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One of the worst events in WCW history (spoiler)
Sugar Salvador27 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
What a terrible build-up and terrible delivery. The opener was good but it was dragged down by the Posse. Everyone else should have had bigger roles in the PPV. As soon as we knew DDP wasn't in the tag title match we knew the heat were going over. Revolution-Rednecks was forgettable. The Cat against Bagwell was just horrible. Benoit-DDP was good and good for DDP putting Benoit over. Sid actually went over Sting clean, that made the match interesting. Goldberg vs Rick Steiner? c'mon! Savage and Rodman were actually entertaining but Hogan vs Nash was a poor main event and world title match.
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Ruthsofnashville2 November 2003
great us title match sad ending 2 the show when hogan put his ego over the great kevin nash. the streetfight was hilarious but they could've taken out the contest winner scene like they take out the upcoming events.
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Unblanaced PPV
amanwhorocks21 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
1. Vampiro/Insane Clown Posses Vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr./Kidman/Eddie Guerrero - Good but they can do it better. 8/10

2. WCW Tag Team Championship: Champs-The Jersey Triad Vs. Harlem Heat - Kanyon and Bam Bam lost their titles... match was a little bit better than average. 7/10

3. Curt Hennig/Barry Windham/Bobby Duncum Jr. Vs. Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko/Shane Douglas 7.5/10

4. The Cat Vs. Buff Bagwell - Why is Cat on 3rd PPV in a row. Why are we supposed to watch him... :/ Cat lose. 5.5/10

5. WCW U.S Heavyweight Title Championship: Diamond Dallas Page Vs. Champ-Chris Benoit - Great match, but I didn't get 1 thing. Why, when it was No DQ match and Triad came to save DDP, then why the hell didn't come even The Revolution to help Benoit. They were in backstage and saw the match. ??9/10

6. Sid Vicious Vs. Sting - Hey they let heel Sid get over Sting in a clean way. 7.5/10

7. Rick Steiner Vs. Goldberg - Road Wild to this point has got sooo average matches.6.5/10

8. Dennis Rodman Vs. Randy Savage - Rodman should never be hired in WCW. Totally useless. After 2 years Rodman learned Shortarm Clothesline and Russian Leg Sweep, yippee. OK, it wasn't so horrific like Bash Beach '98 match. Only one thing, Macho needed chain to beat that non wrestler :) 5.5/10

9. WCW Championship & Career match: Champ-Hulk Hogan Vs. Kevin Nash 4/10
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