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Episode #20.40

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Season 20

27 Jun. 2018
Episode #20.1
16 house-guests including a flight attendant, a former undercover cop, a cyber security engineer and a Vegas entertainer, among others compete for $500,000.
28 Jun. 2018
Episode #20.2
The two-night premiere event continues with the first HoH competition of the Summer; who will grab all the power and who will be nominated for eviction?
1 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.3
The BB AppStore is opened in the Big Brother house. One person will win a power, and another win earn a punishment.
4 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.4
Will the Power of Veto save either Sam or Steve, or will the new "bonus life" power change the game?
5 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.5
First eviction takes place in the Big Brother house. Will Sam use the "Bonus Life" app?
8 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.6
Top trending and least trending house guests of the week are revealed as well as Kaitlyn's nominees.
11 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.7
Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used to save either Scottie or Winston from eviction?
12 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.8
Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? Winston... or Swaggy C?
15 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.9
Scotty got the HoH power, but a twist could hack his game!
18 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.10
Divisions mount with the bromance on the block, and Houseguests spin for the win in a dizzy disco-themed veto competition.
19 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.11
Find out which bro is evicted in this episode of Big Brother, and if Sam's "Bonus Life" power is used to save one of their lives in this game.
22 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.12
Find out who wins HOH and who will they nominate. Intense conversations take place after a heated argument between JC and Bayleigh.
25 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.13
Who will win the power of veto, and will it be used to saved either Kaitlyn or Haleigh?
26 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.14
Find out who is evicted, Haleigh or Rockstar. Will the "Bonus Life" app be able to save the evictee from going home?
29 Jul. 2018
Episode #20.15
The crucial battle for HOH takes place as loyalties are being questioned. Find out who is nominated.
1 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.16
Find out who wins the veto competition and who it's used to save.
2 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.17
Either Rachel or Brett may be walking out of the house, who wins HOH, and a new twist will be revealed.
5 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.18
Who Angela nominates. The first BB "hacker" competition takes place.
8 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.19
See the aftermath of the hacker competition. Find out who wins veto and if it's used to save either Tyler or Rockstar.
9 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.20
Who will be evicted, Rockstar or Bayleigh? And who will win the next HOH competition?
12 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.21
Find out who Haleigh nominates. Also find out who wins the finals hacker competition and which nominee they choose to replace.
15 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.22
Find out who wins the power of veto and whether it is used to save either Rockstar or Angela. The hacker once again gets a part in choosing one person to play in the veto, who will they choose?
16 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.23
Who will be evicted, Kaycee or Rockstar? Watch the start of this week's slippery endurance HOH competition.
19 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.24
Only 9 houseguests remain. Find out who won HOH and who they nominate.
22 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.25
Houseguests vie for the power of veto; a veto meeting may lead to an eviction nominee being saved.
23 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.26
J.C. efforts to fool Faysal continue while Haleigh struggles to understand the issue with Scottie. Live elimination vote poses the question
26 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.27
Negotiations for a super group are sketchy and an HOH competition has a predictable result. Big targets are put up on the block.
30 Aug. 2018
Episode #20.29
Who will win the Power of Veto? And, will it be used to save either Fessy or Haleigh from eviction?
9 Sep. 2018
Episode #20.33
Who will Kaycee nominate for eviction?

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