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Watch: John Leguizamo Mines His Life For Humor and Pathos in the Trailer for HBO Special 'Ghetto Klown'

Watch: John Leguizamo Mines His Life For Humor and Pathos in the Trailer for HBO Special 'Ghetto Klown'
Making light of your own tumultuous life can be a strenuous process, but a gifted few are able to turn emotional pain into riotous humor. John Leguizamo makes a bid at joining them in his latest one-man show "Ghetto Klown," which will debut on HBO on March 22nd. In the trailer below, Leguizamo chronicles his life story, from his rocky upbringing to his early days in acting to his attainment of big roles on hit TV shows and movies, all while demonstrating the emotional highs and lows that have to come to define his career. "Ghetto Klown" was taped last November at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark and marks the fifth time that one of Leguizamo's shows has been adapted as an HBO special, after the broadcast of "Mambo Mouth" (1991), "Spic-o-Rama" (1993), his Emmy-winning "Freak" (1998) and "Sexaholic... A Love Story" (2002).  The show is produced by Rebel Productions, Insurgent
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John Leguizamo Sets New HBO Special

John Leguizamo Sets New HBO Special
John Leguizamo has lined up his fifth solo special with HBO.

“Ghetto Klown” will tape on Nov. 16 at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and adapt his one-man stage show of the same name. HBO will roll out the special for viewers next year.

Leguizamo penned “Ghetto Klown,” which will be directed by Fisher Stevens. Arnold Engelman will produce the HBO special of “Ghetto Klown.” Leguizamo has described the show as being “about my journey as an artist, what made me want to be an actor, and why I put up with all the nonsense, the successes and failures, the hitting bottom and then picking yourself up again.”

John Leguizamo’s one-man shows are always electrifying, thought-provoking entertainment,” noted Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. “The provocative ‘Ghetto Klown’ is the latest chapter in a longtime partnership that has been highly rewarding for HBO, and for our viewers.”

Past HBO adaptations
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John Leguizamo’s One-Man Show ‘Ghetto Klown’ To Become HBO Special

Exclusive: After an 11-year break, John Leguizamo is back at HBO for another comedy special. The pay cable network will tape Leguizamo’s latest one-man show, Ghetto Klown, on November 16 at the Victoria Theatre, Njpac for debut next spring. This is Leguizamo’s fifth one-man show, all of which have become specials on HBO. That includes Mambo Mouth (1991); Spic-o-Rama (1993); Freak (1998), for which he won an Emmy Award; and Sexaholic…A Love Story (2002). Ghetto Klown, for which Luguizamo received a Drama Desk Award, is a semi-authobiographical show about his path to stardom based on his memoir Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, And All The Rest Of My Hollywood Friends. Ghetto Klown was written by Leguizamo and will be directed by Fisher Stevens, who also directed the successful 2012 Broadway production and national tour. Arnold Engelman produced the live show and will take on producing duties for the taped version as well. The special is produced by Rebel Prods,
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John Leguizamo – Ghetto Klown

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Many of you will know actor John Leguizamo as an intense, wiry Hollywood character actor who has forged a successful career playing some memorable roles in some equally impressive features (Super Mario Brothers and The Happening, notwithstanding).

What is probably less well-known about the Colombian-born actor is his extensive theatre work. He’s been behind a number of successful, award-winning one-man shows since the early nineties, where he has delved into the subject of his Latino heritage, family issues and general psyche with such colourful titles as Mambo Mouth, Spic-o-Rama, and Sexaholix… A Love Story (he also penned a biography entitled Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends: My Life).

It’s with the latest of these works, Ghetto Klown (a distillation of the other earlier productions, and brimming with more of an autobiographical overtone) which sees him make his debut on the UK stage
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John Leguizamo is a clever ringmaster of 'Ghetto Klown'

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You don't have to have come of age in New York City in the 1960s and '70s to love John Leguizamo's "Ghetto Klown."

But it helps. It also helps to understand Spanish and street life from the 70s, but if you don't there's plenty in Leguizamo's hilarious one-man show. 

His stories trace from his hardscrabble childhood in Queens to starring in this at Broadway's Lyceum Theatre. He's plumbed some of this ground before in other one-man shows: "Freak," "Sexaholic ... A Love Story," "Mambo Mouth" and "Spic-o-Rama."

Yet Leguizamo's done enough living in his 46 years and is such a keen observer and excellent mimic that this feels fresh. Like everyone, his childhood formed him, but unlike everyone, he can take what still feels raw and make it very funny.

He was so poor as a kid, Leguizamo says, "Crooks would break into our house and leave things."

The set
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