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Season 1

10 Oct. 2000
Following a brief whirlwind romance, career-woman Teddy gets engaged to widower Max, but the prospect of becoming an instant-parent to a little girl and a horny teenage boy leaves her feeling dazed and confused.
17 Oct. 2000
What I Like About You
Teddy is forced to choose between a meeting with Hillary Clinton or going the art show at Carter's school. Meanwhile, Judy and Hillary attend a women's workshop but find themselves appalled by the message; and Alan tries to find a charity event for Tom Arnold to endorse.
28 Nov. 2000
Teddy offers to organize Eliza's school auction, but her deeds are scrutinized by a group of snobby moms who perceive her as pretentious.
5 Dec. 2000
The Long Kiss Goodbye
When Max's best friend comes to town, he kisses Teddy goodbye - and slips her the tongue. Meanwhile, Judy and Hillary are beside themselves when Teddy makes Gladys a bridesmaid.
19 Dec. 2000
How the Mom Stole Christmas
Teddy's plans for an international Christmas celebration are thwarted by the arrival of her dominating mother, whom Max secretly invited for the holidays.

 Season 1 

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