Lost and Delirious (2001) Poster

Alan Fawcett: Bruce Moller


  • [while Tori is dancing with her father, Paulie appears at the party dressed in a men's suit. As she is walking in, everyone is looking at her. She walks over to where Tori and her father are, and just stands there staring at Tori. A few seconds later, Bruce looks over at Paulie. Then Tori looks over too. Paulie steps in closer to them] 

    Paulie : Good evening, Victoria. Hello Bruce!

    Bruce Moller : Good evening.

    Paulie : Bruce, I wonder if I might cut in?

    Bruce Moller : This is a joke, right?

    Paulie : Joke? I'm asking you... nicely... can I dance with your daughter please?

    Bruce Moller : I'm afraid I don't think that's appropriate, and I don't think Victoria does either, so...

    [She cuts in anyway, and shoves Bruce out of the way. They are dancing together now. And by now, mostly everyone at the party is watching] 

    Tori : Are you crazy?

    Paulie : What? You don't like dancing? You used to love to dance with me on the roof, remember?

    Tori : Paulie... please...

    Paulie : What?

    Tori : Don't make this difficult!

    Paulie : You love me Tori!

    Tori : Like a friend!

    Paulie : As a lover. Say it! I'm in love with you Paulie!


    Paulie : You say it or I'll stop this dance right now!

    [Everyone looks over at them] 

    Tori : Paulie please... please...

    Paulie : Then say it! Say it!

    [Tori looks at her father then looks back at Paulie] 

    Tori : No! You tell anyone whatever you want.

    [Tori walks away and her father follows behind her, leaving Paulie standing alone in the middle of the dance floor. Paulie starts to cry and Ms. Vaughn comes up behind her] 

    Fay Vaughn : Paulie! Paulie!

    [tries to grab Paulie] 

    Fay Vaughn : Come here... Paulie...

    [Paulie grabs her, spins around with her, and then runs from the party. Ms. Bannet walks over to Ms. Vaughn] 

    Eleanor Bannet : Faye!

    [Paulie runs out onto the grass, screaming] 

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