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Sex & Nudity

  • The explicit graphic sex scenes involve actual sexual intercourse being shown.
  • An explicit rape scene shows actual penetration taking place
  • Oral sex scenes are shown up close
  • Multiple scenes of full nudity of both males and females
  • Male erections shown.
  • A woman is fingering her vagina while watching a pornographic movie. She is fully clothed.
  • The girls visit a bar. One of the woman there is sucking a man's penis. Another man is thrusting his penis in the mouth of an old woman. A woman is fingering her vagina with one hand and touching another girl with the other hand. The other woman is bent over and she is penetrated from behind. The movement of penis in her vagina is visible.

Violence & Gore

  • Graphic scenes of violence and bloody violence throughout.
  • A girl uses a gun to anally penetrate and anally shoot a man. Sick violence throughout the whole movie.


  • Very strong language throughout the film, in a coarse manner. Whole film is subtitled.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Frequent substance abuse, both illegal drugs and Alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An extremely sexually and violently explicit film that is likely to disturb and shock all viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Two girls are kidnapped by three men. One of the guy hits one of the girl badly. He forces her to lie on the hood of the car and proceeds to remove her panties forcefully. He then enters her and removes her top to fondle her breasts.Then he rapes her with hard strokes while she is crying. Her pubic hairs are visible for some time. Then he invites his friend to have sex with her and he leaves her. His erect penis and her buttocks are visible. Then the other guys rapes her.
  • The other girl is dragged out of the car and she is lying on the floor and her vagina is visible from top. The guy asks her to "Get on all four" and strokes his penis. He then enters her from behind. But after some time he leaves her because she is not responding at all.
  • A girl removes all her clothes except her bra and underwear. A man is sitting on a bed stroking his penis (it is visible) and he invites the girl on bed. The girl proceeds to stroke and suck his penis doing oral sex for him. He forces her had on his penis. He then removes her underwear and tries to kiss her on the face but she refuses. He then proceeds to penetrate her from the front and she looks at a TV with upside down view. He then asks her to turn over and enters her from behind. The movement of his penis in her vagina is clearly shown.
  • Karen and Rafaella are with two men in a room. Rafaella tears removes her top and reveals her breasts to a man who sucks on them. She also put her hand in his pants. She rides him and her breasts are visible. Then it is implied that she is sucking his penis. She then gets on top of him and she lets him penetrate. She then thrust from the top. Later she is clearly shown to be sucking his hard penis and kissing him while she strokes it. A man kisses Karen and strokes her buttocks. He then penetrates her from front and thrusts hard into her. She raises her legs and his pounding is shaking the whole bed. He then clearly licks her vagina. He then penetrates her from behind and also strokes her clit. He then gets on top of her and fingers her vagina. Then he enters her from front and thrusts hard while both of her legs are in the air. After their climax, one of the man remarks that now the two girls should have sex. So he was asked to leave.
  • The girls pick up a man from a bar. Rafaella raises her skirt and pushes his head between her breasts. She wants him to have sex without condom to which he disagrees. She grabs his crotch and finds that his penis is not erect. He requests her to do oral sex to help him. She agrees but she continues to do oral sex till he discharges. His semen is shown all over her face.
  • Rafaella grabs a man in an alley and kisses him hard. Later she tears open the crotch of her pantyhose and the man penetrates her from behind. She is shown to be in ecstasy while he is thrusting her. There is a close up of her bra covered breasts and later he discharges his semen on her buttocks.
  • A man is kissing Karen hard while fondling her buttocks. She reaches down and takes out his fully erect penis and strokes it. He is rubbing her vagina from top of her underwear. Karen removes her panty to expose her vagina and bends down erotically to give the man a view of her hanging breasts. She then turns around and her buttocks and below it her vagina are visible which she is stroking. She then rubs her boobs together. All the while the man is masturbating. She then sucks his penis and is shown to be licking the top of it.

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