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One of the best non-sense movies
sazo-24 February 2006
From a point of view it is not convenient to give a very high mark to a movie like this, but I believe that movies have to be rated in different categories. So it could happen that such a movie receives a greater mark than a movie from a different category, which by the way has a greater artistic value.

Anyway, if you like non-sense movies with absurd scenes, this is for you. The movie succeeds without clever jokes, with its hilarious scenes to make fun of the greedy or the "don't know how to spend their money" people. One absurd scene follows the other, and if you like such humor you will soon find yourself convulsed with laughter. Sometimes it may appear forced, but this is a characteristic for the genre. If you just want a fun and action packed movie, this is a very good choice.
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A human horse race!
mermatt17 August 2001

Duck and cover. The antics are silly, but they come at you fast and furious -- a transvestile Lucy (in a whole bunch of Lucys), squirrels, cows, balloons, a dead dog, a heart transplant, car wrecks, bowel movements, a bullet train, and much much more.

It's slapstick and double take time in this zany comedy about human greed and just plain old stupidity. The story line gets pretty ragged at times but it is funny. And it even has a message.

If you want to lose yourself for two hours in a nutty comedy, this is a good bet.
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dross278 December 2002
This movie, for those of you old enough to remember it, will see the similarities to the old Spencer Tracy "It's a Mad Mad Mad World..." But this is a great time for the whole family. It includes a star studded cast, and the typical comedic gags that we have to expect where one of the Zucker boys is involved. One of the greatest things about this movie on DVD vs. seeing it at the theater is the outtake section on the DVD. I am a sucker for outtakes anyway, but once you've seen this film, and then watch this section, it is all the funnier! I also thought this was a great vehicle for certain members of the cast to do show their comedic abilities. Enjoy the film
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Very funny and entertaining. You're bound to have a good time. *** (out of four)
Movie-1218 September 2001
RAT RACE / (2001) *** (out of four

"Rat Race" revives a genre Hollywood has neglected since the sixties: the big event, ensemble chase comedy. Who better to breathe life into the subject than Jerry Zucker, the mastermind behind the "Naked Gun" films, and "Airplane," two of the most hilarious movies I have seen. After years of directing straight dramas, Zucker says he is thrilled to be back doing comedy. "It's very visual and there are lots of big visual stunts," Zucker explains in the film's production notes, "kind of a James Bond comedy in a way because there are so many sight gags."

Good comparison-"Race Race" is indeed a visual comedy. Its laugh-a-minute attitude works for the creative situations. The audience does not necessarily laugh at every single joke the movie throws, but the humor is timed well. "Rat Race" also contains a terrific cast and provides enough laughs to be worthy of at least one viewing.

John Cleese stars as the eccentric Las Vegas casino tycoon named Donald Sinclair. He wants to keep his wealthy, high stakes gamblers interested in his gambling techniques so he arranges a new, quasi-legal sporting event for them to bet on: a human rat race.

Sinclair randomly places six golden coins in several different slot machines. The customer service sends the winners to a large banquet room where the characters learn of a two million dollar jackpot resting in a duffel bag, inside a locker, within the city of Silver City, New Mexico-seven hundred miles away. The fist one there keeps all of the money, tax-free. "…the odds of winning are one and six…" explains Sinclair. "There's only one rule: there are no rules!" The players include a vast variety of different characters. There is Vera Baker (Whoopi Goldberg), who, after giving her child up for adoption as a baby, has decided to meet her daughter, Merrill (Lanai Chapman). Owen Temleton (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), an NFL coach who recently blew an important game, has come to the sin city to forget his horrendous mistake. Mr. Pollini (Rowan Akinson from "Bean") is an exuberantly cheerful, but narcoleptic, Italian fellow. Randy Pear (Jon Lovitz), and his family is vacationing when he slips off to play slots and wins the chance of a lifetime. The Cody brothers (Seth Green and Vince Vieluf), are first to cause trouble in any crowd. Finally, Nick (Breckin Meyer) a skeptical young lawyer-in-training, meets a charming young woman (Amy Smart), and encounters plenty of adventures with her.

"Rat Race" offers plenty of hit and miss humor. Much of it misses, but much of it hits the mark as well. The majority of the humor is physical and exaggerated. Very little offers sharp, witty satire on any part of culture. The film says something about greed in a zany sort of way, but for the most part this is just a two hour laugh riot, nothing more, nothing less.

However, this is a tricky script to write, and for the overall result to provide this much effective comic material, Andrew Breckman's ingenious script is indeed successful. It's not easy writing a comedy like this, and Breckman does indeed run into a few problems in the overcrowded plot. Even more difficult is creating a conclusion for a story like this. No matter how you end it, you are certain to displease at least some audience members. Breckman has found a way to have his cake and eat it too. I would never dream of revealing how this race concludes itself, but I will say it is not exceedingly satisfying, but sure does work over the obvious other possibilities.

"Rat Race" is one of the funniest movies of the year. It's energetic, irrelevant, and entertaining. You are sure to have a decent time.
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It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad-- Rat Race?
jhclues7 February 2002
If you've seen the trailer for this movie, you're probably thinking it looks hilarious and you've made a mental note that it's one you don't want to miss. More often than not, however, the funniest stuff is in the previews, and when you see the whole movie it's a let-down. But I'm here to tell you, that is decidedly NOT the case with `Rat Race,' directed by Jerry Zucker, and furthermore, make a mental note: This movie is hilarious, and one you DO NOT want to miss. In the tradition of Stanley Kramer's 1963 BIG comedy hit, `It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,' this one is exactly what it is supposed to be-- Fun (yes, with a capital `F'), and Funny-- with one laugh after another that just keep on a-comin'.

Las Vegas casino owner Donald Sinclair (John Cleese), likes to offer his elite customers-- the `high rollers'-- something they can't get anywhere else, in the form of things they can gamble on that are so bizarre you can only imagine. And the big one he comes up with this time begins with the planting of six lucky tokens in his slot machines. Those who win the tokens are invited to attend a meeting, at which time Sinclair announces that they are to be the lucky participants in a `race' of sorts. In a train station locker in the small town of Silver City, New Mexico, there is $2,000,000 waiting for whomever gets to it first. He passes out six identical keys to the token bearers that will open the locker, shouts `Go!' and they're off! And Sinclair's high rollers proceed to put down some big bucks on their favorite horse-- uh, dog!-- uh-- Well, you get the idea...

The participants include Nick (Breckin Meyer), who is pretty much just a regular guy; NFL referee Owen Templeton (Cuba Gooding Jr.), hated by millions because of a recent botched call; brothers Duane and Blaine Cody (Seth Green, Vince Vieluf), not the brightest bulbs to begin with, and hampered in their communications by Blaine's newly pierced tongue; a mother, Vera (Whoopi Goldberg), and the daughter she gave up for adoption and with whom she has just reunited, Merrill (Lanei Chapman); Randy Pear (Jon Lovitz), who has a hard time making his wife, Bev (Kathy Najimy), and their two kids, Kimberly (Jillian Marie) and Jason (Brody Smith) understand why he's interrupted their Vegas vacation to drag them off suddenly to New Mexico; and-- last but not least-- Enrico Pollini (Rowan Atkinson), a narcoleptic Italian. It's quite the eclectic bunch, and they definitely put on quite a show.

During the rush for the gold, they encounter a number of people and situations that drive the laugh meter through the roof, including: A woman (Kathy Bates) selling squirrels by the roadside (Vera and Merrill); a group of `Lucy' impersonators on their way to some kind of Lucy convention (Owen); a `Barbie' museum that isn't what it seems, and not a great place for the Jewish Pear family to visit; an errant cow, a hot air balloon and a guy who overhears too much (Duane and Blaine); a jealous helicopter pilot named Tracy (Amy Smart), who buzzes her boyfriend's house at a most inopportune time (Nick); an ambulance driver, Zack (Wayne Knight), who is transporting a human heart for a transplant, and suffers something akin to the same fate as that famous `cat' due to his curiosity (Enrico). Zucker and writer Andy Breckman pulled out all the stops with this one, and the result (and there's much, much, MUCH more than what's mentioned here) is some pretty wild stuff.

The secret to making this all work, is above all to keep it moving-- and Zucker certainly does that. He relies heavily on sight gags and slapstick, and knows how to set up the schtick for a real payoff, which he succeeds at time and again throughout the entire film. it's all fairly controlled insanity, and with a couple of exceptions when Zucker wanders into Jim Carrey/Farrelly Brothers territory, it's pretty easy to swallow. Most importantly, IT'S FUNNY! with enough different kinds of humor thrown in to satisfy just about any taste. And that's a rare thing to be said of any comedy, and it's a big part of why this one's such a gem.

The cast is superb, but the highlights have to be Cuba Gooding Jr., who demonstrates a real knack for comedy; John Cleese, who can make you laugh just by smiling, brandishing as he does a spectacular set of teeth; and Rowan Atkinson, who does some masterful bits of physical comedy, the likes of which rivals the best of Peter Sellers and Buster Keaton. The way he mugs and moves is absolutely hysterical.

The supporting cast includes Gloria Allred (Herself), Dave Thomas (Mr. Grisham), Dean Cain (Shawn), Paul Rodriguez (Gus), Brandy Ledford (Vicky), Tristin Leffler (Pierced Girl) and Andrew Kavovit. One that lives up to it's expectations and more, `Rat Race' is everything you want it to be, a laugh a minute movie that never lets up, and one that won't wear your brain out making you think about it too much. This is pure entertainment that'll lead you down the road to riot (make that `laugh' riot). There hasn't been anything quite like this since Jimmy Durante kicked that bucket and started that other bunch of madcaps off looking for `The big 'dub-a-yeh'.' Zucker and his gang really pulled this one off, and moreover, they did it with style. And that's the magic of the movies. I rate this one 8/10.
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One of the funnest comedies of 2001
wuzupn_tb17 November 2002
From start to finish, it's all laughs. The movie is meant to be wacky and to be really taken seriously. I especially love the part when Jon Lovitz looks like Hitler. It's one of the best popcorn comedies of 2001. Just sit back and have fun. B+, 8/10
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I liked the ending!
Boyo-221 August 2001
I laughed throughout this comic masterpiece and so did everyone with me, who ranged in age from 60 to 12 (I am somewhere in between).

There is not a lot to say except that there are hits and misses and the misses far outweigh the jokes that are flat. Its just a lot of fun and I really liked the ending, which seems to have generated unfair critcism - it was the perfect way to end the movie.

I plan to see it at least three more times while it is in theatres, hopefully to take other people to see it. It really is that good and I want to support this throwback comedy while it is still playing (it didn't exactly set the box office on fire on its opening weekend).

Out and out laughs, a great time at the movies..who can ask for more?
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Refreshingly inventive comedy
Spleen3 January 2002
I haven't seen "It's a Mad ... etc. World" (is it four Mads or five? I can never remember), so it's not fair to make comparisons - but the changes I know about sound as though they're improvements. The sum of money in the original film was $350 000; this time it's $2 million, which (adjusting for inflation) is considerably less. In the original the money was a fifteen-year-old buried treasure; here, it's just money. An eccentric squillionaire has put it in a locker without explanation. WE get an explanation, of sorts, but the racers do not - so there is no romance attached to the prize, which means that all of their actions are PURE expressions of greed. (John Cleese is the squillionaire, and while his cameo in "The World Is Not Enough" proved that he could, with the right material, fail to be funny, he and his coterie of wealthy compulsive gamblers are hilarious here. It's good counterpoint humour, since they're actually the least greedy, most disinterested people involved in the chase.)

A criticism levelled at the original was that innocent, well-meaning bystanders got hurt - that it was meant to be a joke when their property was destroyed, but the joke wasn't funny. "Rat Race" avoids being open to the same charge by making the world an even more venal one. The ambulance-chasing lawyer, the live organ courier, the quirky roadside squirrel-seller, the key-cutter, the garage mechanic, the neo-Nazis, the vengeful taxi driver ... all these people have less attractive personalities than any of the racers. Only a few of them are punished, but among them are the only outsiders to be punished at all. (With the exception, I'll admit, of people we never see, like the anonymous owners of cars that are run over in the parking lot.)

Whoopi Goldberg plays it straight, which suits her. I can't fault the acting anywhere, but I do wish that Rowan Atkinson hadn't been cast as the loopy, dim-witted Italian (I can't see this picture playing in Italy at all). To be sure, he brings the role off, and he's the only person who could have done so - but he would have been funnier if he'd been allowed to be more intelligent, to have a little more rat cunning hiding beneath the surface. (For half a second, he DOES exhibit cunning: it's by far his funniest moment.)

All scenes before the race is announced fall flat. Timing and motivation just weren't there, and I even wondered afterwards if Zucker had handed his establishing scenes to an ungifted underling. But I don't want to carp at a funny film by saying it could have been funnier. Things pick up considerably as soon as John Cleese outlines the central premise; from then on the film is never less than inventive, and even if (for some reason) you don't find it funny, you must admit that those involved at least had the right IDEA about comedy.
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The Funniest Film Ever Created
cjboog11 December 2005
I have seen Rat Race about 50 times, and it still packs the same punch for me that it did on view number 1. I absolutely love the stellar cast, which is highlighted by the performances of Rowan Atkinson, John Lovitz, and Whoopi Goldberg. Bringing many comedy stars together under one roof hasn't been done often enough. It did happen in Mars Attacks, which turned out to be a total waste of time and was and absolutely horrible movie. In this case however, the actors/actresses aren't awkwardly stuck into their roles, they all sink into very unique characters who each have a story to tell. Rat Race is a hilarious comedy that everyone should see, I have never met anyone who didn't like it. If you have nothing to do on a Saturday Night, you will enjoy this one for sure!
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Clean fun for the whole family!
hacks-5663516 November 2020
Years later it still holds up.

Extreme but well done comedy masterpiece with an all star cast, a fun premise, good execution, and a satisfying conclusion.

Recommend for fun light viewing.
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A guiltless pleasure that is funny simply because it doesn't rely on a boatload of fart jokes
Agent102 July 2002
After seeing the first trailer for this film, I thought

it would too hokey for my tastes. However, like has happened on many other occasions, I was surprised by the humor in the film. While the principal characters were important in the movie, why didn't Wayne Knight get any billing? He's probably one of the best overweight actors since John Candy, and this guy can't get any work!? He was the only good reason to watch Seinfeld. Anyway, I felt this movie was quite a departure for some actors, and a great one for those who have made a movie such as this before. Jon Lovitz was excellent in this film, along with Mr. Bean (or Rowan Atkinson as he is called by non-Mr. Bean fans, who must be a sad group of people). The only downside to this film was the ending, which had yet another bad song by Smashmouth (and it was All-Star once again!). Overall, a good movie.
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One of the best Funniest movies!
butterfly90416 February 2003
I saw this and I thought it was outrageous! I couldn't stop laughing! I saw this movie about 7 times and I recomended it to almost ever one i know. So now I am recomending this movie to you (which I think deserves even more than 5 stars!)
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I've a new dreamwoman ! ;-)
poem2 September 2002
And her name is Amy Smart ! She has my absolute favorite scene here, when she attacks her boyfriend after she has found out he betrayed her. Its fantastic ! Fan-tas-tic ! I absolutely loved it ! I've to watch this movie again just for that scene !

But also the rest of the movie is really funny. Not so much "Mr Bean" Rowan Atkinson, who played a character a little bit too crazy to be really amusing. But the rest is just too good to be true. I really wasn't attracted too much by the trailer, but the movie itself is so much better !

Don't avoid this one ! Its far better that it looks from the outside !
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Freakin hilarious
richspenc4 May 2017
This movie is great. The funniness and style of humor is more similar to older style quirky comedies that has become less common in recent years. Since this side of the turn of 2000, unfortunately toilet humor became the more popular choice of film. "Rat race" knew how to be fabulous without being dirty. For anyone who has seen my list of movies reviews on my movie review page will see the large amount of old films on my list. As I just explained, you know why.

From the start at the Las Vegas hotel when ten different people get a specially placed coin from the slot machines having them to meet together in a lounge where the zany humor begins. The terrific selection of actors definitely has helped this film too to being great. Our old 1960s era British veterans favorites John Cleese ("Faulty towers", "Monty Python", and "A fish called Wanda", all hilarious) and Rowan Atkinson ("Mr. Bean"), Whoopie Goldberg (in her best performance since "Ghost" and "Clara's heart"), John Lovitz, Amy Smart as very pretty blonde, Seth Green (who's funny as Scotty in the "Austin Powers" movies), and Brekin Meyer (who somehow got charged for watching 11 hours of porn in his hotel room). Each one of these people are sent on a wild goose chase to Silver city, NM to retrieve 2 million dollars out of a bus station locker.

The hilarity begins immediately and then seldom lets up. For those of you who don't like having aching sides from laughing too much, don't watch this movie. Even funny is John Cleese's very first joking comment about a huge asteroid about to plummet down and wipe out all civilization except for those selected people who will stay in a secured steel underground vault, and it would be up to them to reproduce and bring civilization back (that joke also playing reference to a couple Twilightzone episodes with that theme).

Then the chase begins. Here are some of my favorite jokes. Cleese's funny comment just before everyone takes off on the race, "the race has technically been going for 45 seconds now, and so far that man standing over there is winning since he's the one standing nearest to the door". Mr. Bean falling asleep standing up, then hitching a ride with a guy delivering a heart transplant, and that situation ending up with the heart in a dog's mouth and the transplant driver considering Mr. Bean (who's revealed to have no family) as an immediate replacement heart donor. Seth Green and his buddy who can't talk clearly cause of a tongue piercing (who at one point meets a girl with similar peircing amongst other piercings too) end up with their pickup being dragged up the side of the airport control tower at the end of a rope. The same guys who later on manages to attract a cow on a hot air balloon. Whoopi Goldberg and her sister ordering mimosas (much to the waitreses' delight) and then during the race in a rocket car scene that gets them so disoriented that they end up in an asylum bus just in time for (wow!) macaroni night. The rocket car speeding by a service station while breaking the sound barrier right after the service station manager sarcastically says "dear Lord, if you don't like the way I conduct my business, send me a sign". The same service station guy right before the "dear Lord" sarcasm arguing with Brekin Meyer and Amy Smart about unfair prices and the service station guy saying they're out of sand and Amy saying "What do you mean there's no sand? We're in the desert!". Amy also happened to be a helicopter pilot, has a very funny reaction when she catches her boyfriend from overhead in her chopper cheating on her in his backyard wadding pool. Another very funny part involved Kathy Bates as a squirrel saleslady and an outcome of what shall happen to those who refuse to buy a squirrel. Then the Cuba Gooding jr. and the busload of I love Lucy impersonators (one being a drag queen) and Cuba impersonating a bus driver. Where else would we see again 50 Lucille Balls simultaneously go "helloooo"? One of the very funniest scenes of all was the John Lovitz Hitler scene. He crashes into a WW2 veterans reunion with very coincidental details between accidentally having gotten a car lighter stuck in his mouth, getting black paint the size of a short mustache on him just above his lips, and having borrowed Hitler's car from a Nazi museum. With all that, John unintentionally looks, talks, and gestures just like Hitler to the WW2 veterans. Classic. That one I liked. Also a very funny scene with Lovitz involving a female motorcycle gang right before the Hitler part. Funny enough, as Lovitz has the funniest scene, he also has my least favorite scene with talk about his kids having to go to the bathroom, the term 'prarie dogging' being said, and then what to do about it while on the road. The great scenes though were much much more in quantity than the not so great. This film overall is great and very funny.
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I need a doctor
danbuckley6 September 2002
I didn't know I could laugh this often in one sitting. What a great movie. Maybe the ending wasn't the best and I don't know what Siskel and Ebert would think, but this was the funniest movie I have ever seen. You hear people talk about how funny Blazing saddles was. Well, this movie had more laughs in it than hormel has chili. I would love to know what movie packs more laughs than this. I'm sure it compares to the 1st 10 minutes of the new Austin Powers. I know it shares an actor or two. I'll let you know once I've seen them both...

Dan Buckley
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Fun Comedy.
RhapsodyReviews10 November 2019
Review: 'Rat Race' is a comedy film directed by Jerry Zucker. It is based on Stanley Kramer's 1963 classic 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World'. I keep for getting about this movie and when I happen to see it on TV, I'm pleasantly surprised. It's one of the best ensembles in a comedy to come out of the 21st Century so far. Eccentric tycoon Donald Sinclair - played by John Cleese - devises a game to entertain the high rollers who visit his Las Vegas casino. He arranges for six competitors to race the 563 miles to Silver City, New Mexico, where the winner's prize of $2 million has been placed in a luggage locker. Unbeknownst to them, Sinclair's wealthy patrons place bets on who will win it all. Everybody in this movie was born to play the roles they were given. If I had to pick a standout it would have to be a tie between Seth Green and Vince Vieluf. They play brother and the way they can play off each other and make the comedy grow in scenes in fantastic. They are hands down the funniest duo in the film. Is it perfect movie? No, or course it's not, it's a fun dumbed down comedy that wants you to have a good time and it succeeds in its mission. If the you don't think the movie is self aware in the fact that it is a ridiculous concept, wait till the ending and you will realise. Overall, anybody can have fun in this movie if you can turn your brain off and see the movie for what it is. 3.5/5
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A SO FUNNY nonsense!
ar-thur23 September 2006
Rat Race is a incredible movie and I really enjoyed it. It's full of the most nonsense situations that can exist, but I think that it shows, with a little exaggeration, the indiscriminated desire for money that we have today. And it's surprising. The humor is so well-timed! I remember the hilarious moments when we discover that the gentlemen called the bitch only for a bet, and when the blond (I don't remember the name) changes all her cute looking when she discover her boyfriend with another woman. It's some impossible appeal, I recognize, like the scene when the heart starts to pulse only with the eletricity, but it has so many funny and convincing moments that we forgot it and start to laugh anyway! Never the nonsense was so funny!
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Wow, what a fast paced, terrific movie
mattin3 September 2002
I just want to say, that I'm totally amazed. This movie is an excellent piece of comedy, and I haven't laughed that much in a movie for a very long time. Great. My favorite scene is the monster-truck escape scene, brilliant filming.
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Dumb fun
drawoh4 November 2006
It would be a shame to be too sophisticated to enjoy this silly movie. Critics hammered it for being a remake of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, or accused it of reverting back to MMMMW's formula of selling the movie with a hundred big names who do little more than mug for the camera.

But these guys are all busting their butts to entertain us. Yes, post-adolescents will be able to see most of the gags coming a mile away, but when their execution surpasses our expectations what's not to like? This is, after all, directed by the same Zucker who gave us Airplane, and it shares the same DNA.

Watch it with your kids, and appreciate the ending that leaves them with a nice message as a bonus. Even if you only cherry pick the scenes featuring a bus load of Lucy impersonators it's worth the rental.
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Love this movie except the ending!
UniqueParticle21 July 2020
A magnificent adventure that is hilarious and highly entertaining! Packed with an all star cast of wonderful characters endure so much to reach a couple million dollars in silver city. Rat Race is legendary I enjoy so much of it, crazy how a lot goes wrong constantly and things still go right with so much charm. The music is so on point and matches well with the high octane energy. Also the reactions from everyone while things occur is spectacular! The ending kinda defeats the point of the rest of the film that'd be the only complaint I have. Also I watched this on Jon Livitz 63 birthday which is ironically awesome!
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Could have been rip roaring laugh out loud hilarious but alas
Chrysanthepop15 December 2007
'Rat Race' fails miserably. With a unique ensemble cast of such comedic talents one (like me) would have expected loads of laughter. Sadly the director and writer exaggerate the plot situations too much and the actors, every single one of them severely overact. That's not to say that there aren't any funny moments at all (Kathy Bates's cameo as the squirrel seller). However the overall outcome disappoints big time. It is the cast that really convinced me to watch the film. Who would have expected a film with John Cleese, Whoopi Goldberg, Rowan Atkinson, Jon Lovitz etc to be this non-funny! I suppose the director is to be blamed too. Many of the 'humour' appears forced. On the positive side, one does get to vastly enjoy the American landscape (it is a road movie after all). But, anyway, if you're expecting a real comedy, look elsewhere.
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Jon Lovitz steals the show!
PredragReviews9 May 2016
The basic premise is simple - six keys, one locker, and a race for $2 million dollars. The plot has eccentric casino owner Donald Sinclair (a top form Cleese with some rather odd false teeth!), pull together 8 random people whom he gets to race from Las Vegas to New Mexico for a prize of $2,000,000 whilst he takes bets on the outcome. And what a group he has assembled. Mix into that some utterly hammy acting, Nazi Barbies, a cow tied to a hot-air balloon, and a woman intent on selling squirrels, and you've found yourself in the middle of Rat Race. And it's actually not bad. Rowan Atkinson's Italian, with an intentionally ridiculous accent and the line "Oh, a race! ...I hope I win" is frankly a remix of Mr Bean, whilst John Cleese's casino owner is classic Fawlty with extra teeth. But both those characters are classics, and stirred into this film, they become still funnier.

Many of the talents used in 'Rat Race' include Whoopi Goldberg, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson (re-using many aspects of his Mr. Bean persona), Cuba Gooding, Jr., Breckin Meyer, Seth Green, and a plethora of others. There are a few surprises, and the movie takes a lot of unexpected, very funny turns. This is a screwball comedy which simply wants to make you laugh for a couple of hours. It is fluff, but fluff in the best possible sense. Quite enjoyable. I left the cinema with a smile on my face.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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A nice comedy to lighten up a miserable day
philip_vanderveken2 August 2005
I must say that I had some very high expectations when I saw the names of the actors that played a role in this comedy. With people like John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson, I hoped for the best, although I must also admit that I'm not a fan of Whoopi Goldberg, which still made me doubt about it. However, I didn't see it as a reason not to watch this movie and that's why I gave this "Rat Race" a try.

When a group of billionaires is searching for something new to bet on, they find the perfect solution for their 'problem' in the new game that Las Vegas casino owner Donald P. Sinclair has invented. He has pulled a group of six strangers together and tells them that they will have to race to Silver City, New Mexico, where the first one to arrive will be able to retrieve $2 million hidden in a locker. The only rule is that there are no rules. Everything is allowed in order to get there first. At first they don't really believe this is a true race, but it doesn't take long before the narcoleptic Italian immigrant, the desperate father, the disgraced NFL referee, the decent lawyer, a team made up by a mother and daughter and another one made up by two weird brothers all embark on this weird adventure.

What I liked most about this comedy was that it didn't rely on all those fart jokes and other toilet humor that you find too often in today's comedies. This is still a movie full of decent jokes and I must say that I had some very good laughs with it. However, that doesn't mean that this was a perfect movie. Take for instance Rowan Atkinson. I normally like all his parts, but this time I was quite disappointed by his performance. I'm not saying that I know someone better to play the role of Enrico Pollini, but this certainly wasn't Atkinson's finest. On the other hand I must say that John Cleese was very nice as the eccentric casino owner.

Overall this isn't the best comedy ever, but I like to see it as one of those guilty pleasures, which can sometimes lighten up a miserable day. The story is completely over-the-top and absurd, but that's OK, because this is a comedy. The acting is pretty good most of the time and especially John Cleese and Cuba Gooding Jr. were a nice surprise. That's why I give this movie a rating between 6.5/10 and 7/10.
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One of the wildest, most inventive, and funniest comedies of all time!
reddragonhero1724 November 2019
We all feel like we're in a race for the riches, and this movie is just a blast to watch! A great ensemble cast all flexing their comedic muscles in every scene it's hard to pick a favorite and who's going to win. My favorite is Rowan Atkinson, figures since he was Mr. Bean he steals every scene he's in, though Jon Lovitz has the funniest scene which I won't reveal here. And don't forget Whoopi Goldberg and Seth Green as well. The scenes are all original, never dull and quite imaginative in new comedic heights! Of course to each their own every one has a favorite scene. Jerry Zucker should have received a special award for this one! It's one you'll keep coming back again and again
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biggin-17 August 2005
This movie is completely hilarious at times! "You should have bought a squirrel!" "I'm in a race. I'm winning! I'm winning" The cast of characters provide a perfect mix of comedy. The wrong coin flip call also really happened many years ago on Thanksgiving day during a Steelers-Lions game. Jerome "the bus" Bettis called the coin flip correctly; however, the referee heard him wrong. That started my Pittsburgh Steelers downfall that year (I don't believe they won another game that year). Amy Smart's Psycho character flying the helicopter was great. Too bad she didn't get topless with Breckin Meyer like she did in "Road Trip!" Oh well, you can't have it all I guess.
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