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History Television To Air An Investigation On Christianity

History Television, a Canadian cable network, will broadcast an investigative documentary on Christianity. Forget what you already know about this religion and be prepared to learn new things about it, says the cable network.

On July 22, at 10 Pm, the documentary Decoding the Ancients will premiere. In each of six episodes, Canadian journalist Simcha Jacobovici will shed a new light on the real history (not story) behind Christianity thanks to archeological discoveries. Besides, his investigation brought him from Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Europe.

Here's what we should expect from the six episodes:

Episode One: The Messiah Before Jesus Friday July 22nd, 10Pm Est  He lived in ancient Israel, he was called the "Good Shepherd", he was killed by the Romans and he rose in three days. But he's not Jesus! Shockingly, an ancient stone tablet that has emerged from the Jordanian antiquities market seems to suggest that there was a
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