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King, the detective, is sent to try and capture some opium smugglers that are operating in a seaport town. He arrives at the place and disguises himself in rough clothes and mixes with the fishermen. One day while walking along the shore, King sees two children (a boy and a girl), fighting. He rushes to separate them and reaches the children just as a young lady does, who turns out to be the children's sister. He accompanies them home and meets Jane's father and the bully who is very much in love with Jane. The bully is jealous of King on first sight and when King and bully meet at the saloon and dance hall, the bully starts a fight, but they are separated by the crowd. One night King is followed by the bully, who attacks him and knocks him there. The bully goes after his gang with the intention of getting them to help him do away with King. The boy, in the meantime has seen the bully run home and tells his sister. They run to the shed and unbind King and get him in a rowboat and he ...

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