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  • Phil, a student who recently transferred into his high school, keeps to himself a lot, spending time in his basement building radios and record players. His dad notices that he has no friends, and tells him that, like the electronic parts he assembles, "you have to fit in with all hte other parts." Realizing that the reason he has no friends is because he's not one of the "crowd," Phil studies the most popular kids at school, in order to see what traits they admire most, so he can be like them and fit in.


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  • Among the high school kids leaving at the end of the day is Phil (Dick York), who's new in town and has yet to make any friends. Luckily, he can't hear the off-screen narrator (Mike Wallace) mocking him for his shyness. Phil goes home and resumes work on a record player he's assembling. He's having some trouble connecting the oscillator, so Dad drops in to give him some advice on this, and on his problems fitting in. At school the next day, Phil follows Dad's advice by eavesdropping on the popular kids. This turns out surprisingly well, since "being a good listener" is one of the keys to social success. Phil also notices that the popular kids are helpful to others, but he's too shy to try this himself.

    At the drug store, nice guy Chick (who has an unfortunate taste in sweaters) invites Phil over to his booth in order to achieve gender balance. Chick encourages Phil to bring a girl to the upcoming mixer, but despite getting a smile from Mary Lou, he's too shy to invite her. At Dad's encouragement, he goes stag. While there, he overhears some boys struggling with a radio-related issue, so he overcomes his shyness and comes to the rescue with his relevant experience. He even invites a few kids home to see his work in progress. Jane (who is "popular with boys AND girls") invites Phil to bring the finished player to her party next Thursday. As the kids enjoy soda pop provided by Dad, the narrator is semi-encouraging about Phil's social future.

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