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28 Jan. 2011
Water Logged
The bodies of a woman and her two daughters are found floating in Tampa Bay, Florida. Police discover a handwritten note in their car and hope it will solve the triple murder.
21 Jan. 2011
Low Maintenance
When a Texas college student is found murdered in her apartment, three men are under suspicion: The victim's boyfriend, a neighbor, and a custodian. Investigators must determine which man is the killer.
11 Feb. 2011
Fate Date
A report of a fire leads investigators into a bizarre scene: A couple is found fatally shot inside their home, while another victim is found executed in his car. E-mail tracking takes police into the seductive world of Internet dating.
25 Mar. 2011
Trail of a Killer
In 2003, Kathy Lorick was killed on a Concord, California jogging trail in the middle of the day while talking to her husband on her cell phone. The evidence from Kathy's cell phone records and search dogs lead nowhere. Nine days later, a witness tells police about a chance encounter and cigarette butts that contain the killer's DNA. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 15.
8 Apr. 2011
Gone Ballistic
Investigators are able to identify the gun used in a homicide by matching it to a bullet fired more than twenty years before.
22 Apr. 2011
Seeing Red
The body of a young mother was found in a suitcase in a Texas landfill. The suitcase leads investigators to Rosendo Rodriguez who had an overwhelming amount of forensic evidence against him. But upon an extensive search of the same landfill, Rogers' decomposing body was also found in a suitcase. Originally aired as Season 14, Episode 17.
29 Apr. 2011
A woman going through a bitter divorce is reported missing the morning after 9/11. Investigators are frustrated until a suspect makes a verbal mistake.
20 May 2011
Skeleton Key
A set of keys found at the crime scene leads investigators to a woman's killer.
3 Jun. 2011
Funeral Services
Two family members are suspects in the shooting of a funeral director. Does the forensic evidence show which one was the killer?
17 Jun. 2011
Expert Witness
A man becomes a suspect after he discovers his common-law wife sexually assaulted and murdered in her apartment. But when a young woman is raped three years later, it becomes clear that the same person committed both crimes.

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