Stuart Little 2 (2002) Poster

Jonathan Lipnicki: George Little



  • George Little : Dad?

    Fredrick Little : What?

    George Little : Am I in trouble?

    Fredrick Little : No, son. You're in BIG trouble.

  • George Little : [answering the phone]  Stuart!

    [very fast] 

    George Little : Stuart, where are you? How are you? Are you all right? Did you find her? How's Snowbell? When are you coming home? Mom and Dad are asking alotta questions.

    Stuart Little : So are you.

  • [Will discovers that George is in trouble with Mrs. Little] 

    Will : What are you going to do now?

    George Little : Which way's Canada?

  • [Stuart has started the plane by accident; George and Will are playing a video game upstairs] 

    Will : Hey, what's that noise?

    George Little : Sounds like a lawn mower.

    Will : Inside the house?

    Will , George Little : [alarmed]  Stuart!

    [the boys rush downstairs to find the plane has started with Stuart in the cockpit] 

    George Little : Stuart, what are you doing?

    Stuart Little : I'm not doing anything!

    George Little : Pull the break!

    [Stuart pulls the break, and flies to another part of the house] 

    Stuart Little : [to George]  Get the book!

    Will : This is cool. All my brother does is jam crayons up his nose.

    George Little : [reading the instruction booklet]  It says here, "On takeoff, pull back on the throttle".

    Stuart Little : "Take off"? I'm already in the air!

    [Stuart flies over George and Will's heads] 

    Stuart Little : Snowbell, get out of the way!

    Snowbell : [running]  Please don't hurt me!

    [Mr. Little is upstairs] 

    Fredrick Little : [to George and Will]  What's going on?

    Will : Oh, nothing. Stuart is just flying in the house.

    [Mr. Little sighs, but then becomes alarmed] 

    Fredrick Little : [shouting]  Flying in the house?

    George Little : At least he's indoors, nothing bad can happen.

    Stuart Little : Watch out! Hit the dirt!

    [Stuart flies over the boys' heads again, as Mrs. Little opens the door, holding a bouquet of flowers] 

    Mrs. Little : [as Stuart crashes into the flowers]  Stuart!

  • [first lines] 

    Stuart Little : [as he grabs George's glasses]  George, wake up.

    [George is still sleeping] 

    Stuart Little : George!

    George Little : [talking into his pillow]  It's Saturday.

    Stuart Little : I know. But it's the first day of Soccer. It's our first game.

    George Little : [wakes up and puts his glasses on]  Soccer? Uh... I can't today. I caught a cold while sleeping.

    [George sneezes] 

    Stuart Little : You'll be fine. Come on, come on. It's gonna be great.

    [Stuart takes his pajama top off and kicks it into the laundry hamper like a soccer ball] 

    Stuart Little : We're gonna play like Brazilians!

    [George goes back to sleep, unfulfilled] 

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