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Well, I liked it!
MusicalMagpie9 October 2007
So many people have already written reviews of this movie, which has been out for five years now, that I am not going to go into detail about the plot, or the acting, or whether the storyline is predictable, or how cute Ty Posey was. I am merely going to say that I watched it tonight for the first time with my 13-year old daughter and we both enjoyed it immensely. I found Jennifer Lopez a bit stiff in places, but overall she handled the role well. I do not understand why so many people had problems with Ralph Finnes in this movie, I found him not only believable but incredibly sexy, and I hope he gets the opportunity to do more romantic comedies! Bob Hoskins stole every scene he was in. Stanley Tucci chewed scenery. Natasha Richardson was suitably selfish and blonde. New York was lovely. The dog overacted shamelessly. The movie was not perfect, but it was delightful. The only wrong note was the series of magazine covers at the end, showing what happened to the characters; it was much too "cute" and rather unbelievable (all three of her maid friends become hotel managers?) And I was rather disappointed that - for all the film's brave talk of crossing social barriers - the movie ends with nothing more than a magazine cover with the headline "A year later, they are still together". I felt cheated.
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Wonderful "Feel Good" Movie
sarahbelle7711 May 2003
So you'll know where I'm coming from, some of my favorite movies are "Parent Trap," "Father of the Bride," "Kate & Leopold." If you like these kinds of movies that leave you feeling good and happy about life, then you'll enjoy this tastefully done movie as well. I could have done without a certain scene between the two, but this movie has a lot to offer, and has a moral to teach as well. It has strong characters of positive principles, and there's even an "older man mentor," like from "Pretty Women," that adds that wholesome touch to the film.
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Defining Moments
writestuff-793-81691617 July 2010
This is a warm-heated story with a predictable plot. It may not be a great film, but but it is good entertainment. And the highlight of the movie may be hidden in a soliloquy, rather than revealed at the end. Every good story offers hope and this film delivers that. Its characters also experience transformation thanks to several easily-overlooked defining moments. So watch and enjoy the film for entertainment. Then watch it again, and again, for the pleasure of discovering the tapestry of truths it contains.

This is every bit as good a film as "The Wedding Planner" and Fiennes portrays a politico who learns the world doesn't revolve around himself. To some that might seem like fantasy, but it doesn't detract from the story. The supporting cast is a delightful menagerie. And perhaps the best role is that of Lionel Bloch, played by Bob Hoskins, who portrayed Smee in "Hook."

This isn't just another chick flick. And guys may need a few Kleenex. They will definitely be glad that Jennifer Lopez didn't wear another dress.
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Fantasy for a single mom ?
ebiros225 April 2011
Nice fantasy romance starring Jennifer Lopez that seems to rank high amongst her fans.

Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a single parent maid working at a high end hotel in Manhattan. She meets Chris (Ralph Finnes) a wealthy politician who finds her son cute and also falls for her head over heels, but he thinks she's also from a privileged background. Soon he finds out her true identity. Will her romance survive ?

This is a modern day Cinderella story. By no effort of her own, she goes from a maid to becoming affiliated with the highest echelon of the society. Coveted, desired and protected by a strong man who also likes her son and is very nice to him as well. It's an escapism, but it works.

The opinions may be divided on this movie. Some may find the story too convenient. Other's may find the story a transporting experience for 100 minutes. One thing is for sure. If someone else played the lead, this movie would have been just a soap opera, but credit goes to Jennifer Lopez for turning a flop into a box office success. She brings quality to the movie that wouldn't deserve the class if she wasn't in it.
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A positive note about the movie.
michielvanaerschot3 September 2004
I just saw the movie and checked IMDb right away, where I found that this movie only had a score of 4.6 which I find to little. Why? There are some reasons. But first, when I watched this movie I knew always what was going to come, you can see in advance where the movie is going to. This is why I think the movie gets such low score. Unjust I feel, when you go to see this movie or rent it, I assume you know that it's a romantic movie? By the title of the movie you could very much assume that it's a feel good movie. So when you bring these 2 together you pretty much know what's gonna happen if you read the back of the movie box. Why rent it then? For it's purpose, it makes you feel good. Two people falling in love is always a nice thing and seeing how they cross boundary's for that love is even nicer. Thus I think that the movie succeeded in what he was made for. To give people the romance and the good feeling. Go see this movie with your girl/boyfriend if he or she doesn't dislike this kind of movies and sure you will feel happier about your own relationship as well. Because there is nothing heavy about this movie. That's what makes it so good in his genre. Do not watch this movie for super acting skills (although I do not dislike the acting). Do not go and see him for the directors special thricks to tell you things. Go see this movie for the romance and positive note and for sure you will not be disappointed.
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Cinderella without fragile shoes
vanvanhorn14 September 2010
So it's Cinderella. It's hard to imagine why that would bother anyone who'd seen the trailer, by the time you sit down to watch the movie you know the plot.

I may be the last person on earth to see Jennifer Lopez outside the checkout line. She's not bad looking but didn't impress me all that greatly as an actress, but she did tell the story. This may be a light- weight role for Fiennes (duh!) but I thought he carried it off well. The kid (Ty) was great, and Bob Hoskins was wonderful.

I think Pygmalian (Pretty Woman) is a better story, and Julia Roberts is obviously head and shoulders above Jennifer Lopez, but I certainly don't regret adding it to my Netflix queue!

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Cute movie
boel2 April 2003
It might not be Oscar material, but it is a cute movie - so if you like Jennifer Lopez or wants to spend an evening on the sofa with your girlfriend, this movie is a good choice. Nice acting from all parts and a cool soundtrack with Norah Jones.
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Don't waste your time - watch "Sabrina" once again instead!
debblyst29 December 2004
The story? Cliché, cliché, cliché, the umpteenth remake of Cinderella with not a single interesting addition. The script? Formula (and lame at that). The cast? Jennifer Lopez's turn as Cinderella/Sabrina proves she does not remotely belong to "rags-to-Princess" roles; she is galaxies away from Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly (or even "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts), no matter how expensive the jewelry or costumes she wears. Ralph Fiennes seems to be on an O.D. of Prozac, with a perennial foolish smile on his face, wishing he were Cary (or even Hugh!) Grant -- shame to see a talented actor in such a puffy role. Natasha Richardson is wasted in the obligatory dumb blonde part, Stanley Tucci hams it up irritatingly, Bob Hoskins knows and shows his role is an embarrassment. On a less negative note, kid Tyler Posey is a real charmer, and manages to survive his "cutie" part. The direction? Well, no doubt Wayne Wang is a professional and I hope he was paid a LOT of money to lend his prestigious name to this fluffy cake - I only wish the word "professionalism" were taken more seriously, as in "professional integrity"...Where is the Wayne Wang that directed the surrealistic "Life is Cheap...But Toilet Paper is Expensive" and the cool "Smoke"?

Sit through this only if you are in a hypoglycemic fit; otherwise watch "Sabrina" once again and marvel at real star power, witty dialog and charm to spare!
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Dear Ralph, Natasha, and Bob - WHY?????
Liza-197 September 2003
I can understand Jennifer Lopez being in this stupid piece of fluff that has no point, but why, oh WHY were the other actors in it? Three great British actors: Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Bob Hoskins - I know they can do better than this! J-Lo was good in the Wedding Planner, but watching this movie made me realize what a lousy actress she really is. The story is one that's been told a hundred thousand times - and has been done a hundred thousand times better. There was nothing new here, no new ideas, not even a good laugh. They call it a romantic comedy, but it's not. It's J-Lo pouting for two hours. Ralph and Natasha try to throw in some comedic elements, but they're stuck with really unfunny lines (Natasha's "I've been dumped" speech for one). Bob Hoskins has the one good speech in the entire film, but even he can't save it. Why was he in it? Why? I don't think we'll ever know.
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Totally Unmaid
marcosaguado19 May 2005
Somebody brought the DVD. After the movie was over, nobody would own up as to who had the brilliant idea. Well Wayne Wang, remember "Smoke"? Ralph Finnes for heaven's sake, a very particular actor, very choosy or so I hear and Jennifer Lopez in the hands of a good director can deliver, remember "Out of Sight"? No. The movie seems written by people who've never seen a Preston Sturges or a Billy Wilder movie. It is a sub TV movie of the week. Even Bob Hoskins playing the Hector Elizondo part of "Pretty Woman" can't save the day. Only Natasha Richardson in an all out performance managed to make me smile. There was a time in Hollywood, not so long ago, when you could get a film made if you had Steve Guttenberg in it. Jennifer Lopez is the Steve Guttenberg of the new millennium. I don't understand how something so thoughtless, tasteless and utterly un-redeeming could get made in Manhattan, Hollywood or anywhere else. Somebody should tell Jennifer Lopez that she's not Audrey Hepburn or Jean Arthur. There is a sort of hardness about her that makes her anti-romantic. Her wardrobe as the Maid of the title is utterly insane. As is every attempt at sincerity. I'm sure Jennifer Lopez has talent but not certainly for romantic comedies. She keeps making them though. I bet she would be great in steamy melodramas. I would cast Miss. Lopez in the Bette Davis part in a remake of "Beyond the Forest"
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Entirely Unoriginal Retelling Of The Cinderella Story
sddavis6323 June 2003
So, let's see. A hotel maid meets a candidate for the Senate, except that she's all fancied up when she meets him so he doesn't know she's a maid - he thinks she's some rich socialite - and they fall in love until reality comes crashing in. Sounds like Cinderella. There's even some folk cast in the wicked stepmother role, except in this case it's the wicked hotel guest (Natasha Richardson) whose identity Marisa the maid (Jennifer Lopez) steals.

This really was a sad case for a movie, filled with completely unbelievable scenes: Marisa is really going to be allowed to borrow a fabulously valuable necklace from the hotel jewelry shop? 10 year old Ty (Tyler Posey) is really going to be able to get into a news conference with a Senate candidate - and ask questions?! And Ralph Fiennes as a serious Senate candidate?

Believe me, this is not worth the effort of watching.

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Sincerely charming
jooyoonchung18 September 2005
There's something refreshingly sincere about this movie. The lead actors seem to have a genuine connection. The lack of awkwardness Lopez's character displays as she tries to fit into high-society perhaps is not quite realistic; she seems to be able to transition back and forth a bit too easily. But realism, which seems to be the stylistic fad these days, especially among snobby "high-art" movie ... ahem ... FILM goers, is not really the point here. To criticize the movie on those aspects would be silly (just as silly as it would be criticize Cinderella on those grounds ... and it isn't pumpkin carriages that I'm talking about).

While the story has been told many times before, it's not alone in that respect. If anything, that only goes to affirm the universality of the rags-to-riches love story. If you're looking for a charming, funny, and sincere update to Cinderella, you could do worse than to watch Maid in Manhattan. 7/10.
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A sometimes dull yet sweet romantic comedy
lisafordeay18 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I remember seeing this in the cinemas back in 2002 and my mom dragged me to see it. I of course thought that it was going to be so stupid but I decided to check it out. I also recorded in on VHS a few years back and I saw it on TV loads of times. Its about a single parent(maybe divorced) who has an adorable son named Ty(this reminds me of that 2007 film Enchanted with its cute frothy plot and the single parent in love with a dude who has a high up job).

One day Marisa( Jennifer Lopez) is so friggin stupid she decides to try on someone elses clothes(Oh the horror LOL) when all of a sudden smiley politician Chris comes in sees her in these expensive clothes,thinks she's a guest but she's not and to top it all off she uses a new idenity Caroline(is this guy so blind or stupid as he saw her in the loo and his all lovey doupy with her guess so).

The romance between Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez is kinda dull as there is no spark like in other rom coms like Enchanted where Amy & Patrick had great chemistry in that film or any other rom com. Some scenes were kinda dull like the maddox scene with the dancing was poor,if there was a better song and some better choreography it might have been better.

The only think I enjoyed in this film was the ending where the two would be lovers end up being together in the end.

If you love frothy rom coms and cheesy plots then check it out.
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My comment
Erin Wales29 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The thing that attract people to watch this movie is the movie trailer. They make a very good and detail trailer. And the thing that make people very curious about this movie is the last word that the narrator said in the trailer,"No matter who you are the destiny will find you." That words makes the story heard so extraordinary.And also it could make the other people believe on their wish.

But I was so surprised that the tag line of this movie isn't the words that I mentioned in the first paragraph. I think that words were so suitable to be the tag line of this movie. Anyway,as what I said,Maid in Manhattan was a very great romantic movie. Don't wonder if the people beside you smile like a crazy people while watching this movie. It was also one of the most extraordinary love story that ever been make.
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Surprisingly OK
Mis Behavin6 November 2007
I actually thought this film wasn't bad. It wasn't a masterpiece, but then again I don't think it ever had aspirations to be.

J-Lo does a good job to pull off her role nicely - although in the beginning I couldn't help but think 'Oh look - it's Jennifer Lopez, prime diva, pretending to be poor'.

Even more amazingly is that Mr Pretentious - step forward Ralph 'it's pronounced Rafe' Fiennes - does a good job in making his role believable.

With a good supporting cast this film trundles along nicely. It's never going to change your life but not bad for whiling away a boring afternoon if you've nothing better to do.
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One more time, without feeling.
lambiepie-231 December 2002
I saw this film on a sneak preview and although I was understanding that this them had been done over and over and over again, I still went to see it? Why? I like Ralph Finnes, and I was hoping that Jennifer Lopez had a film that was good enough for her. Well, I still like Ralph Finnes, and I am still waiting for a film that is worthy of Jennifer Lopez's talents. If film makers are going to take a "Cinderella" story and remake it, redo it, reshow it for the upmteenth time, at least be somewhat creative.

Ralph and Jennifer had about as much chemistry as oil and water. And I don't wish to get into the numerous sterotypes sprinkled throughout this story. Everyone connected should hang their head in shame just for that. This is one of those films that when it arrives on tv and you have absolutely nothing to watch, your Prozac prescription ran out, it's raining balls of fire outside and you're just stuck and bored lifeless and Disney has locked all of its versions of "Cinderella" away for 25 years, then you'll watch this film. Under those circumstances, you may find it entertaining, but even then I don't think it'll hold up for another viewing.
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Different movie but the same Jennifer Lopez
LT56Simms118 June 2005
It is really not necessary to see this Lopez flick if you have seen any one of her other movies! She doesn't play characters similar to one another, she plays the SAME character in all of her films. Poor struggling girl meets handsome rich guy while she pretends to be someone she is not. Rich guy finds out the truth but doesn't care that he was deceived because of course HE LOVES HER(YAWN)! Ralph Fiennes is believable as the rich handsome politician because unlike Lopez, he can actually ACT! The only people I would recommend this movie to are Jennifer Lopez fans only because of the fact that they obviously don't mind that she can't sing, so they will not care that she can't act either!
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I thought it was ok
thisizaustin26 April 2004
This wasn't one of my favorite movies, but I wouldn't mind watching it again. I am glad I didn't pay for it!! I thought JLo wasn't as bad in this as she has been in others. She actually did a great job of portraying "real" emotion as a single mother. (which wouldn't be too easy for her considering she doesn't have any kids) But she didn't seem to even like Ralph in the movie let alone "love" him.

As for Ralph, come on!! He plays a GREAT scary/creepy guy but I don't think he should ever do a romantic comedy again. Yes he had some really sweet lines, but they would have been so much sweeter if delivered from a heart breaker like Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, or Johnny Dep. Everytime he smiled I thought he looked like he was about to slash her thoat (not saying that would have been a bad thing) The sweetest part of the movie was the stuffed penguin.

They didn't have a drop of chemistry. But all in all it wasn't TOO bad. It was still a sweet story.

I did like Stanley Tucci in this and the maid that put in JLo's application (not sure what her name is) I thought they were at least believable.

I gave it a 6/10 for enjoyment value.
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Ralph stoops to the challenge
Harry T. Yung21 July 2003
Seen in a flight, Maid in Manhattan was a movie that didn't attract me to the cinema, more because of the competition at the time than anything else. Despite the fact that I didn't give it the level of attention I would normally give in a cinema or even at home for obvious reasons, I found it quite enjoyable. While you can't quite compare the Cinderella element to Pretty Woman, or the mother-son drama to About A boy, or the `big night' excitement to My Fair Lady, M in M has an easy flow which makes it very easy to watch. It's the first time I watched Jennifer Lopez and what I found was that she is not as bad as many of the criticisms would have you believe. Ralph Fiennes stooped to (as opposed of rose to) the challenge and gave the role a good shot. The one that is really wasted was Stanley Tucci. As to the script, there's one line that particularly caught my fancy, when the boy asks Lopez if she thinks Fiennes will miss them. `He's crazy not to', she replies, a nice blend of confidence, sweetness and honesty
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Probably the worst movie of the year.
Streetwolf31 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Whatever possessed Ralph Fiennes to star in this movie is beyond me!

*some spoilers*

Summary: Marisa is a maid in a big hotel in Manhattan and also a single mother, who thinks less of herself and dreams of becoming a manager at the hotel, but doesn't have the guts to apply, which leads to one of her fellow co-workers to apply for her. At the same time Chris Marshall who is running for senator checks into the hotel and Caroline, a rich, snob, annoying... god knows what she does for a living, but is a fashion freak checks in too. Cleaning up Caroline's room one day, Marisa is told to return an expensive outfit back to the stores by Caroline, but instead her fellow co-worker makes her wear it. At the same time, Chris meets Ty, Marisa's 10 year old son and is impressed by how much he knows about politics and they go to Marisa to ask for permission, only Marisa is wearing very nice clothes and Chris is attracted to her without knowing what she really does for a living and they both feel they have a connection and Marisa is forced to continue the game to see what she is missing out on.....or something like that.

A more modern style copy of Ever After the movie is extremely slow and the lines the characters have are predictable and pathetic let alone boring. Jennifer Lopez should stick to singing, at least she doesn't suck at that and Ralph Fiennes should stick to serious stuff and stay away from romance movies and plots that have been done before and are over with! Natasha Richardson was like the evil step sister only with a hideous performance.

I rate this movie 1/10, it's not even worth renting when it comes out on video.
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I liked it
Kristine2 August 2007
I rented Maid in Manhattan the other day and watched it last night, but before I had watched it, I looked at the rating on IMDb and I saw the low rating and I was like "Oh, no, I've picked another bad movie". I don't know why I wanted to see this movie, just I figured I needed a romantic comedy in my selection, so I just grabbed it and even after that rating I thought this was going to be a bad movie. But as it turns out this really wasn't a bad movie at all. Yeah, it has minor flaws here and there, this isn't movie of the year, but over all I would say that it was pretty cute.

Marisa is a single mom in Manhattan who is a working maid in one of the top hotels. She is also up for a big promotion as a manager and is hoping to help her fellow employees. When she and a co-worker are just fooling around and wondering what it's like to try on over 5,000 dollars worth of clothes, Marisa gets caught by a politician who her son is excited to meet. She has to convince him that nothing can happen between them without letting him know what she did and who she really is, but it might be too strong of a connection for both of them to let go so easily.

Maid in Manhattan is predictable and I think Marisa's character wasn't really as developed as I would like her to be because she came off as kinda rude and judgmental. But over all, I wouldn't say this is a 4.5 rated movie, I think people were probably just jumping on the movie because it is Jennifer Lopez, I would agree, I'm not into her either, but I can't resist if I do like a movie or not and I wanna be honest if I like a movie. So please just give the movie a shot if you're looking for a sweet romantic comedy.

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no masterpiece but worth a look
kwenz26 October 2004
I think this movie is underrated. This one is no masterpiece in film making, but if like romantic movies in general you'll like it. It is a new Cinderella story, if you like: The Maid meets the Politician who fells in love with her - because he's mistaking her for a hotel guest. The Maid thinks he only likes her because she's rich - not for herself. Will they come together? Happy End Guaranteed... Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes are good headliners for this movie. All other Actors - including Bob Hoskins in a supporting role - do a good job. In its Genre I'll give this movie 7 out of 10.
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All the way back to "Cinderella" and beyond.
James Hitchcock18 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Was Jennifer Lopez going through an "I want to be Julia Roberts" phase in 2002? That was the year in which she made "Enough", a shameless rip-off of "Sleeping with the Enemy" and followed it up with "Maid in Manhattan", which bears a certain resemblance to another Roberts film, "Pretty Woman".

Like "Pretty Woman", this is a romantic comedy based upon a "poor girl loves rich man" storyline. The poor girl is Marisa Ventura, a divorcée with a ten-year-old son working as a maid in a smart Manhattan hotel. The rich man is Christopher Marshall, scion of a wealthy family and senatorial candidate staying as a guest in the hotel. Chris is, unexpectedly, a Republican, a detail presumably inserted in a bid to dispel those persistent rumours that Hollywood's main function is to act as the Democratic Party's amen corner. The two meet and are attracted to one another, but, owing to a misunderstanding, Chris believes that Marisa is Caroline Lane, a wealthy British socialite who is another guest at the hotel. Chris invites "Caroline Lane" to lunch, but he is confused when the real Caroline shows up instead of Marisa. Further complications ensue, including the real Caroline taking a fancy to Chris and Marisa losing her job, but this being a rom-com we know that true love will prevail in the end.

Jennifer Lopez has some dreadful films on her CV, especially the badly-written, badly-acted and thoroughly nasty "Enough", and the hilariously bad "Anaconda", a sort of fifties monster movie resurrected for the nineties. (I must admit I have never seen "Gigli", widely quoted as being the nadir of her career; if it is worse than either of those films it must be bad indeed). "Maid in Manhattan", however, is one of her better performances, not least because she enunciates all her lines clearly, something which is not always the case with her, and makes Marisa- hard-working, determined and caring- a very likable heroine.

Rather surprisingly, Ralph Fiennes, who is often at his best playing villainous characters as in "Schindler's List" or "The Duchess", makes an equally likable hero. The rather reserved Chris seems more like an English gentleman than an American politician; there is perhaps a hint that his desire for a seat in the Senate owes more to family tradition than to ideological commitment; both his father and grandfather were Senators before him. The real political animal is his frantically hyperactive spin doctor Jerry (played by Stanley Tucci, who had played a rather similar role the previous year in "America's Sweethearts"). There is an amusing, if somewhat one-dimensional, contribution from Natasha Richardson as the spoilt, bitchy Caroline. The acting honours were stolen, however, by young Tyler Posey, utterly delightful as Marisa's son Ty who plays a key role in bringing his mother and Chris together. Ty is a budding intellectual who has become something of an expert on the 1970s, especially the presidency of Richard Nixon.

I don't think that "Maid in Manhattan" is as good as "Pretty Woman", which had rather more in the way of character development and psychological depth. Garry Marshall's film gained a bit of extra edge by making its heroine a prostitute and its hero a businessman suffering a crisis of conscience about his less-than-ethical business methods. Marisa and Chris, by comparison, are just a bit too nice right from the beginning. Yet the film, as a whole, is an enjoyable one, if not a particularly original one. Besides "Pretty Woman" it also owes a debt to the Audrey Hepburn/Humphrey Bogart "Sabrina" and to countless other films, plays, novels and stories all the way back to "Cinderella" and beyond. Yet this lack of originality does not necessarily matter in a romantic comedy; the genre, after all, is a highly formulaic one which relies upon a few well-worn plots. What matters is the way in which the basic idea is developed, and "Maid in Manhattan" handles its theme with wit and humour. It's not exactly a realistic film either, but then rom-coms were never intended to be exercises in realism. It will provide enjoyable viewing for anyone looking for something romantic and escapist. 6/10
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A captivating present day Cinderella story.
billymorgan24 October 2004
Fortune Magazine ranked Jennifer Lopez one of the top twenty richest Americans under the age of forty. She is also one terrific actress, because she played a very believable maid in a Manhatten hotel. Combined with the excellent acting, the John Hughes script kept the story moving at a good pace right from the word go.

Your feeling about this movie may depend on your own personal experiences. I was lucky enough to fall in love at first sight 36 years ago and have been in love with the same person ever since, so I believe that fairytale romances can happen. To me, watching "Maid In Manhatten" was a like reliving the thrill of a great romance all over again.

Jennifer Lopez's 10 year old son in the movie helped to make the story all the more believable and increased the viewers sympathy for his hard working mother. Some people did not like this movie because the end seemed predictable. So what! The journey to the end was a very enjoyable ride. 8 out of 10.
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