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Season 4

27 Sep. 2003
Jack's Back
Mannion returns to D.C. hoping to get his old job back as chief of police, but the mayor has other ideas.
4 Oct. 2003
The Devil You Know...
Mannion's replacement makes an error in judgment that leads to an innocent woman's death, so to get his job back, Mannion puts his team together to take down a notorious drug dealer.
11 Oct. 2003
Free Byrd
An ex-convict is suspected of killing his girlfriend when she's found dead after falling from a third-story apartment window.
18 Oct. 2003
The Kindness of Strangers
Noland searches for his 12-year-old niece when she's lured away by a suspected pedophile.
25 Oct. 2003
Blind Eye
Mannion discovers an underground system of justice in a neighborhood whose citizens are tired of unfair treatment by the police and the courts.
1 Nov. 2003
Jupiter for Sale
The city panics when a serial killer who murdered 11 people in 1985 but was never caught is reportedly responsible a recent slaying similar to his past crimes, especially when a letter is supposedly written by the killer claiming credit.
8 Nov. 2003
A House Divided
Mannion takes part in a Civil War reenactment when a Confederate participant is shot and the evidence points to murder.
15 Nov. 2003
Acceptable Losses
Ella's son Ricky and a friend end up in the hospital after collapsing during a birthday party. When it's discovered they accidentally ingested drugs, Mannion goes after those responsible.
22 Nov. 2003
In God We Trust
Mannion comes to realize that he's looking for a modern-day Robin Hood when he sees a vision of the Virgin Mary.
Dec. 2003
Hollow Spaces
The teen who was the recipient of Ella Farmer's heart is a suspect in a gas-station robbery where the owner was killed, but the boy claims innocence.
Dec. 2003
The Voice Inside
A lawyer and his wife are killed in their home and the only witness is their autistic daughter. Jack Mannion calls on former F.B.I. hostage negotiator Tommy Morgan, (who is now a horse whisperer), to try and get through to the girl and discover the identity of the killer.
17 Jan. 2004
Breath of Life
A policeman is run over while investigating a parked car. Sergeant Brander rushes to the scene and gives mouth to mouth to the cop in an attempt to save his life. Later in hospital it's revealed that the cop is gay. Although the cop's partner claims to have tried to save him, Mannion notices that while Brander's uniform is covered in blood, the partner's uniform is clean. Mannion wonders if the partner really did try to save his colleague, or is he lying. Meanwhile, the team discover that the car was being used by members of a local college Frat house to video drugged...
14 Feb. 2004
D.C. Confidental
An old man is killed while visiting the Korean War memorial. Jack Mannion's team discover that he was living under an assumed identity and was actually Ella Farmer's uncle, who was a suspect in a 1940s murder case. The team try to solve both cases to find the truth.
21 Feb. 2004
On Guard
The estranged husband of Jack Mannion's fencing instructor, Ilene, turns up and causes a scene outside the school and Jack intervenes. Later Ilene phones Jack to say that her husband is trying to break in. By the time Jack arrives at her apartment, the husband has been killed with Ilene claiming self defence. While Jack believes her story, Detective Parras isn't so sure. In another case, Page and Debreno chase a drugs dealer and have a shootout at an ice rink. The dealer escapes and in the follow up investigation, Debreno recognises a junkie as a former classmate, ...

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