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dietpepsi4 January 2002
if you have played fallout 1 or 2 before and think that this is a sequel, you're very mistaken. it's a entirely different type of game. instead of a TBC (turn based combat) RPG, it is a team based strategy. it does have the Fallout theme, but has little to do with the story other than the brotherhood of steal. if you played fallout 1 or 2 and really liked the combat more than the story and quests, than this is for you. make sure you get the updates after getting this, for it has bugs and faults out of the box, but overall i was satisfied.
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Gideon402 October 2001
Fallout Tactics is one of the best computer games i've ever played. It is quite buggy, but if you overlook the bugs it is a great Tactical Combat Strategy(love that phrase)game. I love how you can specialize your men to different classes, assigning skills to specific fields of specializations such as stealth, medication, and traps.

One thing that makes this a great Fallout game is the ability to play in realtime, instead of turn-based(you can still pick that though), which i think adds greatly to the realism.

Probably the thing that I would have liked the game to have was that the weapon models in the characters' hands wouldn't be restricted to just 6 or 7, when there are dozens of weapons in the game. But overall Fallout Tactics is an extremely great game for Tactical Combat fans.
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An excellent diversion until "Fallout 3"
garden-1721 May 2008
While not as good as its predecessors, "Wasteland", (a classic), "Fallout" (a true classic) and "Fallout 2" (an even better classic), "Tactics" still gives fans of the series what they're looking for...at least, until "Fallout 3" comes out.

While it uses a squad-based, optionally-turn-based system, "Fallout Tactics" still has the weapons, characters, sense of humor, and overall style that fans of the series love. And the upgrade to the graphics engine--as well as the option to play your own mp3s in the game--were much needed in the series.

My only complaints are that glitches are rampant, the squad-based combat is somewhat hard to get used to, and R. Lee Ermey's acting can get a bit hammy. But, other than that, this game is pretty good, and surprisingly addicting.
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Pretty good, but not what I would expect as a Fallout game
everchanging02-126 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Fallout Tactics is a wonderful tactical combat strategy game. The player coordinates up to six characters to complete specific missions. The main character (created by the player) gains rank in the Brotherhood of Steel (a paramilitary organization based on the preservation/protection of technology) with each successful mission (thereby adding more highly trained members to the pool from which to form the six-character squad). It is playable in real-time and turn-based (either for the entire squad or for each individual character). It has a linear plot, but (as stated before) the outcome of each mission will affect the resources (equipment and personnel) available to the squad in future missions.

Fallout Tactics is not what a fan of Fallout and Fallout 2 would come to expect. As stated, the storyline is linear, so exploration of the global map provides little beyond the few 'bonus' encounters and the all-too-common random encounter. There are no dialog options in Tactics (seriously, prompts may be present in dialogs, but the option is not there). And some skills are left unused until missions near the end of the game (*cough*Science*cough*).

The humor of the game was what I had the most difficulty with. Given, it is Fallout, so it makes fun of many things. However, much of the humor was so absurd that I found myself regularly groaning (especially when listening to the dialog). For example, a Ghoul community worshiping a plutonium warhead (complete with mythos/lore) and the Reavers with a complete electrically-based religion (including a Saint!) seemed all a bit far-fetched. (Compare this to the Children of the Cathedral from Fallout or the Hubologists from Fallout 2 and you find the Tactics 'religions' far-too well-developed to be believable.) Other minor humor 'problems' include the childish Vault 0 citizens (they were supposed to be the most brilliant minds in the pre-apocalypse world!), the negative "which is sad" on a weapon, a dog urinating on a fallen enemy (seriously, enemy dies, guys poke it with spears, and the dog promptly urinates on it); It really rubs off as less humorous and more insulting than the previous games.

Summary: A fine tactical combat strategy game set in the Fallout world with a decent story, but very unlike the previous Fallout games.

Pros: Selectable combat styles; Team-based game-play; Vehicles; Mid-west -based storyline (weren't you getting sick of California?); Wide array of equipment; Interesting over-all plot

Cons: Linear storyline; Ocasional groan-able/childish humor; Low replay-ability
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Flashy, but buggy and a let-down
vgmaster15 September 2001
Nice concept, but poorly executed. Lots of hype, but little substance. Kind or addictive, but not really. Wait till its only ten bucks, then buy it.
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