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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman rises from the ocean wearing a bikini. In another scene, she removes her sundress into a bikini.
  • Characters have sex
  • A man and woman kiss and prepare to have sex. They step away from each other and begin to undress. He starts taking off his jacket and shoes, while see casually takes off her shoes and lets her dress fall down, and then takes off her underwear. The woman now stands stark naked (we see most of her bare legs and cleavage on her breasts) in front of the man, and he looks at her with pleasure while he continues stripping down. She climbs into bed, and now he takes off his pants and underwear and stands naked in front of her (we don't see much, but she can clearly see him). He gets into bed as well and they start kissing, and the scene ends (they obviously have sex).
  • Two men and a women are in a room. One of the men tells the other man that he enjoys her sex.
  • A man and woman are in bed (he is nude and she is in her underwear, but they are covered by bedsheets), and start kissing. Implied they have sex.

Violence & Gore

  • One character is slashed by a sword on the belly. Small amount of blood is shown. Another character is stabbed in the chest through a book (indicating it's the heart she stabbed). No blood is shown.
  • One character is shot, nothing graphic. A man is electrocuted by another man. One character flies out of an airplane and is seen going into the plane's engines. No blood is shown.
  • A woman shoots a man twice in the chest, and we see bloody bullet holes
  • A laser violently travels through a man's head; his arm is then severed (off screen) and used to activate a touch-sensitive lock.
  • A man shoots his own father with a handgun.
  • A man is repeatedly tortured (see intense scenes for more details).


  • 1 use of "bitch.". 1 use of "goddamn"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks. A character smokes on screen very briefly
  • A man is seen smoking cigars twice while in Cuba, but the first is necessary to the plot. More importantly, this film had a significant increase in smoking when compared to the immediate predecessors in the series.
  • A party scene where multiple people are drinking wine or champagne.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man is tortured (for over a year) in North Korea during the beginning credits. We see him getting thrown in icy water, get beaten, tied up and whipped, and stung by scorpions. He grimaces and yells. The opening credits also include images of women apparently on fire that may also be disturbing.

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