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MPAA Rated R for strong sexuality, some violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman enters an apartment, a man grabs her breasts from behind. The woman turns around and the two kiss. The man pushes up her shirt and pulls down her bra, he kisses her breasts and her abdomen whilst fondling her breasts at the same time. The woman jumps onto him, they are then shown fully naked, as the man carries the woman into the next room. The man gets on his knees with the woman in his lap, her ass can be seen. He pushes her down onto the floor and thrusts several times into her, the man's ass can be seen. They flip over and she straddles him, showing her bare breasts. Later the woman is shown dressing, the camera follows her from her legs to her abdomen showing her in her panties and the sides of her breasts. The man, wearing boxer shorts, picks up her bra and puts it on her.
  • A man is shown thrusting on top of a woman, in bed, under the covers. The woman flips over so she is straddling him, the man's bare chest can be seen. The woman is shown bouncing on top of the man as she rides him
  • A man and woman kiss in the street. The man lifts the woman and takes her into an alleyway, he is shown removing her coat (sex is implied)
  • A woman is shown in the back of a taxi, she has both her hands between her legs (masturbation is implied). Later, the woman is shown bent over a table, as a naked man is shown taking her from behind, he turns her over and penetrates her from the front, from the reflection behind them, the man is shown thrusting into the woman as she is heard moaning
  • A woman stands in the woods and exposes her breasts as a man takes her photograph
  • A woman can be seen, kneeling on the floor, her bare breasts can be seen as a man wraps a scarf around her neck. The man then walks over to a wall and ties the scarf to some hooks, his naked ass can be seen. Afterwards the woman can be seen sitting in the man's lap as she rides him. The man has hold of the other ends of the scarf, lightly applying pressure. As the man thrusts into the woman he pulls on the scarf tightly, choking the woman. The scarf is shown to come loose, as the man rolls over (his naked ass can be seen) and thrusts into the woman (her bare breasts can be seen). The man is then shown lifting the woman as she straddles him and taking her over to a wall as he continues thrusting into her

Violence & Gore

  • A group of climbers fall to their death.
  • A man and woman have sex where the woman has a cloth around her neck and he strangles her (not violently). Another time, he ties her up to a table.
  • Two women fight. A man comes and tries to break it up. One woman shoots the other in the chest with a flare, killing her.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some smoking. Some incidental drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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