Bulletproof Monk (2003) Poster

Yun-Fat Chow: Monk With No Name



  • Monk With No Name : Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, but hot dog buns only come in packages of just eight?

    Kar : What the hell is that?

  • Monk With No Name : It's not about anger - it's about peace. It's not about power - it's about grace. It's not about knowing your enemy - it's about knowing yourself.

  • Monk With No Name : Air is as real as you and me. You have to step on it as if it were a stone, swim through it as if it were the sea. All you have to do is truly believe.

    Kar : Believe what, that the laws of gravity don't exist?

  • Monk With No Name : Somehow I sense he has potential.

    Jade : Really? I sense he's mostly full of s***.

    Monk With No Name : But rich manure can fertilize fields which will feed millions.

  • Monk With No Name : An enlightened man would offer a weary traveler a bed for the night, and invite him to share a quiet conversation over a bowl of Cocoa Puffs.

  • Monk With No Name : Water which is too pure has no fish.

  • Kar : You can at least tell me why those guys were chasing you

    Monk With No Name : All right.

    [throws off coat] 

    Monk With No Name : Let me put it in a language you will understand.

    Kar : [softly]  ok

    Monk With No Name : Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten while hot dog buns come in packages of just eight?

    Kar : Wha! What the hell is that? You can't answer my question with another question, 'specially not one as stupid as that

    Monk With No Name : When you attain the state of enlightenment that allows you to answer my question, I will answer yours

  • [Monk puts some ointment on Kar's hand] 

    Kar : Hey, I like this. It's cool. It's comfy. It's fast acting. This stuff is great. What is it?

    Monk With No Name : Homemade. From my own urine.

    [Kar sniffs his hand] 

    Kar : That's disgusting!

  • Cabbie : [playing ethnic music with no words]  Do you guys like this music?

    Kar , Monk With No Name : ...Yea!

    Cabbie : It's the bomb diggity.

    [phone rings] 

    Cabbie : Excuse me I have to talk to my baby-mamma-to-be.

  • Monk With No Name : [of Kar]  For some reason, I believe he has potential.

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