (Jason Biggs) seems to get himself in the most embarrassing situations over and over again. But there are other funny moments too, with the Stifmeister (Sean William Scott), Ozzy (Chris Klein), Kev (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Finchy (Eddie Kaye Thomas). Mainly the film is about what moves people my age and any other age most, the opposite sex. All that obsessing and wondering about the other (does he / she like me, do I love him / her?) is really greatly portrayed and realistic. Of course the people in the film are all not too shabby looking and there are some sick and perverted moments in the film, but you really have to look at the bigger picture. You have to look past the babes, the booze and the parties. You have to look past that ‘every guy's perfect summer' and see that this film is not about sex, it is not about being sexy and cool. This film is about being whoever you are, being true to yourself and your friends, but most of all it is about love. I mean the latter thing may not be true for all characters in the film (e.g. Steve Stifler), but it sure concerns the ‘main characters' life (Jimbo's life). The rest of the film is however pure fun and freedom, that any college student hopes to get. I sure hope my first summer of being in college will rock like that. Can't wait to see the sequel. And again, I do not think I have to force someone to make a sequel.

8 out of 10
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Horny pie served up smashingly well
Dan Franzen (dfranzen70)8 September 2001
Raunch used to be so simple! You'd go see Porky's, you knew you were gonna see some T&A. Oh, and maybe a small heartfelt lesson about how people are generally good, even those who are different from us, as long as we have the same goal of getting laid in mind. Those were such wonderful days! Now, everyone's more jaded, even (especially) the kids. You show a kid the shower scene from Porky's, and he'll love it, but I bet after the first few viewings it won't be as much fun. Kids need something new all the time. Now, American Pie is an R-rated film, so at least the intended audience isn't the teen crowd, exactly, but then neither was Porky's (or any of its knock offs). The cast from the original American Pie is reunited. The time is now one year later, and the gang's home from college for the summer. Jim (Jason Biggs) still has his sexual hang-ups. Remember Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), the band-camp girl? Jim went to the prom with her, and she didn't talk to him after that. But don't worry, she's at band camp again and figures prominently in this movie. It seems Nadia, the exchange student whose escapades with Jim made the Internet, is back in the country and is ready to hook up with our hapless lead character. What to do! Jim still has no experience. The guys try to help him out by renting a lakeside cottage for the summer. Meanwhile, Stifler's (Seann William Scott) still trying to hump everything in sight; Oz (Chris Klein) is remaining celibate while his girlfriend Jessica (Natasha Lyonne) is in France; Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is still lusting after the legendary mother of Stifler, after their much-talked-about union at the party in the first movie; and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is aching after his breakup with Vicky (Tara Reid). There have been no drastic character changes, either; everyone's as you'd expect after a year of college. Which means, of course, that all the guys are hornier than a sex addict in a penny whorehouse. But that's what drives raunch comedies - the testosterone of single-minded males. As in real life, although the males in the movie have grown up, they still think like high school kids. (And someday this nubile cast will learn that that particular characteristic never really leaves the male of the species!) But while the theme of the movie is sex, sex, and sex, hidden under the layer of bombast and teenage oversexdrive is a theme of tenderness and fallibility. When kids graduate high school, they think they know it all. "Bring life on!" they chortle with glee. "We know it all!" But there's a certain vulnerability that everyone feels at some point, and that's the issue of sexual conduct for the first time. And here's where American Pie 2 deviates from other raunch films. In those yesteryear movies, there was always tremendous pressure for one schlub to get lucky once and for all. I'm talking huge peer pressure! But in this movie, while all of Jim's friends want him to get laid, they never, ever make him feel like he's below average or beneath them because he's not experienced what they have. And that, to me, makes this a very special movie - although, rest assured, it's still as raunchy as the first one. In addition, the ending is so unlike those earlier raunchfests that you actually sit there and admire the screenwriters for not, for once, pandering to the least common denominator. But hold on! Don't look at me like that! You're thinking that if it has good intentions and good messages, how much fun could it really be? Trust me, if you enjoyed the pastry coitus in the first movie, you'll get a kick out of Jim's misadventures in this one, too. The writing is way above par for movies in this genre, and the cast is both lovely to look at more than capable in their deliveries and actions.
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A base, but moral, tale.
tatf517 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Caution: spoilers.

Before I begin, a few points about taste and suitability. Firstly, this film is crude, childish, and by many people's standards obscene: it features bare breasts, swearing and numerous attempts at pre-marital sex. Secondly, if you were expecting Citizen Kane, they you have bought the wrong video. Direction and cinematography are not the main aims of this work of art. Humour, however, is.

And it is funny. Puerile, base, vulgar and unkind, but funny. Characters get things jammed up their bottoms, glue hands to genitals, and more. It is like a Donald McGill seaside postcard, enlarged and moved to America.

The plot is simple: five friends sit in a beach-house planning a party, each with his own girl problems to solve come party time. Next door are two pretty, tactile ladies who might be lesbians. Comedy ensues.

The film divides itself between our hero, Jim, preparing for the arrival of a Russian girl who he believes to be a "sure thing", and the others in the house. There are two serious subplots: one of the friends has a girlfriend who lives far away, and another is trying to get back with his ex.

Much of the comedy relies on whether you can stand the characters and stomach what happens to them. The odious Stifler, for instance, seems too much a bully to be likable, and the scenes where he is humiliated gain something from this. Jim, on the other hand, is basically decent, and whilst laughable, we want him to succeed.

I found the two serious subplots of little interest: I am older than the ideal age-group, and they don't really seem very applicable to me now. Were I 18, they might well do, although they do weigh the comedy down. Also, perhaps deliberately, the character chasing his ex appears simply wretched rather than likable. Still, viewers may learn something.

Which brings me onto the fact that this film is, basically, moral. Forget the sex and farting jokes: at base, the film is broadly correct about the way men and women behave, and falls on the side of decency. The central relationship between Jim and Michelle (an excellent turn from Alyson Hannigan, at once weird, funny and sympathetic) is sweetness with a thin veneer of crudity, and shows the real heart of the film. Excellent also is Eugene Levy as Jim's Dad, embarrassing and hilarious, but protective and sincere.

For silly, throwaway entertainment, this scores highly. If you are a vicar or Pauline Kael, don't bother, but if you are looking for a film that is simple fun, this does well. The characters and subplots make it uneven - I often ended up waiting for the action to switch to better characters - but there are moments of real hilarity so long as you can tolerate the rudeness that comes with them.

This film will inevitably offend and disgust more prudish viewers, but for someone willing to watch silly vulgarity without throwing all moral sense to the wind, it is one of the classics of its type. Besides, morality is what you make it. To my mind, compared to the gross, gloating, sado-masochistic excess of The Passion of The Christ, it seems wholesome indeed.
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American Pie 2
Jackson Booth-Millard9 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The first film was a big box office hit and a highly successful teen movie, and many of the fans must have been thrilled that every member of the cast of the original were coming back for a sequel, from director J.B. Rogers (Say It Isn't So). Basically Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs), Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher (Chris Klein), Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) have all returned to their hometown in East Great Falls, Michigan after finishing their first year of college, and naturally they attend the party hosted by still oversexed Steve 'Stifmeister' Stifler (Seann William Scott), but this is cut short by the police. With nowhere to party because of the police Kevin finds out that there is a beach house in Grand Harbor, Michigan, so the four friends, plus Stifler for rent, pack their bags and make themselves comfortable, finding work as painters and decorators to pay the rent and prepare for the big party. Kevin is feeling awkward with ex-girlfriend Victoria 'Vicky' Lathum (Tara Reid) back in town and he feels may want to get back with her. Oz is missing girlfriend Heather (Mena Suvari) who is away in Spain and they keep their relationship going with attempted phone sex. Finch have discovered the sexual art of Tantra to keep in his desires as he waits patiently for the opportunity to possibly get with his goddess, Stifler's Mom (Jennifer Coolidge). Jim is worried because Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) will be returning, and he feels his lack of sexual experience will put her off, so he seeks sex tips and advice from his prom date Michelle Flaherty (Alyson Hannigan). Stifler is fascinated to see that the painted house owners Danielle (Denise Faye) and Amber (Lisa Arturo) may be lesbians, and with Jim and Finch he breaks in to find his proof, and they return and catch them they decide to mess with the boys, giving them homosexual acts in exchange for them doing it, e.g. the girls kiss if the boys kiss, and for a while they go with it. Jim's confidence problems only get worse when Stifler provides him lubricant, and distracted by pornography he unintentionally grabs super glue he used earlier to masturbate, and he ends up with his hand glued to his penis, the other to the porn video, at hospital, supported by his Dad (Eugene Levy) he is told there will be swelling for a while, and he is shocked to see Nadia arriving early. While preparations for the big party get underway, Jim has Michelle pretend to be his girlfriend until everything is ready and he has all the tips he needs, and with his penis back to normal they fake breaking up on the day of the party. So the party gets underway, Kevin is crushed Vicky has a boyfriend, Finch disappointed earlier that his goddess was not coming spends his time talking philosophically to various women, Oz has Heather surprise him having taken an early flight, and Jim lets Nadia down saying that he realises he has feelings for Michelle. The party is a big success, all the guests drinking and dancing with joy, with Jim and Michelle becoming boyfriend-girlfriend, Kevin and Vicky happy as friends, Oz and Heather still happy together, and Stifler ecstatic in bed with Danielle and Amber who turned out to be bisexual, even Chuck 'The Shermanator' Sherman (Chris Owen) scoring with Nadia. The end sees the boys packed and ready to go home, promising that if they can they will do the same again every summer, and Finch is happy to say Stifler's Mom, real name Janine, pop by and pick him up to go and have sex again. Also starring Natasha Lyonne as Jessica, Molly Cheek as Jim's Mom, Justin Isfeld as Justin - 'MILF' Guy #1, John Cho as John - 'MILF' Guy #2, Eli Marienthal as Stifler's Brother, Casey Affleck as Tom Myers, Joelle Carter as Natalie, Bean's Larry Drake as Natalie's Dad, Lee Garlington as Natalie's Mom and Austin Powers' Kevin Cooney as Doctor. The cast are still as likable as ever, Biggs more foolish than before, Thomas weirder with his holding in of an orgasm, Scott much more foul-mouthed and sex-obsessed, and Levy in his moments still amusing and embarrassing. The story is simple, just teens getting back together to drink a lot, have sex and party hard, but the slapstick and dialogue jokes still work when they need to, the highlights are Stifler being peed on, the terrible trumpet playing, the phone sex scene, the lesbian fun and the super gluing, it is a fun comedy. Good!
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not as good as the first pie
Jamie_Seaton10 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
they always say sequels are worse than there originals and i will definitely agree with this one. i think because they had made a blockbuster out of the first one that they quickly put together a second without really thinking about it

the film is still very funny but just doesn't have the vibe of what the first one had. plus the whole band camp part was boring. the cast are still pretty good, seann william scotts character "stifler" still makes me laugh. he's the saviour of this film i think.

everyone still should watch this because it is still an OK film............. 5/10.........j.d seaton
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Seconds? No Thanks.
johnston.scot2 April 2002
I actually found the first movie in the series to be an okay coming-of-age comedy that was mischaracterized by many viewers and reviewers as solely a gross-out piece. The first one wasn't; this one is.

While the first movie featured a set of interacting story lines that complemented each other, this one has no story line at all. What plot there is exists solely for the purpose of stringing together a few random skits. "I'll just pop over to band camp for a few minutes a do some funny business with a trumpet!"

In fairness, some of the skits are amusing. Others remind me of those awful mid-period SNL skits where you could see the actors waiting desperately for the commercial. The twist with the "band camp girl" in the first movie was funny. But somebody on the screenwriting team here doesn't understand the concept of a "joke." You've got your set up, then your punch line. Then you move on to another joke. It's really not that funny to stand around and repeat variations on the punch line (unless your sense of humor is in the "Ha ha! she said f---!" vein).

More fairness: the actors and the director here are capable. For the most part, it's a craftsmanlike piece of work, but an uninspired one.

A year of college hasn't matured any of the characters. One wonders what future sequels will be like. I suspect "American Pie 9" will wind up as something similar to the slide show Jack Nicholson presents near the end of "Carnal Knowledge."
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one pie too much
dbdumonteil30 September 2003
Unfortunately, "American Pie 2" ranks in the circle of the pointless sequels that merely aim at exploiting the success of the first movies. I didn't watch the first "American Pie" (1999) film but I know the story: 4 students who are eager to lose their virginity before leaving high school. I've heard that they succeed in it. And then? Was it really useful to shot one sequel to a movie which topic didn't precisely require one?

Well what I can say about this movie is that it contains a mediocre directing but also and nearly as usual in American teen-movies a humor that lacks sharpness. There are sinister gags that don't encourage laughter too. Must you add that the movie exudes a deep boredom and consequently leaves indifferent?

To finish, I've got only three adjectives to qualify "American Pie 2": boring, uninspired and quite unfunny. I'd better not watch "American Pie: the wedding" (2003).
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Just As Bad
Jacob Rosen2 May 2002
A really lousy sequel to the original dud. The first film is essentially reprised here, with similar jokes (bodily fluids disguised as other liquids, intercourse being interrupted by parents) and with the same unusually bogus characters, a bunch of rich white frat boys. Everything seems so contrived and convoluted that it's impossible to sympathize with actors like dweeby Jason Biggs, who can't get laid properly but still has the most gorgeous woman trying to bed him. And the other principals are either so outsized (like Seann William Scott as the obnoxiously unfunny Stifler) or lame (the impossibly good Oz, played by Chris Klein) that there's no possibility to connect and no reason to try. Only Eugene Levy, as Biggs' father, has some mildly humorous moments, but they're in his appearance and not in his lines. Teens will like the gross-out humor--this is who it's designed for--but it's a case of `been there, done that' and even they probably won't be clamoring for a trilogy.
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Oh dear, oh dear ...
fiozinho28 October 2001
I liked the first - it had a certain vulgar charm and I laughed a bit - so I went to the second with a very open mind, hoping for a good time. I gave it 45 minutes then left. Puerile, heavy-handed, dim-witted ... and that's being kind. I gave it 1 out of 10 on the IMDb ratings, but only because there wasn't a 0. Easily the worst film of this, or possibly any, year.
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Hollywood keeps getting worse
BSchin218814 June 2003
A lot of people will argue over sequels, trying to decide which is better. In this case, they're equal. They are both worthless wastes of time and money.

We come back to the same group of morons we watched in the first movie, only to see that graduating High School has somehow made them stupider. I mean, glueing your hand to your dick is unfunny enough, but managing to wander outside, naked in this condition? Come on. I can't believe Hollywood has the nerve to put this in theaters. I also can't believe how many people find this garbage funny.

Other acts of idiocy include breaking into a house, and mistaking urine for champagne. And everyone wonders why this country seems to be falling apart.
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An OK sequel
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews17 April 2004
Considering how great the first one was, I'm a little disappointed over this movie. It just seemed like they pretty much remade the first, just taking it a little further, making it more gross and more extreme, which may work for some fans of the first, but I honestly enjoyed the realness and laid-back feeling of the first far more than the gross scenes and stereotypes. Now, the stereotypes and the gross scenes are multiplied, to a point where it just gets a little tiresome. The apparent lack of any real original ideas, rather than just rehashes of the first, was a bit annoying too. But, all in all, it's an OK sequel, and a reasonably good teen comedy. The plot is OK, but it just seems too much like it was made up just in order to make a sequel to the first. The characters are a little too stereotypical, and not as well-written and real as they were the in first one. The humor is more or less the same, too much the same, in fact, as many of the jokes are just reused from the same formula as the first, like several of the scenes. Overall, the movie is not as good as the first, but it's OK. It's worth watching, if you want to see the characters again. I recommend this to fans of the first, and fans of teen comedies in general. 7/10
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It sucks.
wabus4420 December 2001
This has to be one of the worst "major" releases in recent memory. This should have gone straight to video. I can enjoy gross out humour ala Something About Mary. I can find redeeming qualities in teen movies like the excellent 10 Things I hate About You. There was nothing enjoyable or redeemable in this boring and unfunny thud. (I must admit to chuckling at a couple of technical gaffes though). This movie can only be enjoyed by people who are on medication, are self medicating, or are suffering from withdrawal symptoms of American Pie.
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Slight Decrease In Comedy
FilmFanInTheHouse9 January 2008
American Pie 2 (2001, Dir. James B. Rogers)

The whole gang are back and shows that they are as close as ever. They decide to get even closer, by spending the summer together at a beach house. They decide to hold the biggest party ever to be seen, even if the preparation doesn't always go to plan. Especially when Stifler, Finch and Jim become more close to each other than they ever want to be and when Jim mistakes super glue for lubricant.

When the 'American Pie' gang returns, everyone knows that they will be expecting gross out humour and wild characters, and this movie doesn't disappoint. All the wonderful characters are back, including Eugene Levy as Jim's Dad, who steals every scene he is in. Stifler is his usual self and Finch is more entertaining this time. A lot of the female side of cast have a reduced role in this movie. Alyson Hannigan's role is expanded, whilst the others only appear in a few scenes. The jokes again are well written, but like the first film, are not the most cleanest of jokes. If you saw the first movie, then you would know what kind of adult material is found in this film. Although, the film holds up well alongside it's predecessor, it had a slight decrease in the comedy. Still, it's a fun and entertaining movie to watch.

"The force is strong with that one." - Stifler (Seann William Scott)
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Rather dull......
D. B.27 July 2007
American Pie 2 is a clear anchor for the concept of mediocre movie sequels. The stars of the first film are present, but in many cases, it is hard to see why. Number three (American Wedding) loses most of the actors with strong outside careers, but frankly, is a better film.

On the positive side, while this movie is lackluster, it is not a painful sort of flop. We all have seen films where the directer and writers attempted something that failed, and failed in a way annoying to the audience. In this case, one mainly gets the impression that the writers didn't try very hard. The funny scenarios that a movie like this is built around are actually fairly well done, although they are a bit contrived.

The real problem with this movie is that it is built around such a simple, nay primitive plot, that the movie becomes dull. Watch this if you absolutely must see all of the characters in the first film, but otherwise, number three (American Wedding) and distant relative "Band Camp" are superior.
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Oh For The Love Of Sqeezing Money!!!!
RPullen20 December 2002
Well talk about the biggest and most blatant bit of squeezing as much money out of a franchise.

Yes, yes the original ended set up for a sequel with....

"To the next step!"

But still, they got what they wanted and went to college!


But it wasn't, more of the same stuff occured and that was all well and good!

This film again was made good by Sean William Scott and Jason Biggs as Stifler and Jim.
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How to make a successful failure
Paul Tremblay13 May 2002
How to explain what went wrong with, say, American Pie 2, The Mexican, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Captain Corelli's Mandolin? And more, and more. More or less recent American movies which each cost more than 20 independent productions. Incredible casts lead by seasoned directors and producers, working from sometimes sophisticated scripts. The sad fact is that these movies couldn't even survive their original first week end hype, deservingly with that.

It is hard to pinpoint a common ailment for those creations, but a listing of their respective shortcomings could at least point in a general direction.

Of course they were vehicles of some sort. Whether they were sequels attempting to cash in the success of their illustrious predecessors, a visual version of a recent literary triumph, or, simply, an established star medium (or a combination of two of the above), most of the recent dismal failures were rarely an example of an original conception. Not to say, naively, that all copies are doomed to trash and any new ideas should garner laurels; after all, as all newcomers know, most first movies look and feel clumsy and rarely see the light of day in a theater if they're ever filmed in the first place. There are probably more Ed Woods out there than you have Tim Burtons, but at least these productions don't cost $50 millions and don't attract (inter)national attention.

American Pie 2, for example, followed on the steps of the hugely successful #1, which was funny although predictable, pleasant and charming despite (or because of being) conservative in tone and idea. AP2 was absolutely none of the above: rarely triggering a laugh (unless smearing your privates with Crazy Glue is an idea that never ever even crossed your mind: what kind of individual are you?), the comic rhythm was so off and the jokes given so much more time than needed that it was like watching Sharon doing stand up with Arafat: embarrassing and you wish you skip to the next sketch. The radio communication/2 lesbians joke (wrong word) reminds you of a joke told by a 5 year-old: lumbering towards some kind of a punch line which will never come. The cast and the production are just going through the motion, knowing perfectly well that the movie will make money whether the stupid lines they utter hit the funny bone or not: a following is there, waiting to disburse their hard-earned $10.00 (plus soda, popcorn, parking, babysitter, and the internet connection to make their opinion known to an awaiting public). I'm not anymore prude than the guy next door, but when will Hollywood understand that the simple fact of saying the `F' word does not, repeat not, provoke general laughter.

Then comes the VHS/DVD street date where the good citizen rents (or, God forbids, purchases) the small black box (plus soda, popcorn…) and then turns the viewing into a religious experience, thanking the powers that be they he or she didn't pay the $10.00 at the plex.

Of course, for all the existing sequels/prequels/remakes, you have exceptions: it is my understanding that Spider-Man is both a critical and popular success. But with movies like AP2, Hollywood is turning itself into its worst enemy, sabotaging its own efforts at luring future audience into the big house.
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Definitely a Sequel
jam14511 August 2001
If a movie does well enough to get a sequel, you would think that means the writers are good enough to come up with more material, no problem. With this movie, though, they didn't.

American Pie 2 was probably the weakest of sequels in a summer full of sequels. The jokes are the same, maybe changed just a little. The characters have nothing no new motivations- they are all just battling the same things as in the first movie. From Stifler's mom to parents catching Jim in personal moments, the sequel steals, er, "borrows" from American Pie 1 without a second thought.

The result? One dumb movie. First of all, Jason Biggs (Jim) is horrible to watch. You just want to punch him for being so stupid. The scene where he plays the trombone? Not the least bit funny. People laughed- WHY? Finch is annoying as ever, constantly speaking like he is 50- not in a funny way- but in a really bothersome way that sees him featured for a good part of the movie when he is better as a supporting character- a very small supporting character. Kevin is a pointless character, he doesn't do anything except talk to his old girlfriend Vicki the whole time, constantly asking her to "Catch up and hang out." This also means Vicky is a waste of time, as is Oz, who somehow became a complete neutered male from the beginning of the first film. He is an entirely different person even from the end of that one- does anyone care? Jessica and Heather- great to see people from the first one, but do they add anything? No.

The only thing this movie does is play Stifler well. He essentially has to strap the movie on his back and carry it because everyone else is boring. How does he do this? He says the F-word- a lot. This even loses humor after 50 times, so by the end you wish you never spent the 6.50 to watch this junk. The worst part is when the opening scene runs and people have seen the previews and still laugh very hard- why, people? It doesn't make sense. Out of all of the scenes in the movie the audience has definitely seen that before.

AND YET, between the predictable script, the rerun jokes, the low brow bail out humor (guys kissing, football down low, little kid swearing, monkey drinking alcohol), and the painful acting of Jason Biggs, American pie 2 will somehow make a lot of money. It makes you wonder....

IF they make a third one, I hope they invest a little time in writing characters that we care about and get rid of characters we don't (Shermanator, Jessica, etc.). Be new and inventive, just don't insult us by showing us the first movie with a different title. 1.5 STARS
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