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Yes, yes, it's all true!
Michael DeZubiria26 March 2002
For The Birds is the side-splittingly hilarious short animated film that preceded the rather unimpressive Monsters, Inc, and all this hype that you may have read about For The Birds in the comments index here on the IMDb is pretty accurate, with the exception of the occasional grump who calls it forgettable or just amusing or some other such nonsense. Pixar is becoming more and more famous for the hilarity of their films (especially the short ones, if only because they are virtually uniformly hilarious), and For The Birds is definitely no exception.

What you have here is a story that is about as simple as they come - a bunch of tiny egg-shaped birds on a telephone wire who are approached by a big goofy bird, and they are all contemptuous toward her and do everything they can to get rid of her. It's the conspiracy that these little birds come up with to get rid of this ostrich-looking bird (yes, I know it's not an ostrich, by the way) and the fact that Pixar is able to communicate it to the audience without a single piece of dialogue other than these hilarious cheeps and grunts that the birds make that makes the film so impressive and funny and, yes, MEMORABLE. The Academy Award that For The Birds won for Best Animated Short Film for 2001 was even less of a surprise than the one that Shrek won for Best Animated feature! It was a given!

For The Birds is not the kind of short film that you watch before a rather short animated film and serves no other purpose than to make you feel like you got your money's worth because the feature film is rather short. This is not just something to keep you in your seats for a little longer (how much of a difference would three minutes really make in that case?), this is something that Pixar throws into the mix because they're so good at what they do that they can deliver pure entertainment even with such a short film. The old Roger Rabbit short films are the kind that are mildly amusing on a more childish level and that can be forgotten rather quickly, but For The Birds is something else entirely. Like all the Pixar shorts - not the least of which is Geri's Game (which should not be confused with Gerald's Game, which is a strikingly different story!), one of my personal favorites - For The Birds is the kind of short film that you enjoy for only a few minutes but remember for years. My only hope is that Pixar will someday come out with a special DVD just for all of their short films. Bravo!
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three minutes of bliss
mr underperson23 January 2005
Okay an hour, if like me you watch it twenty times, and then watch it again. I recommend copying it from the DVD onto your hard drive, keep it handy.

"For The Birds" is another slick, colourful vignette from the wonderful Pixar animation studio, a delightful moral tale, and simply essential viewing for anyone following their remarkable output.

A masterwork of lightening fast character sketching and feathery CGI texture work, comic at every turn, and still laugh-out-loud funny after two dozen viewings or more. Watch out, most of the best action happens at the left hand side.

The sort of thing you could imagine some Pixar genius tossing off over lunch-break, just for fun, except it probably took months to create and weeks to render. But sure worth every single CPU cycle.

Will get a belly-laugh even from problem children.

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DanB-425 March 2002
To appreciate a small miracle like For the Birds, see it with children. Observe them as they watch, understand, empathize and laugh out loud to a quirky short with no dialogue. When a director can combine a visually joyful piece that is poignant as well as entertaining to anyone of any age, an Oscar is deserved. For the Birds ranks with its Oscar Winning predecessor Geri's Game as a tiny slice of genius. Bravo. let's hope it ends up on the Monster's Inc DVD. **** out of ****.
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Words fail me
Christian Jahnsen13 February 2002
Shown before Monsters Inc., this short was arguably the most fun-filled five minutes of my entire life! Monsters Inc. was a great great great film, fantastic in all aspects (10/10), and yet, "For the birds" was the biggest impression of the lot, when you left the theatre. At times, I caught myself thinking: "Would you please hold the jokes for just a minute!! I need to catch my breath here!!!!!!!!". It really was THAT hilarious.

I've always been a HUGE admirer of Pixar, and have seen all their shorts and real films (Tin Toy, Nick Nack, Geri's Game, Toy Story 1 and 2 to name but a few), but "For the birds" is their finest hour as of yet!! Their humour is just so indescribably good!! For everybody who likes justice, animals and most of all, to laugh, this is for you! I can't imagine who would think this isn't humour at its very best!

Thank you, Pixar! 10/10 is simply too little for your latest short, but the scale doesn't go any higher. It is at times like when I saw "For the birds" that I wish my life had a rewind button, so that I could experience this for the first time over and over again.
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Probably the funniest short film ever
nucksfan4life23 September 2002
"For the Birds" has so much funny packed into its miniscule running time. The birds portrayed are easily the funniest looking birds I have ever seen. Their mannerisms are perfectly hilarious. The way they act as a flock all mimicking each other is great. I loved when they teased the bigger goofier looking bird. I think it is safe to say that "For the Birds" is the funniest short film ever made.
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Phil Karn23 May 2003
I've watched this short a dozen times, and I still laugh out loud at the main gag. This film is comic perfection.

Remember how the Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons always looks plaintively at the camera whenever he makes a mistake, the pupils of his eyes narrowing just before he falls off the cliff, the boulder crushes him, or the dynamite explodes in his face?

That was the kind of touch that made those old cartoons great. And it is clear from this film that the spirits of Chuck Jones, Tex Avery and the other classic animators are alive and well at Pixar.
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Yeah, It's Cute & Clever But Also Over-Praised
ccthemovieman-127 June 2007
This three-minute cartoon won an Oscar for Best Animated Short For 2000. It also won numerous other awards. It can be seen as a feature on the "Monsters, Inc.," DVD.

I agree with reviewer "Jack The Ripper 1888" that it was enjoyable and pretty good....but what's all the fuss about? To me, it was "cute" and the animation was terrific, but Pixar's animation is always top-of-the-line, so there was no surprise there.

The story is simple: little birds make fun of big, dumb-looking bird who gets the last laugh when the little ones' nastiness goes too far. I guess the fun in here wasn't the one joke, which you could see coming, but the little things that led up to it. I enjoyed the noises the little birds made, the music in this animated short and the facial expressions, of course.

It's cute, it's clever but it's no big deal.....sorry. I enjoyed the other cartoon in this DVD, "Mike's New Car," more than this one, although both were fun to watch.
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Tex Avery would be proud!
Robert Reynolds24 January 2003
This is one of the funniest shorts I've ever seen! Lots of things popped into my head while watching this: it's an example of instant karmic payback, for one, an equally solid example of the law of unintended consequences as well. This has got to have one of the top five closing sight gags of all time! Tex Avery would have probably loved this one! I for one hope that Pixar continues to do shorts of one stripe or another, because the ones I've seen are fabulously done. I haven't even watched Monsters Inc. yet and consider the DVD worth the price of admission just to see For the Birds. The rest is icing on the cake. Excellent piece of work and well worth watching. Most highly recommended!
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Perfect Brilliance!
Bob__Loblaw24 March 2002
Not one wasted shot! Perfect timing and structure. One of, if not the best animated short I have ever seen. After I saw this, I sat down and thought about it. I thought of how long its been since we had such a Marvelous 5 minutes of animation on the same level of Chuck Jones. How wonderful to have some creative forces to share with us this vision and hopefully more in the future.
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Better than Monsters Inc.
PlanecrazyIkarus4 February 2002
This short little gem was screened before Monsters Inc. And it was the best part of the coming 2 hours or so. It's endearing, it's hilarious, and it's cute and adorable. It got more laughs in its 5 minutes than Monsters Inc got during its 90.

I'd highly recommend this short movie to anyone. Perfect entertainment.
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Might not be hilarious, but was still amazing
olyfreak-129 August 2003
I saw For the Birds when I first saw Monsters, Inc. in the theater. It was alright, but I don't think that the humor was the best part of it. For me, the complexity of the animation was what I enjoyed the most. The incredible detail of each individual feather had to (and did) take years to perfect. If you can look past the attempts to be funny, For the Birds was an excellent example of computer animation, and it deserved to win an Oscar for Best Short Animated Film.
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Very funny one-joke short
bob the moo21 February 2002
A group of small birds nestle comfortably on a telephone wire. When a large bird wants to join them they treat him with contempt and make fun of him. However when he joins them on the wire they learn a very harsh lesson about accepting others.

Shown before Monsters Inc. this short helped make for a longer running time and give a feeling of more value for money. It is a very simple short, with no dialogue. The little birds are really cool with great facial expressions and manage to be really likeable. The big bird looks real goofy and it's easy to join the little birds in mocking him. I suppose that is good because it makes their lesson our lesson.

The animation is superb, the backgrounds are bright and colourful and each feather on each bird looks really realistic. The short is very funny - funnier than it sounds, the little birds are really funny, kids will love it because all the comedy is visual, adults will love it because it's not too childish. It feels better than it is because it is a one-joke short, if they'd had to make this longer I think it would have suffered. However as a short it manages to be short and sweet, it's not very memorable but it is a funny joke.

Overall it is by no means the funniest 5 minutes of my life (!), but it is a very good one-joke short that is funnier that Monsters Inc (but lets not forget that MI actually needed a better story!). Funny, warm but ultimately forgettable.
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I wonder if the little guys hate Pixar?
MartinHafer8 February 2008
This is a wacky little short that is about one big and dumb bird and his dealings with lots of mean little birds. The big guy just wants to be friends, but the nasty little guys want him to go away and don't care what they have to do to make it happen--leading to a very funny conclusion where the little jerks get theirs!

Think about it...for the category of Best Animated Short Film for the Oscars for 2002, you have several independent productions made on shoestring budgets...and this WHOPPING production made by the pioneering geniuses at Pixar Films! It's a definite case of "David versus Goliath", though in this case Goliath definitely wins! Pixar couldn't help but win--the graphics were, as usual, superb, the writing was spot on and brilliant and it was just so gosh-darn cute and entertaining. So for the "little guys", it's definitely a huge struggle to beat such a great combination. This film definitely earned the award, but you gotta wonder how tough it must feel to be one of these other filmmakers. Perhaps, in an odd way, this film might be a metaphor about this struggle.
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Ah this is just genius!!
highkite3 August 2006
I love it when little cartoons like these win an Oscar. There are so many variety of little animated shorts, some that are really innovative and some that are very deep, but some just deserve the win for being so fun. For three whole minutes, this little film has you in hysterics. From the amazing sound effects that the birds make, to the incredibly genius ending, it's fun to keep watching this just for kicks.

It's about a couple of little snobby birds who fly onto a telephone wire and start hilariously chirping at each other. They suddenly hear a loud scream and they look over to see a funny looking big bird who wants to join in. The bird comes over and stands with them, pulling the wire down. The bird flips and holds on with one leg and the snobby birds start playing a game of "this little piggy..." They look down and as they're taking off the last finger, they notice that the telephone wire is at ground level and that the big bird will surely just fall an inch and they will get shot up. In a hilarious ending, the bird falls and the snobby birds fly up, losing all of their feathers.

This is an animated short that everyone can enjoy. It's not exactly targeted to children, nor is it targeted towards animated short buffs. It's something fun to watch before starting a good movie, or something hilarious to see when you're down. It always puts a smile on your face.

"For the Birds" is definitely an animated short that focuses more on the humor aspect, rather than the animation and story. The real fun comes when watching it with different people, knowing you'll all hysterically laugh once that bird falls and the snobby birds fly up. Definitely worth at least one viewing for pure entertainment! 9/10
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short and sweet
Chris Foo19 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Ever felt like the new kid in class?

Pixar's animated short "For the birds" expresses just that feeling - and in an utterly hilarious and entertaining way.

The story starts off with a group of birds sitting on a wire. Along comes this "Big bird" like creature who is (oh so) eager to join in - to the displeasure of members of the group because he simply does not fit in. They plot to get rid of him, but get their just deserts in the end.

This is a simple story and one that has been re-hashed many times. Yet, one has to marvel at the attention to detail the story tellers at Pixar have put in. According to the Pixar website (, each of the birds on the wire were given a name and a personality (eg. Chipper, Bully, Snob and Neurotic). Pay attention to how these differences are expressed in each bird. It's no wonder this little film won the Oscar for best animated short in 2001.

Ralph Eggleston, a veteran of such hit animated films as Finding Nemo and Toy Story, directs this short - which was first shown as an appetizer for the movie "Monster's Inc". Eggleston started out his career as an animator and gradually moved up to director, a path much unlike other directors who start out in film or TV. So perhaps it's with this film that he shows that it isn't so bad to be the odd one out amongst one's peers after all.
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Pixar does it again.
Gyoza Man22 June 2000
I was fortunate to be at one of the first ever screenings of this short, presented by John Lasseter at the Disney Institute. Once again Pixar leaves you rolling in the aisles. Bird owners are sure to get a special kick out of this one. I don't think any of today's animation companies exhibit the true spirit of animation like Pixar does.
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I must be missing something...
Jack the Ripper188811 June 2003
Like everyone else who saw this quaint, little animated short, I had to see it before I could watch MONSTERS, INC. But, unlike everyone else, I don't see what is so great about this. (And I looked through every single comment written on this, they are all positive). I just really don't understand what was so funny about this short.

I even watched it again after finding that everyone (literally) loved this short film. I still don't see anything good in it, other than the animation which was very well done, but other than that, I did not find it funny in the least. I even thought the birds were a little cruel until I discovered that that was done on purpose. FOR THE BIRDS is nothing special in my opinion, but the animation was good as hell. I recommend you wait until the end of the actual film for MIKE'S NEW CAR which also was nothing to brag about.

I will even give it another try, but I don't think it'll do much. FOR THE BIRDS gets 3/5 (that is average on my scale...and those points are only for the animation).
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An excellent short
homer_simpson9122 November 2001
Visually impressive, but also hilarious. The goofy bird is especially funny. I laughed out loud throughout the whole thing. Worked well as an introduction to MONSTERS INC (9/10), which is where most people will have seen it first.

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It Reflects Reality
mihai_chindris15 April 2018
Apart from being such an amusing and funny short, it teaches us something. We don't let all people in our circles . We surround ourselves with the ones that are "likeable" and pleasant to be with. Well, there's another story in this movie, but you get the point. Many people come and go, and it's becoming harder and harder to make a selection of the ones that you want to spend time, have fun, and be with.
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Who has the last laugh
Gordon-118 November 2017
This short animation tells the story of a group of mean birds on a wire, who laughs at a big bird who wants to join them on the wire.

The animation is only three minutes long, but it already tells a lot of story. The little birds are really mean, and bullies the big bird. The big bird tries to be friendly, but is bullied by the small birds. Well, who has the last laugh? The short animation is entertaining, and has a satisfactory ending. I enjoyed watching it.
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Universal Humour
Imdbidia7 January 2017
This is one of those shorts that will be remembered for a long time. It is not the special effects, it is not the outrageousness of the characters, it is not the super-duper adventure or whatever. Everything about this story is simple, from the animation to the narrative. There is humour all around us, everywhere, on a daily basis. It is a matter of paying attention to the little funny things that speak to anybody and everybody, and bring them to the screen. That is, precisely, what this short does. The humour is Universal, white and clean. This short has some of the style and feeling of Warner Bross + Hanna Barberah cartoons of the 1950s, which had a mix of innocence, naughtiness and fun. It doesn't matter that the story is simple or that not a word is uttered. Why do we need words? Birds don't speak English, you know. Yet, you will laugh.
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Interesting movie
shuna-1412226 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is story of the birds which flock to the wire. Small birds flock to the wire. Immediately small birds fight. General also, people quarrel with neighborhood due to little thing. Small birds find big birds. The small birds fool about the big bird. But, the big bird don't notice that small birds fool about the big bird. Next the small birds scare because the big bird don't notice that small birds fool about the big bird, so small birds take a distance from big birds. General also among people, people ostracized persons who do not like. This situation connected discrimination. I think this movie represents that thing. This is good movie.
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Revenge of the big bird
Warning: Spoilers
"For the Birds" is a three-minute movie from 15 years ago and therefore one of Pixar's shortest and earliest efforts. It won an Oscar in the Animated Short Film category and fittingly the director behind it is named Ralph Eggleston, who also worked as a voice actor here. Surprisingly, after his Oscar win, Mr. Eggleston changed from animation department to art department in the animation sector for most of his following projects. We see a group of restless angry small birds who seem to peck after everything and everybody that annoys them, so after attacking each other, their focus is quickly on a big blue bird that makes another noise than they do. They quickly hunt him away, but he still hangs in. Too late the little fellows understand what him letting loose means. This moment of realization is possibly the funniest part of the film. So you probably know who finally has the last laugh. It's an entertaining three minutes, but I would not say it is Oscar worthy, at least not in terms of the story. Still certainly worth a watch. Recommended and I wonder if the big bird is going to get his own film at some point. Probably not.
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Snobs vs Slobs
ofpsmith24 March 2015
For The Birds is a story about acceptance. The story is as follows. A group of very snobby high class birds are siting on a power line yipping at each other, when a huge goofy bird settles in on the line. Very disturbed by the presence of this large oaf the snobs try to push him off of the power line. You could even think of it like Caddyshack. The snobby birds are Ted Knight, and the big goofy bird is Rodney Dangerfield. It's a very funny little short film that does a good job in showing us all the true meaning of tolerance. If you over think it of course. If you don't over think it it's just a funny little short. It's good either way.
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For the Birds
Conan Edogawa20 July 2013
This is the short story. It is made by Disney Pixar. One blue bird comes to an electrical wire. He wants to relax at there. However other bird comes to there too. He tries to the other bird to drive out. Nevertheless, more and more birds come to there. Finally, the big bird comes. The wire slacks. What will happen to blue bird?

This movie is funny. I like pictures and sounds. Moving is so smoothly, colors are so beautiful. The sounds are funny. It is may be for the little child, if I watch this movie when I was child, It must have be my favorite movie. I like the scene when the big bird comes to the wire. The small birds are so surprised. Their expressions are so funny. The big bird looks so funny. I laugh about it.

Please watch this movie with little children. If watch it, they must be glad.
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