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One of the nicest series: Cute and exciting
kakay24 May 2002
I love this series very much. It's so cute. Dulce Maria is very adorable. Lisette Morelos is very beautiful! No nun has been that beautiful since Audrey Hepburn in "a nuns story". Miguel de Leon is gorgeous, and has a perfect chemistry with Dulce Maria and Cecilia. This series is worth watching and full of surprises. Definitely one of the nicest series i have ever seen. Juan Pablo Gamboa and Nora Salinas are great actors! I'm looking forward to see the next episodes of this series.
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a cute serie
Kirpianuscus30 December 2019
Its succes is obvious and predictable. The sweet performance and presence of Dulce Maria, the monastery atmosphere, the clear beauty of Lisette Morelos, the conflicts and the humor and the ingenuity and the spices of so many Latino American soup operas. Nothing new, maybe original but the useful candies for soul and the seductive charm of childhood against presume stepmother , a vulnerable father and nuns as pieces of smart plots. So, just a cute serie.
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Miscast mistakes
pv6124 January 2009
I really don't know what they were thinking, casting Silvia Pinal as Ariel Lopez Padilla sister, when the age difference between them is huge!! She could easily have been his grandmother... When I first knew about this I was puzzled, like.... so, how old was their mother when she gave birth first to the nun and then Adrian? Do they really think we believe Ms. Pinal can pass as a 50 something, when she's past 80? Its so ridiculous is funny!!!

One good thing though, is having Ms. Lamarque ( not sure she knew what she was doing ) to honor her wish of working until the day she die. What I think she did. Case in point: REMAKES ARE NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!
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OK series, but misused talent of Ana Luisa Peluffo
Raymond_319239 June 2001
Carita de Angel is an OK series, which I use to practice up on my Spanish listening skills (they need help). I was surprised and pleased to find Ana Luisa Peluffo in this series. She is still a knockout! I felt that her talents were wasted in her small role here. She could have handled a much bigger role.

When she was on screen, she filled it with her abilities and sex appeal.

In the future, I would love to see Ana Luisa in a TV series where she is a lead romantic interest. She would gobble up a part where she had a much younger lover, and that would give her plenty of chances to show jealousy, anger, humor - and lots of romantic scenes. She is beautiful enough to handle this type of role, and has the talent to do it.

I could envision her as a CEO of a company who brings along a shy young, talented man who makes her company better. She could steal away the man from his previous girlfriend, who of course in the long run would win him back because of "true love". But give Ana Luisa plenty of screen time!

Please get Ana Luisa into another TV series soon. I would watch every night!!

Thanks -
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