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Good for some laughs
Jakealope22 December 2001
Before I saw this movie, I was turned off by all the negative reviews and the fact that it was a SNL spinoff. But I bought a used tape from my video store. Instead of war coverage and serious drama, this has become a ray of hope. Make no mistake, it ain't winning any Oscars. But the slapstick is funny, has great co-stars like Joe Don Baker and Chris Walken. It has a good plotline, a search for his family. It's a lot of laughs and fun for plebes at heart. Serious, deep people will be offended, but when we try to make humor serious and deep, we're in trouble.
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This movie is a garden...dig it!
Andy (Incubus_Reborn)10 June 2003
Joe Dirt is simply one of those underappreciated comedies. Having reacquainted myself with it recently (and repeatedly) after having not seen it in almost two years, I myself am beginning to realize that. Not only is it thoroughly funny, it is entertaining and fast paced. David Spade plays Joe Dirt, a kind, well meaning radio-station janitor with an unusual hairdo (mullet!) and extremely bad-luck. He shares his life-story with the listeners of the radio station, which mainly focuses around his never-ending search for his parents (who ditched him on a family trip to the Grand Canyon) and his unrecognized love for hometown hottie Brandy. Joe meets many unusual people along the way, has many misadventures, and as if you couldn't guess, sets himself up for many disgusting and painful situations. The humor is pretty low-brow, but who cares? The movie is funny and that's the bottom line. What I like about this movie is that I can just turn it on and let go. The movie is so well-made for a simple comedy. Spade wrote the script himself, and you can tell he took his time. Every event in the movie happens for a reason and alludes to something that will occur later down the road. Also, Joe Dirt is Spade's first likeable character. You actually feel for this doofus. Even though he looks like white-trash, he is still a good person. Which of course, leads to this movie's moral: Good things come to good people. Or as Joe would say "Life's a garden, dig it!" or "You can't have 'no' in your heart!" Christopher Walken has a hilarious bit as Dirt's co-janitor at an elementary school that has been placed in the witness protection program and Kid Rock plays Joe's bully perfectly (I love the part where he reads the note just like those guys in high school who couldn't read past 2nd grade reading level). But Spade is the real star here. Too bad this character/movie never took off. I seriously love this movie. It is consistently hilarious, has dozens of quoteable lines (stuff that you say to people in your daily routine) and has an overall feel good vibe to it. I don't know how anyone can trash this movie. For one thing, it's an Adam Sandler production, you know what type of humor you're in for. And secondly: The movie is called 'Joe Dirt!' There are no pretensions here, folks. I wish there were more movies like this out there. And although not everyone appreciates it, I am glad that I at least have this movie and can watch it a million times if I want to. Joe Dirt, you're my hero.

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Surprisingly enjoyable
timelord-321 May 2001
I braced myself for yet another film with low grade humour, plenty of bodily function jokes and not enough plot to go around.

Well, 'Joe Dirt' has all that and more... but surprisingly it turned out to be not half bad.

Perhaps the day of the preview caught me in a particularly good mood, because this story of a white trash loser searching for his parents who left him for dead at the Grand Canyon when he was eight was relatively enjoyable entertainment.

The movie is told primarily in flashback; Joe stumbles into the studio of a radio disc jockey who coaxes out of him his incredible life story. In the process Joe Dirt becomes a media darling as his story of woe and misfortune is heard by an ever sympathetic audience.

This is another movie which relies on the gross and disgusting to get its laughs; dogs balls stuck to the front porch, being covered in excrement, blowing up atom bombs, consumed by alligators and much much more!

The movie works for the most part because of David Spade's affable loser Joe Dirt. He plays a character that is not a 100 miles away from his 'Just Shoot Me' personna - a loveable idiot. He goes through life having all these setbacks - but he still maintains his positive outlook.

The movie does lag a bit at the three quarters mark, but this is a minor quibble for a film that does what is sets out to with a lot more style than its lamentable cousins.

A whole lotta fun

6 out of 10.
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One of the best comedies I have ever seen...
Kdogownz23 January 2007
Joe Dirt, played perfectly by David Spade, has to be one of the best comedies I have seen in the last 20 years. While the plot may be far-fetched, the movie does stick to it and is set up perfectly.

Alongside Spade, Dennis Miller's cheap jabs at Dirt are absolutely priceless. His encounter with Miller sets up the whole premise for the movie, and the story begins. It takes you through different experiences Dirt has had from the time he lost his parents at the Grand Canyon all the way to the present.

Christopher Walker also makes a great appearance in the movie.

If you like movies such as Dodgeball, Old School, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, etc... you will love this one. You have to judge this movie on what it is aimed to do, and that is tell a story of perseverance from Dirt, who gets picked on throughout life and keeps a good attitude, which is a welcomed message. And first and foremost, the movie is made to keep you smiling throughout, and for that it accomplished the goal to perfection. 10/10
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The Ish!!!
Tony Sunshine23 January 2007
I usually hold myself to a high movie standard. I usually would not consider a movie like Joe Dirt the "cream of the crop." But like many other times in my life I was wrong. Joe Dirt is a fantastic heart-felt flick staring David Spade as a pathetic white trash orphan in search of his parents. He meets many a folk along the way leaving an impression with them all. I saw this in the theater and thought, "wow what a funny movie." But then I caught in on Comedy Central a few years later and lo and behold I was hooked. Good plot, great humor, hot chicks, and even Kid Rock playing his white trash nemesis (it was a real stretch for him :P). If you see this movie for 10 bucks at Walmart or Blockbuster do yourself a favor and buy it. It will keep you company on even your darkest nights.

Life's a garden, DIG IT!!!
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Ya Gotta Love 'Joe Dirt'
ccthemovieman-110 July 2006
For a typical low-brained Hollywood comedy of this era, it was a pretty nice film. Of course, few if any modern-day comedies are "family fare" and this one isn't either but the lead character is a gentle, harmless guy. David Spade is very entertaining as "Joe Dirt," a down-and-out nice guy (but not exactly pure, either) who tells his tale of trying to find his parents to sleazy disc jockey "Zander Kelly" (Dennis Miller). Brittany Daniel is an attractive, likable female lead.

It's a fast-moving hour-and-a-half. Some of the scenes are outrageous, such as a dog getting his - can I say this? - testicles stuck to the porch. Yes, it's good family fare!! Ha. Ha. No, really, this was a funny film and worth looking for if you need a laugh. I'm surprised there wasn't a sequel.
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Funny as hell
billybrown4117 December 2001
Yeah, this movie took a trashing from the critics, but what would you expect from a movie produced by Adam Sandler? I had a blast. Joe Dirt had a rocking soundtrack, I likeable lead character that you really want to beat up, a rockin' soundtrack, funny dialogue and situations, and the usual slew of Sandler humor; fart jokes, humping dogs, etc.

Even though, about a half-dozen of these movies come out a year, Joe Dirt stuck in my mind mostly because of its hilarious premise. Dennis Miller also shined as the Howard Stern-like DJ who rips into Joe every chance he gets through out the movie, with insuluts like, "you are exquisitely pathetic" and such.

All in all, I really enjoyed. Movies like this aren't aiming for Oscars. They're just to make you laugh, which this one does. Kid Rock also has a funny cameo as Robby, the bully who, like everyone else in the film, loves giving Joe a hard time.
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Better with age
theycallmebrandon6 March 2011
I just thought that it was amusing reading the reviews all the way from 2001 to the present. This movie received almost entirely negative reviews when it first came out, but now there is nothing but positive reviews.

It seems that most people that saw this when it first came out were expecting something closer to Tommyboy or Blacksheep, with David Spade portraying a sarcastic sidekick with little more to offer than the occasional zinger. Instead we have a great tale of an average Joe that makes keeps a positive attitude even though he is constantly thrown into hilarious (for us) situations.

Whats the deal? It's a great film, maybe it was ahead of its time.
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"I choked Linda Lovelace."
TxMike12 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
"Joe Dirt" was a free rental from my local library and I was prepared, even anxious to totally dislike it, while passing a cold and rainy winter day inside. While it is no masterpiece by any stretch, and uses jokes focused on every kind of possible emission of bodily gases, fluids, and solids, there is something about David Spade's earnest if simple portrayal of "Joe Dirt" that adds up to a rather fun and enjoyable film. Stir in pretty, sweet, and stacked Brittany Daniel as Brandy, Joe's unlikely best friend and future mate, and you have an enjoyable movie of almost no consequence. About the same lasting impression as watching an episode of Saturday Night Live on TV.

About 2/3 into the film there is a scene in front of the abandoned home in Baton Rouge where Joe's parents used to live, and an old Cajun says to Joe in an almost unintelligble manner, "Home is where you think it is." He says it three times, and Joe never does understand it, but that in fact becomes the whole moral of the story. Joe eventually finds his parents, finds out they left him on purpose 25 years earlier in the Grand Canyon while he was playing in a garbage can, and returns to Brandy in Silvertown, the "postcard town" that Joe had discovered years earlier.

There is a lot in the way "Joe Dirt" is done that reminds me of "Forrest Gump." He is telling his story to a stranger, in this case Dennis Miller playing a radio talk show host. Joe, much like Forrest, bumbles from one seeming random place to another, and each time has a great influence on those he encounters. In each story there a beautiful girl he admires and secretly wants but doesn't think he is good enough.

The scene I found funniest was the night Joe met Brandy. He was stealing hubcaps to get money for food, when the dog on the porch started barking. As he started to run off, Joe noticed that the dog couldn't move. It's testicles had frozen to the porch. (They used a stretchy prostetic similar to Jeff Daniel's tongue frozen to the ski lift in Dumb and Dumber.) Brandy came out onto the porch, Joe says to get some warm water and a spatula ("No, not a fork, oooh..."), they free the dog, Joe and Brandy are fast friends.
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Surprise surprise
horrorfilmx15 January 2007
I'm no huge fan of David Spade and I tend to find the whole ex-SNL-star feature film genre lame and unfunny, but I happened to catch JOE DIRT while flipping through the channels yesterday afternoon and was intrigued enough to watch. And oddly enough I stayed intrigued for the next 90 minutes. The humor was crude, but rarely so much so as to turn me off, and the cast was very good (sure Dennis Miller was obnoxious, but isn't that his shtick?) but what surprised me the most was how caught up in the story I became. Sure it's farcical and impossible to take seriously, but for some reason I couldn't turn it off --- I kept hanging in there to see what would happen next. Even the slightly lame-ass ending didn't ruin things for me. I'd have to say JOE DIRT beats the crap out of similar, more favorably received movies like TOMMY BOY (which I found simply unbearable). Give it a chance.
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Forrest Gump meets Jeff Foxworthy.
Brett L10 May 2006
Despite the fact that this movie was trashed by critics, Joe Dirt still makes me laugh every time I watch it. If you've seen other movies made by Adam Sandler, then you should know what to expect: lots of low-brow humor and implausible situations. This movie definitely isn't for film snobs, but if you're just looking for a cheap laugh, Joe Dirt is definitely worth a rental.

This movie tells the life story of a man named Joe Dirt (played by David Spade), the mullet-wearing, hard rock-loving embodiment of every white trash stereotype in existence. This is a very different type of character for David Spade, who usually plays sarcastic and bitter male secretary types as opposed to the likable moron he plays in this.

As the movie begins, Joe Dirt is working as a janitor at a radio station when he is noticed by a Howard Stern-like DJ played by Dennis Miller. The DJ calls Joe Dirt into the studio and starts asking questions, intending to use the trashy janitor as a target for ridicule. It is here where we begin to learn the back story of Joe Dirt, beginning when he was a little kid abandoned by his parents during a trip to the Grand Canyon.

After the initial radio interview, the story of Joe Dirt becomes a national pop culture phenomenon. Our hero is invited back into the studio to continue his story, which consists of his various adventures as he travels around the country looking for his long-lost family. During his travels he befriends the beautiful and kind-hearted Brandy (Brittany Daniel), is bullied by a arrogant jerk named Robbie (Kid Rock), teams up with an American Indian fireworks dealer named Kicking Wing (Adam Beach), and crosses paths with a school janitor with a shady past (Christopher Walken). You also discover that, despite the fact that Joe Dirt is a crude and ignorant individual, you can't help but find yourself rooting for him and admiring his ability to keep a positive attitude despite all the bad things that keep happening to him.

I gave this movie a 7 out of 10. It's funny, even uplifting, and worth seeing at least once if you aren't offended by toilet humor.
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The White Trash Equivalent of Forrest Gump
bonjovifan200022 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Simply put, Joe Dirt is the white trash equivalent of Forrest Gump. Joe Dirt is not a sophisticated, Oscar worthy film like Forrest Gump, but it is still an entertaining film. The plot draws you into the story.

Joe Dirt (David Spade) is a gentle, kind hearted white trash man who has had a tough life. His parents abandoned him during a vacation to the Grand Canyon when he was only eight years old. Joe has spent his life trying to find his parents and his home.

One day while working as a janitor at a Los Angeles radio station, Joe finds himself retelling his painful life story to the sarcastic and sleazy DJ Zander Kelly (Dennis Miller).

Zander Kelly and his audience quickly become fascinated by Joe's life story. Joe becomes a media sensation. Joe Dirt, like Forrest Gump, is an unlikely hero. Despite all the obstacles Joe has faced in his life, he remains positive and refuses to let go of the hope of finding his long lost family. Basically the story comes down to this: goods things happen to good people, or as Joe puts it "you can't have no in your heart!"

David Spade wrote the film with his long time friend Fred Wolf (who did some stuff for SNL, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep). Spade and Wolf were clearly meticulous in their writing. There aren't any significant continuity or plot errors. Each scene builds upon the last and builds up for the next scene. There is a lot of low-grade humor in the film, but there's also lots of physical/slapstick humor--remember this is a film starring, produced and written by SNL alumni.

There is something about the plot that gets you involved in the story. This is the type of film you can put in your DVD player and lose yourself in the story for an hour and a half or however long the movie lasts. Joe Dirt is a lovable character, it's easy to empathize with him. I think this is a testament to the way Spade and Wolf wrote the script and the way Spade portrays the Joe Dirt character. Either way, Spade and Wolf did an excellent job writing this script.

Spade plays a different character for this movie. If you're looking for the sarcastic, acerbic Spade character, you won't find it in this film. This time, he plays the nice lovable guy. Dennis Miller has the more stereotypical Spade character. Spade said he wrote Miller's character and based it upon what he would say if Joe Dirt was sitting in front of him. Kid Rock also appears in the film, he was good and funny!

Joe Dirt didn't get rave reviews from big name film critics (this was an Adam Sandler/Happy Madison production and we all know Sandler flicks don't go over too well with the critics). I think was a rather underrated comedy. Joe Dirt is definitely worth watching! The reason why I gave this film such a high rating was partially because of the writing, portrayal of the characters, and simply because I like David Spade and Adam Sandler.
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Joe Deertay rocks more than the kid
Chase_Witherspoon5 April 2012
Forgive the title and you should find a warm, funny film that concerns an unfortunate yokel with a permanent mullet hairstyle (Spade) working as a cleaner at a radio station when a prominent DJ (Miller) sees the opportunity to exploit his pathetic story for the ratings of his drive-time programme. But the sorrowful tale earns a cult following as Dirt re-acquaints with his first romance (Daniel) and encounters an assortment of weirdos as he seeks to discover the disappearance of his parents when he was a child.

Although in some passages Spade is perhaps too smart for his own good, he still pulls off the likable but hopelessly pitiful Joe Dirt (or Deertay as he pronounces it), and his encounters with Christopher Walken as a former mob boss in the witness protection programme, Brian Thompson as a creepy Buffalo Bill serial killer a la "Silence of the Lambs", and future "My Name is Earl" trailer trash Jaime Pressly as a carney with whom he's sleeping and who might just be his sister (which prompts an hilarious scene).

There's a number of memorable moments as Joe gets pushed around by the thugs of this world, while his endearing personality reaches out and inspires the rest, a champion for the underdog, as they befriend and protect him from further embarrassment and humiliation. The ending is satisfying and overall the movie hits the right note, merging good humour with dollops of sympathy, sincerity and even a couple of moving moments. Not what you'd expect from the title and personnel and well worth a look.
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One of the Funniest EVER!
philosopherlarry23 May 2005
I have this movie on DVD and have seen it over 50 times. Whenever I am slightly bored, I put it in and laugh over and over again. I love this movie so much that I look for everyday opportunities to drop movie lines into regular conversation. Phrases like, " No man, I'm cool."{Joe} replied with "No your not"{Robbie} continues to floor me to this day. I also enjoy watching this movie with the special feature commentary from David Spade again and again. The hair, the car, the poo, the girl, Kickin Wing, Buffalo Bob: "It puts the lotion on the skin!, it does what it's told!" has me laughing in my sleep. I have rewound the carnival scene with G. Thorogood's "Who do you love" to the point of wearing out the reverse button. My favorite scene is the shortest scene in the whole movie, when he's hitchhiking and holding that sign (oh my goodness that hysterical with the green stonewashed jeans), the space peanut.... oh i could go on and on, but I have to go watch the movie again.... RIGHT NOW! "Joe Dirt!, Joe Dirt!, Joe Dirt!, Joe Dirt!"
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A well told story.
KathySmith-19 February 2005
Oh David Spade...yet again what you touch turns to gold. Joe Dirt is a well told story with more then it's share of laughs. It shows the good side of people as well as the ugly side in the way different characters treat the underdog Joe Dirt thru his life and adventures. Adults can enjoy every moment of the movie as well as kids, with some of the jokes going over their heads (I'm yer sister! I'm yer sister!). This is one movie that our family has watched over and over again and it never gets old. The musical score of the movie is exceptional! The music goes hand in hand with the movie scenes and while the movie itself needed no improvement, the music perfected the movie like good wine perfects a good steak. Takes it from a 9 to a 10 in my opinion. Believe it or not, this comedy will actually touch your heart and if you were not rooting for Joe Dirt in the beginning, you'll be rooting for him by the end.
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'Joe' is hilarious!
Christopher Smith15 April 2001
As a young boy, Joe [David Spade] got seperated from his parents [Caroline Aaron and Fred Ward]. Ever since then he's spent his life on a journey to find them. On his journey he meets a nice girl named Brandy [Brittany Daniel], a Fireworks salesman named Kicking Wing [Adam Beach], and a friendly janitor named Clem [Christopher Walken]. David Spade is great in this hilarious adventure/comedy full of crude humor. It also has a fantastic soundtrack featuring classic songs from Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick, The Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eddie Money, Joe Walsh, and more!
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A daily comment from Midget Emma: Joe Dirt (2001)
I'll keep it short and sweet. Good if your looking for laughs. Not only is this funny but it has heart as well which is hard to find in comedies. A must see if your in the mood for a giggle.

David Spade was very suitable for the role. Everyone had there moments that made me laugh.

This is defiantly one of Spade's better movies.

Better then Dickie Roberts.

Joe Dirt is a good character. Funny,good hearted and lovable. By the end of this movie your heart would have been tugged at a few times.

The supporting characters were just as good as the main character.

I recommend it. A must for anyone looking for a decent comedy.

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"Joe Dirt" rises among the sod!
zardoz-1311 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Nice guys finish first in "Joe Dirt." This lowbrow, redneck, laugh fest grounds itself in the rude, crude, lewd, bowel movement-oriented gross-out gags of comedian Adam Sandler. Not surprisingly, Sandler's production company 'Happy Madison,' which also made "Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo," produced "Joe Dirt." Predictably, "Joe Dirt" (*** out of ****) appeals to the mentality of an 8-year old in its fixation with all kinds of fecal matter, fart jokes , and big-breasted babes. Strictly speaking, guys more than gals will guffaw at the juvenile escapades of our eponymous character. Although scatological humor dominates this picaresque tale about our thirty something protagonist's search for the ungrateful parents who abandoned him at age 8 at the Grand Canyon, David Spade's sympathetic but half- witted hillbilly hero towers memorably above those lowest-common-denominator-jests. Aside from Dennis Miller's hilarious but obnoxious jeers at Joe's appearance and pedigree, "Joe Dirt" shuns mean-spirited melodramatics and contents itself with showing how our resilient hero bounces back from more hurts than anybody should have to endure.

Unlike many "Saturday Night Live" TV spin-off features, freshman director Dennie Gordon's "Joe Dirt" succeeds because the David Spade & Fred Wolf screenplay features an actual story. Moreover, instead of making the jokes as he has done in the past, David Spade becomes the butt of all the jokes. Everybody slings mud at Joe Dirt. Spade's character resembles Buster Keaton caught in an Adam Sandler comedy playing Rob Schneider pranks. Rarely does anybody get Joe Dirt's goat because he acts so incredibly ignorant that he doesn't know when somebody has been done him dirty. Our underdog hero displays so much heart you can't help but like him. You'll understand when you get a glimpse at this mullet-headed misfit. His mendacious mom made him wear a rock'n roll star's wig because she told him he lost the top of his skull at birth! "So, you dig looking like Jane Fonda in 'Klute?'" one of Joe's callous critics ridicules him. Joe sports pork chop sideburns and reads Auto Trader magazine as if it were Playboy. He dresses tattered, acid-washed jeans and rock group T-shirts, and drives a 1970's pathetic puke-yellow Barracuda with a chain steering wheel and a footprint gas pedal. Predictably, clouds of oily white smoke belch from his ride's tailpipe. Basically, Joe is blue-collar material, the world's worst loser who triumphs against all odds in the end. He lives by a simple philosophy: "all I have to do is keep being a good person and good things will come my way."

Joe is mopping floors at Los Angeles radio station KXLA where Howard Stern-style shock jock Zander Kelly (Dennis Miller of "Bordello of Blood") works when one of his producers spots Joe. No sooner has Zander seen and heard Joe than he invites him as a guest on his show. During next four days, Joe recounts the events that brought him to Los Angeles while enduring Kelly's worse jibes. After Joe's parents abandon him in a trash can at the Grand Canyon in 1975, our hero lives by his wits in the woods until a beautiful country girl, Brandy (Brittany Daniel of "Basketball Diaries") befriends him. Their meeting occurs under the oddest circumstances, one evening when Joe finds her dog has somehow gotten his testicles frozen to her porch. Every time the poor critter moves, his scrotum stretches like taffy while his testicles remain stuck to the porch. Joe uses warm water and a spatula to free the grateful dog. Naturally, Brandy rewards him, and the two become close friends. Meanwhile, a local bully, Robby (Kid Rock), who drives a Trans-Am, and Brandy's own redneck papa (Joe Don Baker of "Walking Tall") do everything to run Joe off. After Brandy's worthless father shoots her dog, Joe decides it's time to begin his search for his parents. He drives off with the dog's ashes in an urn suspended from the inside rear-view mirror of his car.

Along the road to L.A., Joe encounters a variety of eccentric characters. He discovers a la George Romeo's 1982 "Creepshow" what he believes is a flaming meteor. Instead, he learns it is large heap of frozen waste matter from a jetliner. The scenes of Joe hauling the alleged meteor around in a little red wagon are hilarious because we believe it is a meteor, too, until a pawnshop owner points out the peanut. Later, Joe meets Kicking Wing (Adam Beach of "Mystery, Alaska"), an American Indian who sells only sparklers. Joe wants to hire him to track down his folks. At the same time, he convinces Kicking Wing to expand his fireworks business and sell more than sparklers. The highlight of their exploits involves an atomic bomb they think they have found that turns out to be a septic tank. Inevitably, Joe gets drenched with sewage. In another sidesplitting scene, Joe stumbles on to a "Silence of the Lambs" Buffalo Bob wannabe serial killer (Brian Thompson of "Sudden Impact") and runs into a janitor (Christopher Walken of "Sleepy Hollow") in the Witness Protection Program. Probably the best computer-generated graphics appear in the vignette at Rosanna Arquette's alligator farm. Joe sticks his head into a gator's jaws and gets all shook up for a crowd of tourists.

Veteran TV director Dennie Gordon of "Ally McBeal" and "Nash Bridges," strings this anthology of antics together and miraculously manages to make it work. Gordon knows when to resort to crude jokes and when to focus on Joe's underdog status, and she gets the most out of the least. Other amusing tidbits of Joe Dirt's philosophy that stick are "Life is a garden, dig it." Although Joe shares obstacles similar to Forrest's, he isn't really on the same wavelength. One thing nobody can complain about is the collection of classic rock songs that make the soundtrack. If a soundtrack were ever worth buying, the "Joe Dirt" is. Meanwhile, don't believe the snotty critics who are shoveling manure on this merry little movie, "Joe Dirt" rises among the sod.
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A Nice Surprise
WisdomSeed20 January 2007
I am not sure what was expected from this movie or why the people who did not like it did not like it, but it was a nice surprise of a movie for me. Occasionally some people get together and make an unexpectedly good movie and this was one of those time. With a good amount of humor and cuteness about it, and a surprisingly sympathetic performance from the normally acerbic David Spade it was a pretty nice waste of time, like Fifty First Dates was. There was some guttural humor (an atomic *stink*bomb), it was a well layered joke when you think about it, but it was (thankfully) no Farelley brothers piece of... well you know. It does not ask a lot of you and keeps you entertained. Joe Dirt is the lovable loser, on a mission to find out that home is where you make it (or to love homeboys naked).
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An absolute cracker
giggsmiller18 May 2006
I'm giving this film 7 out of 10 on the fact that it has made me laugh and laugh again. I have films like the Godfather, Scarface, Shawshank Redemption and others in my DVD collection but I can tell you I have watched this film more than any of those. As others have said this film does what it sets out to do, make you laugh, and that it does and then some.

Its stupidity is great and the abuse that Joe (David Spade) receives is just fantastic. If you like watching a lovable loser get abused then this is the movie for you. Lots of laughs and memorable sayings, its a classic, 'Life a garden, dig it' and 'you can't have no in your heart' all coming from a white trash loser with a mullet who announces on the radio that he was 'jerkin his gherkin'makes for a laughfest. Highly recommended but don't expect to use your brain, juvenile amusement all the way. And Brittany Daniels as Joe love interest 'Brandy' is incredibly hot.
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Was VERY surprised by this one!
bjaardker24 April 2001
I went to this movie with a friend just to kill some time after work. I wasn't expecting ANYTHING from it, Especially after the very cliche' trailers they ran for it.

It only took about 5-10 minutes for me to actually start enjoying the flick. And then when I saw that Dennis Miller was in I was fired up (I'm a big D.miller fan).

In the end, my friend and I looked at each other and agreed, that was the stupidest movie we've seen in a long time however we both walked out with smiles on our faces.

If I had to sum up my feelings on this movie to one word. It would be Endearing.
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This movie deserves much better ratings!
beaudoin197721 April 2009
Joe Dirt - is not meant to be compared to movies like Schindler's list,Empire of the Sun,or The Shawshank redemption. It isn't fair to rate this movie a 2-4 because you rate those kinds of movies an 8-10. Movies should be rated in comparison with other movies in the same genre, and Joe Dirt is far and away, one of the best movies in its genre. If you don't like slapstick comedy type films, this isn't for you. However, the story line of Joe Dirt is far better than most slapstick comedy films.I'm not going to describe the story at all, as the other 184 people who commented already did that. What I will tell you, is that before I saw this movie, I disliked David Spade. I didn't find most of his smug, pretentious characters funny. Joe Dirt Single-handedly made me love David Spade. The story is great, the comedy is great, the scenery is great, the soundtrack is great; there really isn't anything to dislike about this film, and it's one of my favorites. 9/10 in its genre.

"It puts the Joe Dirt in the hole"
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It's hilarious
The_Wagon15 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you like David Spade, you'll like Joe Dirt. It's the story of Joe Dirt,(David Spade)a kid who was abandoned by his parents. So he goes looking for them. Joe tells his story to Zander Kelly, a guy on the radio station. As he tells the story, he becomes famous. It's really funny. There's this one part where Joe finds a septic tank and he thinks it's an atom bomb. The cop takes the top off and a bunch of crap goes flying all over Joe. It's got a good soundtrack too. Joe Walsh, Lynryd Skynryd, pretty much anything that gets played on 106.5, the radio station. But I really like this movie. Not many critics like it, though. It's got a 9% on What a bunch of idiots...anyway, 8/10.
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Kick ass movie
funkynotfunny17 May 2005
this is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen (and I've seen a lot of movies)!!!

everything about the film from his bizarre hair style, random celeb cameos, a crazy story line and great characters make it a fun film to watch.

i suggest you get some mates round, open a few cans of beer and settle back for a night of fun, David Spade style!

This was the first David spade movie i had ever seen and now I've almost seen all of them!

He is a wicked actor who is totally under-rated.
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