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one of the best Turkish comedies
profdrzihnisinir15 May 2006
Koyden Indim Sehire (From Village to the City) is of the greatest comedy films in Turkish movie history. Although not well known as "Hababam Sinifi", this movie is as good, and even surpasses it in some scenes and quality of role playing. Four brothers discover a treasure in their village, and decide to cash it in the big city. The movie goes on in a funny way when "village smart" brothers turn to each other and finally lose all the gold. One of the best performances of the best comedy actors in the same tradition of "Marx Brothers"... Although this movie is culture dependent, and the humor in the movie can be fully understood by a Turkish person, with subtitles, I think this movie can also be real fun by non Turkish audiences.
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Plot and comments
Ulamax8 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is the sequel to the 1973 movie titled "Salak Milyoner" (The Stupid Millionaire) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0253622/ but known more.

In this movie, the four brothers, finding the treasure in the above mentioned movie want to cash the gold they've found, but the legal matters (the gold coins from historical past being governmental property) and the fear of losing the gold to others who cheat and take their gold makes them search for a reliable person...whom is a jeweller/gold dealer from their hometown, Kayseri (a city that its inhabitants are stereotyped as misers/good-at-business/money-lovers) living in the capital City, Ankara. They search and find him in Ankara, although they don't trust him so much either (they even did not trust each other for that and even tried to cheat one another to take the bulk of the gold...but finally came upon an agreement) and the movie story is on the brothers trying to hide the gold from the cunning jeweller, and the jeweller having all sort of scams to search the gold and take from them.

The movie has some wise one-liners and has some classical type Turkish comedy of local accent usage and the dumb country hick routines. but overall it's funny and show what people can do for money...and what can happen afterwards.
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