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Wayne stays talented
flight_angel7731 March 2005
I have not seen the Wayne Brady Show enough to go into further details, but from the few episodes I saw, I'd say he is holding up nicely by himself. Wayne manages to carry on the same great humor from Whose Line? to his show which I really admire and love. Yet at the same time, Wayne still keeps things real between him, the guests, and the audience. I think it was good for Wayne to try to separate his fame rather from just being known from Whose Line, of which he succeeded. Despite what others say about him, I say he is a great host, great actor, and even greater improviser.

Go Wayne!
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Great Show
Whoser23 May 2002
Even though this show was not the funniest show on A.B.C., me, being a die-hard fan of Whose Line is it Anyway?, I still admire everything that Wayne does. He has amazing talent. Just because the skits weren't necessairly funny, that doesn't mean they weren't creative. I hope this show comes back on the air again. I give it 2 thumbs up!
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Not living up to the expectations
may_the_force_be8 August 2001
After seeing Wayne on 'Whose Line is it Anyway', I really expected the same type of roll-on-the-floor humor that comes from him. But I was rather shocked at how many few times I laughed. I was really impressed, as always, with Wayne's talent in music and dance, and he gives a good show, but this was just a huge disappointment in the line of humor.
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Too much and too little.
Anus Individual 71 September 2001
Sure, Wayne Brady is talented as hell, but trying to do everything at once (Singing, dancing, skits, improv...) it just doesn't fit well together. I'm worried Mr. Brady is getting a swelled head. The intro is kind of pompus: "It's Wayne Brady! In case you haven't heard, he's the hottest thing around..." and the set is overly flashy. It's rarely funny too.

I think Mr. Brady should stick to Whose line. He's fantastic on it, but this just doesn't work.
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deserving talent finally gets a showcase
asparksnyc28 August 2001
Wayne Brady's show is a throw back to variety shows that exist for reason and one reason only: to entertain the audience and viewers at home. It's unabashed goal "to entertain" is what I like about the show. As with most shows using sketch comedy, the skits can be unevenly written, but with the consummate, energetic, inventive wayne Brady at the center of it all, it's bound to be at least interesting if not always hilarious. when it does hit, it hits. I love the dance numbers, the guest stars-- I hope this show gets a supported, regular run that will allow it to become all that it can!!
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A variety show of the 70's with today's "comedy"
Labinnacne8 August 2001
Wayne Brady, best known for his work on the American version of "Who's Line is it Anyway?" has his own variety-type show that mixes improv, dance and skit comedy. What is now during the summer, a special, I've been told is later becoming a regular part of ABC.

I found this show while channel flipping. Nothing else was on (most literally. It was either this or Richard Simmons biography) and I thought "well, it can't be that bad". A few minutes into the show I wasn't enjoying it. I wasn't laughing, let alone smiling, and the show-dance thing became old, far too quick.

I mean seriously, people in the audience were laughing. I think even at the things that weren't jokes. It's one of those shows, where you bring in a star from your other show, and try to gain some ratings in the summer season.

Hopefully this show will fade away. Or possibly write something funny. I love the idea of a variety show in today's times. If it was better done.

1.5/5. I give it 1.5 because Wayne Brady has musical talent and he does it well when he's not trying to put jokes into all of it.
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Just plain hilarious, I rolled over laughing
MovieAddict201615 August 2001
I was expecting the WBS to be like Whose Line, but it was actually better in a different kind of way. I got tired of the dancing but some of the other things were hilarious. The first episode was the best, todays was funny too, but not as good as last weeks. I don't think this show will be going anywhere because it was ABC's number one show. I rolled in I think around 250 million viewers. I laughed on the floor tonight with the raptor impersonations, and the Matrix kung fu theater, it was hilarious, but as I said before...last weeks was the best and I hope next weeks is as better than tonights.
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