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21 May 2001
Missing in Time
A young woman was reported missing after a fight with her husband. She was presumed to be dead and her husband was the prime suspect. Police were suspicious of a secondary suspect when he reported a suspicious fire in his car.
28 May 2001
Missing Pearl
In 1991, Maine resident Pearl Smith is missing after an argument with her husband. Despite pleas from her children, police treat it as a routine missing person's case. But, when an investigation turns up a blood trail that leads to the couple's basement, police are certain they'll finally find the victim's body. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 2.
4 Jun. 2001
Man's Best Friend?
In 1989, 4-year-old April Loveless was found dead in the backyard of her Texas home. Her mother, Debbie Loveless, and step-father John Miller told police that April was attacked and killed by the family dogs. Investigators did not agree and believed that April's wounds were not dog bites at all. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 3.
11 Jun. 2001
Hand Delivered
In this classic episode of Forensic Files, the longest running true crime series in television history, an anonymous "tip" referring to unpublicized aspects of an unsolved case leads police on a hunt for a killer. Investigators use laser technology to identify the location from where the anonymous letter was mailed. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 4.
18 Jun. 2001
Death Play
In 1993, 16-year-old Marie Robards suffered the devastating loss of her father Steve Robards. The death was ruled the result of cardiac arrest.
25 Jun. 2001
Fire Dot Com
In 1996, seventeen month-old Josh Hinson died in a fire in his home. A federal agency ruled that it was arson and Josh's mother Terri Strickland was charged with murder. An independent fire investigator was able to poke enough holes in the government's scientific conclusions to ask serious questions about whether the fire was intentionally set. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 6.
2 Jul. 2001
Mistaken for Dead
California, 1988: Dr. Richard Boggs, John Hawkins and Melvin Eugene Hanson attempt insurance fraud. They would have gotten away with it, and tried again, if Dr. Boggs hadn't made several mistakes.
9 Jul. 2001
Frozen Evidence
In 1992, two masked gunmen enter the Canadian home of Ward and Diana Maracle to rob them, and Ward was shot in the head. A perpetrator leaves a shoe print in the mud, investigators make a mold of the shoe impression for later I.D.
16 Jul. 2001
Soft Touch
The 1990 murder of a Virginia woman is solved when new technology detects fingerprint evidence on a blood-stained pillow case.
23 Jul. 2001
Church Disappearance
When a six-year-old girl disappeared from church during a Sunday service, investigators feared a stalker was preying on children. A psychological profile of the perpetrator leads investigators to a taxi cab driver who was in the vicinity of the church at the time of the disappearance. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 10.
30 Jul. 2001
Photo Finish
In 1995, California model Linda Sobek goes missing. Some vital pieces of information are found in a dumpster, which eventually led investigators to professional photographer Charles Rathbun. Rathbun claims Sobek died during a consensual sexual encounter gone wrong, but Sobek's corpse and some high tech digital imagery tell a more sinister story. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 11.
6 Aug. 2001
An evening out at a Maryland murder mystery theatre performance turns into a real life whodunit when the badly burned body of Stephen Hricko is found in his hotel room after a fire. Lies, greed and medical trickery can't match the skills of forensic scientists, who pull the curtain down on the real killer. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 12.
13 Aug. 2001
Horse Play
Michigan resident Shannon Mohr died tragically in what was reported by her new husband, David Davis, as a horseback riding accident. Upon deeper investigation, police found a thread of lies and a proficiency with pharmaceuticals in Davis' background that provided a different explanation for Shannon's accidental death. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 13.
20 Aug. 2001
Treads and Threads
For 15 months, a serial killer was strangling prostitutes in Florida, then taunting police by leaving the bodies in plain sight. The only clues were a tire impression and some threads. By the time scientists identified the source of these treads and the threads, police discovered that the killer James Randall was right under their noses the entire time. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 14.
27 Aug. 2001
Killer's 'Cattle' Log
When police in the Great Plains were called to retrieve a dead body, they did a background check on the victim. The trail guided them into a strange thread of homeless drifters, cattle auctions and bad checks - all fronted by an elderly couple with a penchant for money and murder. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 15.
3 Sep. 2001
Skin of Her Teeth
In 1994, a human skull found in an Ohio pond uncovers a ghastly crime. Markings on the skull indicate that the victim had been stabbed many times and that the teeth had been removed with needle-nose pliers in an attempt to keep the victim's identity a secret. Forensic scientists use DNA matches to indentify the skull. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 16.
10 Sep. 2001
Line of Fire
When a fundamentalist group starts attacking and robbing banks in the Pacific Northwest, authorities know immediately that they are dealing with experienced criminals. A tip leads them to the alleged perpetrators and the evidence found at their homes is extensive. But in court, this wealth of evidence must withstand a well-funded defense. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 17.
17 Sep. 2001
Bad Blood
Forensic Files examines the case of Dr. John Schneeberger who raped one of his patients and his own step-daughter. Initially, he manages to avoid suspicious by beating a DNA test. At the trial he reveals that he implanted a plastic tube containing another person's blood in order to beat the test.
24 Sep. 2001
Pure Evil
Creating a "profile" of a serial killer is part science and part intuition. The science involves studying criminals who have committed similar crimes, to see what characteristics they have in common. In a search for the killer of two teenagers in Texas, a behavioral profile led to a possible suspect - and hard science proved the profile was correct. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 19.
1 Oct. 2001
Root of All Evil
The wife of prominent Illinois farmer Fred Grabbe disappeared from her farm without a trace. For three years, investigators searched in vain for any trace of her. Eventually, Fred Grabbe's former lover came forward with a fascinating tale filled with rage, murder, mutilation and cremation, but there seemed to be no way to test the validity of her story. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 20.
8 Oct. 2001
Where the Blood Drops
In 1987, Susie Mowbray was charged for the death of her husband, Bill Mowbray, which had the appearance of suicide. Her son was so convinced of her innocence that he enrolled in law school, studied all of the evidence and, eventually, discovered the truth of what really happened that fateful night between his mother and father. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 21.
15 Oct. 2001
Punch Line
Ohio, 1994: Rhoda Nathan is murdered in Cincinnati in room 237 of the Embassy Suites Hotel. An unusual injury is the key to finding the killer.
22 Oct. 2001
Sibling Rivalry
Two of America's premier pornographers happen to be brothers. When one turns up dead, his brother confesses to shooting him. The question for investigators is whether the shooting was pre-meditated. A 911 call in which the fatal shots can be heard, and a computer reconstruction of the crime scene, provide the answer. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 23.
29 Oct. 2001
Pastoral Care
In 1981, New York correctional officer Donna Payant disappeared and was later found in a landfill. The medical examiner not only identified the cause of death, but also found an important clue. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that a prison inmate might be responsible. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 24.
5 Nov. 2001
Bagging a Killer
A 9-year-old girl vanishes from her suburban neighborhood. Is her long-lost mother involved? Police use satellites to trace the perpetrator's movements that reveals who took her, where, and the twisted motives of a criminal mind.
15 Jul. 2002
Double Trouble
When off-duty Maine State Trooper Vicky Gardner is attacked during a routine stop, it triggers a series of events which jumpstarts a slow-paced murder case in New Jersey. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 26.
19 Nov. 2001
Cats, Flies and Snapshots
In 1989, 19-year-old Lori Auker left her Pennsylvania home for work but never arrived. Police investigators viewed this case as a missing persons or possible homicide and focussed on her estranged husband, Robert Auker. It takes space-age technology, cat hairs and insects to pinpoint the image of the woman's abductor before the real story can be told. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 27.
26 Nov. 2001
Naked Justice
An attorney's pregnant wife is found dead at home, shot in the head.
3 Dec. 2001
Treading Not So Lightly
In 1980, a four year-old is found unconscious in a parking lot with major head trauma. Police concluded it was a hit-and-run vehicle accident and closed the case. But Vicky's mother, Crystal, suspected there was more to the story and was determined to find out exactly what had happened. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 29.
10 Dec. 2001
Shopping Spree
Lisa Manderach and her daughter Devon left their home to go shopping, but didn't come back home at the expected time. Lisa's husband Jimmy called police in a panic to report their disappearance and directed them to a nearby shopping center. Later that day, Devon's body was found dumped off the side of the road, but there was no sign of Lisa. Originally aired as Season 6, Episode 30.

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