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Really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh10 June 2006
Wow! This is a really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show. I said that because I watch this on the Noggin network with my 17-month-old nephew from time to time. It's hard to say which show on the Noggin network is the best. Still it's really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that the people at the Noggin network really know how to reach a toddler's developing mind. Now, in conclusion, if you have children, nieces, or nephews, I strongly recommend this really cute, fun, entertaining, and educational show. I guarantee you that they will enjoy it.
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My daughter LOVES this show!
cbannick23 September 2006
I'm happy that this is my nearly-two-year-old's favorite show because it is very, very watchable (over and over again) for the adult set as well (and her 8-year-old cousin, who still loves it, too). I don't think I could stand that much Dora or Elmo, but Little Bear is a very sweet show with a simple plot line and "nice" character interactions that teach good values and behaviors (nobody is trying to trick or exclude anybody or or obnoxious and rude (or children smarter than their parents), which I often notice in some of the other children's programming).

Occasionally, the episodes (especially on the Halloween DVD) do get a little bit scary for my sensitive toddler, though. They don't seem scary to me, but they currently are to her. If you start out with one of the DVDs, I recommend Little Bear's Rainy Day Tales - it's my daughter's favorite (nothing scary there and lots of the animal friends in the episodes).
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An unremarkable program
gdeangel29 November 2005
I recently borrowed a VHS of several episodes from my local library. The show was completely unremarkable and lacking in the adorable charm of the little bear books. Unlike the "Pooh Bear" series, which has been adapted very well to the animated-action format, we find in the Little Bear series only very unremarkable personalities in each character. In a sense, this works as an educational "true to life" study in human personalities, but then little bear's animal friends are not human, or even humanized versions of animals (which Little Bear and his family in fact are example of), but true-to-life animals. This creates a fictional world lacking in structure and rather poorly conceived when it comes to the dialog-driven story-telling.
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Charming & enjoyable
rvoyttbots9 September 2004
I get to babysit my grandchildren on my days off from work. If it weren't for them, I would never have known this show existed. It is shown twice-a-day on the Noggin preschool network. This is a charming and enjoyable series about a family of bears. Little Bear learns right and wrong from very understanding and patient parents and grandparents. He has a number of animal friends and one human girl friend who share his adventures. A healthy dose of fantasy is thrown in for good measure. The only hard thing to swallow about the whole show is the parents and grandparents wearing clothes including shoes. Of course, this show is for preschoolers not grandparents but you'll have a good time watching it anyway.
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One of my favorite shows from childhood and I still love it today!
benaboo2 April 2018
Little Bear is one of my favorite shows from childhood and even now when I'm 18 I still love it and like to watch it. This show is not as upbeat as shows like Franklin or Arthur but it's still great. Sometimes when I watch certain shows I have to skip the theme songs but with this show I have to watch the theme song at the beginning because the music is wonderful and it's very imaginative to watch. This show also has a lot of imagination and that's one of the reasons it's so wonderful. I'm tired of people acting like you have to grow out of kids shows at a certain age. You know what I'm almost 19 and I love a lot of kids shows. There are lots of great ones like this, Franklin, Arthur, Blue's Clues, Curious George, Sesame Street, Bob the Builder, and Veggie Tales, and ones that are awful like Wow, Wow Wubbzy, Fireman Sam, Teletubbies, and the worst one of all Yo Gabba Gabba. The good ones that I mentioned teach kids lessons and maybe it wouldn't hurt for us older people to be reminded of those lessons. Little Bear I'm sure will always hold a special place in my heart and I hope I can introduce it to my nieces and nephews eventually and even my kids if I actually have any.
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A bear`s adventures
Darth_Voorhees27 May 2000
A tv series that is about a bear that explores his big world.He feels emotional feelings.The bear is sad,gald,and mad,etc.A good way to teach children feelings of life in a fun way.It is nice for children.watching the bear do things.It will give them the courage to do it in real life.
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A lot of fun, innocent and really cute
TheLittleSongbird5 July 2010
When Little Bear first started when I was 3, I loved it. At 18, I still love it. Why? It is fun, it is innocent and it is cute. It is also simple, but that is a good thing for me really. The animation is vibrant and colourful, and the music is lovely. The dialogue is funny and quite intelligent, and I loved the stories, simple they are but educational. The characters are a delight, Little Bear and his friends and family are all endearing and easy to relate to. Overall, this is a delight, for kids and adults, not in a witty way but in a simple and innocent way, innocent as in what Winnie the Pooh or Beatrix Potter were. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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The essence of innocence.
TOMASBBloodhound16 May 2010
Ever since our local cable company replaced ESPN Classic with Nick Jr., I have been aware of this show. It is impossible not to come across it when scanning through my sports channels. How else would I have come to watch a show created for pre-schoolers? Little Bear is about just what the title implies. He is a small grizzly bear cub living as a six year old boy in a house in the woods he shares with Father Bear and Mother Bear. The 7-8 minute episodes detail Little Bear's adventures with his animal friends and relatives. Many of the episodes include fantasy sequences which demonstrate that the young cub has quite an active imagination.

Little Bear's animal friends are a motley crew of forest and domesticated fauna. And more often than not, they are named as simply the animal that they are. For example, his feline friend is simply named "Cat" and his owl friend is named "Owl". There is also a hen and a duck named.... you guessed it, "Hen" and "Duck". Obviously this is an attempt to help the target audience learn what these kinds of animals look like. Every now and then they throw in a curve ball such as a garter snake being named "No Feet", and a monkey being named "Mitzi". Little Bear also has a human friend who is a little girl named Emily. She lives in a house in the woods with her granny.

The episodes all involve Little Bear playing with his animal friends and occasionally solving a simple problem such as finding something that got misplaced. Little Bear, like his father (and pretty much every other bear in the world) likes to fish. His father actually seems to have a job as a commercial fisherman. Mother Bear always seems to have a pie or cake baking in the oven for whomever comes over. The show seems to take place many years ago, perhaps in the early 1900s. Nobody has a TV, anyway. Oddly enough, the adult bears wear clothing while Little Bear does not. In a hilarious touch, Little Bear's grandfather wears an old-fashioned pair of glasses on the tip of his snout! The cartoon is well-animated, and hearkens back to a simpler time even adults are bound to recall. Usually everyone plays nice together. Except the monkey. Sometimes she can be a problem. But what exactly is a monkey doing in a seemingly North American wilderness? And why did they draw the garter snake to resemble a deadly green tree mamba? Hard to say. If you have very small children who like animals, then this is sure to keep them occupied for a while at least. 9 of 10 stars.

The Hound.
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Little Bear is great and wonderful!
limelemonrocks10 October 2015
Little Bear is such an adorable show with characters you'll love, and they teach you things! The animation is really good, it's not second rate at all. One of the reasons Little Bear is such a great TV show is because it's made by Nelvana Entertainment. Nelvana Entertainment makes other great shows like, Franklin, Bubble Guppies, and The Magic School Bus. Little Bear is a classic, and it's the kind of show that never gets old! The stories take place out in the country, never in the city. Some of the background artwork is splendid. It looks realistic! I hope they make an newer season of Little Bear because, I just can't get enough of it! This show used to air on Nick. Jr. Try it, you'll like it!
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A Fond Memory
zsofikam13 December 2015
I was a huge fan of Little Bear (the show and the books) as a kid. I watched the show on TV, but I also had and still have the books, the audio collections, and some videos. This means that I had quite a lot of exposure to Little Bear, which is great because I would love it even without the nostalgia factor. The main group of friends consists of Little Bear, Owl, Hen, Duck, and Cat. They're also occasionally joined by a monkey named Mitzi and a human girl named Emily. All of these kid characters are totally lovable and Little Bear's family is great as well. I especially like Father Bear, he reminds me of my dad, but my favourite character has got to be Duck. She's so funny and has a great voice, reminding me a little of Beaver from Franklin (another wonderful show). The stories are simple for sure, but that's a good thing. Innocent and delightful, and to me a very fond memory.
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