Killing Me Softly (2002) Poster

Joseph Fiennes: Adam Tallis



  • Adam Tallis : We spend our lives searching for our other half.

  • Adam Tallis : I have nothing to hide, Alice!

  • Adam Tallis : [as Alice puts on her stockings]  Don't turn away.

    [looks at her appreciatively] 

    Adam Tallis : Come here tomorrow.

    Alice : [up close together, forehead touching his, longingly:]  I have to work.

    Adam Tallis : Then come back tonight.

    Alice : I can't.

    Adam Tallis : Whenever you want, Alice. You decide, and I'll be here.

  • Adam Tallis : [told her about the painful memories after the incident]  It's been two years, and it doesn't go away.

    Alice : [kisses him, then confides:]  I live with someone.

    Adam Tallis : [confidently]  But you're here.

    Alice : I have to go.

    [turns away] 

  • Alice : [as Adam is about to tie her up, alarmed:]  What are you doing?

    Adam Tallis : What am I doing? I'm making you mine!

    [ties Alice to the table] 

    Alice : Sometimes I feel Ike I don't know you.

    Adam Tallis : Oh, you know me. You know everything you need to know.

    [grabs her face] 

    Adam Tallis : Look at me.

    [she keeps her eyes closed] 

    Adam Tallis : Please.

    [violent shout:] 

    Adam Tallis : Open your eyes!

  • Adam Tallis : [sits looking down at his loosely tied captive]  Have you been with another man?

    Alice : [smiles]  No.

    Adam Tallis : [whispers]  What are you doing, then, hmm? What's going on in there?

    [taps her forehead, then gets up] 

    Adam Tallis : Why... why do you keep sneaking around? Is... is the suspicion exciting? Do you need it to get off? What is it?

    Alice : [sits upright]  i found Adèle's letters.

    [defiant look] 

    Adam Tallis : You..."found"... Adèle's letters?


    Adam Tallis : Is that how you tell the story? They were just... sitting with my keys and you happened to notice them?

    [rushes up the stairs, promptly returning, scattering letters] 

    Adam Tallis : Look what I just happened to find. These... and these! And I found these! Here, read them! I have nothing to hide, Alice!

    [she lies down, feigning indifference, and he comes down the stairs] 

    Adam Tallis : Do you sneak around behind my back because you... need it to get rougher and rougher? I mean, is that it? I'm trying to understand you, Alice. Do you do this so I punish you?

    [panting breath] 

    Adam Tallis : Is that where you're going?

    Alice : [lies down]  Adam... please untie me.

    Adam Tallis : If you trusted me...

    [rasping breath] 

    Adam Tallis : you wouldn't be in this position, Alice.

    Alice : [sits upright again]  I just... I just wanted to know more about you... I wanted to know your past. And I wanted to know your stories. I just thought if I knew more... that I could love you more. I know the only thing that matters is us together. I know that. Because when you're not around, I get lost.

    [sad little sniffle] 

    Adam Tallis : It drives me crazy to think about losing you.

    [strokes her bound feet lovingly, and as she lies down flat again, he kisses the nearest foot, sighing:] 

    Adam Tallis : I'm yours, Alice. What more do you need to know?

    [his hands on her throat:] 

    Adam Tallis : I could break your neck, I love you so much. Do you want to stay here? I mean... do you like this?

    Alice : Adam... I have to pee.

  • Adam Tallis : [to police officers in interrogation room]  I would never hurt her. I love her.

    Alice : [looking through one-way mirror]  You brought him in?

    Senior Police Officer : He walked in, looking for you. He brought in a pair of shoes. He was worried about your feet...

    [Alice contemplates this] 

    Senior Police Officer : I believe your husband has the potential for violence. I believe he's unpredictable. But is he a murderer? I don't know. The truth is, what you two have been doing together was consensual. You said it yourself. You liked it.

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