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ddchbt9 June 2010
The people and events highlighted in this video are scary. The commentators are obviously just "mailing it in" with no attempt to interest their audience. To suggest that these undocumented events support some type of power, is an insult to the viewers. It is very scary to know that some folks are influenced by these people. Scariest of all is the last sequence of Jim Jones, famous for the Jonestown massacre, performing "healings" in a church in California. The sequence of Jones is historically significant, considering how he and his followers ended up. All in all, a vast waste of time, one that I will file away to save and NEVER view again.
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An interesting movie about the supernatural from the 70's
FriedBreadCafe9 January 2005
Unknown powers is an interesting documentary from 1978. As expected, the quality is quite dated. Various older movie stars from the 70's host a variety of short stories on a variety of elements of the supernatural, everything from faith operations in the Phillipines (which has now been debunked) to ghostly apparitions found in the old prisons of the Civil War.

There's an interesting segment on Jim Jones as a faith healer from San Francisco, who migrated and built his own town and named it Jonestown. Times were different then, less cynicism, more interest in exploring the spirital in church led to many poor desperate people latching on to scheisters like Jim Jones, who took all their money for himself,slept with all the women, then had them all murdered before he committed suicide.

The movie does have some real cheesy parts to it, but some actual footage of some of the stories and the scary background music put a good spook in you. This movie would be a pleasant distraction for a rainy afternoon, watch it to see what spiritual documentaries were like in the 70's.
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Hard to find, and for good reason!
Wizard-85 July 2001
This was one of the last of the exploitation documentary craze of the '70s. Perhaps seeing the dwindling audiences for these docs explains why little seems to have been done to make it good. The four guest starts have mostly generic narration, suggestion that most (if not all) of the documentary was actually conceived and made after their spots were filmed! Anyway, you'll find a ton of stock footage; inept editing; that a surprising number of actual names, places, and dates NEVER get mentioned; a number of "amazing" phenomenon that has been discredited in recent years (psychic surgery, hypnosis into people's past etc.) and no end credits, suggesting (unless the video manufacturer interfered) that the movie was never actually finished!
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