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Surprisingly fun!
mattymatt4ever10 June 2001
I can't say I suspected much from the previews. I anticipated another lame comedy and a cheap imitation of "Men in Black." "Evolution" can be compared to "MIB" in certain aspects, but it breaks new ground.

I can't give a really scientific review, because quite frankly I was too busy laughing to weigh out the pros and cons. This is a great popcorn movie! (Metaphorically speaking, I was eating nachos) There are scary moments involving slimy creatures, so chances are if there are any females with you--they will be clinging onto your arms.

Ivan Reitman is the famed director of the "Ghostbusters" movies, and "Evolution" has much of the same charm and quirky sense of style and humor. David Duchovny (who really has a good sense of humor off-camera, but happens to get stuck with mostly serious roles) is terrific in a looser role that enables him to flaunt his knack for comedy. Of course, Orlando Jones is the funniest in the bunch. He has a terrific scene in which a bug crawls inside his skin and doctors have to get it out...rectally. I have to say, that was the highlight of this offbeat comedy and had me on the floor! Julianne Moore plays the clumsy assistant. I can't say I found her role all that humorous. Her pratfalls are pretty lame and predictable. But that minor hint of cheap slapstick didn't ruin the overall experience.

"Evolution" is great fun from start to finish (a very interesting finish with an innovative product placement)! Sure, it's all low-brow, but it works and the crude humor is tamed down to a tolerant level (Well, compared to the average contemporary comedy). This is not a movie to be studied or analyzed or discussed for hours at a time. Just sit back and HAVE SOME FUN!!! Because chances are (considering previous 2001 releases) you won't be having this much fun at the movies in quite a while. I could be wrong, but better to be safe than sorry.

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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This is Under-rated!
Elswet31 May 2007
While this film is far from a masterpiece, Evolution deserves better ratings than it currently enjoys here at IMDb. The cast and crew contribute superior work, and the storyline is quite inventive. The premise has been done a few times before, however, it has never been done quite as well as the treatment it receives here.

Alien spores land here on Earth and begin to wreak havoc.

I found this highly entertaining, cleverly witty, with a slick production quality which tends to draw in the audience, who finds its members laughing, sometimes in spite of themselves. You won't WANT to like this. There is a large amount of juvenile humor, which usually would detract from a work such as this, but this is a sci-fi comedy that WORKS.

Again, it's no masterpiece, but it IS clever and fun, in spite of the sophomoric humor.

It rates a 7.3/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Loved the Creatures
dreamseq11 June 2004
A lot has been said about what's good and bad in the movie. I won't revisit those comments. I thought the creatures were creative and hysterical.

Sure they weren't logical or realistic, but they were fun in a fantasy sort of sense. I enjoyed the watching the entire alien "ecosystem" evolve.

Fortunately, I'm the kind of person that understands a movie made to be predominantly a comedy doesn't require scientific accuracy, nor should the audience expect it. It was intentionally silly.

One last thing. I thought David Duchovny did a great job playing a character that had a wry, dry sense of humor. He wasn't exactly a straight man, but it was clear to me, he was laughing at the world.

Rating, I gave it 8/10 because it entertained me AND my wife, something many movies can't do.
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"Buggy" Fun
Fincher-312 June 2001
When I first read about Evolution, the latest sci-fi scheme to come from DreamWorks, I was interested. A story about aliens with humor, not bad. Then when I read that Ivan Reitman, the BEST comedic director of the 80's and one of the best of all time was at the helm, I was thrilled. I mean, come on, after he was given duds like `Father's Day' and `Six Days, Seven Nights' to work with, isn't it about time that Hollywood gave him a project worth while (I won't even mention the bombastic disaster of `Junior'…oh, I just did)?

It begins with the introduction of Scott's character, Wayne Green, a wannabe fireman practicing for his fireman final (questionable at first, hilarious in the end). Then he gets an unexpected visitor - a meteor, carrying alien organisms hits the heart of the Arizona desert. After a community college science professor, Ira Kane Duchovny, working with one screwed up screen name)and his eccentric geologist buddy, Harry Block (Jones) discover the meteor, they find that the `bleeding' rock starts to create these weird alien creatures and soon they begin to multiply. Kane's nemeses, Gen. Woodman (Levine) and the military get involved, things get too out-of-control, so it's up to the teaming of Kane, Block, Green and government scientist Allison Reed (Moore) to stop the evolution.

If you're a Reitman fan, the plot of this could make you go in expecting some kind of tribute to both `Ghostbusters'. In a way it is, and is that a bad thing? Hell no! If you liked, or even loved (like me) `Ghostbusters', I can bet my clean pair of boxers that you'll get a hoot out of `Evolution'. But of course any film must maintain some distance from the films its being compared too, and `Evolution' does that. The characters and situations are different, atmospherically. Duchovny turns in a `cool' performance, by that meaning he wasn't Mr. Badass or Mr. Laugh-a-Minute, he was just, well, Duchovny and that itself is always pleasing to watch. Jones is his usual funny self, delivering some funny lines. Moore's ability to do just about anything comes in handy here, playing the hottie-yet-clumsy love interest. Scott's acting resembles the other roles he's done in the past, and I've come to appreciate that (that thing he does w/ his eyebrow is getting funnier every time). Can't say the same for Levine; his cliché performance as the bad-guy-who-doesn't-listen character gets annoying fast.

A lot of the film makes me question what it is, and really what it could have been. The script, penned by three writers, was originally written as a sci-fi THRILLER, not a sci-fi comedy. There were a lot of laughs, but because of the script's origin, there could have been more. But considering the script was originally a sci-fi thriller, the filmmakers, including Reitman, did a great job. Can't say much for the ending, though: the ending looks and feels like a meshed-up result of what-could-have-been, and from that mushiness, the filmmakers poked at and took at least some of the good elements. Thank god the film is a comedy; if it was its original idea, the ending would have been disastrous.

`Evolution' is a overall crowd-pleaser with nice special effects and makeup (those dead aliens looked great). It's a few laughs and comedic situations short of comedic greatness, but look on the bright side-Reitman is back in his lovable kick-ass form. He's tapped into the present and how most comedies are made, but he didn't dare forget his roots: there is a sequence in the film where Duchovny, Jones and Scott chase down a flying creature in a mall. The three, equipped with shotguns, dispose of it in true Ghostbusters style. And with me being a big Ghostbusters fan, I fell in love with the it, plus its the best scene in the film. (The trio singing after their battle; nice touch).

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helenaduberry22 August 2001
Evolution is a step up from most gross-out comedies. With a nice idea for a plot, it starts off quite serious before the stars show their comic talents off. David Duchovny has good comic timing that hasn't really been tapped before, Orlando Jones is far better here than in Double Take and Say It Isn't So and Seann William Scott is a damn fine comic actor who uses his goofy charm to his advantage. Julianne Moore's constant falling over isn't funny, but you can't have everything. It's a shame that it flopped in the US, because it's really good. The special effects are decent, the turns are likeable and the script is loaded with sharp wit. OK, maybe some jokes go dead but seeing Orlando Jones getting lubricated after a bug enters his body and Scott singing to a flying monster in a mall is reason enough to go see this excellent summer blockbuster.
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Great Googa Mooga!
JakeManhattan11 June 2001
Okay, this may surprise you, but, this film is way better than every one says it is. It's hilarious. It is kind of like Ghostbusters, well its alot like Ghostbusters, but who didn't like that one? I'm sick and tired of movies going down thanks to bad reviews, hint hint look around at some of these. People, if you've read this far it may already be too late to catch the next showing of EVOLUTION however go see it asap. Dan Aykroyd alone is worth seeing in this flick. In my opinion this is one of the best of the year.
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Mindless summer fun.
Doug Phillips12 June 2001
This is not going to be a great classic – but if you want broad humour and a silly story – with a few laugh-out-loud jokes – then this is definitely the film for you.

It is always nice to see Julianne Moore and she shows her comic side at its best. Her portrayal of Alison Reed, the clumsy scientist from the Center for Disease Control, is probably her best comedic turn to date.

David Duchovny is out chasing aliens again and, in some ways, spoofs his `X-Files' character; he was a good bit of casting. He has good comic timing and his deadpan delivery is perfect for the character. He and Ms Moore have good screen chemistry and it would be nice to see them together again.

More directors need to think of Orlando Jones when casting films… He really can act and, while the material in `Evolution' doesn't offer too many opportunities to do so, he takes the chances he is given and runs with them.

Seann William Scott (Wayne Green) has the ‘not-too-bright good guy' role down letter-perfect. He has some of the better lines in the movie and, remembering that this is a farce, is probably the most believable character in the movie.

The location photography is, at times, dazzling; however, some of the special effects looked very cheesy – very obvious ‘green screen' shots – so obvious that I wondered if they were bad on purpose.

Unfortunately the sound track detracts from the overall end product: it seldom had anything to do with the action on the screen and sometimes was outright annoying.

This is a good summer movie: just go, laugh and don't think too much.
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Think Ghostbusters with aliens, the heart and mood of Galaxy Quest, better special effects, and Orlando Jones.
Keyser Soze-1210 June 2001
Let me say this: I was never a fan of Ghostbusters. I guess I never got in on the bandwagon on that one. I never found it to be as funny as a lot of people (tons of people actually) found it. I thought parts of it were cool (like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man), but most of the movie was too drab for me, for some reason. Someday I'll write a review of it, but I'm too lazy to do it right now.

Why am I talking about Ghostbusters when I'm reviewing Evolution, some of you ask? Well, it's simple. The same man directs both movies (Ivan Reitman) and both movies have very similar plots. Except that, in my opinion, Evolution is better. Basically, think of Evolution as a remake of Ghostbusters only throw out the ghosts and put in aliens, which I like because aliens, in my opinion, are cooler and more realistic than ghosts.

Let me mention some bad stuff, just to get it over with because I have to do at some point. This movie misses some serious opportunities to be funny. Sometimes, when you are expecting a joke, there is none. It's almost as if they really weren't trying. Sometimes the jokes are a little corny.

One last bad note: some of the aliens suck. The ending alien is a bit of a let down. It kind of reminded me of Akira, if you've seen that movie. There is also this cute alien who turns out to be nasty via the "mouth within a mouth", a la Ridley Scott's Alien.

Now on to some good stuff. This movie is really funny in a happy kind of way. I compare the mood of this movie to another Dreamworks alien-comedy, Galaxy Quest (a movie I thought was hilarious). If you liked Galaxy Quest, and I think most people did, then you will like Evolution.

Something else I would like to point out is how scientific Evolution is. The movie seems very intelligent as far as talking about how the aliens evolve. I for one and happy to see a movie that isn't completely dumbed down for the uneducated. I like alien stuff and space stuff, so this kind of science interests me. Overall, I found Evolution to be very intriguing apart from being funny.

Oh, I want to mention Orlando Jones. He's the black guy from those 7-Up commercials. I love this guy. He steals the show in this movie. I knew the guy was great ever since I saw the first of those 7-Up commercials. He was also in the Replacements (that lame football comedy which was also somewhat entertaining), and he's probably been in some other stuff I haven't seen or can't remember. But let me tell you, this guy is going places. As for the other actors, they're decent. I like the touch of having David Duchovny on board. Julian Moore is a good actress, but she got shafted in the character department. She has a basic "walking cardboard cutout" character with little personality. Oh well.

In conclusion, please do me a favor of not going into this movie expecting a great movie. Why do people do that? Every movie can't be the Godfather or 2001 or Saving Private Ryan, so why don't you just shut up and enjoy the movie. You won't look back at Evolution at the end of the summer as you favorite summer movie this year, but you're not supposed to. Evolution was made to be entertaining, not great. It was made to give you your money's worth and put forth an enjoyable show. I think it accomplishes its mission.

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A fun special effects movie
Chidiock21 June 2001
This movie makes no pretensions--it's a simple, fun summer movie full of special effects. The cast handles its duties in a professional manner, and there are enough laughs to keep you entertained throughout the movie.
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Excellent! Great fun!
shannara011 June 2001
"Evolution," starring David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott and Julianne Moore, is a terrific fun summer romp. A meteorite crashes to Earth, bringing with it microscopic alien organisms that rapidly begin evolving and threaten humanity's very existence. Enter our heroes, two community college science professors Ira Kane (Duchovny) and Harry Block (Jones). They investigate the meteorite, take samples and Kane quickly realizes what is going on. But the Army has been monitoring Kane's work ever since he was drummed out of the USAMRID because of a tremendous mistake he made. They try to take over the situation, but don't really know what they're doing. CDC scientist Allison (Moore) at first works with the Army on the project, but soon realizes that it's Kane who is making the most sense.

The whole movie is done as a comedy and the jokes are fast, furious and really funny. The chemistry between the leads is fantastic. Special effects -- the alien creatures -- rocks. Don't miss this one!
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lje326779 June 2001
It has been ages since I've seen a movie that I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes, this one did. It was hilarious, I highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to laugh. I intend to purchase it as soon as it comes out onto video.
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Ghostbusters + MIB = Evolution: Funnest movie of the Summer!!
mgayoso11 June 2001
So far, this has to be the funnest movie of the summer. Director Ivan Reitman got MIB & Ghostbusters and smashed them together and found himself a perfect comedy. The cast works perfectly and the Aliens were amazing. Great Special FX. If you want to have a blast at the movies, don't miss this one.
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Fun movie worth watching once
kelevroeh27 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so it's not as good as "Independence Day," but at least it's not as bad as some less-than-B movies out there ("Mars Attacks!"). It wasn't the best acted, but it was fun to watch. The plot is stupid, the aliens are cheesy, and there are plot holes that you could drive a fire engine through (see the movie for why I chose that metaphor). But, the movie doesn't take itself seriously, and therefore if you watch it just for the fun of it, you won't be disappointed. David Duchovny is hilarious, poking fun at his character from the "X-Files," Fox Mulder, and Seann William Scott is what you would expect, although I thought casting him in the "American Pie" movies was more appropriate. Otherwise, the actors were listless (Julianne Moore), or cliché (Orlando Jones). But it was worth seeing, and I admit I laughed. I wouldn't consider this classic cinema, but if you have nothing to do one rainy afternoon, go see this funny and enjoyable movie.
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A Good, Original Feeling Film....
keith.rogers6 July 2001
The first thing to say is that this review is written by a non-American. This is to say that a different set of principals are brought to bear on the subject matter. I'm sure that other in the U.S and around the world will(and have)expressed opinions, but this one comes from "a whole other country". Evolution is a very enjoyable film. It has been made in a summer of super event movies, and film/game conversions and I feel stands alone as the only comedy with an original source material (in sci-fi anyway).

It is highly enjoyable. If you're paying 5 pounds (or $8.50) you need to find a film that refreshes your sentiments with regards to just what a big "money" film should be. As I sit here smoking a cigarette and drinking a 7up, I figure this film to be a winner. The principals act in a manner appropriate to the subject material, and although Mr. Duchovny is not a comedy actor, I feel he acquits himself admirably in an unfamiliar field. Mr. Jones is a relative newcomer to the cinema, and I reckon that over time he may very well ascend to the the same esteemed level as Eddie Murphy, or his latterday composite (of sorts) Will Smith.

The plot is most sound, and although it draws some comparisons to "Ghostbusters" as other critics have noted, it stands alone as Summer 2001's most original comedy event movie. Mr Reitman, a veteran knows how to make films play easily, is one of the few directors who knows how to use good comedy actors. With this in mind, no one is underused, perhaps with the one exception of Mr. Dan Aykroyd, nowadays underrated for some insane reason, but who is extremely talented. It's a shame that Aykroyd's presence as a "big" man is more valued then his acting talent, because he's always a delight to watch.

To cut in some sourness, there's not a lot of involvement with the central characters, and you do find yourself watching people being cheated into a state of reaction at the expense of the colourful effects, but that's the way it was made, and we can't change that.

In all I would recommend this film to the less morose viewer, as it's cheerful, colourful, and does not require an over-critical view. Watch it, and the hell with the printed criticism - you'll enjoy it.
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great one
moviewiz-431 July 2001
Excellent movie with lots of new ideas. Such fun to watch funny creatures and all the sticky liquid coming out from the aliens. The combinations of Mr Duchovny and the other are great but some extra do not perform very well such as the scene at with the flying creatures.

The last part where the movie almost end, looks so fake on the big huge aliens and that make this story weakness at that part. Other than that, all have been done very well.
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Choke-on-the-popcorn funny!
filmluvr-312 June 2001
Ivan Reitman has made a new classic sci-fi comedy, but that isn't a huge surprise coming from the man who helmed Ghostbusters. The movie is absolutely hilarious; I laughed harder in Evolution than I had in years. Some of the gags are somewhat overused, such as Julianne Moore's CDC scientist's clumsiness, but the rest of the movie easily overshadows these blemishes.

In his first few scenes, Scott's acting seems absolutely awful, but that quickly disappears (and I have no explanation for it whatsoever). Unfortunately I think he is working towards the typecast of young, doofus goofball. Hopefully he can get around that in the future.

David Duchovny gives a very refreshing performance, breaking out of his usually dapper moods as Fox Mulder. One line about government officials seems to draw from the audience's knowledge of Duchovny's "other" role, and received an even bigger laugh for it.

Orlando Jones also shines in this movie. He has come a long way from his days on Mad TV, and has a bright future ahead of him. Perhaps he will be the next Chris Rock (or Chris Tucker).

All-in-all, this is a fantastic movie. The overused gags and inexplicable temporary acting deficiencies of Mr. Scott pull this movie down to a 9-out-of-10 stars.
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Funny and Enjoyable
michael.kasher12 April 2002
I judge a comedy by one criteria. Does it make me laugh. This movie does make me laugh and in fact has quite a few laugh out loud moments.

If you're one of those holier than thou types who can only laugh at Woody Allen or British humor, then don't watch this movie. I am not a fan of that type of humor, but you won't find me here calling it stupid or bash the people that do enjoy it.

If you just want a few hours of entertainment, then rent this. If you can find the DVD, I recommend it because the commentary is pretty funny too.

If you think a fart joke is the last sign of the apocalypse, then please don't watch this movie. If you just want to sit back and have a few laughs, the enjoy!
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For a cheesy comedy, this movie lives up to it's billing and more...had me laughing so hard!!
maccaveili18 January 2002
I gave this film a 10, because it simply lived up to what it was supposed to be to a tee, and then some. It wasn't a drama or an action film or a romantic flick, it was a cheesy comedy, which had my girlfriend and I laughing so hard it was difficult to breath. Actually when I rented it, I was worried it might be some stupid movie with bad acting and bad directing, but I couldn't have been more wrong about it. Orlando Jones was absolutely hilarious (who knew the 7-up guy could act so well), while David Duchovny added that "off the wall" dry humor which blended perfectly with Jones. And then to top it off, Julianne Moore's (from Hannibal) character was hysterical in an offbeat style as well. As for Sean William Scott, he basically played the same role he usually plays in all of his movies, the "idiot", but nobody in acting pulls that off as well as he does. He's a riot! Granted, this movie is not Saving Private Ryan or The Green Mile, but for a cheesy comedy that is just supposed to make you laugh, it's at the top of it's genre.

The movie deals with an asteroid which strikes the Earth, but it is no ordinary asteroid. This asteroid brought single cells with it, but for some reason these cells are multiplying at- a high rate of speed. As time goes on, the cells become more advanced evolving from single celled organisms to multi-celled organisms and so forth. Don't get the wrong idea though, this movie is more about just being funny, than it is about sci-fi, or even evolution for that matter. Granted, the cells evolve into much more complex beings, but really folks, it's just a comedy to take your mind off of life for awhile. If you want something to make you laugh, then I highly recommend Evolution.
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Fun flick
DunnDeeDaGreat17 January 2002
Evolution is meant to be nothing but a fun flick and that what is. The fil is vein of Ghostbusters and has very funny moments. Seann William Scott makes this movie for me though. He's on the verge of being a superstar. The atcion sequences and direction also make this a good film. Check it out for a good time.
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Fruit-basket for Russel Woodman!
XweAponX12 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie administers a High Colonic to High Comedy

Just to SEE David Duchovny's Butt against Glass mooning Russel Woodman/"Jamie Gumb" (Ted Levine) is worth any admission fee or rental price. I missed this film in the Theatre, I should have gone.

David Duchovny parodies his own Fox Mulder character in this 2001 Ivan Reitman extravaganza- It's Amazing, how every Reitman film follows a kind of formula: Which was laid down in the first Ghostbusters movie. We have the two "Academics" - Ira Caine (Duchovny) and Harry Block (Orlando Jones) - Then there are a few kids under their tutelage - Then there is the "Loser" (Originally, the Lewis character in Ghostbusters)- Here, that is played out by Seann William Scott. Reitman always has the "Loser" character redeem themselves, which Scott does with his "Bird Call" and Singing to an air-breathing alien in an enclosed shopping mall.

An Asteroid falls to the earth, right on top of Scott's Blow-Up Doll as he practices his would-be firefighting skills in the desert of Arizona. Harry Block is the local USGS investigator, he "Clicked over to the USGS site while looking at Girls Volley Ball Team Photos"- As he needs an actual scientist to help him figure it out, he endorses the help of his friend, Chemistry Professor Ira Caine who has a sordid past with The Pentagon.

They discover some unusual things with the Asteroid, but in true Reitman fashion, the US Army (by keeping tabs on Caine's Computer) moves in and takes over the whole operation.

But they are screwing it up, and it is up to Caine and Block, with the help of CDC Specialist and ""Ice Maiden" Allison Reed (Julian Moore who is an obvious parody of Dana Scully) to set things straight - If not, the rapidly evolving Aliens will soon spread across the world within a matter of days! Reitman films start small- and get Big, and then even Bigger - The Stay Puft Marshmallow man? There is a version of that in this film as well! Reitman sticks to his formula, and it works here.

This movie moves fast, so if you turn your head, you miss key information. But it is not that hard to keep your eyes glued to the boob tube in this one. There is some great Location work, and lots of great Character Actors with typically Reitman dialog. Especially from Sarah Silverman who plays Caine's former girlfriend, and who is still wearing his SHIRT - And tries to give it back to Caine in the middle of a restaurant!

As a "Science Fiction" story, there is an interesting thing about Life Forms based on Selenium. So naturally, which shampoo would you use to kill them? Duchovny pulls out all the stops and no part of Fox Mulder is sacred as he rips The X Files a new belly-hole.

Actually this film runs quite a bit like the "Comedy" X-Files episodes, like "Dreamland I and II." Like Ghostbusters, what begins with two guys (Caine and Block) rapidly becomes a small "Team" - First the addition of Scott as a Sidekick and wanna-be Fireman, then Moore adds her expertise, and finally, the two heavy Kids, the football Players from Caine's Chemistry Class join the club - And THEN and ONLY THEN is this unlikely team of heroes ready to save the world as we know it!

One More Word - Duchovny Turned Down an opportunity to be in the 2nd "Prequel" Star Wars Trilogy Film - And this was a good move on his part, because as low rated as this film is, THIS film IS Duchovny. Just like "Playing God" - There are certain movies Duchovny does good in, and this was one. So I give him my HIGH respect for choosing this role over the obvious "easy money" role Lucas would have tossed him.

After you watch this film - LET'S SHAMPOO US SOME ALIENS!
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Great Fun, Great Movie
LivingDog21 September 2002
You gotta see this one. The cast is great and Orlando Jones shines as the resident comic. The rest of the cast is excellent. Kudos to the casting crew. The director controlled the "talk only" scenes and punctuated them with the right amount of humor.

Some might vote this one low but that's because some of the humor borders on "stupid" (but I like stupid movies - when they're well done). And this one is perfect. I'll see it again and again. There is *one* thing wrong with this movie - it's TOO short! it's only 1:15 long. :( They should have made it 2 hours long! heck, it is sooo much fun.

See this with someone you hate - you'll feel so good you'll end up loving them! :)

buy popcorn, have a cola, and have some great FUN!

  • LivingDog

PS: If you don't see this one I will be very disappointed. hehe :)

  • LD

PPS: I have seen this over and over again. I subscribe to NETFLIX now and listened to the commentary by the director, Duchovney, Jones, and Sean. It was almost as much fun as the movie. Now I plan on buying the DVD. But I still insist - it is way too short. Then again why wasn't there an Evolution 2 with the same crew and all??



my faith: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/jbc33/
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Sci-fi comedy takes several steps backward with "Evolution."
zardoz-1310 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My totally negative critical opinion of director Ivan Reitman's "Evolution" has nothing to do with Charles Darwin. This sophomoric aliens-vs.-humans comedy with "X-Files" defector David Duchovny battling carnivorous extraterrestrials never evolves beyond its amoebic humor, its cretinous characters, and its Petri dish deep plot. Indeed, campy 1950s B-movie sci-fi classics, like "The Giant Gila Monster" or "The Killer Shrews," deliver more laughs per minute than this feeble, uninspired potboiler. Okay, some of the gross-out gags may prompt a snicker, but you won't split your sides howling with hilarity like you might have done at Reitman's original "Ghostbusters." Imagine a "Ghostbusters" trio of heroes combating aliens gone AWOL from "Men In Black," "Tremors," "Gremlins," and "Jurassic Park," and you have a fairly accurate idea how wholly derivative and hopelessly predictable this lame creature feature is. Basically, Reitman stages these life and death exploits as if they constituted multi-million dollar "Saturday Night Live" skits.

The prefabricated screenplay by Don ("Vampires") Jakoby, David ("The Family Man") Diamond, & David Weissman opens one night when goofy firefighter wannabe, Wayne Green (Sean William Scott of "American Pie"), sets an empty shack ablaze in the desert and practices his rescue routine with a life-sized female dummy. Suddenly, a fiery meteor plunges from the heavens, obliterates the shack, hurls Wayne's car two hundred feet into the sky, and crashes out-of-sight in a cavern! Duchovny stars as Professor Ira Kane, a disgraced ex-Army scientist now teaching biology at Glen Canyon Community College in Arizona. It seems the Pentagon gave Ira the boot after platoons of troops contracted dire side effects like diarrhea, blindness, facial paralysis, and hair loss when he inoculated them. Meanwhile, Kane's colleague Professor Harry Block (Orlando Jones) divides his time between geology lectures and coaching the girls' volleyball team.

Kane and Block gather asteroid samples. Staring into a microscope, an alarmed Kane watches these single-cell organisms evolve at an unearthly rate. Kane tells Block: "What took us 200 million years has taken them only a few hours." Without warning, the U.S. Army commandeers the investigation, banishes our protagonists from the premises, confiscates their research, and summons attractive CDC epidemiologist Dr. Allison Reed (Julianne Moore of "Hannibal") who has a clumsy habit of falling down wherever she walks. Gradually, the slimy creatures acclimate themselves to Earth's ecosystem and behave like predators. Despicable Army General Russell Woodman (Ted Levine of "Silence of the Lambs") decides to napalm them. Unfortunately, our heroes learn too late these monsters react to napalm like Gremlins to bathing after midnight.

Not only does David Duchovny lack Bill Murray's comedic genius, but also he cannot pass up any opportunity to spoof his Agent Mulder persona. Meanwhile, Orlando Jones of "Bedazzled" suffers a far worse fate. He submits reluctantly to an anal probe when an alien burrows under his skin, then later finds himself administering a shampoo enema to a gargantuan monster to destroy it! "Evolution" really hits rock bottom with its shameless product placement for "Head & Shoulders!

Sci-fi comedy takes several steps backward with "Evolution."
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Bottom of the food chain
duff375 January 2002
'Evolution' is the movie equivalent of your tonsils: You're not sure why they were made, and once you're done with them you're left with only pain and discomfort.

Director Ivan Reitman has made some good stuff, most notably 'Ghostbusters.' This movie is 'Gross Bluster.' Like Ghostbusters, the plot revolves around some misfit scientists who discover a paranormal (this time alien) threat to humanity. But rather than ensuing hi-jinx, Evolution is hi-junk.

David Duchnovy plays the 'Bill Murray wacky scientist' character with alarming comedic indifference. His sidekick, Orlando Jones, is sort of Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Ayckroyd rolled into one annoying character. Ayckroyd himself even makes a cameo, just to remind us we're watching 'Ghostbusters,' only without the laughs, story, characters, script, or direction.

Julianne Moore and Seann William Scott round out one of the most wasted groups of talent in recent film memory. Most of the jokes (and the plot) revolve around Reitman's seemingly endless obsession with rear ends. Fitting, since that seems to be where 'Evolution' crawled out from: Ivan Reitman's rear end. For him, this is definitely 'De-volution.'
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Sickiningly Pathetic
delton30 August 2005
This movie is absolutely the worst thing I've ever seen. Everything about is ridiculous and unrealistic, and yet it is not the least bit funny. ALthough the movie is engaging, and there is some suspense, I hate how this movie follows uses all of those silly Hollywood clichés and stereotypes; aka "crazy, funny black guys", "dumb blondes", "cocky scientists", "evil generals", "dumb fat guys", and the list goes on. The creatures are sickeningly faux. And of course, the plot is the most unrealistic thing I have ever seen presented as ""scientific"".

Overall, this movie brings you on a roller-coaster ride of stupidity with no end.
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bregund26 August 2005
Seldom does one see a film so awful. Even Baby Geniuses wasn't this bad. Duchovny's comic timing is terrible, and the witty repartee that one normally finds in buddy movies such as this is completely lacking between Duchovny and Orlando Jones; it's absolutely amazing, watch this movie and you'll see that there is zero chemistry between the main characters. I wonder if this was deliberate.

Here's one reason this movie doesn't make any sense: a meteor crashes to earth and a community college instructor and his buddy discover that life is evolving from the meteor. So now that the most astounding scientific discovery in thousands of years has happened right under their noses, what happens? They casually go about their normal routine, taking students on a field trip to visit the meteor, sitting around chatting, basically ignorant of the miracle that is happening under their very noses. It's so stupid, it just wouldn't happen like this unless the main characters were made out to be stupid in the first place, but Reitman doesn't take this angle. He plays it seriously like a black comedy, but then pulls out something stupid like the golf course dude falling asleep at his fireman exam. The characters aren't well defined at all. Why should I care about any of them, Reitman doesn't take the time to flesh them out, he seems to be ridiculing their superficiality while simultaneously starving them of the witty dialogue necessary to pull off a black comedy. The result is a mishmash of facial expressions and clichés mined from one hundred years of comedy and vaudeville, all thrown together in an attempt to get something to stick. It's like taking everything in your refrigerator and mixing it all together and hoping it will taste good.

It doesn't.

I'll echo the sentiments of another reviewer who said the film lost him when they were taking the mosquito thing out of Jones. If that isn't bad enough, Jones hops up and threatens the doctor never to do that again. So? Next time the doctor will just leave the insect inside of him? This movie is painfully stupid.
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