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A portrayal of love for middle-aged women with beauty
napierslogs28 June 2010
The tag line for "Crush" is "Three female friends behaving badly". I beg to differ. It's more like three middle-aged women complaining about men. This won't be enjoyable for many men.

But now on to the good things. It's dramatic, it's sad, it's funny and it combines all those elements with beauty. It's primarily about Kate (Andie MacDowell) trying to find love. MacDowell stands out in this film. She does have two best friends played by Imelda Staunton and Anna Chancellor but to me they were just annoying and continuously acted inappropriately.

But then into Kate's life comes Jed (Kenny Doughty). The entire theatre audience sighed as Doughty appeared on the screen. Very handsome, and he had the smouldering stare down pat as he melted our hearts. I had predicted that he would go on to be a star, and that might still happen, but slowly, as he toils around in some small roles.

The film was shot beautifully with the location in England being spectacular. The filmmakers also made a number of beautiful subtle contrasts to the men in Kate's life. These filmmakers definitely know how to make a great film. Too bad they don't know how to write characters very well. Andie MacDowell's Kate is the only great character, unless you count Kenny Doughty's looks.

"Crush" is not for men, and only for fans of Andie MacDowell, Kenny Doughty and technically superb and beautiful film-making.
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Well-shot, highly entertaining
labebe10 February 2003
I was very surprised how much I enjoyed this film. I thought it was funny, sexy, painful, and warm. Andie MacDowell's performance was nuanced and vulnerable. For once, the director of a MacDowell film did not make her beauty another character in the film. The romance between Kate and her young man is lovely to watch and it plays out very well. Her relationship with her friends is both a thorn and a balm in her life. Imelda Stalinson, who has been a MVP in so many British films, does a great job in this. There is some tragedy in this but I think the film is saved in the end by the brilliant acting, clean direction, and witty writing.The film quality is excellent and the music is good, too, though unavailable on sound track.
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Nicely filmed with a talented cast, but the weak script and underdeveloped story ruin what could have been a great movie
TheLittleSongbird25 November 2009
Crush wasn't a terrible movie, but it could have been better. Instead of the great movie it had the potential to be it was a rather average movie. The film is nicely filmed, with lovely scenery and swift cinematography. The performances from the three leads Andie McDowell, Imelda Staunton and Anna Chancellor were believable in their roles, and there is a decent supporting turn from Bill Patterson. The music is lovely too, and the direction from first-time director John McKay is average.

However the film has several failings, namely the weak characterisations despite the actors' stellar performances. The script is implausible at best, and lacked wit. The plot is also predictable and contrived in places, that has been done many times and better, and there are uneven transitions from comedy into tragedy though there are many valiant attempts. There was a scene where Molly says to Kate "I can smell man on you", and I just wondered whether that was rather inappropriate to say that to another woman. There is a lack of chemistry between Kate and Jed, and the conclusion of the film is rather unsatisfying. All in all good, but could have been better. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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erotic Plus
Roedy Green8 June 2009
Kenny Doughty as Jed Willis is sexier in this role than any male porn star, even though he keeps his pants on.

The movie tore at my heart reminding me of the intensity of the big explosive love of my life. I don't think I can think of another movie, except perhaps Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet that captures that giddy joy that well.

The other draw of the movie is the very English eccentric characters enjoying the scandal vicariously. In that sense it is much the same appeal as Midsomer Murder or a Miss Marple mystery, without the mayhem.

This is a great antidote to the mock horror currently popular in the USA an any relationships between people of different ages.
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A Cynical Mess
tonstant viewer28 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film is a calculated attempt to cash in the success of Sex in the City and Four Weddings and a Funeral. In fact, if they'd called it Sex at a Funeral, they might have done better at the box office.

But the film falls between two stools and can't get up. The characters spout improbably bright dialog, but never act in any way remotely recognizable as human. One arbitrary, senseless action follows another to advance what passes for a plot, and one soon tires of the falsity of the whole enterprise.

Andie MacDowell gets points for acting her little heart out, but the performing honors are stolen by Imelda Staunton, as of all things, a police detective (don't they have a height requirement over there?). Ms. Staunton seems unable to make a false move. Would that we could say the same about the writer-director.

If Notting Hill annoyed you as being bogus, stay away from this one. Phonus bolognus on the half-shell.
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Astonishingly bad. In the top 3 worst movies I've seen.
esri_a11 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This film was choppy, incoherent and contrived. It was also an extremely mean-spirited portrayal of women. I rented it because it was listed as a comedy (that's a stretch), and because the cover said Andie McDowell was acting up a storm in it. She wasn't. I'm a gal, I watched this film with two guys, and we spent an hour afterwards exclaiming over how bad it was.


The movie starts out with a fairly hackneyed plot about an older woman who takes up with a younger man, to the severe disapproval of her two jealous single girlfriends. They want her to marry a boring guy their own age who is kind of in love with her. But she's so happy with her oversexed puppy that you're rooting for them to stick it out, and sure enough, she decides to marry the guy. But her harpy girlfriend, aided by the wishy-washy one, sets up a plot to trick our heroine into thinking the guy is cheating on her. It works. She has a fight with him, he runs out of the house and is crushed by a truck (Remember the movie's title?) So now he's dead, two-thirds of the way through the film. And although our heroine is a school headmistress who spends her time watching over girls, she apparently forgot to use birth control and is pregnant.

She's already broken off relations with her girlfriends, because they were so unsupportive. Alone and pitiful, she decides to marry the boring guy. Did I mention that the boring guy who kind of loves her is a minister? She had asked him to marry her to the young guy (nice, huh?), but now she tells him she'll marry him, and apparently he has no objections to being dicked around in this fashion. But her girlfriends rescue her at the altar and take her home, where they not-quite-confess that they were mostly responsible for the love of her life getting smushed. She has the kid. In the final scene, they leave it in a crib inside her house while they go out on the porch to drink, smoke and be smug. I kid you not, it's that bad. I left out the part about the cancer red-herring and the harpy's ridiculous lesbian moment.
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a crush or true love?
heidirc22 November 2003
For all its faults, I found more poignancy in this movie than I expected. I admit that I purposely avoided this movie because Andie McDowell was in it -- who is a terribly overrated (though beautiful) actress. I was surprised to discover depth where she has never shown it before -- and very subtly, so much so, that it was unfortunately missed.

I've always enjoyed how many of the English movies I've seen have a tendency to mix comedy, tragedy, and drama in a way that Americans find hard to comprehend. Is not life itself a mix of all these? Do we not have situations so painful that we have to laugh?

I don't want to make this movie more than it was, but I thought it was a sweet, quiet story about a woman who may not have had the chance to find love -- and it comes along unexpectedly, in a very unconventional form. It is rather sad to watch her struggle with her somewhat immature feelings (and as I noted, Andie M. did a superb job) and disbelief over whether she was involved in just a "crush" (ahem, perhaps where the title came from -- surely not, as some reviewer noted, from the fate of one of the characters) or true love. I also enjoyed the genuine concern of her friends -- despite their misguided, and perhaps implausible efforts to dissuade her.

The movie showed how the type of love Kate wanted, may not have been possible in her small community, in the position she held, and with the life she had already created for herself. I thought the writer/director did a fine job of showing her struggle with the implausibility of the relationship she found.

Not the best movie ever made -- but nice to see a film that focuses on friendship, which often gets pushed aside as true love prevails (an implausible plot that movie viewers most want to see -- and who find anything other than true love to be implausible!).
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Hidden Gem on the DVD Shelves
spinbunny8 January 2005
I really truly enjoyed this movie. (Which is why it surprised me that it got such a low rating from so many users at this site!) I am not saying that it is a cinematic masterpiece but it was a great way to spend a cold, snowy Saturday night. It is funny, poignant, and a great tales of the ups and downs of female friendships lasting through difficult times and the bad things that female friends tend to do to each others! (fess up ladies, we have ALL BEEN THERE!) Bill Paterson shines as the Reverand Gerald Marsden and Andie McDowell proves that she can be a fine actress when the role is right and she puts her mind to it. (And truly, there is the best "wedding escape" that I have ever seen or dreamed up in this film ... more guts than anyone I have ever known!) You will laugh and you will cry --- ignore any marketing campaigns and how this film is being marketing .... it is a hidden gem that should have done TONNES of box office. (now I have to look around to purchase a copy!)
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Crushed by love...
elizalisa30 April 2006
Crush provides a combination of drama, humor and such irony that I find the English establish very well when it concerns matters of the heart. Mostly known for directing John McKay wrote this wonderful screenplay about three forty-something friends in a small town in England. All three professional women down-out of luck with men formed a ritual ladies night gathering with gin, fags and sweets intake included with endless chatter of their dates erroneous behavior or the needs of their libidos. Andie MacDowell once again thrown by the surrounds of the British (which is where I find she exudes the most) is absolutely charming as the head mistress of a prestigious school who becomes involved with a younger man. Small town gossip and the disapproving jealous friends (great supporting cast) conflicts with her relationship. Unfolding a series of brutal unfortunate events and showing us the many difficulties when one is in pursuit of true happiness. Keep in mind the main premise of this film is friendships and the ending shows us exactly that. This is the type of film you either love or hate, which is why I believe a lot of mix reviews and not that greatest success resulted when this film was released. As I'm sure most are just unearthing the film now. I very much enjoyed this film and highly recommend for those in the likes of such films as "Love Actually", and "Three Weddings and a funeral". Not to mention the soundtrack is extraordinary perfectly capturing those crucial moments.
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I Really Enjoyed and Related to this Film
Pauline Berry23 May 2004
Having no knowledge of this film prior to seeing it on Rialto Channel I found it to be a pleasant, poignant and enriching film.

The casting was excellent. I loved all the characters, they were a little exaggerated in places, (but this IS a film). The way it looked and the enjoyably giddy ride the main character took until it turned badly, as real life can and does. Yes, I thought Andy MacDowell was great. I was particularly interested to watch this film once it began because people so often joke about her acting abilities (I find this quite wierd because she's always a solid actress in my opinion).

I loved the bit at the end where Andy's character said "sometimes I feel he was never here" etc., it was so completely how it really is in a situation like that (which I can personally identify with), then there was that gorgeous classical piece "Nocturne" I think by Chopin, which was a beautiful way to end (bar the light comedy at the end, which was probably unnecessary).

I say "well done" to the film makers - I have seen 1,000s of worse films!
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equipage1 July 2003
This is a refreshing, enjoyable movie. If you enjoyed, "Four Weddings and A Funeral", "Peter's Friends", etc., you will see a number of familiar and talented actors. Made me laugh, made me sad. I view movies for entertainment, and English-set movies generally fit that bill for me. Enjoy!
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What a shame!!!
last_in_the_Q6 December 2006
What started as a funny story of three women in their 40's going thru a kind of middle life crisis and their bad relationships with men, then turns serious when an unusual romance blossoms for one of them. The relationship develops unexpectedly well, the characters seem real. The young man who's the love interest delivers some surprising twists and it's all very believable. We actually root for them and their beautiful love story… But just when the film could've built up to some real high class drama (the older woman confronting her fears and other people's prejudices) it whirls downwards into some really deranged nonsense, "pseudo" tragedy and plain silliness. The so well constructed characters and the very good performances get drawn into a not well chewed mess which is irritating to watch. It's a shame really, what had started well and could've turned into a really neat romantic flick, even a little jewel (with a good look on how these two people connect above all their differences and against all social conventions), gets wasted. It's almost as if we were watching two different films. Maybe the script was meant for a short film and didn't add up to the full hour and a half and had to be filled in? Anyway it could've been better written to have a coherent development and ending. What a shame.
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women aren't this pathetic
alisakime7 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I had been curious about this movie when it first came out, and just caught it on IFC. Shocking!!! While Kate's friends may have been justified in their concern, the way they handled themselves was even more immature and worrisome than the behavior they were accusing HER of! I was shocked by the outcome of their 'setup' for Jed (I hand't heard anything about it prior to seeing the movie) and couldn't believe the lame 'i'm so sorry' speech given later in the doctor's office. It was horrible and I truly believe it would have taken a lot more time and effort for Kate to be able to forgive her friends. Jed's demise was a direct result of their actions and they never (especially the tall one) really seemed truly remorseful. The bond between women and their best friends is strong and I think we have all been on either side, whether we are the ones being forgiven or the one in need of forgiving. That being said, this may have been the unforgivable deed indeed!
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Andie's Most Memorable Movie Moment
dreamscapist24 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First off, let me say that I love Andie MacDowell -- she's gorgeous, charming, very sweet, and she's proved her acting abilities to me in several roles. She also has the most delicious and engaging smile.

I was very much enjoying "Crush" up until that tragedy came out of left field, so angering me that I yelled at the screen. I actually felt betrayed after becoming so swept up in all the joy and romantic eroticism beforehand. There could have been all sorts of adversity for the couple to face without the great, plot-shifting finality as written. This is the only reason I can't count the film as a true favorite.

Still, there's that one pivotal, magical scene, in which Andie's character first meets her former student as a strapping adult. When he asks her, barely suggestively, if he could get her anything, Andie provides the most wonderful and telling expression: her eyes soften and her jaw slowly drops with breathy desire -- long-suppressed desire -- and without a word she speaks volumes about her deep well of longing and the smoldering lust that is overcoming her in the moment...she is a vital, beautiful woman, and her needs can no longer be ignored. Jump cut to the teacher well-mounted behind some bushes and you have the cinematic equivalent of orgasmic abandon, all done quite politely. I still become, uh...quite moved by the memory of it.
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irishsweetheart_0408926 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Me being of Irish origins, loved this movie, Not only was the guy hot and funny he was also sincere and honest. I loved the girl who he fell in love with too, she was pretty. They were such a cute couple. The ending was so sad. Love this movie! Although it is a little dirty, it reminds of a British or Irish version of Prime. If you liked this movie you should watch prime. Same story line young guy falls for older women, older women falls for young guy to. A lot of paths cross, in the end, the best decision is made or task is completed. Don't have anything else to say, without ruining the whole movie, all though I thought the french guy was ugly, less appealing to me. Umm...if you like Irish movies, I would recommend "Circle of Friends" ,that movie is so good. Quick quote, you might not get unless you watch it" well, thats my dinner ruined." LOL
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2/3 good 1/3 bad
ikanboy20 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the first two thirds of this movie, and hated the last third. Every movie has a message and this one was: Good friends stick together no matter how badly they behave towards others or themselves.

Andie McDowell - in a performance I liked, because she seemed to have dropped her whiny, self satisfied, airs of previous roles - is a headmistress of a private British Public (ergo private) School, who has two close girlfriends who meet and trade "men" stories in order to win chocolate bars as a prize for the best story.

One is a cop, played pluckily, by Imelda Staunton. The other is a Doctor, who is angry, foul mouthed and cynical; and as it turns out: spiteful.

At a funeral Andie runs into an old pupil of hers, some 16 years her junior, who happens to be the Organist. Before the re introductions are barely over they're shagging in the Cemetery. This is the kind of movie this is. Hedonism is King, or is it Queen? She decides that this is a "man" story she'll keep secret from the girls, but it's soon out and they are not pleased. The Doctor seems jealous, while the cop seems concerned by the age, and class difference. Although why a cop should pull the class difference issue is beyond me! ***********************SPOILER***************************** When Andie makes the decision to marry him, the friends pull out all the stops to divert her, to no avail. (At this point I said to my wife: "I bet they (the writers) kill him off). Sure enough the Doctor convinces the cop to have her video her seducing the boyfriend. Andie walks in on the seduction, which unknown to her has failed, and storms out. In the ensuing fight, she kicks him out and he is run over by a truck while sitting in the road trying to put his boots on.

That's the first two thirds, and it's not bad. The lines are often witty, if a little to self consciously so, but it seems as if we are going to attack the May - September love affair issue head on. It is not to be. The message is instead to be about how friends make up after screwing one of their own. Which would be fine if there had been a serious attempt to do so. Instead the serio-comedy goes all comedy, and darkly so! Andie walls herself off from her friends and then in a colossal show of thoughtless dishonesty she sets up the school's vicar to marry her. By this time we have seen her get sick and know she's pregnant and assume she is, perhaps, seeking a "father" for the child through subterfuge. As it turns out Andie has not only become deceitful, she has also become stupid, as she is unaware she is pregnant! The friends decide to intervene again, but this time for a good cause. No matter that Andie has set a man up for an emotional crash, but now her friends add poison to the gruel and have her "arrested" at the altar, by none other than her cop friend and her willing bobbies.

Off they go to the Doctor's office where the pregnancy is revealed and in a quick, unconvincing scene, all is forgiven. A bad taste in the mouth is the ending! People behaving badly and stupidly and learning not a wit from it!
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Nice scenery and a hot guy ;)
helly_7619 June 2002
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was funny and sad and yes, the guy Andie MacDowell shagged was hot. Interesting, realistic characters and plots as well as beautiful scenery. I think my Mum would like it. I still think they should have been allowed to call it the Sad F**kers Club though...
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A beautiful movie
oleg_lenski5 January 2007
The first word which comes into my mind after watching this movie is "beauty". Beauty is all around, in actors' play (Andie is superb as always), in well designed shots, and in authors' red line idea - the Love.

I think the Kenny's character is the only white spot in these three womens' otherwise boring and predictable life. His interaction makes Andie's character living as entertaining as it could possibly be. When he's gone, it became obvious that we cannot really appreciate and hold to our inner believes and sacred desires.

The fact that Andie successfully recovers from this loss is nothing bad, instead it shows that life prevails in any forms, even in this small British village, which is shown perfectly.

Another reason I love this movie is that it is so British in all ways - all that houses and "fags" and accents :))). And Andie again is doing superb job! It is a shame that this movie got such low marks. 10 out of ten!
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cheerqueeen8799 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very moving picture about 3 forty-something best friends in a small england town. One finds a passionate loves and a new beginning with a younger piano instructor, When tragedy strikes and hearts are changed forever. Definitely a film to have a box of tissues with you! A powerful piece of work. This is definitely one of my favorite films of all time.


The main character is taken by her young, handsome piano instructor and a passionate romance blossoms. Her two jealous "friends" play an immature prank which quickly leads to tragedy. She loses her love and her friends in one foul swoop. In the end a unexpected surprise pulls them back together.(in my opinion her forgiveness is not warranted)
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This film overlooks one very important crush
djames318 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I know it is 2005 and many of you have probably already seen this movie, but it is my first time seeing it on Lifetime. I thought it was a pretty good movie until I begin to see what was really happening between Andie McDowell's character (Kate) and her friend, Anna Chancellor's character, (Molly). At first I thought Molly was just bitter against men because she had been in a number of crummy marriages, and while that may be part of the problem, the real truth of the matter is that she has a HUGE "crush" on Kate. This explains the lengths she goes through to keep any man away from Kate. Molly is a lesbian whose loyalties lie with women (which may explain the failures of her three marriages) and her lesbian tendencies come out at near the end of the movie when she kisses the other woman at the medics party. This confirmed for me what I had been suspecting all along that Molly was a gay character in this movie and she wanted Kate from the beginning. Molly is very domineering and controlling with her friend Janine in whom she has no sexual interest, but rather she uses Janine as pawn to help constantly interfere in and destroy Kate's relationships. Molly initiates the breakup of any love interest Kate may express in a man and being Kate's doctor, she also has access to Kate's body. The director was very clever in very subtly showing/hiding this lesbian aspect/triangle of the film, but lesbianism is the fantsy of most males, even directors. As we can see, love between women is not always a pretty or sexy sight.
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Intended to be frothy, but no fizz
Alan J. Jacobs21 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER: The young lover, Jed, is kicked out by the spinster, Kate (Andie McDowell), because she wrongly believes that Jed is having an affair with one of her two catty girlfriends. Kate thought she caught them en flagrante delicto. Kate throws Jed's shoes out the door. Jed reluctantly leaves, and then sits in the middle of the road to put his shoes on. Then he gets run over ("Crushed", one of the meaning of the title) by a truck. And dies.

"And then he gets run over by a truck." Can you imagine a screenwriter actually submitting a script with this plot element? Up to then, its a comedy that intends to be frothy, but lacks any real fizz. Everybody but Jed is just annoying. And then they kill Jed, and everybody's sad, until the end where the gals learn to love one another and be supportive, instead of destructive. I give it 2 ugh's.
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Chick flick for 40 and up
George Parker9 June 2003
"Crush" is a comedy/light-drama which tells of three middle-aged single women best friends in England, one of which, a proper school headmistress (MacDowell), falls in like/love with a young former student half her age. What begins as a straight forward sexually charged Spring-Autumn romance twists and turns unexpectedly and finally sorts itself out to feel good conclusion. "Crush" is an enjoyable, sometimes brash, sometime sentimental romp which will play best with more mature females. (B-)
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To have a `Crush' on this movie is a matter of definition!
janyeap16 April 2002
Call me an over-sensitive knit-wit, perhaps, for I did enjoy this `bitter-sweet' romantic drama! Definitely for anyone who's still unsure what true love really means!

This movie is saddled with absolutely credible characters, plausible events and a great script. Three successful career women, but nonetheless, hard on their luck in finding decent suitors! Women who prefer to mope around together, keeping up with their alcoholic consumption, perpetually lighting up their fags, and satisfying their obesity for chocs! At least, until their lives get CRUSHed when Andie MacDowell's Kate has a CRUSH on Kenny Doughty's gorgeously talented Jed CRUSH! Gosh what an appropriate movie title!

This movie is scripted with such an incredible number of puns to keep one's head spinning! Definitely great puns that sweep up laughter, emotions and disbelief! And all serving as a cue to the definition of `love.' Just watch how the Kate-Jed ecstatic sexual relationship plays on Kate's buddies!

Great performances overall! And MacDowell's performance is strikingly fabulous. Yep, good solid acting that should receive an Oscar nod! Her facial expressions and her physical appearances are wonderfully coherent with the different stages of her moods and condition. Anna Chancellor and Imelda Stauntan are well casted in their roles to support the events that follow Kate.

Amazingly beautiful shots of a neat English village, credibly filled with an air of prim and pomp. Yep, an English countryside filled with uniformed school children and stuffy villagers, including a shy, old village vicar! Yep, the quaint sort of population who will break into whispers over the minutest scandal! Guess what? If you think Kate's relationship is a societal taboo, how then would you define Molly and Janine's final success with love!

The movie is fast-paced. Even the flashbacks work well as an important reminder to Kate and Jed's relationship. There are some edgy moments to the story that help prevent boredom to seep into the plot. And thumbs up to its originality. I was totally absorbed. Even the ending does work to sum up the whole!
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An Irregular and Confused Screenplay and Direction Where the Genre of the Movie is Never Defined
Claudio Carvalho15 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Katie (Andie MacDowell) is the head mistress of a school, Molly (Anna Chancellor) is the doctor and Janine (Imelda Stauton) the chief of police in a small England town. They are above forty, best girl friends and are together most of their vacant time. They like to dispute the most unsuccessful and unhappy affair with the local men in the week. One day, Katie meets Jed (Kenny Doughty), her former student and at least sixteen years younger than she and they fall in love for each other. She hides this love from the locals and her two friends do not accept such a situation. In order to avoid a spoiler, I cannot comment further than that. This movie has one of the most irregular and confused screenplay and direction I have ever seen. It starts as a romantic comedy, then goes to a free dramatic tragedy, goes to a comedy and ends mushy. The unnecessary tragedy in the middle of the plot does not fit to the movie. Further, the circus in the marriage of Gerald and Kate is ridiculous. If the viewer expects to watch a comedy or romantic comedy, will be very disappointed, and if he expects to see a drama, will be also disappointed. My vote is six.
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Friends....and Friends
gradyharp27 December 2010
CRUSH is now a ten year old film written and directed by John McKay, a film that stands up well with the passage of time and the observations of feminine behavior. It is blessed with a fine cast of actors and has the courage to take a comedic start and turn it into a tragic mode without destroying the main theme of the special friendship among a small group of women.

Kate Scales (Andie MacDowell) is a headmistress of a private school in a smallish English town and is close friends with policewoman Janine (Imelda Staunton) and physician Molly Cartwright (Anna Chancellor): each of the women is in the 40s range of age and each is single, their social life is meeting together for booze, smoking, and gossip and competing by putting themselves down for having the worst faux pas with men. Kate encounters a young former student of hers, Jed Willis (Kenny Doughty) as he plays the organ for funerals. There is a mutual attraction and soon they are having a frequent physical relationship. Jed is sincerely in love with Kate but Kate feels the 20 some odd year difference in their ages in an insurmountable gap - though she is passionately attracted to Jeb. When Kate shares her 'affair' with Molly and Janine her friends are appalled and set out to destroy a relationship they feel is completely wrong and doomed to failure. Molly and Janine take extreme measures to see to it that the couple is broken up and their intentions result in a tragedy they all must face. The repercussions of this behavior creates a whole new set of circumstances and despite the tragic elements the friends are able to reunite by film's end - with very clear discoveries about each other and changes in each of their lives.

There is a lot of well written and well delivered humor in the first half of the film with the trio of women creating a bond that seems to be ceaselessly entertaining. The introduction of Jed - played to perfection by the very talented Kenny Doughty - changes the theme of the story and while many viewers will feel negative about the turn of events there is here a chance for the examination of the spectrum of friendship that is solidly written and performed. What seems to be a bit of fluff movie develops into a psychological study that makes it stand above many other 'chick flick' comedies.

Grady Harp
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