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What was everyone else watching?
fstryjak9 May 2005
Once again I am a little confused by the websites 'plot outline' and many of the other comments.

This film seemed to me to be very little about the relationship between mother and son (only one important scene where the mob boss reproached his mother for being a drunk all his life), and more about a great number of other things. Sibling rivalry, the decadence that accompanies a criminal life, how life and money ultimately become of little value, how love can surface in the most unlikely circumstance, etc etc. The 'hitman' who was exceptionally good at the job and the mob boss fell for the exterminator in spite of himself. The irony of his brother 'sussing' what someone was up to and being over-ridden was not lost on him.

I thought it was a well made depiction of a dysfunctional family and its final disintegration. The storyline flowed, there was great attention to detail - a bug exterminator would be looking in all the rooms and a nervous mob member would get itchy about it - and though it wasn't a Hollywood glitz-flick I thought it was all the more authentic because of it. I really enjoyed it.
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A hitwoman in the midst of the Russian mob forms the premise for some subtle commentary on the lifestyles of the rich and shameless.
TheVid8 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This minor independent is not nearly as bad it's being made out to be if one goes beyond the plot device and into the psychology of the protagonists, Leigh and Mashkov, who seem to convey the kind of hopeless boredom with their life circumstances that explains a lot of their behavior rather thoughtfully. Particularly notable is the way the film uses the destructive characteristics of marriage and family as the contributing factors to the decadence and corruption of nearly everyone in the story. Interestingly ambivalent and observant look at moral decay.
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Depressing romantic mob movie
yeodawg12 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A quickie is about a Russian Mob Boss who tries to purchase sex from an exterminator hired to clean up after a party. Hokay it opens up with one of the worst parties ever, instead of bringing presents they brought their baggage to the party. most of the characters are the usual suspect. Stereotypical in mob movies but ring true. His ex-wife with her new gigolo. Another aged mobster with his young cheating wife. Some upstarts playboy young turks fighting over who will be higher on the pecking order. Everyones depressed, everyones at each others throats. Somebody finds a message that the head guy has been marked for death. mind you he's got a gun to his head playing Russian Roulette at the time. So once the message is got, he and his henchmen swing into action to keep him alive, I don't know why seeing as how bad his life is.
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Complete Disappointment
james-brandon-15 June 2006
Any fan of Russian cinema will have great difficulty in believing the sub-par performances phoned-in by Mashkov and Bodrov Jr., and will perhaps be utterly perplexed by Bodrov Sr.'s hackneyed and confusing script, which is coupled with uncharacteristically weak direction. Most of the characters wander through the movie as though they have no idea who they are or what they are doing. It is also sad to see that Jennifer Jason Leigh's acting skills have not advanced one iota since FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, and her screen exposure is mercifully limited. This is a terrible mafia movie; so much so that it makes the GODFATHER III look like a winner in the genre. To see the key Russians at their best, check out Bodrov Sr.'s work on PRISONER OF THE MOUNTAINS (which also features Jr.), Mashkov's turn in VOR (THE THIEF), and Bodrov Jr.'s new criminal in BRAT.
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Bad story badly told
Alek Davis11 April 2003
I wanted to see this movie because I liked "Kavkazskij Plennik" ("Prisoner of the Mountains") and "Brat" ("Brother") with Sergey Bodrov, Jr. and "Vor" ("The Thief") with Vladimir Mashkov. Well, unlike the other movies, "The Quickie" was a total waste of time. The story that makes little sense, very uneven acting (Lesley Ann Warren was especially bad), really awful dialogs, poor cinematography, what else could go wrong? I find it amusing that in practically every American-made movie, when the same-language-speaking foreigners (Russians in this case) are left alone, they prefer to communicate with each other mostly in broken English (and when they happen to speak Russian, for some reason translators feel obligated to add a lot of "f**ks" in the sentences, which have no profanity, literal or non-literal). At the same time, native-English-speaking actors choose to speak in broken Russian. Why is that? Getting back to the story, most of the subplots of the movie (e.g. betting the house, inviting Latin American paramilitaries, etc) either make no sense or do nothing more than confusing the viewers. It is too bad that Bodrov, Mashkov, and Leigh (all good actors in my humble opinion) got themselves involved in this disaster.
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personalized bizarre quirky film---nice sound track
Movie Critic17 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I recently watched Brother (BRAT) and was intrigued enough by it to want to see other movies directed by Bodrov Sr (they both also star Bodrov Jr.)

These movies are quirky--this one showed the decadent disintegration of a gangster and his family. Having a cockroach exterminator get rid of the gangster was kind of nice touch--these highly personal quirky odd movies are fun if well done. This one is well done. I especially liked the sound track of falsettos it is hauntingly beautiful. The music is by Tiger Lillies a sound and group that is very distinctive.

To me like Brother or Brat this movie lacks of a clear story line so you assume what is going on is basic gangster betraying gangster stuff. This movie shows an ensemble of family problems nympho wives absent mothers sibling rivalry--in fact there is a little too much going on. You get taken up with the visuals and subplots so it is not that boring even without a detailed story. The visuals in this movie were not nearly as unique and interesting as BRAT so that movie worked a lot better--everything is shot in a Malibu hilltop house from the 70s--this is not different enough to be visually interesting--maybe to a Russian it was.

Again if you like quirky personal movies this one will do for you. I found this one drags about 30 minutes from the end when the cockroach woman arrives--overall I gave it a 6. Brat was a better this one the writers/directors may have dipped into the coke a little too much.

Bodrov Jr. was killed in 2002 in an avalanche (he is main protagonist in BRAT)-- To be honest his death was not a big loss to future movies--he is a bad actor too self conscious--maybe thinks also he is hotter looking than he is--helps that Dad is the director too.

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Sad Times For Jennifer Jason Leigh Fans
hokeybutt14 August 2004
THE QUICKIE (1 outta 5 stars)

Pretty poor movie... an old-as-the-hills story about a high-ranking gangster who wants to quit, passing on his empire to his inept son. Of course, it's not going to be easy for someone in that line or work to just quit... so a contract is put out on his life. After throwing a big party an exterminator (Jennifer Jason Leigh, who I guess is *never* going to act in anything other than TV movies or low budget direct-to-video trash ever again) is called to the scene. Our "hero" makes a pass at her... offering her big money for a "quickie"... she turns down his offer, even though she needs the money... but winds up staying overnight anyway... even after being brutally harassed by the overzealous son who thinks she was sent to kill his father. Ugh. The story just goes on and on... you can see every "twist" and "turn" coming a mile away. Weird soundtrack by some group called "The Tiger Lillies" will drive most people nuts... but I thought there was one kind of cool track towards the end. Or maybe I was just excited because I could tell that the movie was almost over? Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer... what the hell happened to you?
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Pure crap!
George Parker26 February 2003
"The Quickie" tells of a decadent Russian mob family who lives in Malibu and...well, frankly, this awful attempt at drama isn't worthy of commentary.

Jason Leigh introduces herself to Mr. Mob-guy as being from "Pacific Exterminators" with huge letters in plain sight on her back which say "West Coast Exterminators". Eventually the mob-guys get suspicious because she was exterminating in a bedroom. (duh).

In another scene Mr. Mobguy plays Russian roulette giving a hooker $4000 to bet whether he'll live or die. She has 5 chances out of 6 of keeping the money if she bets "live". Well, she bets "die". (double duh) Later she complains it wasn't fair and wants to play again. (Triple duh).

The list of flaws just goes on and on while this intelligence insulting film stinks and sinks in a quagmire of lousy music, mediocre camera work, poor direction, boring story, etc. Pass on this loser. (D)

Note - The barebones DVD which I rented had no English same language subtitles or closed captions.
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Don't believe comments from US
limonas2 May 2008
This is not a bad movie. Actually it is magnificent. I was searching for it for 4 years I guess and I finally got it. This movie, of course, can't be understood by Americans :)). So, dear potential viewer, don't believe comments made from US :). Don't watch the mob boss. Watch a guy (Russian guy, if you wish) who was gambling big. That is what the movie is about. About beauty and gambling for choices of the great thing called life. Mob factor is just an additional detail... just like in Godfather. That is not the main point of the movie. I agree that direction and actors (not the things they were supposed to do, but actors themselves) could be different (except Mashkov, he did well as always), but it doesn't shadow the whole movie.
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Comes very close to being a good flick
yakov13 September 2001
This movie came very close to being a good flick. The direction needs to be a bit smoother to progress from one piece to the next to make it more plausible. In particular: The main character's need to escape is not explicit enough. Is he trying to kill himself? Is he trying to escape? His life does not seem to be that bad, so it makes it more difficult to swallow that he wants to leave his life so much. Also, it is not very clear how much "in love" he has fallen with Jennifer Jason L. If the movie was reworked with some more attention to these details, it would have been Great. On the other hand, for an indy flick, it's pretty good! Maybe if you have a couple of drinks, to dull the logical thinking, it would be more fun...
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Loved the soundtrack
gerald-parow2 July 2003
I saw this movie on the movie channel and unfortunately missed the first few minutes of the film but found the rest of it intriguing. None of it made any sense, of course but I found myself unable to turn it off. The whole thing had a dreamlike quality to me. What the heck was the bug lady doing in this film, anyway? Was the lead guy a mob boss or a tap dancer turned to crime in order to make a living?

In spite of the shortcomings, I really liked the soundtrack. Especially haunting were the songs by the Tiger Lillies.

My advice is to forget the movie and buy the soundtrack (if you can find it anywhere - which I have not been able to do).
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