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The show has rhythm! It is fun and it works!
Rosemea D.S. MacPherson16 November 2000
I have watched a few episodes of the new series and liked it a lot. "Teddie Cochran" Geena Davis (Thelma and Louise) is very cute and witty. This show to me has the type of flair that the Mary Taylor Moore and Murphy Brown shows had. From all the new shows of this season this show take first place. The cast is great! It has Paul Horton (Thirty Something)! I liked Paul Horton's work in that show and I am still mad that he died on that show. I loved his character and the memory of him dying in "Thirty Something" is very vivid! Oh, well sorry for taking a tangent, but after all those years, I am, still mad at that episode! "Max" Paul Horton's character is a very lovable character. He tries very hard to understand Teddie's kind of idiosyncracies. Teddie is so competitive. She wants a Ferrari, and all material things and he wants a small house with kids. This reflects well the society we live in.

"Hillary" Mimi Rogers (The Mirror has two faces) makes a great friend and she is good as well. I love this show, and hopefully it will be on for many seasons. I recommend this show!
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good show that did not deserve to be canceled
Willow1927 April 2001
I can't believe that this show was canceled to put on ‘What About Joan'! Who cares about Joan? This is one of the only shows with an already well-known star in it. Geena Davis plays Teddie Cochran, a successful businesswoman who falls in love with family man Max Ryan. But along with this new beau are two kids. The know-it-all-teen-age boy, Carter, played by ‘Freaks and Geeks' John Francis Daley. And the precious little precocious 6-year-old girl, Eliza, played by ‘The Family Man's' Makenzie Vega.

Everything in this show is perfect. Geena Davis does a surprisingly wonderful job in a different kind of role for her. I don't know anything about Peter Horton except for that he is a wonderful actor whom I wish the best of luck to in the future. John Francis Daley in my opinion makes the show. He was funny on ‘Freak and Geeks' and he is even funnier on this show. Makenzie Vega is adorable and a pretty fine actress. Mimi Rogers does the tramp thing very well. I hated her as Agent Fowley on ‘The X Files' but this role has gotten me to like her more. Kim Cole is in her usual role, but hey, stick with what you know.

This was a wonderful show and it's a shame that it got canceled while shows like ‘Grosse Point' stay on the air. It was unfortunately just replaced with another show that will get canceled after a few episodes. 10 out of 10 for being highly amusing and very well written and acted.
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Thank God it's not blimmin' Friends
Jack Yan17 June 2003
I couldn't believe just how fine a comedienne Geena Davis is. We've seen her in dramatic roles, but she has a real flair for comedic timing. Davis's performance is so natural and, above all, completely entertaining.

It's a shame to hear that this show was cancelled so early. The writing was largely enjoyable (especially the episode 'Piece of Cake'; however, 'Cooties' was blandly horrid), Andy Cadiff's direction well-paced, and it was funny. A lot of shows today force humour; The Geena Davis Show genuinely does it through wit with the occasional but not altogether unwelcome descent into innuendo. Unlike some shows, and I include those long-running ones where the stars take home phone-number pay cheques, it's not based around innuendos.

There are the usual peripheral characters that make any sitcom: the whacky best friend whom only one person in the main cast likes (Mimi Rogers), the rejected colleague tolerated at work (Harland Williams) and the supportive ear and shoulder (Kim Coles). Even for these characters, the lines are fabulous – and unlike a lot of 1990s' and 2000s' sitcoms, there isn't a trace that the show was written around lines. There are storylines here.

An earlier reviewer pointed out the performances of the children – I have to concur that they are delightfully played by John Francis Daley and Makenzie Vega, and my regret is that not every episode struck a good balance between "home Teddie" and "work Teddie".

I am not trying to make this show sound critically distinct or ground-breaking. Far from it. In some ways, it is a throwback to the sitcoms of old, which were genuinely funny. The Geena Davis Show's setting may be different and acceptably modern (single Dad and live-in girlfriend–fiancée) but it has more than a few of the ingredients that made The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its ilk snappy and timeless. If given an extra season, it could have become a favourite.
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arson832 December 2003
This show was on ABC on Wednesday nights along with "Drew Carey" and "Spin City," and together they made the best night of TV.

I don't remember everything, but I do know this show was really funny and that Carter kid was a really good singer. It shouldn't have been cancelled so easily. Can't wait for it on DVD, if it comes.
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An Okay Show That Lost Its Charm...
MovieAddict201611 December 2002
"The Geena Davis Show," or, more commonly known as "Geena," had a spot on ABC for a season, before it was booted.

Just like "Bette," "Geena" had a good start, but quickly lost its charm. It seems it was cursed to retreat into another average sitcom, which it eventually became, due to bad writing, and uninteresting characters.

Now, we see shows on ABC like "According to Jim," which seems to be filmed with the same style as "Geena," only much better. I feel that "Jim" also will slowly but surely regress into mediocrity and be wiped from ABC's schedule. Until then, though, I'll be watching `Jim.' I'm glad it took over `Geena,' because right now, at least, it's a whole lot better.
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Wacky, hilarious, and sexy. Now that's "The Geena Davis Show".
Brian-27214 November 2000
ABC has once again had a comedy show grow on us that being "The Geena Davis Show". After watching this show for a month now I can say that it's a winner. Featuring humor, wit, and charm it's like a lingerie model meets housewife. Oscar- winner Davis as Teddie, a successful and glamorous but frivolous New Yorker whose deep relationship with her good-time girlfriends the upscale and man chasing (Rogers) and updated but cautious (Coles) seem to provide some of her better feel good moments that happens to put her at comfort. After falling hard for a widowed journalist (Horton) who with two children a hormonally charged teenage boy (Daley) and a precious 6-year old girl (Vega) and you bet a big lifestyle change develops. You have it a great show about female friendship and the birth of a family. Genna Davis has performed excellent in all of her big screen movies she appears to be doing the same for this show. Do yourself a favor and watch the sexy Geena Davis on Tuesday night at 9:30 on "The American Broadcasting Company".
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