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Works uncommonly well because of the effective manner in which it blends together its various elements: the WW2 prison camp setting, the courtroom aspects, and the issues of honor, racism, and redemption.
Gets too earnest for its own good. But Billy Ray and Terry George’s screenplay, taken from a John Katzenbach novel, is expertly plotted.
Baltimore Sun
Could have been a contender, but it lacks the courage of its own ambivalence.
Chicago Reader
A mildly psychological suspense thriller with military trappings.
Absorbing in a low-key way but more dramatic where its secondary characters are concerned than its leads, and capped by climactic incidents that are less than entirely convincing.
Miami Herald
The movie's exploration of prejudice within the military is certainly on target, but it's presented with all the finesse of a classroom civics lesson.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Having seen the TV series "Hogan's Heroes," we already know that a German prisoner of war camp can be cartooned; Hart's War goes further as a cartoon that takes itself seriously.
New York Daily News
Hart's War has its priorities clear, but delivers them with insulting simplicity.
Washington Post
It more or less self-destructs in a ridiculous last few minutes when it becomes a noble sacrifice-o-rama.
Director Gregory Hoblit ("Primal Fear") is merely arranging cliches in new patterns until the surprise ending blows enough pro-military fervor up the audience's ass to make Colin Powell call a halt.

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