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  • One by one, a flock of small birds perches on a telephone wire. Sitting close together has problems enough, and then comes along a large dopey bird who tries to join them. The birds of a feather can't help but make fun of him -- and the clique mentality proves embarrassing in the end.

  • On a clear and bright morning, a small blue bird lands on a telephone wire to rest. After a while, he is joined by another tiny bird, and then another, and before long, the wire is crammed with the irritable feathered creatures. However, when a friendly but graceless large bird decides to join the crowd of taunting birds, soon, they will all learn that sharing is everything.

  • This animated short starts with a group of small birds perched together on a telephone wire. When a much larger and awkward-looking bird arrives, the smaller birds reject him with taunts and insults. Still, he persists in trying to win their friendship, until at last the smaller birds decide to shove him from their perch. Only too late do they discover that there may be a problem with this plan.

  • A group of snooty birds roosting on a telephone wire get their just deserts when a goofy bird drops in.


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  • A flock of small, blue, birds land and sit on a telephone wire together. Two of them start to argue, push each other. Then they all take sides until a huge goofy bird lands on a nearby pole and wants to join them. As this long, lanky, unwanted guest flies over, the wire sags all almost all of the way to the ground. The little birds get angry as they slide down to the bottom point, bumping into him. They knock the big one off with a peck, but he hangs on with on foot. The closest birds peck away at his toes until he lets go, Just before he does, a few of the little birds see what is about to happen, so they chirp about it. It is too late and poof! The little ones get slung high into the air like the wire is a sling shot, and they lose their feathers. As the naked little birds land, bounce and squeak, the hide behind the big one as he laughs.

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