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5 Jan. 2003
PMS, Lies and Red Tape
Andy treats a female soldier with post-polio syndrome; Lu becomes attracted to a patient's son.
12 Jan. 2003
Andy finds herself in a battle with her father over his independence after he is diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition; Lu tries to figure out how a pregnant woman is responsible for the deaths of her infant children.
19 Jan. 2003
Blocked Lines
Andy diagnoses a woman with West Nile virus; Lu tries to help out a woman and her hospital-bound son.
16 Feb. 2003
Intensive Care
An altercation between Andy and her husband becomes violent; a year after her rape, Lu isn't sure whether or not she's ready to pursue an intimate relationship with Mickey.
23 Feb. 2003
Addicted to Love
After kicking her husband out of the house, Andy contemplates whether or not she should tell her daughters about his abusive behavior.
9 Mar. 2003
When Lu's mentor misdiagnoses a patient, Lu contemplates whether or not to tell her that she needs to retire; Andy treats a couple's two young daughters who are diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder; Andy's daughter, Jesse faces bullying over her back brace.
16 Mar. 2003
Lu juggles treating a woman on the verge of suicide and trying to make more time for Mickey; Andy's daughter Jesse has to undergo surgery to treat her scoliosis.
19 Jun. 2003
The Hero Heart
After Mickey is shot by a mentally ill patient of Lu's, Lu faces a difficult decision whether or not she should keep him on life support or donate his organs to be transplanted; Andy treats a woman who is in need of a heart transplant and tries to help out the parents of a infant son who has a genetic disease.
22 Jun. 2003
Emergency Contact
Lu's past comes back to haunt her after her rapist, Dr. Kilner is brought to the emergency room with heart issues.
29 Jun. 2003
Heartbeats and Deadbeats
Andy and Dr. Morton work together to treat a woman with an enlarged heart; Lu searches for a bone marrow donor for a young girl with leukemia; Nick and Lana search for a woman whose health is at risk.
6 Jul. 2003
Rash Decisions
Andy treats a TV chef with a suspicious rash; Lu questions her beliefs about the death penalty when she is asked to testify on behalf of Mickey's murderer and is suspicious when her neighbor is found deceased.
13 Jul. 2003
Breathing Lessons
Lu suspects that a young girl's asthma is caused by the stress of her bickering parents; Andy suspects her nanny of theft which turns out to be orchestrated by her daughter Lizzie who was trying to get her parents back together.
20 Jul. 2003
Misdiagnosis Murder
Lu fears the worst when an abused pregnant patient of hers disappears; Andy clashes with a chauvinistic doctor whose behavior causes a misdiagnosis in a teenage girl.
27 Jul. 2003
A nurse's young daughter suffers from a bad reaction to a smallpox vaccine; Peter helps out a teenage boy who stutters.
10 Aug. 2003
Temperatures Rising
In the middle of a crushing heat wave, Andy is confronted with the ethical dilemma of whether to help a single woman, pre-destined to have early Alzheimer's disease, have a baby. Also, Lu fights to save a sixteen-year old girl who has been shot in a gang initiation and finds out the truth about a mother who turns in her daughter with Downs Syndrome as the perpetrator of the shooting. Andy struggles with introducing Dr. Milo Morton to her daughters. Elsewhere, Andy and Milo stop a baby's heart in the fight to save its life.
17 Aug. 2003
Speculum for a Heavyweight
Lu is concerned about the health of a female boxer who suffered from a serious concussion; as she copes with her impending divorce, Andy faces a serious health crisis.
7 Sep. 2003
Bad Liver
Andy fights for the rights to an organ from a liver transplant; Lu helps out a woman whose husband has just been released from prison; Nick treats a paramedic who was stuck with a needle from a drug addict.
14 Sep. 2003
Maternal Mirrors
Lu is held responsible after a patient of Andy's dies under suspicious circumstances; Andy clashes with Jesse after she lies to her about her whereabouts.
5 Oct. 2003
Andy and Lu's patients both show signs of being poisoned. It appears their exposure to chemicals may have more to do with where they shop. Lu tries to mediate between an alcoholic and daughter offering a piece of her liver for transplant.
12 Oct. 2003
A businessman offers a big donation to the women's health center; Andy's financial issues affect Jesse's upcoming Sweet 16 party.
2 Nov. 2003
Love and Let Die
Lu helps a terminally ill woman who wants to end her pain; Andy meets Dr. Morton's mother; a young couple looking to start a family discover that they're siblings.
9 Nov. 2003
Coming Clean
When Andy encounters a young woman with amnesia and her fiance, she must decide which secrets should remain untold. Meanwhile, when a pregnant patient refuses to stop using drugs, Lu faces an ethical dilemma and must decide whether to intervene.
7 Dec. 2003
Lu contemplates whether or not she should recommend a clinical trial for an experimental anti-smoking drug to her patients.

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