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A flesh-filled romp through the Wild, Wild West.
Mr White Keys14 October 2000
In movie terms, "bad" isn't necessarily an indictment on a film. Indeed, "bad films" has really grown into a genre unto itself. My friends and I will gladly sit down, crack open a few beers, and chuckle at "bad" d-grade films until we're either blue in the face or out of beer. I'm glad to report that "Takin' it Off Out West" is a supremely enjoyable d-grade movie, and I would recommend it to any fan of the bad movie genre.

Ostensibly, the number one requirement to guarantee the success of a movie such as this, is to show as much flesh as can be squeezed into the paper-thin plot. In "Takin' it Off Out West", this criteria is satisfied early and often. Surprisingly however, the stereotypical characters actually shoot off some funny one-liners, which make the film actually enjoyable to watch.

To write much more in this comment would be to over-intellectualise what is intended to be a simple and corny movie. Watch it with a few mates and you'll have a good time. For its modest purpose, it's a pretty good movie.
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More T&A from Ed Hansen.
BlackJack_B7 December 2007
The late Ed Hansen, the director of some of the best T&A movies ever made, brings us Takin' It Off Out West, a Comedy-Western with very little plot, horrible acting and plenty of endowed women flaunting what God gave them as well as what breast enlargement can also do for them.

The threadbare plot involves the government hiring strippers to help raise the morale of workers in the Old West and a bumbling family of outlaws trying to foil their plan due to some "Mystic Stone".

As expected in an Ed Hansen film, you've got cartoon sound effects, horrible method acting by a group whose only film was this very one, terrible music and of course, some sexy young things.

While Julie Strain is top-billed, she does very little except play some madwoman portraying a Native having some problems drawing her bow. If you want to see her in a Western-type film, better to see her in The Rowdy Girls.

Some interesting tidbits in this film though. They do some inventive things to hide the fact that the women in this film refused to grow bouffant bush. Every stereotype in a Western is here, including another offensive attempt by someone portraying a gay man and the muscular hunks being as dumb as doorknobs. Also, the names of the actors in the cast are a riot. Hardy Oliver? G. Dallas Austin? Billy Twogood? Heffey Von Hampton? Jimmy Sarno (is he related to Joe?)? Hilarious! Right now, the only way you probably can see this film is on Drive-In Classics in Canada. I would love to see Ed Hansen's classic films on DVD, though. If Peter Perry/Bethel Buckalew's work is on DVD, so should Hansen's.
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tdane20 April 2004
The best way to describe this movie is Goofy. If you like Westerns and T&A, you should like Takin' It Off Out West. This is a T&A flick, and they makes no bones about it. In case you weren't paying attention they tend to reminding `Your talking T-- & A-`.

The characters are stereotypical but well acted. Mark Dane makes a good perverted hillbilly. This is not a family film, but is one you would want to watch with your buds.

The is movie has a couple of good one liners, Good looking Women and lots of T&A. So if you want a T&A movie with a little comedy, try this one, you will not be disappointed.
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