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1999 Armageddon
amanwhorocks25 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
1. Tag Team Battle Royal: Good opener with victory by acolytes. 8/10

2. Kurt Angle Vs. Steve Blackman - PPV debut of Kurt Angle and fans shouted BORING. Kurt won that 7 /10

3. WWF Women Championship: Champ-Ivory Vs. Jacqueline Vs. B.B. Vs. Kitty - Kitty won I like her character :) 8/10

4. Hardcore Holly/Crash Vs. Viscera/Rikishi Phatu - Nothing special. 6.5/10

5. European Title Match: Champ-British Bulldog Vs. Val Venis - Another pretty average thing. New champ-Venis. 6.5/10

6. Cage match: Kane Vs. X-Pac - Kane destructed X-Pac. 7.5/10

7. Intercontinental Title Match: Champ-Chyna Vs. Chris Jericho - Jericho's PPV victory strike continues here, no he's IC champ. 8/10

8. Mankind/The Rock Vs. Champs-New Age Outlaws - DQ ending. 7.5/10

9. WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Big Stiff Man Vs. Champ-The Big Show - A 5 minute match. Bossman sucks really hard. 6.5/10

10. Triple H Vs. Vince McMahon - HHH is the baddest heel, and Stephi is goddess. Though I did not enjoy that match so much. 7/10
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WWF at it's BEST! Last PPV of the Millennium!
floboo10 October 2000
Filled with action packed matches from start to finish. Great to see Chyna finally participating one on one with the men. Championship match between the Big Show and Big Boss Man was Great. I just wish they would get rid of all of the soap opera c**p and wrestle. Am I supposed to believe that Vince McMahon could really last in the ring with Triple H?
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Recap of Armageddon 1999 (Not Recommended)
Spawn Devil27 June 2002
Match 1: Tag Team Battle Royal Dudley Boys vs Edge and Christian vs Headbangers vs Hardy Boys vs Mean Street Posse Dudleys came to the ring first and did their usual mic work. Edge and Christian came out next and the match briefly started with the Dudleys and Edge and Christian going at it. The Headbangers came out next followed by the Hardy Boys with Terri Runnels. Next out was the Mean Street Posse followed by the Acolytes and then Too Cool. Next out was Godfather and Mark Henry with four hos. Finally after everybody's entrances the match started. Edge and Mosh eliminated themselves when they started fighting outside the ring. Rodney was eliminated next and Joey Abbs came in and took his place. Abbs got eliminated quickly then Rodney snuck back in. The ref saw it all and sent the Posse to the back. Godfather eliminated Mosh. Both Acolytes eliminated Mark Henry and Godfather. Too Cool was eliminated at the same time when Taylor was fighting with Christaian on the ring apron and Bradshaw tossed Christopher over the rope. Dvon Dudley eliminated Christian by pulling him to the outside. Dvon Dudley eliminated Edge by pulling him off the apron. Apparently Dvon was not eliminated by being on the outside. Dudleys gave Jeff Hardy 3D. Acolytes eliminated the Dudleys at the same time. Matt Hardy and Bradshaw went over the ropes at the same time but the ref didn't see it so they weren't eliminated. Jeff Hardy eliminated Bradshaw with a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Faarooq eliminated Jeff Hardy by tossing him over the top rope. Apparently Matt Hardy was eliminated earlier and never made it back in the ring. Winners: The Acolytes

Match 2: Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman Kurt came out and started doing his stuff on the mic when Blackman interupted him and the match began. Kurt with a clothesline on Blackman followed by a dropkick. Kurt missed a moonsault from the top. Blackman put Kurt in a modified bow and arrow submission move. Blackman put Kurt in another interesting submission move. Kurt came back with a ddt for a 2 count. Kurt threw Blackman outside the ring. Fans chant boring. Blackman send Kurt into the ring steps. Kurt choked Blackman in the corner with his foot to Blackman's throat. Blackman comes back with a drop toe hold. Blackman with a snap suplex followed by an elbow for a 2 count. Blackman with a spinebuster on Kurt into a pinning combination for a 2 count. Kurt hit a belly to back suplex on Blackman for the 3 count. After the match Blackman attacked Kurt with his nunchucks. Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 3: Four Corners Evening Gown Women's Championship Match Miss Kitty vs. Jacqueline vs. B.B. vs. Ivory They announced on Sunday Night Heat that this match would take place in a pool located inside the arena. Kitty and Jacqueline came out first. Kitty threw Jacqueline in the pool before the match started. The match begins with all four women chasing each other in the pool. Ivory stripped Jacqueline down to her bra and thong. Kitty and Ivory kept trying to drown BB. Kitty and Ivory stripped BB down to her bra and thong. Kitty and Ivory are the only two left now. Kitty wins the match when she took Ivory's evening gown off. After the match Kitty got on the mic and said they made her wear underwear. Kitty began to strip down to her bra and panties and then jumped in the pool. She got out of the pool and took her bra off and flashed the crowd for a split second then Sargeant Slaughter covered her up with a towel. Winner and new WWF Women's Champ: Miss Kitty

Match 4: Rikishi and Viscera vs. The Hollys Super Heavyweight Match Match started off with Rikishi attacking both of the Hollys. Rikishi with a belly to belly suplex on Hardcore. Crash made the save. Viscera tagged in and does a samoan drop on Hardcore. Viscera with a belly to belly suplex on Crash. Hollys double team Viscera for a few seconds. Hardcore with a missile dropkick on Viscera from the top turnbuckle. Viscera with a big leg drop on Crash. Viscera tags in Rikishi. Rikishi with a superkick to Hardcore followed up by a sitdown piledriver on Crash. Viscera hits Rikishi by accident and Hardcore gets the pin on Rikishi. After the match Rikishi hits Viscera with a superkick to the face. Winners: The Hollys

Match 5: Val Venis vs. The Bulldog vs. Dlo Brown European Championship Match Match started off with Dlo and Val double teaming Bulldog. Val clotheslines Bulldog to the outside. Dlo Brown flies over the top rope to the outside hitting Val and Bulldog with a cross body. Bulldog sends Val into the ring steps. Back in ring Bulldog and Dlo double team Val. Val with a suplex on Dlo. Instead of pinning Dlo, Val goes after Bulldog. Dlo and Val exchange blows. Val and Dlo double suplex Bulldog. Dlo powerbombs Val from the top turnbuckle. Bulldog pulled the ref out before he could count. Val does a spinebuster on Bulldog and gets a 2 count. Bulldog powerslams Val but Dlo puts Val's foot on the ropes. Dlo with the snap leg drop on Bulldog. Dlo comes off the top with the low down on Bulldog. Dlo went for the pin but Val jumped off the opposite turnbuckle onto Dlo and pushed Dlo off of Bulldog and Val pinned Bulldog himself. Winner and new European Champion: Val Venis

Match 6: X-Pac vs. Kane Cage Match Kane can win only by pinfall. Xpac can only win by pinfall or climbing out of the cage. Match starts off with Kane attacking Xpac outside the ring as he was harrassing Tori. Xpac hits Kane with the ring bell. Back inside the cage Kane press slams Xpac. Xpac hits Kane with a spinning heel kick. Xpac crotched Kane on the ropes when they were both fighting on the cage trying to get out. Xpac with a ddt on Kane. Xpac comes off the top but Kane catches him by the neck and Kane begins to come back. The Outlaws come to ringside with a pair of bolt cutters. RoadDogg cuts open the chain around the cage. Mr Ass slams the cage door on Kane's face. Xpac hits the x-factor on Kane on the chair. Xpac handcuffs Kane to the cage and beats on him with a chair. Xpac goes to climb out the cage. Tori runs in the ring and pulls Xpac off the cage. Xpac spits in her face and gives her the x-factor. Xpac goes to climb back out of the cage. In the meantime Kane breaks his handcuffs and stops Xpac from hitting the floor. Kane slams the cage door into Xpac's face. Kane climbs to the very top of the cage and comes off with a clothesline on Xpac. Kane then tombstones Xpac for the 3 count. Winner: Kane

Match 7: Chris Jericho vs. Chyna Intercontinental Championship Match Match starts off with Chyna kicking Jericho down in the corner. Chyna off the ring apron with a clothesline on Jericho. Jericho with a thumb to the eye on Chyna. Jericho picks up Chyna and throws her on the announce table. Jericho went to hit her with a chair but Chyna kicked it back into his mouth. Jericho kisses Kitty. Back in ring Chyna hits Jericho with a low blow followed by a handspring elbow and a ddt for a 2 count. Chyna gets hung up in the ropes after a spinning heel kick from Jericho. Jericho attacks Chyna's thumb. Jericho even dropkicked her thumb. Chyna countered a powerbomb from Jericho for a 2 count. Jericho hits Chyna with a vertical suplex. Jericho exposes the top turnbuckle. Chyna clothesline Jericho. Jericho with a backbreaker on Chyna. Chyna with a high crossbody for a 2 count. Jericho tried his lionsault but landed on Chyna's knees. Chyna with a swinging neckbreaker on Jericho for the 2 count. Chyna catches Jericho in mid-air and powerbombs him. Jericho counters Chyna's pedigree with a backslide for a 2 count. Jericho puts Chyna in the walls of Jericho. Chyna gives up after about a minute. After the match Jericho was doing a celebration interview and Chyna interupted him and shook his hand and said she was the better competitor last month and he was the better competitor tonight. Winner and new IC Champion: Chris Jericho

Match 8: The Rock & Mankind vs. New Age Outlaws Tag Team Championship Match RoadDogg and Mankind lock up to start the match off. Mr Ass gets tagged in and slams Mankind's head to the mat. Rock gets tagged in and he and Mr Ass have a stare down. Rock attacks Mr Ass as he was taking his shirt off. Outlaws double team Mankind. RoadDogg does the juke n jive on Mankind. Mankind comes back with the mandible claw. All four men now fighting on the outside. Rock tosses Mr Ass over the security railing. Mr ass charged at the Rock but Rock hip tossed him back over the security railing. Back in ring Rock slam Mr Ass into the turnbuckle. Mr Ass hit Rock with a modified neckbreaker. Looked more like a diamond cutter. Outside the ring Mr Ass drops Rock across the security railing. Back in ring RoadDogg pounds on Rock in the corner. Rock comes back with a clothesline on RoadDogg. RoadDogg tried the pump handle slam but Rock countered with a low blow. Mr Ass tagged in and drops a knee to the Rock's head. Rock finally tags Mankind. Mankind with a running knee to each of the Outlaws. Mankind takes Mr Ass face first to the mat. Mankind hits the ref by accident. Mankind with a piledriver on RoadDogg. Rock takes Mr Ass out of the ring. Mankind with a double arm ddt on RoadDogg. Mankind pulls out socko and applies the mandible claw on RoadDogg. Al Snow comes in and hits Mankind with head. RoadDogg falls on Mankind but only gets a 2 count. Rock attacks Al Snow. Meanwhile the Outlaws are double teaming Mankind. Rock gets back to his corner. Mr Ass with a piledriver on Mankind for a 2 count. Mankind falls against the ropes and crotches RoadDogg who was about to come off the top. Mankind tags Rock in. Rock cleaning house. Rock with a samoan drop on Mr Ass. RoadDogg makes the save. Rock with a spinebuster on RoadDogg and a rockbottom on Mr Ass. Rock goes for the pin and Al Snow hits the ring again. Ref calls for the bell. Rock takes out RoadDogg with another rock bottom. The Rock takes out Snow with a rock bottom and people's elbow. Winners by DQ: Rock and Mankind

Match 9: Big Boss Man vs. Big Show World Wrestling Federation Championship Match Match started off with Big Show charging the ring and demolishing Bossman. Big Show throws Bossman out of the ring. Big Show follows Bossman out and Prince Albert attacks Big Show. Wrong move. Big Show chokeslammed Prince Albert through the spanish announce table. Bossman hits Big Show with the ring steps. Bossman pulls Big Show back into the ring. Big Show awakens and hits Bossman with a big boot to the face. Big Show hits Bossman with a chokeslam for the 3 count. Short match. Winner: Big Show

Match 10: Triple H vs. Mr. McMahon (No Holds Barred Match) Triple H came to the ring with a sledgehammer. Then the Match started off with Vince throwing powder in Triple H's eyes. Vince takes advantage of the blinded Triple H with hard right hands. Outside the ring Vince slams Triple H into the announce table. Vince sends Triple H into the ring steps. Vince throws Triple H out into the crowd. Both men fight all the way to the back where Triple H finally gains the advantage. Both men make their way back to ringside. Mankind brings out a shopping cart full of weapons for Vince. Vince grabs a trash can lid and attempts to hit Triple H with it but Triple H kicks it into Vince's face. Vince comes back and hits Triple H with about 8 shots from the trash can lid. Vince picks up the trash can this time around and hits Triple H with it about five times. Vince grabs a crutch and hits Triple H across the back with it. Triple H comes back by bashing Vince's head into the ring stairs. Triple H grabs a road sign and hits Vince with it. Triple H wraps a chain around his fist and hammers Vince. Vince breaks a stick over Triple H's back. Triple H and Vince fight up towards the entrance. Triple H hits Vince with a sandbag. Triple H walks back to the ring and gets the shooping cart and runs over Vince with it. Triple H hits Vince in the head with a trash can. Vince comes back by hitting Triple H repeatedly with the trash can. Triple H slams Vince's head onto the helicopter parked by the entrance way. Both men exchange punches. Triple H throws Vince head first into a mechanical door which suddenly opens. Triple H places Vince on top of a truck backstage and drops an elbow on him. Triple H disappears and Vince can't find him. Vince walks outside looking for Triple H. A car driven by Triple H almost hits Vince. Triple H gets out of the car and attacks Vince. Triple H places Vince on the trunk of the car and bashes his head. Triple H bodyslams Vince on top of a limo. Vince falls off to the concrete. Triple H drags Vince back into the building and eventually back into the arena. Vince hits Triple H with a steel pipe. Triple H climbs a tower at the entrance way and Vince follows him up. Vince takes a hard fall after Triple H slammed his head on the scaffolding. Triple H climbs back down and hits Vince in the head with a gas can. Triple H walks to the ring and grabs a mic and asks Stephanie how it feels to watch her dad get his ass kicked. Vince starts walking to the ring and Triple H takes him down again with a microphone to the head. Vince is all bloody. Triple H drags Vince in front of Stephanie and then to the ring. Triple H was going to hit Vince with a pipe but didn't after having second thoughts. Triple H grabs his sledgehammer and was fixing to hit Vince with it but Vince racked him. Vince gets to his feet and is armed with the sledgehammer. Stephanie stops Vince from hitting Triple H. Stephanie asks to do it but never had the heart to do it so Triple H took the sledgehammer away from her and hit Vince with it and finally pinned him for the win. After the match Triple H attempted to hit Stephanie with the sledgehammer but backed off when Stephanie turned around. Stephanie and Triple H stared at each other and then proceeded to hug. Stephanie left the ring with Triple H. Everybody knew this was coming. No surprise here. Winner: Triple H

This PPv deserves a C+
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Best WWF Event Of 1999
Big Movie Fan28 June 2002
Out of all the WWF events of 1999, this was by far the best. It reminded me of the action packed cards the WWF promoted in 1997 (one of the WWF's best years in my opinion).

The matches throughout are great especially the ladies match which is bound to be enjoyed by any male WWF fans. The rest of the matches are fantastic and I cannot recall a bad match at this event.

The main event pitted Hunter Hearst Helmsley against Vince McMahon. No wrestling here, just a wild brawl which the WWF is so good at sometimes.

All in all, a brilliant event which shone out in what I believe was a mediocre year for the WWF.
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The Best
steph_hhh8319 April 2003
The Best of 1999. This is the PPV where the McMahon-Helmsley Era started. Vince McMahon VS Triple H. Stephanie turned on her dad to help her future husband. She was no longer daddys girl for a while. I give this ppv 10/10. And it all went down the drain for vince mcmahon here.
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Overloaded card, but set up 2000 well
bh_tafe36 February 2016
Haven't done one of these PPV summaries in a while. Survivor Series 1999 was, in many ways, the end of an era. It was the PPV where Austin was written out, supposedly hit by a car so he could take time off for long needed neck surgery. Filling in the void at the top of the card was freshly crowned WWE Champion the Big Show, though he was not the main focus of this PPV. In the couple of months leading up to this, McMahon had allied himself with Austin, and become a fan favourite as a result. When evil heel Triple H interrupted Stephanie's wedding, revealing that he had drugged and married Stephanie at a Vegas wedding chapel, and then consummated the marriage several times (because date rape jokes were quite funny in 1999....), Vince was understandably incensed, and so challenged Triple H to a street fight. If Vince wins, the Triple H/ Stephanie marriage is annulled. If Triple H wins he stays married to the boss's daughter and gets a WWF Championship match.

There's a lot of undercard matches to get through first and some other shenanigans, so without further ado, the night began with a bit of a cluster as 8 tag teams: th APA, The Headbangers, The Hardyz, the Dudleyz, The Mean Street Posse, Too Cool, Edge and Christian and Mark Henry and the Godfather met in a battle royal for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship at the Royal Rumble. Without getting into too much detail, it comes down to Jeff Hardy and the APA's Faarooq. The ref is distracted during Faarooq's elimination, so Faarooq is able to jump back into the ring and eliminate an unimpressed Jeff. Too many people in the ring and too much happening to really get into this one. In spite of the finish, the 1997 Royal Rumble it wasn't.

Next up we had Kurt Angle, then undefeated, continuing his streak with a win over Steve Blackman in an unremarkable match. Maybe I was being a little harsh on that last match calling it unremarkable, as the next match featured a 4 corners evening gown match won by the Kat over Ivory, Barbara Bush (if you'd forgotten about her short lived WWE career, you're not alone) and Jacqueline. the object is to strip your opponents down to their underwear.

Next up we saw the Holly Cousins (the late Crash Holly and Hardcore Holly) defeating Viscera and Rikishi. You can probably guess the quality of that one. Next up the British Bulldog defended his European Championship belt against Val Venis and D Lo Brown. Venis pinned the Bulldog after a Money Shot (remember that finisher?) to win a match I wasn't particularly into.

The next match, which again isn't great was one they'd at least built up, as former tag team partners and friend Kane and X-Pac met in a steel cage match. The New Age Outlaws are able to get some weapons to X-Pac which he uses to keep Kane grounded for a lot of the fight. Kane's girlfriend Tori interferes, getting an X-Factor for her troubles, only for Kane to finish X-Pac off with a tombstone and then tend to Tori. We again saw a woman finish on her back in the next match as Chris Jericho defeated Chyna to win her Intercontinental Championship. Chyna had won the championship at Unforgiven, basically to humiliate Jeff Jarrett who was leaving the company. She'd get another run with it as part of a storyline with Eddie Guerrero.

Next up we had the New Age Outlaws retain the tag team titles after they lost by disqualification to The Rock and Sock Connection. This match happened more to advance a storyline whereby Mankind is betrayed by his former tag partner Al Snow. Snow brought about the DQ by interfering with a pin attempt by the Rock, and then got a people's elbow.

Next up we have the WWF Championship match which sees the Big Show retain the title in a short, bad, match against the Big Boss Man. Boss Man had been taunting Big Show about the ailing health of his father for several weeks, but this is still a weak championship match-up.

Finally brings us to the main event, which is actually not a bad match. They use the military props near ringside as well as the street fight stipulation to good effect. Vince is aided by Mankind and looks like pulling out the win when Stephanie comes out and stops Vince from decking Triple H with a sledge hammer. Trips capitalizes on the distraction and wins the match, only to turn around and start canoodling with Stephanie?! The Million Dollar Princess was in on it all along! The following night Vince and Shane walk out and Triple H and Stephanie were running the company. The McMahon-Helmsley era had begun!

This isn't really a great PPV. There's no outstanding matches, though the main event is memorable. It did a good job of setting up the year ahead, with Triple H in the ascendancy, but the Rock, Mankind and Big Show there as potentially serious foils. There would be life after Stone Cold after all.
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