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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence, language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and a woman kiss (we see a bit of her tongue), and a man and a woman kiss a couple of times and hug. A man kisses a woman. A woman makes sexual advances to a man who is restrained, and she opens his pants (we see her head dip off screen for a moment). A woman tells a man that she becomes sexually aroused after fighting and invites him to join her. A woman wears outfits that reveal her bare abdomen and her bare back to the hip. A man is shown bare-chested in an extended scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Several men are shot (we see them get hit and fall), an entire order of monks is shot down by soldiers (we hear the gunshots and see the men lying on the ground briefly). A man is shot many times, falls to the floor and dies. A man kicks another man into a statue, the man falls on the floor, the statue crumbles and falls on top of him (we see his hand grow old and go limp). A man is shot at many times and he dodges all but one of the bullets that hits him in the chest (we see a bloody hole in his shirt) and he falls back off a cliff (we don't see him plummeting nor do we see a body). A woman wraps a phone cord around a man's neck and pulls (we see the man dead later with cord still around his neck). A man is chased, he is nearly hit by a car, he jumps over a fence, he jumps on the roof of a car, acquires two guns and fires hitting two men who are chasing him. A man is shot in the neck with a dart and he collapses unconscious. A man shoots a gun, a woman jumps in the bullets path and appears hit as she falls to the floor unconscious; we see her later with a bloody hand. A young girl falls onto the tracks of a subway, gets her foot caught, a train approaches and she is freed by two men just as the train speeds through. A man is punched in the face and dragged by two men to meet with another man who threatens a couple of times to cut a part of his anatomy off. A man is thrown and he falls off a ledge followed by metal pipes and cables that land on top of him. A man is kicked and punched by another man with super strength; the man sails through the air and crashes into a wall (it crumbles), and he crashes onto the floor and we see him with blood on his face. A man is punched and thrown; he crashes through the wall and he and another man land in an elevator. A man is punched in the stomach, a man is punched in the stomach three times and he grimaces. There are many martial arts fights: Two men fight on a rooftop and climb onto a glass plated framework; as they fight panes of glass break and they each nearly fall to the ground below, they fight with pipes, one is bitten on the leg, they kick and punch, another man grabs one around the neck and they struggle, one is held by the throat over the ledge of the rooftop, he punches the man who is holding him and flips back onto the roof, then kicks the man off the edge and he falls some distance onto some electrical cables that flash and spark. A man fights many armed soldiers with kicks and punches; one soldier is shot by another, some are kicked and punched, others are flipped through the air. A woman punches and kicks a man several times, many men are punched and kicked and held at gunpoint. A man and a woman are held at gunpoint; they kick and punch the aggressors to unconsciousness. Two men fight with sticks on a rope bridge high above a river, they knock each other back and forth, they flip through the air, they spin, one begins to fall off the side and the other catches him. Two men fight with long pipes: they swing the pipes hitting each other, they kick each other and one ends up being thrown against a sofa and lands on the floor. Two women fight with punches, kicks and flips; one woman pulls a stick and waves it around, one pulls the other's hair, one is thrown on the ground and lies still (we see blood on her mouth). A woman grabs a man and flips him over a couch and onto the floor, they roll back and forth on the floor using wrestling moves and holds and martial arts stances. A Nazi talks about wanting to rid the world of "inferior races." A helicopter fires guns into a warehouse where two men are, they run and dodge the bullets, knock down two men coming up the stairs with guns, one man is kicked down the stairs, the helicopter chases another man who hangs from the metal bars underneath the helicopter, he then swings up throwing a man out of the helicopter (he falls to the ground screaming), he and another man struggle over a gun, it shoots the pilot and spins out of control. A satellite dish is knocked off its perch by a helicopter, it falls over the side of the building, a man's foot is caught in the cord and is dragged to the edge of the roof and falls over (he hangs on for a bit and is then rescued). A car drives onto a compound, many guards fire at it until it is riddled with holes, and when they open the door the car explodes sending them and flames through the air. We see many photographs of human rights atrocities (a woman on her knees held at gunpoint, children in squalor and rubble, a pile of human skulls, etc.). Two women hold swords on a man. A man tries repeatedly to kick and punch another man who dodges each strike. A man is encircled by waves and swirls of light and another man near him ages 60 years (we see him wrinkled and gray and this happens in two different scenes). We also see this in reverse where an old man turns young. Three or four men are strapped into metal frames with their arms stretched above their heads and long metal needles poking into their foreheads (we see them later with bloody spots on their foreheads); one such man is zapped by a current (presumably scanning any hidden brain information) and then goes limp. A monkey jumps at a man and scratches his face (we see bloody streaks on his cheek). A man is swept away by water rushing through a tunnel. Many people are knocked down when two men are chased by other men through crowded streets and subways. A man lifts his shirt and reveals a scar on his chest. A snake (behind glass) lunges at a man and he jumps back. A man slaps handcuffs on another man who flips him to the floor, removes the cuffs, and attaches them to the other man's wrists and a metal bar. A man tries to climb a wall; first he runs into a door, then he jumps onto an awning and slips down landing in shrubs, and finally jumps up and dangles from a window sill before climbing through the window. Two men squeeze each other's hands. A man bumps into people on the street and in subways in order to pick their pockets. A man puts cream on another man's hand and then tells him that it is made from urine.


  • 2 F-words (in a song playing in the background), one character's nickname is "Fuktastic" and we hear this name 6 times and see it tattooed on the character's chest (until seeing it spelled out on his chest it sounds as "Funktastic"), 1 obscene hand gesture, 4 sexual references, 11 scatological terms, 12 anatomical terms, 17 mild obscenities, 1 religious profanity, 2 religious exclamations.

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