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Episode #27.72

Weekly recap;


1 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.99
Famous couples share their secrets to lasting marriages; Eddie Murphy prepares for the Golden Globes;
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S26, Ep100
2 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.100
Jennifer Lopez tells how she is going to outdo herself in 2020; Peter Weber (The Bachelor (2002)); Seal reveals his go-to song for romance; correspondent Charissa Thompson's engagement;
3 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.101
Jennifer Lopez, Joaquin Phoenix, and Charlize Theron tell how they are preparing for the Golden Globes; Billy Porter discusses a Billie Eilish accessory;
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S26, Ep103
6 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.103
The stars at the "Golden Globe Awards";
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S26, Ep104
7 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.104
An interview with Oprah Winfrey; candid pictures from the Golden Globes; Peter Weber ("The Bachelor");
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S26, Ep105
8 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.105
Tiffany Haddish discusses "Bachelor" Pete; the cast of "Empire" discusses Jussie Smollett;
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S26, Ep106
9 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.106
Brad Pitt picks up another big honor; an interview with Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey ("Dolittle");
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S26, Ep107
10 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.107
An interview with "Bachelor Pete" Weber; Heidi Klum;
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S26, Ep109
13 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.109
The Oscar nominees; Matthew McConaughey;
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S26, Ep110
14 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.110
Tyler Perry discusses his new thriller and this year's Oscar nominations; Rob Lowe talks about his return to TV as a firefighter;
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S26, Ep111
15 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.111
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence ("Bad Boys for Life"); Awkwafina talks about the comedy based on her real life;
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S26, Ep112
16 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.112
An interview with John Cena (Dolittle (2020)); the ultimate dream suite in Paris with a Modern Family (2009) star;
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S26, Ep113
17 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.113
Champagne-gate on "The Bachelor"; Bob Odenkirk ("Better Call Saul", "Breaking Bad"); Kelly Rowland's halftime advice for Jennifer Lopez and Shakira;
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S26, Ep115
20 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.115
The Screen Actors Guild Awards: the couples, the headlines, the competitions, the fashions;
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S26, Ep116
21 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.116
Behind the scenes of Carrie Underwood's new video; Jennifer Lopez after the SAG Awards;
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S26, Ep117
22 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.117
Piers Morgan discusses Meghan Markle; Kane Morgan kicks off his world tour;
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S26, Ep118
23 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.118
Brad Pitt picks up another honor; Jamie Foxx discusses his standup comedy tour and the rumor Eddie Murphy is hopping on board;
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S26, Ep119
24 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.119
Taylor Swift premieres her new film; last-minute secrets about stars' Grammy performances;
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S26, Ep121
27 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.121
Stars and fashions at the Grammys;
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S26, Ep123
29 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.123
Kobe Bryant's photographer; athletes share their favorite memories of Kobe Bryant;
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S26, Ep124
30 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.124
Interviews with Alex Rodriguez and Michael Strahan; footage of Kobe Bryant at age 15; Jennifer Lopez;
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S26, Ep125
31 Jan. 2020
Episode #26.125
In Miami with Kevin Hart, remembering Kobe Bryant; Christie Brinkley tells of surviving a helicopter crash; Taraji P. Henson tries to get Jussie Smollett back on "Empire";
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S26, Ep127
3 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.127
The Super Bowl; Jennifer Lopez rocks halftime; what wasn't shown during Lopez's show; players and superstars remember Kobe Bryant; a salute to the Lakers legend;
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S26, Ep128
4 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.128
Jennifer Lopez and her daughter, Emme; Julia Louis-Dreyfus ("Downhill");
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S26, Ep129
5 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.129
Jessica Simpson unloads painful secrets; an interview with Peter Weber ("The Bachelor");
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S26, Ep130
6 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.130
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson ("Power"); Teresa Giudice discusses her split from husband Joe;
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S26, Ep133
10 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.133
The Oscars; a surprise video message for Brad Pitt from the Super Bowl champions; Oprah Winfrey's fashion expert and Miss USA team up for the red carpet breakdown;
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S26, Ep134
11 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.134
Jennifer Lopez talks about her halftime show; Fashion Week: inside the show with enough star power to rival the Oscars;
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S26, Ep135
12 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.135
The "Modern Family" cast on location in Paris; New York Fashion Week: Vera Wang tells about the Oscar gown she designed for Cynthia Erivo;
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S26, Ep136
13 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.136
Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger; Ryan Serhant (Million Dollar Listing New York (2012));
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S26, Ep137
14 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.137
An interview with Harrison Ford ("The Call of the Wild"); Issa Rae ("The Photograph"); Zoe Kravitz ("High Fidelity");
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S26, Ep139
17 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.139
An interview with John Travolta; an interview with Peter Weber ("The Bachelor");
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S26, Ep140
18 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.140
"The Voice" coaches talk smack; what's next on "The Bachelor";
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S26, Ep141
19 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.141
What's next for Harvey Weinstein; reaction from some of those who say they are his victims; Steve Harvey tells how he is remembering Kobe Bryant;
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S26, Ep143
21 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.143
Ben Affleck talks about sobriety and remembers Kobe Bryant; the Weinstein trial;
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S26, Ep145
24 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.145
Inside the celebration of life for Kobe Bryant; how family and friends said goodbye; Drew Carey remembering former fiancée; Jessica Simpson (book, "Open Book"); Peter Weber ("The Bachelor");
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S26, Ep146
25 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.146
Usher; "The Bachelor"; BTS;
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S26, Ep147
26 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.147
Snoop Dogg is interviewed by Jada Pinkett Smith; an interview with David Beckham; Cheslie on Luke Bryan's tour bus;
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S26, Ep148
27 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.148
"Bachelor" Pete vs. his exes: a sneak peek at "Women Tell All"; out of prison, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino tells of his return to "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation";
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S26, Ep149
28 Feb. 2020
Episode #26.149
Renee Zellweger picks up another honor; Dr. Mehmet Oz discusses the coronavirus;