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The Fosters Review: “Too Fast, Too Furious” Is Right On The Nose

The Fosters packs in the drama that comes with raising five teenagers all of the time, but this week the title for the episode was eerily on point. Fast and the Furious movies are popular for a reason, but the saying should not apply to people who aren’t ready to live that kind of life full time. When you move too fast into something you’re not ready for, you don’t just risk hurting yourself. You can choose to repeat the cycle, or reverse it for a healthier second chance. As difficult as it is to watch Mariana join a derby team

The Fosters Review: “Too Fast, Too Furious” Is Right On The Nose
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John Hughes Films: Ranked From Worst To Best

Paramount Pictures

John Hughes was, by his own admission, a very ordinary, non-exceptional kid. He didn’t even have a particularly noteworthy high school life, which is somewhat ironic given how effortlessly he managed to convey it in his film work.

He may not have been the kid he portrayed in his movies, but he related to them and wanted to show the world they weren’t as bad as other films routinely made them out to be. One of Hughes’ defining characteristics was his ability to see teenagers not as kids or as young adults, but as people. This, in turn, ensured that his films connected with a sizeable audience.

But Hughes wasn’t just about love triangles, prom nights and cliques – he was so multi-layered and moved away from the teen films that brought him so much success, writing side-splitting comedies and romantic dramas, replacing the teens with twenty somethings and families.
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TV writers (and writers of TV) predict the end of 'Mad Men'

  • Hitfix
TV writers (and writers of TV) predict the end of 'Mad Men'
Mad Men” begins its final stretch of episodes on Sunday night at 10 on AMC, and we asked a handful of TV critics, as well as several TV producers (some of whom have had experience ending their own shows) to predict what might happen when all is said and done for Don Draper and friends. Some took the assignment very seriously. Some opted for the ridiculous. Some fell in between. Damon Lindelof (Co-creator, "Lost"/"The Leftovers") There is a knock on Pete's door. He answers. There's a ten year old child standing there in a suit. "Hello, father..." he says, "I just want you to know that I am going to write a television show one day. And my portrayal of you will Not be flattering." Pete runs his hand through his receding hairline, shaken, but imperious. "What's your name, little boy?" The bastard son glares at his father, "Matthew." he says.
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Rumor: Is Bryan Cranston Zack Snyder's Lex Luthor?

Bryan Cranston is the danger. He is the one who knocks. And pretty soon, he might be knocking on Superman's door.

El Mayimbe at Latino-Review.com tweeted some very obvious clues that the "Breaking Bad" star is the man Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. want to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel — the same film that puts Kal-El on the Caped Crusader's radar.

Read El Mayimbe's tweets below:

Actor for Lex is so painfully obvious/on the nose, u wouldn't believe me even if I told you. Hell, I don't believe it myself. Take a guess?

— elmayimbe (@elmayimbe) August 8, 2013

Fanboy Blind Item: Which superhot actor finishing final season of hit TV show who also was in 2 films for WB is up for juicy badguy part?

— elmayimbe (@elmayimbe) August 8, 2013

Final Clue For Y'all Fanboy Knuckleheads Who Can't Take A Hint: This actor played a bad guy (embarrassed
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Cory Monteith's iconic 'Glee' performances: 'Don't Stop Believin'' to 'The Scientist'

The climax of "Glee's" pilot episode is the all-in moment, for both the show and the people watching it. When the first notes of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" come up, that's when it all comes together.

Cory Monteith's Finn, the jock and secret singer, is at the center of it. Monteith would go on to be the grounding force the show often desperately needed, and the seeds of that are in "Don't Stop Believin'."

Here are a few more of Monteith's best performances from "Glee."

"Jessie's Girl"

On the nose? Sure, since Rachel (Lea Michele) at the time was interested in a guy named Jesse. But Monteith delivers a great version of Rick Springfield's song.


Another Journey song from the Season 1 finale, "Journey to Regionals," and another Finn-Rachel duet. But just because it's familiar doesn't mean it doesn't work.

"Losing My Religion"

"Grilled Cheesus" is a polarizing episode,
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Rating the On-the-Noseness of Flight’s Soundtrack

  • Vulture
Rating the On-the-Noseness of Flight’s Soundtrack
Robert Zemeckis and Denzel Washington both took pay cuts in order to bring Flight to the big screen. Is it possible that some of that cash went to fund the film's hits-heavy soundtrack? Two Rolling Stones song, a Beatles track, Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" — this music doesn't come cheap. It's like the Forrest Gump soundtrack all over again! And none of it, old or new, is subtle. The first song on the soundtrack of a movie about an alcoholic is ... "Alcohol" by the Barenaked Ladies. We decided to rate the film's musical choices on a scale from On the Nose to On the Feet.Song: "Feelin' Alright" by Joe Cocker Use: After waking up from a bender and getting through a call from his ex-wife, Whip (Denzel Washington) does some cocaine. This song really kicks in at a shot of a wide-awake, super-cool Whip, wearing his aviators inside.
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'A Wrinkle In Time' And The Journey Of Hope Larson

'A Wrinkle In Time' And The Journey Of Hope Larson
The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up way back in July, but Film Critic Hulk — the gamma-irradiated film theorist who served as EW’s Special Comic-Con Correspondent — isn’t quite finished with the biggest event of the geek year. Read on below for Hulk’s examination of the work of graphic novelist Hope Larson, and check back here tomorrow for Hulk’s final piece of Comic-Con coverage: An in-depth look at Rian Johnson’s Looper.

When Hulk Was Putting Together Plans For Comic-con Coverage, Hulk Implicitly Knew That Hulk Was Going To Write About Comics. Oh, A Million Ideas Went Through Hulk’S Head.
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Gay Girl's Goggles "Once Upon a Time" SnapCap (1.08) – "Desperate Souls"

Welcome back to Storybrooke, lasses. Have you come here hoping to leave your real world cares behind? Are you so burnt out on, say, election season — this weekend the Gop held two nationally televised debates within ten hours of each other, after all — that you just want to lose yourself in a fairy tale? Too bad! This week's episode is about ... an election! Of course, that's not all it's about. Jane Espenson helmed this one, so it's also about love vs. loss, good vs. evil, choosing what is right vs. choosing what is easy. It's Rumpelstiltskin's backstory, and it's the most enchanting one yet.

Afterellen Bait

This week's Stroybrooke tale is all Emma and Regina. They banter with each other, they bait each other, they bully each other. It's all furrowed brows and backhanded compliments and, "Oh, go die in a fire! No, wait! Don't die in a fire!" If
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The Stupid Results Of The 10 Most Ridiculous Super Bowl Bets

Last week, we posted a list of the 10 Best Ridiculous Non-Football-Related Super Bowl Bets, along with betting recommendations and my usual hilarious commentary (the true winner was Zingers! Money and Good Use Of Time, not so much). Hopefully, no one misinterpreted this post as just some fun, throwaway gimmicky thing exploring humorous pop culture Super Bowl bets, and instead, you all took it super literally (as intended) and went out and laid down tens of thousands of dollars crucial to your family’s survival on wacky wagers at my recommendation (Now who’s laughing at these wagers, people in the first half of this sentence? Your starving children aren’t, that’s who. I sure showed…someone somewhere, I forget). With the Super Bowl over, it’s time to re-explore the Super Bowl Prop Bets and see how we did. Spoiler Alert: Really badly. But think of the smiles we had!
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We'd Like To Robosexually Marry Last Night's Futurama

Okay, I think I figured out the problem with last week’s episode of Futurama, and it is going to blow your mind. Ready? It wasn’t funny enough. Kaboom! I know.

Last week, I thought maybe it was using too many current cultural references, like Twitter and YouTube, that brought the humor down a notch, but this week we get something even more timely to deal with – homosexual marriage – and it works. The big difference? Funny jokes. Again, I am a genius.

To get a little into the plot, Kif and Amy break up, which leads to Amy – always a sucker for a bad boy – hooking up with Bender. While society (and Professor Farnsworth) disapproves, Bender explains that their sex is just too damn hot to stop being together, so he proposes marriage. And when it turns out they can’t get married, they try to legalize robosexual marriage
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The real reason why some Price is Right games are retired

  • Aol TV.
The real reason why some Price is Right games are retired
Do you watch The Price is Right, either because you're sick, unemployed or both, and wonder why what happens to games like "On the Nose," "Poker Game" and "The Phone Home Game"? Ever wonder why some of The Price is Right's pricing games go to that big "Showcase Showdown" in the sky?

Do not question the mighty awesomeness of daytime game show gods! Their reasoning for taking some games before their time are sound and righteous in ways not meant for us mere mortals to understand. Also, some of them had the potential to critically injure or even kill someone on the show. Check out this dangerous attempt to play a game of "Super Ball!".


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‘Couple of Dicks’ Isn’t ‘Couple of Dicks’ …or Kevin Smith’s Movie

In our hearts, we all sort of knew the day would come when we heard word that Warners (a studio who showed serious creative freedoms this year) finally tipped the scales and turned Dicks into plain old Cops. According to /film, the title of professional public speaker, sometimes director, and Reject Radio-promotional-bump-recorder Kevin Smith's latest flick is officially going to change from A Couple of Dicks to something else. Something that probably doesn't involve slang penile terms. I suggest A Couple of Engorged Love Snakes. It's inoffensive and it references cops. The money quote from Smith: The Movie Formerly Known as A Couple of Dicks has finally settled on a (network-policy-dictated) replacement title! While we'll always have Dicks in our hearts, the title we just now locked makes me smile on a bunch of different levels - including this 1: we can now advertise our movie properly (& ironically). And said marketing begins...on
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Robbie Coltrane Irish Accent Struggle

  • WENN
Robbie Coltrane Irish Accent Struggle
Robbie Coltrane found it incredibly difficult to develop an authentic Dublin, Ireland accent for his new Irish movie On The Nose. The Scottish-born star had to slave for ages to capture the tough working-class dialect, and even spoke it in his spare time. He says, "I really wanted to get it good enough for a Dublin audience to watch it and be convinced. It's professional pride as well. I was on a set full of Dublin people and I asked them to keep an eye on what I was saying. It's not just the accent, it's the tone of what you're saying as well." Coltrane made the movie, which co-stars Dan Aykroyd, on location in the city late last year. He plays a porter in a medical college who develops a unique way of getting sure bets on horses.

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