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Future Camp Classic
Maciste_Brother8 May 2003
I rented and watched KILLING ME SOFTLY on DVD and giggled throughout the movie. It's so unintentionally funny, and silly and stupid and pointless, that I'm sure people in the near future will look back at this as camp. The film stars Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes. Heather's character goes though a number of things or does things that are totally divorced from logic. She marries a man she hardly knows and the rest of the film is spent on her trying to know her husband's suspicious past. (If Heather's character had tried to get to know him first before marrying him there wouldn't have been a movie). Heather's role is funny and oddly endearing at the same time. She tries so hard but the whole thing is so silly that her efforts are all for naught. In EVERY scene, Heather is seen with her big doe-like eyes, dropping her clothes at any given moment, looking totally befuddled. The scene when the reporter faxes her the strange messages at her office, which is supposed to be filled with apprehension, is very funny. As is the scene when Heather pretends to be a reporter from The Guardian. Or the scene when Joseph ties her down on the kitchen table, which is simply priceless. Heather, bound to the table, doesn't look terrified or stressed, she looks bored and annoyed. The entire scene is truly out of this world. After seeing it, I wondered "What was that all about?" If your new husband ties you up on the kitchen table and starts going crazy, well, there's a good chance that the marriage won't last long. As for Joseph Fiennes, well, he looks, hmm, weird. I think the director was intimidated by Joseph. It seems the director didn't know how to film him at all. And because of this, his character/performance is WAY over-the-top.

The story (or lack thereof) is so obvious, the moment the "villain" appears on screen I knew it. The revelation of the villain's motives made me laugh out loud. It's supposed to be shocking and twisted but it had me in hysterics. Add to this the fact that the director literally took the meaning of title and applied this to the film's script/action, and everything about this film ends up looking truly silly. Everything is treated just so softly (like when Heather is tied to the table). Imagine a S&M movie directed with the soft touch of a bunny rabbit.

Many scenes look like they were rushed (the mountain climbing scenes). In one scene, you can see Fiennes looking straight at the camera for a split second. The direction is not really good. The look of the film is sometimes interesting. Some scenes where cool but the whole ultra-hip look of the film will positively date it in a matter of years. The office where Heather works looks like a place where the Teletubies would feel at home. Everything about KILLING ME SOFTLY is hilarious. It's pure camp.
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Razzie material
=G=27 January 2003
"Killing Me Softly" tells of a couple who has sex, gets married, and then has problems because she (Graham) grows increasingly suspicious of him (Fiennes) whom she never really got to know before the marriage (duh). On the downside, the film has a thin story full of plot holes and implausibilities with ponderous music which is always off target and a perfectly awful school girl performance by Graham. On the upside, it's a good shoot with good camera work and lots of Graham skin. Overall, "Killing Me Softly" is a classy loser only for the less discerning viewer who wants a little suspense (very little) to zone to. (C)
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Thriller with some sex.
arcadia19 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I really feel that I have to defend this movie after the ripping it has gotten here. I watched the film without knowing anything about it, and I really enjoyed it. Heather Graham was easy on the eye, and Joseph Fiennes was suitably dark and brooding. I think that the sex scenes, probably allowed people to view this as a cheap skin flick, which is a pity. They probably should have gone further to ensure that Fiennes was viewed as a sadist, and therefore very capable of killing. There was plenty of tension, and the music was suitably Hitchcockian.

If anything, Joseph Fiennes character was too laid back towards the end. As the tension was mounting, more could have been made of the fact he appeared to be a murderer. Instead he was allowed to sit back and protest his innocence. I think had it been a Hitchcock film we would have been in no doubt he had done it, until the end. The sister could have been a really sinister character, but again lacked any development. I am not blaming the actors for this, it is obviously the script. Heather Graham is a better actress than people are giving her credit for here. I think with the lack of development in the Fiennes, and sister characters, she was left to carry the film alone, which she did admirably. I would recommend this film, just watch without prejudice. Incidenally, I married my wife after six days, and without knowing anything about her. We are still married after 32 years, so perhaps Heather was not so crazy, as stated in some of the earlier reviews.
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Killed Me Slowly
mkolowski4 June 2003
Killing Me Softly W/ Heather Graham Rating: DUD

The main reason I picked this movie was because it was unrated and had Heather Graham in a starring role. Would that translate into hot love making scenes? YES! I no longer have to use my imagination to see what she looks like having sex with no clothes on. Aside from that, the movie totally blew chunks. Plus, she's not really a great actess if you haven't noticed. But if your looking for a semi-porno movie without the shame of actually renting one, this is IT!
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Damn Sexy!
dorkmeisterkool5 November 2003
This movie was sexy, yet a little disturbing.

Heather Graham portrays an American who recently moved to London. She has a nice, safe relationship with her boyfriend, an Englishman who is very reliable. You can tell that they are both comfortable with each other, but because of that their romance has died off and has made things quite boring. One day, she encounters Adam, a mysterious man on the street. The looks they give each other are lustful and very intense. What chemistry! The looks itself were sexy and erotic! And can I just say...Joseph Fiennes is one helluva sexy man! Oh my goodness! He can play the hopeless romantic in Shakespeare in Love and the dangerous rugged type in this film.

Well anyway...they get involved in a very obssessive, sexual relationship. They get right down to business...the scenes are like whoa! Sexy Sexy Sexy! Eventually, all the lust turns into love. However, they know very little about each other which drives Graham's character, Alice, mad. Unexpected secrets are revealed...and believe me! they BIG secrets...which starts to crumble their affair.

I liked this movie a lot! It's not Oscar worthy...but its worth your time. This movie has a lot to offer...romance, sex, lust, drama, thrill, and most of all...entertainment!
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An embarrassment
bobc-147 May 2004
One of the worst movies I've seen in a very long time. Heather Graham can't act. If the part called for a bimbo, then maybe she fit the bill. She's almost as bad an actor as Raquel Welch was early in her career.

It goes to show what a bad script and direction can do to an actor like Joseph Fiennes who was so good in "Shakespeare in Love" and "Elizabeth". It would be hard to imagine that the good actors in this film didn't know it was a turkey when they were making it.

This film almost is in the category of so bad it's good. I did chuckle from time to time at some of the ludicrous dialog and scenes. But, if you're looking for that type of movie, a much better choice is "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls".
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A good movie, unjustly prosecuted by the critics...
buiger16 January 2007
I fail to understand why all the critics are coming down on this film with such vicious fury. Granted, this is not a Hitchcockian masterpiece, but please, give the movie a break. The same critics give decent marks for movies which are really way below this one, and sometimes even to pure trash, as long as they have a good Hollywood pedigree. Well, this one may not have the proper pedigree, but I nevertheless found it to be a very decent thriller, one that kept me interested and on edge most of the time, had a plausible story, and one whose ending was not totally predictable (which is more than you can say for most thrillers nowadays).

All in all, a good evenings entertainment for adults, well worth watching.
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Never boring but oh-so-predictable.
gridoon11 May 2003
"Killing Me Softly" has one of those scripts that just don't give the audience a break - not only does it set up an improbable situation, but the big "twist" at the end is also mind-numbingly predictable (unless perhaps you haven't seen a thriller before in your life). The chemistry between the two leads is also lacking; Fiennes brings some physical magnetism to his role but as far as his acting is concerned, he's an inexpressive bloke, while Heather Graham is ALL TOO expressive - she overemphasizes every emotion her character is supposed to feeling by making faces at the camera. Besides, she's not even that attractive; even her co-star in this particular film, Natascha McElhone, blows her out of the water in that department. In spite of all that, Chen Kaige's direction is good, and he creates some suspenseful moments. So I give the film a generous "** out of 4" rating.
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gina117714 January 2008
Firstly, a look on the bright side: You might like this movie if you are in the mood for some trash thriller with outstanding awful performances of otherwise capable actors in a nice setting with a pretty and well-dressed Heather Graham. It could also deliver some funny embarrassing moments if watching this movie on a first date. Thus it scores 2 points.

Watching this movie in a theater at a sneak preview and thus knowing nothing about it, the ridiculous mixture of plot, dialogues and attitude of the main characters lead us to the misinterpretation that we were seeing a satire. Only after about 20 minutes we realized that it was just a stunningly bad thriller. We still had some fun and good laughs. I wonder what it takes to make an actor like Joseph Fiennes to play so poorly. Maybe he, too, thought this was meant to be a satire.
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Heather Graham, with all her (ahem) bountiful talent and charms.
TxMike18 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
OK, everyone seems to be trashing this movie, but it isn't that bad. Implausible? Yes! But Graham and Feinnes do credible jobs and we see plenty of Graham skin, which is very nice skin, as actresses go. Much better than Kathy Bates in About Schmidt. Graham plays an American working in London, Feinnes is a famous mountain climber and hero, but has a dangerous look. They become attracted to each other and the fun begins. Not a good movie, not a bad movie, a nice 100-minute diversion that is more entertaining than many.

some MAJOR SPOILERS follow, please read no further, OK??

Most implausible, Graham and Feinnes make eye contact one morning as she goes to work, she sees where he goes, they meet, take a cab ride to his place (actually, his sister's, we learn later), have wild sex, knowing nothing about each other. And she was already in an apparently committed relationship with a nice, but dull, Brit. The wild sex happens often, we see plenty of Heather, we learn that her left breast is measurably larger than her right, she gets cautionary notes, "How much do you really know about him?", he sees her assaulted by a petty thief, runs him down, beats him viciously, they get married quickly, she knows he has a temper, begins to suspect he is really a bad guy, finds out a former girlfriend has been missing several months, she and his sister go to dig, they find body, turns out sis is the killer, she and Feinnes had an incestuous relationship when they were children, she wanted to posses him, killing any women who become close. For some unknown reason Graham and Feinnes end up splitting up.
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What a Guilty Pleasure Is Made Of..
vasco_cid27 September 2006
Erotic thrillers are nothing new. Everybody knows that. After Basic Instinct there was little territory left to explore in what regards the genre.. But can you call Killing Me Softly a cliché? Not Really. At least in my opinion. So what can explain the bad reviews and box office results? First it was a platform movie and not a wide release, second none of the leads are big stars, and third this genre normally doesn't have many financial results. So is it top notch? Well some things are, and others aren't at all. The cinematography and art direction is flawless and the soundtrack is very close to sublime. The screenplay is hardly what you can call acceptable, it is a lousy draft that should have been re-written, and while Chen Kaige's(the director) camera has some very interesting movements, it's the way he directs his actors that ruins everything. Heather Graham's performances is without a doubt one of the worst performances i remember watching in cinema, alright she looks stunning on screen and looks good naked, but is that enough? Not really. And also I believe the costume designer had some laughs at her expense, as she looks a corny doll sometimes. So what makes it good for me? Well I guess that everyone who likes this movie is not because of it's genuine qualities. I think that this is that sort of movie that it is so bad that it is actually very good. It's a future camp classic, the way it shows the British atmosphere and all..

The reason why Killing Me Softly isn't a better movie was because it is too rushed. The running time is way too short, Heather Graham is miscast )although she has chemistry with Joseph Fiennes), some of the dialogues are unbelievable and some scenes should have been longer and better scripted. But altogether as I told before this is a very very good guilty pleasure, that's why I give it a high score..
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good movie but stupid ending
bosscain26 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
this is a good movie,anybody that likes heather graham will like this movie since she is nude in many scenes,but the ending is like when you have a 'jawbreaker' candy in your mouth,sweet and good in the beginning but when you get to the inside its bitter and was obvious towards the end of the movie that it would turn out like it did,i have seen too many bad movies to figure it out so quickly.
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Great "who done it?" with a lot of sex at no extra charge.
acearms27 December 2003
Terrific portrayal of a love between two people, Joseph Fiennes' and Heather Graham's characters. The scenes involving their sexual exploits and honey moon were magnificent. The darker side of the movie involved a suspicion that Fiennes' character was a murderer and Graham's character was the next victim. Not so! The twist at the end was reminiscent of Alfred Hitchock's movies and the Iron Sides TV shows with Ramon Burr. Remember them??? Great movie to watch and easy to get involved with. Highly recommend viewing.
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in my opinion an underrated movie
mike-mxpx20 July 2012
alright, "killing me softly" isn't a masterpiece but it is a catchy erotic thriller with some good scenes (besides the sex scenes) and some really catchy suspense situations... the acting of heather graham is good in my opinion and well as i said before not a MASTERPIECE but a good entertaining movie. Killing Me Softly is a 2002 American erotic thriller directed by Chen Kaige and starring Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes. Based on the novel by Nicci French (pen name of Nicci Gerrard and Sean French), it introduces several substantial changes to the story and focuses heavily on the intense sexual relationship between the two lead characters, including several nude scenes. The film was given an "R" rating by the MPAA, and was released unrated on DVD. It also was Kaige's first, and to date only English-language film
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Killing the viewer slowly
wesb17 March 2006
This is not a good thriller, not a good romance, and really just not a good movie.

Though Heather Graham does a nude scene, which is a selling point for many, she is such a bad actress throughout the rest that it is painful to watch. It seems that she feels furrowing her brow is all it takes to register confusion, fear, sadness, concern, and anger. Joseph Fiennes is acceptable, but really reduced to glowering most of the movie.

The only real suspense is whether you guessed the correct killer about 30 minutes into the movie.

It is painful to watch and not really one to waste your time on. Even Heather Graham fans eager to see some brief nudity will most likely be disappointed.
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Why not indeed...
justApril24 June 2002
Well, I had to register just to reply to this film s critics... whether the plot is the most sophisticated thriller, or whether the love scenes were copied from another "masterpiece", really friends is beside the point. Every woman wud like to meet a man like Fiennes' character and be swept off her feet and have great sex and all the attention in the world and total committment asked and given... I think most of those who did not like the film must be men cause they feel this and know, boy dont they know they've not the guts to be a man like that... well, I recommend this film as a truly romantic love story and the kinky sex is also not the point of te story. Girls, u will really love this and Joseph Fiennes is, of course wonderfully gorgeous and convincing and lovable in every scene, and the wedding night idea i find absolutely brilliant... i give this film a 10. Ha!
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Good to see, but nothing new...
asor_rose5 November 2002
This was the film where I saw Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes first time. Playing Allis and Adam they are beautiful, very stylish, but simple.

That's not the fault of the actors but the script writers and director. Some lines are really out of the story but just to create needless mystery. Adam's sister who accepts at once that her brother is a murderer makes me feel bad about sisters. In the end it is revealed that Adam and his sister had incest when they were "children", and she was his teacher in sexual tricks some of which Adam used with Alice.

The plot is made by the standard Hollywood model. And you know what will be in the end of the film. Hopefully, in the future, writers will find some new ways to develop the plot and make the movie with really fascinating story and unexpected end.
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Makes "Body of Evidence" look like "Citizen Kane"
mikegray24 June 2002
Ah, Erotic Drama, last bastion of the predictably dire film... Killing Me Softly is a half-assed attempt at an erotic mystery with no redeeming features whatsoever (unless you consider a glimpse of Heather Graham's breasts to be worth two hours of torture). Fiennes appears to be being paid by the word (he maybe says twenty during the entire movie) and is limited to grunts and baleful stares, Graham appears to be trying not to laugh most of the time, and the plot twist is by turns obvious and ludicrous.
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Not As Bad As I Thought
mustican22 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Chen Kaige is one of the most notable directors in his generation in China. He directed films like Farewell My Concubine and Temptress Moon. His 2002 film Killing me softly is his first film he made outside China and he chose London as the location for his new film. Could it be any better? However great the location can be, there are a few flaws too, such as, acting and script. Lets start with Alice(Heather Graham), an American living and working in the UK and has a long-term partner who is deeply in love with her. She meets Adam(Joseph Fiennes) one day on the street and they have an eye contact. This moment actually change their life and the two are drawn to each other. They actually make effort to bump into the other one. They end up having sex. While Alice discovers violent sex with this mysterious man, she leaves her boyfriend. As soon as that happens, Alice starts receiving notes from a stranger, warning her about Adam. But she ignores that and marries Adam. After their wedding, she sets off to discover Adam's past as she hears more and more about her husbands unspoken past. Well, it is quite okay to watch the excellent cinematography and London in it. I cant say much about that. However, actors are not carrying their roles on them and the script is not helping them to do slightly better. Leaving your boyfriend for someone you pedestrian cross for a couple of time, marrying someone you barely speak are...I also saw Natasha McElhone right at the beginning of the film from the mirror. When Alice goes to Adam's house she is the taxi driver and I knew that she was the dodgy one right from the word go.. Well, I have read quite a few reviews about Killing me Softly before I watched it. To be quite honest, I was expecting something worse than that. What makes it watchable is its cinematography for me and slight excitements. ** out of *****
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Less Than The Minimum Lethal Dose.
rmax3048232 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Heather Graham, with her enormous blue eyes, long blond hair, and creamy complexion, looks like she comes from the Upper Midwest, which she does, and was brought up on food like corn and peaches and whole milk. She look like a winsome young girl except for her generous bosom, on ample display here. Nobody should kill her, softly or otherwise. She should be cuddled and stroked like a furry little kitten. If nobody else wants to do it, I'll volunteer.

Alas, though, Heather Graham, playing a computer person for a London company, has a problem common to women of this genre. She's living comfortably with a man who loves her but falls for another who carries around with him a cloud of pheromones. She has a lot of company in the role of bored housewife -- Lady Chatterley, Emmanuelle, Anna Karenina, Emma Bovary, and who knows how many others.

Her new lover is Joseph Fiennes. He's mysterious, darkly handsome, needs a shave, wears the smirk of self-confidence, is both a mountain climber and a writer, and makes terrific feral love. What more could any woman ask for? Graham leaves her loving but average boy friend and moves in with Fiennes.

Now, we experienced viewers know very well that when a woman does something like that -- walks out on a dull bulb and marries a symbol of virility that she knows little about -- there's a fly in the ointment somewhere. Fiennes can't be that good. NOBODY can be that good. So it becomes a question, not of whether anything is wrong with him, but exactly WHAT is wrong with him. What secrets is he hiding from her? I certainly don't want to spoil this movie for anyone by giving away the ending, but let me let slip a hint. Fiennes and his sister, Natasha McElhone, are a little too close when judged by the usual norms governing sibling morality, and the death of Fiennes previous wife wasn't exactly as initially presented. She didn't fall off a mountain top. She had her head bashed by a jealous McElhone. Nor is Fiennes exactly the innocent play in these events. He winds up in the slams. I hope that doesn't give away anything.

I bought this DVD mostly to take a dekko of Heather Graham's upper torso. It was gratifying. She's just plain splendid. As an addition -- and unexpected pleasure -- I found the story at times so ridiculous as to be comic. When Graham begins to suspect something is up with Fiennes, she begins to PRY INTO HIS PRIVATE THINGS, what the sociologist Erving Goffman called his information preserve. She's looking for letters or something. She isn't sure what. She doesn't have to KNOW what. It is in the nature of wives to SNOOP, as I know all too well. So, pardon me, so here she is banging a lock off Fiennes private cabinet where he stashes his mountain-climbing gear and frantically scattering papers and ropes and pitons around. Downstairs, the door opens. Fiennes is home earlier than expected. He calls her name. In a frenzy she begins stuffing this crap back into the closet whence it came. The camera meanwhile shows us Fiennes dark boots slowly climbing the steps -- one by agonizing one. The musical theme, which has so far been lush and romantic, now becomes menacing. Upstairs Graham finally gets the closet closed and is about to turn and greet Fiennes as he enters the room except that -- no! -- two or three coils of bright blue mountain-climbing rope now extrude from under the closet door. Caught up in a whirlwind of anxiety she begins trying to stuff the coils back out of sight as those ominous dark boots move step by step down the hallway towards the door, behind which -- But enough of that. I was laughing so hard at that one scene that it made the purchase of the DVD worthwhile, quite aside from Heather Graham's seraphic features or jiggling boobs.

But that's my take on it, and before accepting my judgment of the film you ought to take into account the fact that my taste is perverse. I wasn't worried when Fiennes and Graham are naked on the bed and he wraps a long silk scarf around her neck and begins strangling her. Not a bit. I thought it was a little naughty to half-throttle a gorgeous woman but I wasn't concerned because, at that point, the movie was only two-thirds over, so I knew she'd survive intact.

I'm not really sure a normal viewer could survive this movie intact. There are really only three reasons for watching it. Two of them belong to Heather Graham and the third is the amusement quotient involved in watching any familiar ritual play itself out before us, a point of comfort in a changing and disappointing universe.
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A Strange sort of Love Story...
arrival5 June 2006
This is a really weird film for me. I've only ever seen it twice, and it having been some time since I saw it the first time around, I was surprised to find that on my second viewing, I'd only really remembered about the first twenty minutes or so - a part which had stuck in my mind quite vividly.

Despite its suspense-type thriller content, along with some really explicit scenes featuring 'kinky' sex, ironically, the most memorable moments in this film are the romantic ones.

The movie gets off to a great start, and gives the Viewer the misconception they're in for a real soppy love story, about two complete strangers falling in love at first sight - but it's far more complex than that - and a lot more exciting; falling for a strange dishy guy with kinky sex fetishes and then marrying him - all in a space of a few days! The haunting soundtrack helps this Movie along.

I've not read the book and so know nothing about the Author, but the whole story is a little mixed up and has a distinctly 'unclear' ending, but somehow the film is memorable for more simpler reasons.
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Impressive portrayal of Borderline Personality Disorder
Fiennes_Friendly18 November 2003
Although the book was better because it had more time to develop the characters and show you some why's, Fiennes did an excellent job at portraying someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. The book ending was far better, but the sister wasn't really in the book at all, which changed the plot significantly. Sad to say I was not impressed with Heather doing the doe-eyed groupie bit, but such is her type-cast.
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Killing me softly: The critics hate it, BUT I didn't!
Italy-Wedding22 September 2002
I guess everyone knows Joseph Fiennes, the actor of "Shakespeare in Love" and "Elizabeth", it is quite a long-time that we hear something of him. Well we've got some films but they are not great. Only "Enemy at the Gates" was well known, the rest of his work was forgotten. Now it is always difficult to make a comeback and certainly when you have a brother who is more successful than you are. Yes indeed his great brother Ralph, who he is always mentioned with.

Joseph Fiennes hoped to make a success together with actress Heather Graham, who was quite successful in "From Hell", although the film received some negative reviews, and it was especially the performance of Johnny Depp, who helped the film and not the performance of Heather.

But they both took a risk choosing a quite bad script, but a director who you can trust, because of his better films before this one. "Killing Me Softly" based on a book with some violent scenes.

All critics didn't give good comments on this movie, they didn't see one good thing in this movie and I think that is not true. Ok, I admit, it isn't perfect, but which film is really good these days?

Yes, the script is bad, but you can't say that the performances were that bad. Although I didn't like the character of Heather Graham at all, and her performance was not good, and I didn't like her because she had such a stupid character. She has everything that she needs but then she meets another guy and she leaves her boyfriend, just like that. I don't like those people, they think they 're the kings of the world.

But al least you can say something about Joseph's performance. He did it well, and I hope he will receive more attention in his next films; "Leo" with Dennis Hopper, "Luther" with Peter Ustinov and "The Great Raid" with Benjamin Bratt".

He was good, but not really what I expected after seeing "Shakespeare in Love" He can be better, but I have seen worse performances.

As for scenes; well I think that the nudity in the film is overrated Heather doesn't have problems to appear nude in front of the screen, well that is her problem, not mine. But she can't save the film being nude. I think that the film would be totally different if Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Winslet replaced her. They are much better (playing that part) in my opinion at least. Joseph Fiennes also appeared nude, but certainly not much. I think that there isn't as much nudity as you see in "Irréversible" or "The Pillow Book"; however I didn't see these films.

But there are also some beautiful images of mountains and London, but that 's all.

The story:

Alice meets Adam Tallis, she falls in love with him and she leaves her friend Jake. laTer she meets his sister, after she married Jake, she discovers some weird things about him. What is the past of this man?

You would think that this film is a thriller, but just see it as a step out of reality.

AS I said: "the critics hate it, BUT I didn't". I don't mean that I loved it, but you can say 'it is bad' just like that. A lot of people have worked on this movie and you can say your opinion with some respect.

Rating: 6,5/10 or ** out of ****
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Only watchable
jrgirones29 May 2002
Watchable but disappointing erotic thriller which is basically a Hitchcock's wannabe: there's a MacGuffin (the killing of young ladies and Graham's character wondering if her husband could be the murderer) and an appealing main subject (mistrust and paranoia within the marriage)through which the intrigue is set. The problem is that the film becomes predictable since nearly the first minute and consequently the intrigue disappears and even becomes ridiculously solved towards the end.

It is supposed to be erotic, too, but some nudity scenes are not enough to achieve that effect: not only there's no imagination here, but also oriental director Kaige imitates without originality the erotic climax of the Japanese classic "Ai no corrida" ("In the realm of the senses") directed by Nagisa Oshima.

Besides, and despite being a reasonably good actor, Joseph Fiennes is not very convincing in the role of ambiguous husband.

Enjoy Patrick Doyle lovely and thrilling score (with a Bernard Herrmann's edge... after all, the central object here is to recreate the Hitchcock´s mood) and not worry too much if you miss this watchable pot boiler.
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Heather Graham Is an Excellent Actress and Does not Need to Be Exposed Naked So Many Times, Like in This Predictable Movie
claudio_carvalho13 March 2004
Alice (Heather Graham) is an American website designer living in London with the engineer Jake (Jason Hughes). Their life is a routine, they love each other and Jake wants to marry her. One morning, while going to her work, she meets the climber Adam (Joseph Fiennes), and immediately they have a great sex, feeling lust for each other. A couple of days later, Alice decides to leave Jake and meets Adam's sister Deborah (Natascha McElhone), and they become friends. Then, Adam and Alice are in love for each other and decide to get married. While living together, Alice receives some anonymous letters and realizes that she does not know anything about Adam's past, and she suspects he killed his former girlfriends. This erotic thriller has a very predictable end. I do not understand why Heather Graham accepted such a role. She is an excellent actress and does not need to undress so many times like along in this film. I hate the idiot face of Joseph Fiennes, who looks like the horrible Christopher Lambert, only younger. The plot is very predictable: how many thrillers show a woman who meets a guy, fall in love with him and then realizes that he is a psycho, maniac, killer etc.? I indeed was very disappointed and expected much more from Heather Graham and Natascha McElhone. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): `Mata-me de Prazer' (`Kill me of Pleasure')
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