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Extremely bad and obscure.
HumanoidOfFlesh2 June 2010
I have seen many bad horror movies,but "Night of Terror" is easily among the worst horror movies of 80's.The action takes place in a mental hospital full of mentally challenged patients.Renee Harmon is constantly hallucinating and her visions are taken from "Frozen Scream".There's also a creepy doctor,Harmon talking with a thick German accent,a ghost,some teenagers,a Gypsy psychic,some hooded assailants ala Sunn O))),a masked psycho killer and a melting living corpse.Utterly incomprehensible and amateurish piece of crap with enough weirdness to satisfy fans of low-budget trash.After watching this movie you will never be the same and you will never want to see Felix Girard use any kind of storytelling device ever again.3 out of 10.Only for the lovers of extremely BAD cinema.
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Trash, Stay Aawy From This Film
jakebabee14 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
O.K I know a lot of you really want to add this movie to your Palace Explosive Video collection. And even just see it for its obscurity . Well don't, it is the worst movie a have ever seen in my whole life and that is saying something as I'm a big fan of B grade 80's horror e.g. (boarding-house, blood beat, rats night of terror etc) This movie is just boring and looks like it has been shot on a video camera. So the movie starts we are in a mental hospital with some very bad actors trying as hard as they can to act crazy (one of the patients has a little doll she looks very fond of, then a crazy girl comes up and says I'm going to kill your doll. Umm o.k.) The main actress in the movie is played by Renee Harmon, A German actress who know one will understand as her English is very bad . She has been admitted by her husband to stay at the hospital , when really she is not crazy he is just out to make her look that way so he can take her money and use it on this brain operation thing he has invented which has a few BAD side effects . So she gets out of the hospital and endeavors to find out what her husband is up to .

There is no gore in this movie really. Long dull scenes that are absolutely pointless, awful characters. The ending is very bad. And you just want the lead actress to die the minute she enters on the screen (which she never does) Oh and one more thing , there is stock footage from a completely different film that randomly pops up every 15 minutes or so. I may of made this movie sound like fun. But it really isn't. You Are Warned!!!
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DVD from and
fgirard11 February 2011
Awesome B movie, you will laugh, and great memories of the 80's, April 27, 2010 By Lynette R. Alba - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Night of Terror (DVD) This movie was a spoof parody of how the B movies were made. The random dialect will keep you laughing through out. Me and my two older children had the best evening together watching and laughing, all the music is an original score. Little creepy. Buy it watch it. If you like B movies that remind you of your youth, you will be a happy purchaser.

Story line is about mad scientists performing brain surgery on unsuspecting patients and turning them into trained killers. Can the teenagers, the psychic, the nurse, the doctors, the patients, the party guests, the rock band and the street people all survive this haunted night of terror? Probably not many!
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