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The best stand-up comedy I have ever seen
blackcircles3 July 2001
I haven't seen this since it first aired. Jim Carrey was still the white guy from In Living Color, and I thought he was funny so I tuned in. It turned out that In Living Color only allowed a small glimpse into his talent. I have never laughed harder at a stand-up comedy routine before or since. Whenever I find myself frustrated with a Jim Carrey movie, I only have to think back to this TV special to remind myself of the wealth of his talent. I only wish this was available on video.
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Shagger10 July 2002
This is indeed one of the funnniest stand up routines evah! I laughed so hard my face and stomach hurt! He does all kind of physical humor and some good impersonations as well. Jim is VERY funny and really let's his goofy personality come on out. Let's hear it for the "Jim Dancers"!!!
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Simply Amazing
jerschwab10 December 2001
My friend had a perfectly edited taping of this... we ended up watching it about 50 times. Now recently, his girlfriend taped Full House over top of it and I just about died. Hopefully one day, this will show up somewhere... but in the meantime if anyone has it and can make an extra copy let me know. THIS IS THE BEST STAND UP I HAVE EVER SEEN. Just love it.
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My Favourite Jim Carrey Work
Cheshire Cat4 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is just awesome! Being a stand-up show written by himself, it doesn't restrict Mr. Carrey's talent, so it contains almost every Jim Carrey tricks (I wrote 'almost' because the famous 'talking through the arse',for instance, was not shown) without being awkward. It shows us a young, energetic, modern and perceptive Carrey who can interpret everything in a funny way and give out positive energy. I became a Jim Carrey fan after watching it. Later, when I was travelling by train, talking to a total stranger, I kept quoting it. And at the end of that trip, we both agreed: 'We should change topic. Otherwise, we would laugh our jaws off!' I never get tired of watching it.
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Simply the funniest stand-up act ever!
myeshuae18 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I was able to find it on Youtube:




I remember watching this as a teen in Vancouver, and my friends and I watched it over and over, to the point where we memorized LARGE portions to make each other laugh.

I have quoted this over and over, and I felt like a Jim Carrey fan when everyone else knew him as "the white guy on In Living Color".

I only wish the above Youtube movies had the commercial break moments which were equally as funny.
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Yes, this IS an incredible stand-up comedy act!
msorge13 October 2007
I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the funniest stand-up-comedy act I have ever seen!

Jim Carrey does it all! From funny jokes, hilarious faces and voices, physical gags, great impersonations, etc., Jim can do no wrong here.

He touches on many great topics, such as relationships, sex, parents, old age, religion, music, human impulses, etc. in a completely harmless and non-offending way, all while making everyone in the audience laugh hysterically. There are even little 15-second skits (in between commercial breaks) for kicks, not to mention a little outro in the show containing a little animated section.

I think he even seems more funny and witty here than he does in most of his future films. What he pulls off in this show seems more intimate and pure, something the usual fan hasn't quite seen from him to this extent.

I am very fortunate to not only have seen this when it came out (on GlobalTV here in Canada) back when I was only about 9-years-old, but to luckily still own a VHS taping of it still. Back when this came out, I used to tell people at school about Jim Carrey, and no one would even knew who the he was, haha.

Overall, I would honestly give this an A+ grade. This is a true gem that would eventually become what was (and what is) Jim Carrey.

Thanks a lot, M. Sorge (a long-time Canadian fan)
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