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French Actor Alexandre Astier to Write and Co-Direct Animated Asterix Sequel in 3D; 2014 Release Planned

Mac Guff, the Paris-based animation company behind Despicable Me, will take on the Gauls in a new 3D adventure fronted by Alexandre Astier. The French actor, writer and director revealed to the French site that he will pen and co-direct Astérix: Le Domaine Des Dieux, based on the comic Asterix The Mansions of the Gods. Set for release in 2014, the 3D animated feature will be produced by M6 Studios, part of the M6 Group, and distributed through Snd in France.

This will be the fourth major Asterix feature since 1999’s Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar. It was followed by Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra in 2002 and Asterix at the Olympic Games in 2008, in which Astier starred alongside Gérard Depardieu. Find out more about Asterix and watch Astier’s interview (in French) after the jump.

Comics are a huge part of French culture and Asterix is probably one of the most famous series,
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Bellucci's Cleopatra Gown Stolen

Bellucci's Cleopatra Gown Stolen
The sexy dress Monica Bellucci donned for her portrayal of Cleopatra has been stolen from a French hotel - by a waiter who wanted to impress girls. The exquisite outfit the Matrix Reloaded beauty wore in the 2002 French film Asterix And Obelix: Mission Cleopatra is worth $180,000, as it is spun from gold thread. The unique garment went missing on Sunday from the Martinez Hotel, where it had been on show during the Cannes Film Festival. The thief, who had just started work at the hotel as a waiter, was arrested on Tuesday and quickly confessed he had wanted the dress as a gift for two girls he had met only hours earlier. The three have been released, but will be charged with theft. The dress was returned to its owner - a firm specializing in film costumes - but it has been badly damaged.

Depardieu Acts Saintly

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Depardieu Acts Saintly
The Pope has convinced Gerard Depardieu to take up the role of St. Augustine of Hippo in an attempt to spread the word of Christianity. The Frenchman, who was in Rome to promote his latest film Asterix And Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, was confronted by the head of the Catholic church over his resemblance to the fourth century author of The Confessions. He, like the Green Card and Jean De Florette star, was a "wild child" before rediscovering Christianity later in life. The 53-year-old says, "As soon as I entered the room the Holy Father said 'But that's St Augustine'." Depardieu's intention is now to conduct a reading of The Confessions in public, at Thagaste, which is the birthplace of the saint in present day Algeria.

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