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ridiculously hilarious
colourblinded5 April 2001
Being a long time fan of the BJD books (three years and counting), I had nothing but high hopes for the movie version. I was lucky enough to get into a sneak preview last night, and I was not disappointed. The movie, like the book, has the most hilarious lines and moments, and each of the actors portrayed their characters so well you couldn't imagine anyone else in that part. Renee Zellweger IS Bridget, there is just no arguing it. No other actress could have pulled off what Renee did in this movie. Hugh Grant makes for an excellent Daniel, who is completely two faced and has a smarmy sort of charm that makes you want him just as badly as Bridget does. Colin Firth is a superb Mark Darcy, but that was a given because the character was practically written with him in mind - as all avid BJD readers know, Mark Darcy's character is a play on the Mr. Darcy Firth portrayed in Pride and Prejudice.

Some of the more hardcore fans of the book may be disappointed with all the missing jokes and scenes, but to film the entire book would have left us with a 10 hour movie. The writers did an excellent job distilling the essence of the novel, and the finished product has all the charm and wit of the original. The audience, many of whom I'm sure have never read the book (and many of whom, surprisingly, were male), laughed nonstop throughout the film, and everyone seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. As for those of us who have read it, I do believe that this is one of those rare book-to-movie jobs that was really spot-on, and everything that was noticeably changed in the process only makes the movie better. So go see it, it's hands-down one of the best movies of 2001 so far.
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Corny but cute
DeeNine-28 February 2002
(Note: Over 500 of my movie reviews are now available in my book "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I Can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote!" Get it at Amazon.)

What really makes this movie stand out from a venerable list of other working girl fantasies is the familiar but one-of-a-kind personality of the irrepressible Bridget Jones. Created by novelist Helen Fielding, who also wrote the script, and brought to life by the talented and zany Renée Zellweger, Bridget Jones is a 32-year-old pleasingly plump London working girl, a "...verbally incontinent spinster who...dresses like her mother" (to quote Colin Firth's character, Mark Darcy). She is also clumsy, the kind of girl who might spill sauce on her blouse, a little overweight, smokes, drinks too much and sometimes says what she thinks without consulting her brain. She is also very good at improvising on the spot, a talent that charms not only the two leading men, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, who vie for her affection, but also the five o'clock news audience who like her bum and knickers just fine.

Director Sharon Maguire, in her first outing, combines Brit witticisms, slapstick pratfalls, raunchy, sharp and realistic dialogue, and a blatant but inoffensive sentimentality into a romantic comedy that surely has Nora Ephron and Julia Roberts paying close attention. She keeps us guessing about who will get the girl (and who really deserves the girl) with the usual misdirections and misunderstandings characteristic of the genre. There's a little dead time about half way in, and the uncertainty about whether Bridget wants Hugh Grant or Colin Firth is milked a bit overmuch, otherwise this is nicely paced entertainment sure to chase away a blue afternoon.

Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are both very good, and Gemma Jones as Bridget's mother is a charming, dotty sight to see. Bridget's friends are funny as a kind of foil to the tired glamor of Yank TV's "Friends." And there's a darling "home movie" sequence during the closing credits purporting to recall Bridget at four and Mark Darcy at eight, that retrospectively and adorably frames the movie.

Should a CHICK FLICK ALERT be declared here? No doubt, but thanks to a warm, bubbly, funny and decidedly unprudish and unaffected (and I must say, somewhat daring) performance by Zellweger, we'll ignore it because we "like her just the way she is."
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Not a hardcore chick-flick
MetaLark30 October 2001
Speaking as one familiar with "Pride and Prejudice"--the book and the 1995 miniseries upon which this work is loosely based--I like this spunky little movie exceedingly well, just as it is. Do not be put off by superficial comparisons to "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Notting Hill," both shallow and pretentious movies memorable only for one fine eulogy and some physically beautiful protagonists. "Bridget Jones's Diary" is more.

Bridget Jones is, as its soundtrack suggests, "Everywoman." Every woman who has ever fumbled for words, fallen on her face, been embarrassed by her mother, chosen her underwear carefully, picked a cad for a boyfriend--whether she's a thirty-something singleton or a sixty-something grandma--can identify with Bridget on some level. You can't help pulling for her. Cheering her on is cheering yourself on.

But this chick-flick is not hardcore; it has a broad sense of humor. Male viewers have been caught in the act--smirking. There is even a fistfight to warm insensitive martial hearts. A couple of famous people make appearances here, too--one with a million-dollar price on his head--Salman Rushdie, who plays himself in a wryly irreverent little sequence.

It's easy to miss the movie's charm on the first screening--some very good lines are swallowed at the ends; the gratuitous profanity, casual sex, prodigious smoking and drinking are turn-offs; the heroine is an awkward, fleshy woman with reprehensible fashion taste, and one may easily posit that she ended up with an unsuitable and unlikely mate.

But I contend, after a second viewing, that this movie is a little gem. There is a wonderful economy in the editing; every scene, every action tends toward only one possible conclusion, a PERFECT conclusion. And the childhood clips in the ending credits give credence to that conclusion and provide support for it--which is that the hero and heroine are made for each other.

I rate it a solid 9 (with a 10 for the BBC/1995 "Pride and Prejudice").

* * * * S P O I L E R S A H E A D * * * *

At first glance, Miss Jones seems stupid and inept and the last woman in the world one would pick for the intelligent and successful Mr. Darcy. But consider this: Darcy already had "a clever wife" before--bliss must needs be sought elsewhere. Besides, Bridget, though somewhat gauche, is not unintelligent, as evidenced by her voiceovers and some of her sallies. But most of all this: Each has something the other needs--he is steady and reliable, she possesses liveliness and warmth. Notice the wistful look on Darcy's face as he watches Bridget and Cleaver cavorting on the river. He WANTS some nonsense and indecorum in his life--needs them; she would be his savior. Imagine Darcy's life if he had settled on the competent but priggish Natasha--both parties would have stagnated. Imagine if Bridget had surrendered to the charms of a Daniel Cleaver--fun for the nonce, but misery for the long haul.

No, this ending is perfect in every way, down to the last delightful epithet uttered by an aroused Darcy. And oh yes, the kiss--very promising indeed; at once tender and ardent, it leaves one with the distinct impression that Darcy will be something more than "helpful in the kitchen."
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Delightful, witty, and sexy – a TRIUMPH!
kwongers10 February 2004
As a huge fan of the books, I had incredibly high expectations of the movie. In order for the movie to work for me, it had to capture Bridget's plucky-heroine character and the hilarious-poignant emotions that are in the book. Needless to say, `Bridget Jones's Diary' the movie worked very, very, very well. Although Helen Fielding also wrote the screenplay (w/ Richard Curtis, very skilled with romantic comedies) and keeps the laughs coming, this movie could have fallen flat on its face. But it doesn't because one, the casting is absolutely divine and two, smartly builds on some elements the book downplays.

Renee Zellweger is absolutely perfect as Bridget Jones. She has always been one of my favorite actresses and here, she totally displays Bridget's pathetic cuteness. Zellweger gained weight for this role, too, so she looks adorably plump. It's very, very hard to not fall in love with her the moment you see her at her family's Christmas party or drinking alone at home or listening to sad, Celine Dion music. (You have a heart of stone if you aren't moved to laughs or tears or pity for her.) I can't imagine anyone else playing Bridget Jones. Zellweger fits the role because she is very much normal and approachable…we can relate to her.

As Daniel Cleaver (her caddish Cassanova lover/boss), Hugh Grant is smoldering and hilarious. (Ok, I might be a little biased because I've been in love with him for ages and ages, but you can't deny he is a great comedic actor.) There's no trace of his stuttering that we saw (and I loved) in `Four Weddings and a Funeral' or `Sense and Sensibility.' Grant morphs effortlessly into a cad that we all love to hate and all love to love. Yes, it's a paradox, but that is what Grant brings to his role. He makes being `bad' look so sexy. You can't take your eyes off him; he brings his own humor to his role. It's lovely, smoldering, and incredibly sexy.

Colin Firth is also a delight to watch onscreen as Mark Darcy (I think I might be in love with him, too). He is also sexy and smoldering, but not in the same wild, fiery way as Daniel Cleaver. Firth brings a very cute sweetness to his role. I don't know if it is his adorable face or his hair or the way he dresses or just the fact that he is a major sex symbol, but you can't help but fall in love with him the MOMENT you see him onscreen. There is also one very beautiful moment where he tells Bridget, `I like you very much…just the way you are.' It's incredibly romantic and, for me, ranks right up there with Tom Cruise's `You complete me' in `Jerry Maguire.' He also has rather explosive chemistry with Renee Zellweger, which is moving and sexy all at the same time. (And, of course, the author Helen Fielding used Colin Firth as the basis for Mark Darcy, so it all works out marvelously.)

I also mentioned that the movie smartly builds on some elements that the book downplays. Yes, there are certain parts of the movie that cannot be found in the book, but I'm still glad they put them in the movie. Most of what they added doesn't necessarily build on plot but it does add to the characters. I don't want to give anything away because it's rather hilarious what unfolds onscreen. The movie is filmed in an almost Ally McBeal type of way but it remains true to the sincerity, cuteness, and pathetic naivete that Bridget Jones embodies. There are no pretensions. It's an entirely wonderful film. 10/10
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My favorite Romantic Comedy
Critic2017B1 June 2005
This film I only discovered fairly recently, and just absolutely fell in love with it. It sure seemed familiar and lo and behold then I read about the Pride and Prejudice connection and then it all made complete sense.

This is such a charming, lovely homage to Pride and Prejudice. The three lead characters are just perfect. It is funny, sweet at times, sad at others, and just wonderfully sexy and v. romantic (especially the last 1/4th of it).

Renee is so extraordinary as Bridget Jones, who would have ever thought she could play so believable a modern Brit woman so well. Her accent seems flawless to me. Hugh Grant is hilarious and a charming Lothario throughout. But Colin Firth is who really sold me on this film. His ability to play a guy that you start out not liking but drooling over by the end of the movie is sublime.

I am a big fan of the less is more style of acting that Mr. Firth puts forth in this film...much of his performance is in his eyes and his facial expressions. While Daniel (Mr. Grant's character) chatters on and on and tries to charm with his wit and words, Mark Darcy (Mr. Firth's character) just has a strong and rather silent presence along with an integrity of character that is revealed and he wins us over (as well as Bridget).

This movie has a lot going on outside of the wonderful romance as well. Contemporary events, gender inequities, social differences, work place decorum, fashion, self-image, sex, family, and friendship all come under the scrutiny of Bridget Jones and her diary.

This is a very good adaptation of a beloved novel. The tone, scene selection, dialogue and characters capture the essence of what fans of the book love about it. I cannot imagine it any better cast or written.
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darth_sidious23 December 2001
What made this film work? What made this film break the usual British romantic conventional route? One actress! Her name is Renee Zellwegger, seriously, if the actress was British, this film would've been -'been there, done that'. Instead, this clever casting has made Bridget Jones a wonderful little picture.

Renee Zellwegger is an actress who changed to suit the screenplay, now that is ACTING! Her mannerisms, her weight, her enthusiasm and cutesy style are a wonder to behold.

Colin Firth does a great job, he plays his role well, a future James Bond perhaps? Hugh Grant finally gives us something different, he was actually quite funny at times.

Maguire as the director handles the proceedings extremely well, this is her debut and I think she will become quite successful with small films. The Super35 wide-screen frame is used well, bravo! The screenplay is lightweight, but written well, plenty of ad-lib and spontaneity transcend the script.

As a male, sit back and have a laugh. Quality!
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Colin Firth is magical! It is a pity that most Americans don't know who he is.
justwand17 November 2001
Bridget Jones's Diary is full of lighthearted fun. The cast is wonderful - especially true for Colin Firth. His performance is magical. Being given such a thin material to work with, playing a `dreadful cold fish', he has artfully shown Mark Darcy's kindness and charm that gradually wins everyone's heart. This would be an impossible mission for actors other than Colin Firth. I enjoy every minute of his performance. In my opinion, they should give this nice boy more camera times - that's the only complain I have about this movie. Besides this complain, I have to congratulate the whole production team for successfully creating a movie of such weightless fun, and at the same time being honest and sincere to the human emotions. It is very hard to believe that this movie is Sharon Maguire's first one. I never read the book. So, you can trust my observation to be totally independent of the book. If you wish to have some fun and also like to dream a little bit, this is definitely the movie for you. BTW. If you enjoy watching drama and haven't seen Colin Firth's "Pride And Prejudice" (BBC), do yourself a favor and rent it. He is *really* a great "Character Actor" - one of the most talented alive.
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It's not just charming - I insist it's charming
Spleen13 April 2002
With certain bad movies - "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is a famous extreme example - you start to wonder if there's something wrong with people who don't realise that they're bad. I'm not saying that if someone LIKES "Plan 9" then his or her brain probably needs to be repaired; the suspicious, unhealthy thing is not LIKING the film, but being of the opinion that it's good. (Many people have a soft spot for it precisely BECAUSE they realise how bad it is. In this way it differs from something like "Timecode", where either liking the film OR having a high opinion of it is something to be embarrassed about.) And something similar applies to, say, "Citizen Kane". Disliking it makes sense; thinking it's a bad film does not.

But there's another kind of film that tempts me to be even more presumptuous. "Dumbo" is the best example I can think of at the moment. I can see why one might (mistakenly) have a low opinion of "Dumbo": some of the footage IS mere padding, the triumph at the end is too swift, the charge has been laid (falsely, but not ludicrously) that the crows are racist caricatures ... and so forth. But surely even the people who think "Dumbo" is a bad film must still manage to like it. If they don't, THEN I'm suspicious.

I feel this way, to a greater or lesser degree, about a number of light comedies, and this is one of them. I can't honestly say that I revere or adore "Bridget Jones's Diary" (N.B.: I'm male), but all the same, I can't help thinking that people who take an active dislike to it have something wrong with them. This applies not just to the film as a whole but to Bridget Jones, the central character, in particular. What has she done to merit dislike? She's beautiful (as beautiful as Renée Zellweger has ever been on screen), honest and kind-hearted. The diary she keeps certainly reveals her many flaws, but none is particularly pronounced, most are purely negative and anyway, she shares them all with the rest of us - so don't pretend you're not like this, too.

This is an amiable, well-written and fresh romantic comedy with, for ONCE, an attractive female protagonist. It's far from being the greatest film ever made and there may be grounds for attacking it which I haven't touched upon (I suppose there always are), and so all in all I'll understand your not thinking as much of it as I do, but, dammit, you'd better LIKE it.
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Disappointing, really...
Kiwi-715 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I think I must have different contact lenses from the other people who've commented on this film. Either that, or I saw a different film.


First of all, I have to say that I found this a mildly amusing film with some good moments that made me laugh out loud.

I also have to agree that Renee Zellweger does a fantastic job playing Bridget Jones: she's plain, gawky, funny, warm, sincere, and a real twit all at the same time. That said, I confess it took me a little while to warm to her character, partly because Bridget is such a twit. I mean, she's 32 years old and she doesn't have a clue how to fix a meal for friends? She automatically assumes that first-date sex is inevitable even before a relationship begins (hence the underwear angst)? She cannot string two words together without babbling?

I guess the thing that bothers me the most about this film, though, and people's glowing reactions to it, is wondering what Bridget and Mark are going to talk about from now on. I mean, he's a top barrister with education, money, social standing, and a variety of interests, humanitarian and otherwise. Bridget, on the other hand, seems to have no interests, other than drinking, smoking, feeling sorry for herself, and catching a man. She's not intelligent, well-educated, committed to anything, or even with the prospect of being a viable, supporting housewife. At least with Daniel, cad though he clearly is, [I muse cynically here] she had fun--and so did Daniel. Fun and Darcy don't actually go in the same sentence! In the end, I thought she ended up with the wrong man.

I walked out of the movie theater a bit disappointed. I'd heard lots of good things about this film, and although it has some good moments and some funny lines, and Zellweger's acting is commendable, I thought the film just didn't live up to expectations.
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Disappointing and contrived
secordman18 April 2001
Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the performances of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, and Renee Zellwegger more than held her own in the lead role. I just thought the film a bit on the silly side, and many situations were contrived. It could have been a comedy with some depth to it, but there were too many stock Hollywood sequences like a fight breaking out with the restaurant windows breaking and cliches like that. The music didn't fit well, it seemed too obvious that they were trying to sell the soundtrack. (I know, what else is new?) The Pride and Prejudice parallel is really thin, see the BBC Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth if you want to see the real thing.
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jrae9925 April 2001
Speaking as a singleton of a certain age, I found this move dead on. Although set in England, the theme and feelings of single people everywhere were universal. The plot line stayed pretty true to the book with a few exceptions but the tone stayed the same. I know when I went to see this with a female friend there were many men in the audience who looked like they had been dragged there but 5 minutes into the move they were laughing as hard (if not harder) than the women in the audience. This is definitely not just a "chick flick." Renee Zellweger was a perfect Bridget. When I first heard that she was going to play this role, I was skeptical but after I saw it(which I did twice, so far!) I couldn't imagine anyone else with such a mixture of cynicism and innocence. Bravo to the casting of Hugh Grant and Colin Firth as Cleaver and Darcy, respectively. If this movie doesn't win some Oscars it will be a crying shame.
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Women like to be patronized...
buckyden23 December 2001
After watching Bridget Jones' Diary I have to admit I almost didn't make it through. I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Do women really want to be patronized? The whole idea that men can say whatever women want to hear and women take it in is absurd. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth's characters are truly sad excuses for the male race. Overall this movie was truly overrated, and horribly annoying. If I ever say to a woman "You're totally obnoxious, but I love you just the way you are" I'd like someone to humanely destroy me. Not in any way Oscar worthy.
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One of the most charming romantic comedies in a while
Quinoa198414 April 2001
Bridget Jones's Diary actually gave some laughs, and for that alone gives this film reccomendation, since so few romantic comedies now adays (outside of the classic Woody Allen flick) deliver laughs WITH corny plot twists.

Renee Zellwegger is as charming as she was in Jerry Maguire and Nurse Betty (though Nurse Betty has her best work) as a British woman who has some low self esteem about herself- she drinks, smokes, and eats too much, and has trouble staying away from bad boyfriends. In the movie, it focuses on her relationships with Colin Firfth, a honest British lawyer, and Hugh Grant who is a coniving yet charming scoundrel.

Some of the movie might be a tad too over-conventional for some tastes (at times it was for me), but the film delivers enough surprises and good feelings (lame for me to say that isn't it) that it should make for a good date movie that the guy might not hate with all his being. A-
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Load of tripe
Aerie-224 April 2001
Warning: Spoilers
*warning, some spoilers*

I wanted to like this movie. I really did. However, the script makes doing so exceedingly difficult. Firstly, Renee Zellwegger has a nice English accent, yet I was put off by the idea of weight. She looks incredibly plump, yet we're expected to believe she's a "whopping" 131 lbs. Whopping? Since when was that a lot? Wasn't there just a People article describing Charlize Theron's 125 lb. frame? Not very realistic. And people wonder about the rising eating disorder rate, when a size 4 is considered 'plump'.

The story itself was sickening. Alright, so Bridget makes a bonehead mistake by having an affair with her sleazy boss; I admit, I cheered her on when she wised up, yet the other leading male, Mark Darcy (played emotionally-dead by Colin Firth) made me snort. He's arrogant, rude, and puts Bridget down so much, yet she ultimately jumps from one sleazeball to another. So what does Bridget learn? That someone loves her "just the way she is" (except when he calls her a foolish idiot, among other unpleasantries)? What am I supposed to do? Congratulate Bridget on this?

If you want to see a great movie about switching one's life around and standing up for oneself, watch "American Beauty". Kevin Spacey breathed so much more life into Lester Burnham, and he didn't take crap from his wife or anybody by the film's end.
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run away. now.
SmashMonkey16 August 2006
this is, without a doubt, the biggest pile of putrescent garbage it has ever been my misfortune to watch. i would rather jam spoons under my eyelids than be forced to sit through that ordeal again. Bridget Jones is a brainless tart who sets the women's movement back about 50 years. my boyfriend thought it would be romantic to watch it together. he was wrong. this film reinforces every bad female stereotype there is. the characters were unbelievable and extremely annoying, the acting vapid and fourth rate. i consider it an insult to my backside that it had to suffer the discomfort of prickly cinema seating for the duration of this dross. if Bridget Jones were a real person, i would track her down and beat the crap out of her. if you haven't seen this film, please, PLEASE do yourself a favour and avoid it like the plague.
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Absolutely bad! Stay away
Humboldt10 April 2005
I don't get. Why do so many people like this movie? It plain bad, and that's it. It may be that the novel is better, I can't comment on that, I didn't read it. The film keeps being awful. It is called a romantic comedy but where are the jokes? It just an highly "escapistik" movie if you please recall the content. There is a drug addicted, not especially good looking woman in her mid-thirties as protagonist. She is clumsy and has no real abilities. But that is not stopping her in having a career as TV Journalist and two men who are both looking like models want to have her. Huh? That so makes no sense. Of course one could overlook this. But somehow I can't. In an Action movie or a fantasy film, i don't expect realism. Even in more grounded movies I can live without über-realism. But this movie claims to show the life of a woman in her mid-thirties. And this doesn't work for me in the portrayed way. I could ignore this if it were funny. But it isn't. And I will never understand how they got Salman Rushdie as participant. Sorry to the people who enjoyed it but I just wrote down my opinion.
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Bridget Jones review: By me!
stephen50919 January 2006
i absolutely LOVE this movie. Its had me in tears of laughter. Bridget Jones, arguably the funniest film of 2001, I think you'll agree. This is a film for anyone over the age of 15, but honestly I think seeing as I'm not fifteen myself, everyone will most probably love it. But, I'll give you one piece of advice, DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT watch it with your parents or grandparents because it will lead to utter embarrassment.The Storyline- It's New Year's Day, hung over and still single, Bridget Jones- a 30-something year old journalist girl from London-decides to start a great new life. And in order to do so, she decides to keep a diary. Of which she rights down everything from her calories gained to her instant messaging with Daniel Cleaver (her boss). She makes new years resolutions such as: to stop smoking; make better use of time; and learn to programme video. It is a film like no other, a masterpiece of great storytelling. As for the genre-it is a Romantic Comedy, which is very equally balanced, which on one hand, makes you feel very sorry for Bridget at times, but on the other will leave you laughing uncontrollably. I mean, come on, how many films have you seen with a great storyline, a love triangle, and that can make you laugh till your ribs hurt? Now I think of it, not many!Characters: Mark Darcy, the love of Bridget's life, and Daniel Cleaver, quite funnily enough, also, the love of Bridget's life are sworn enemies. Mark is a very upper-class sophisticated character. Who is sometimes very up himself. Daniel is the complete opposite; he is a very laid back easy-going character. Jude, Sharon and Tom-Bridget's three best friends which give her some of the worst advice you can think of. But they do try to help, Tom-The main character-Bridget is a working class girl, slightly overweight, or so she thinks. She is infatuated with Daniel before Mark comes along.

Movie Soundtrack-Well, I can't say it has the best choice in music to be honest, but its okay, if you're into the whole complaining of heart-ache scene. But I suppose it goes well with the movie so I can get over that. On the other hand, there are quite a few classics in the movie such as; all by myself and without you.
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Wake me when it's over, please....
cewasmuthiii17 February 2003
One word sums up this movie: Idiotic. British humor can be funny. `Men Behaving Badly' and `Coupling' are very funny British shows I see occasionally on BBC America. But, for the love of God, this movie is positively not funny. It also is complete foolishness, not funny foolishness but utter foolishness. Sleep inducing foolishness. Most of the characters are unlikable in almost every way. Bridget is not very intelligent to put it lightly. Her escapades I assume were supposed to be amusing but were more or less annoying. Hugh Grant is by far and away my least favorite actor of all time. If I had known he was in the movie I would most likely have skipped it altogether. Colin Firth's character was the only character I enjoyed watching. He at least had some kind of intelligence and depth along with a little mystery and intrigue.

In short, I wrote this because I am flabbergasted at how highly this movie is rated here. To put it in simple terms…This movie sucks big time. So for those of you who have not seen this film and say to yourself `IMDB ranks it high so it must be good,' think again. Easily one of the most boring and meaningless films I have ever seen.

If you wish to see a good Renee Zellweger movie see Nurse Betty or Jerry Maguire. This one is pitiful.
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Little Plot and Foul Language - Yep, Got to be Real Romantic (sarcasm)
folsominc212 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Bridget Jones Diaries – or "How Many Times You Can Say the 'F' Word in One Movie or Within Each Five Minutes?" Frankly, I knew beforehand that I was probably not going to be thrilled with the Bridget Jones' movies; however, my fixation on Colin Firth's career since I saw him in "Pride and Prejudice" finally overcame my good sense. I rented both movies.

Amazingly, from the beginning, I was utterly stupefied to hear the amount of foul "F" words come out of some of the characters mouths. I couldn't really believe how many situations they felt that word needed to be used – one character used it repeatedly when she talked and it was actually supposed to be FUNNY! Among this, we are supposed to find a plot in the fact that this supreme klutz with her horrible taste in clothes is trying to find true love between two different men – or between two different sets of bed sheets. Bridgett does one mistake after another and can't seem to keep her goal on anything.

The viewers are supposed to believe that while she is having rampant kinky sex with Hugh Grant, the "real" love of her life, Colin Firth, is watching with longing from a distance. He has issues with the Hugh Grant character that are not revealed until the end, even though all the evidence is very clear that Grant is the one in the wrong. After all, Bridgett, look what he did to you.

In the meantime, we are supposed to swallow the fact that Firth's character is still crazy about Bridget and forget the fact that – out of the celluloid – a normal man would probably think twice or more about getting involved with a woman – any woman – who was sexually involved with the man who broke up his marriage. Very neat, huh? And oh, so romantic, that this is not even mentioned. Yeah, right! Ask any jealous husband or wife in the same situation.

If England thinks this type of movie – with the ending line by Firth's character, which not surprising includes one last offensive "F" word remark – is romantic, then no wonder their divorce and illegitimate children rates are up!

There are two other points that have to be addressed when discussing this first Bridget Jones movie. I heard that the writer watched "Pride and Prejudice" and modeled Colin Firth's character from the "Mr. Darcy" character he portrayed in the P&P movie. I wonder what hallucinogenic drugs she was on while watching the A&E production? Another item I heard was that using Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones was in essence like using Vivian Leigh as Scarlet O'Hara. Yeah, right. Only Scarlet slept around after marriage and basically wasn't a slut! Furthermore, Vivian Leigh could act.
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My favorite movie
swest218 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS! Every time I watch this movie I feel like I'm falling in love all over again. Bridget is soooo lovable. It's a fact! Why else would two dishy men like Daniel and Mark be all over her. Let's face it -- Daniel is a dog. But Mark is a very well educated, accomplished man. I'm so glad that Bridget ends up with someone so worthy of her and her sweetness and good heart.

Mark is very cautious because he has been hurt before. Therefore, his willingness to proclaim his feelings for Bridget and commit to her must be very difficult for him but he does because he wants Bridget in his life. Since he is an attorney, I would also assume he is very analytical and has looked at his relationship with Bridget from every angle imaginable.

I also think that Bridget might remind him a little of his mother. Remember, folks, his mother is the one who picked out his Christmas ties and wanted to fix up Bridget and Mark in the first place. Also, Mark has seen how happy his parents have been for 40 years, so his mother's playfulness and humor probably contributed a lot to that fact. Besides, Mark has worked hard to become a very accomplished and well-thought of attorney, and he needs to balance it with the love, affection, sweetness, silliness, tenderness, and humor that Bridget can offer.

I just love this movie.
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Bridget Jones's diarrhoea
Anne_Sharp13 April 2001
No WONDER Bridget Jones is lonely and at loose ends at thirty-two: she's an immature, self-centered nonentity with a drinking problem and serious impulse control. By the end of the film I loathed this character. But I will say that my sister, who dragged me to this film, was laughing and clapping and cheering her on, and so were a lot of other people in the theater. Well, they're free to identify with her...ick.
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Seriously. How could you not love Bridget?
Sundance2618 November 2002
This movie... it's fab. Brill. Lovely. Wicked funny. *Add your own British slang here*

The number one reason to see this movie? It's not reindeer jumpers, or the gherkins, or the lots and lots of vodka. It's... Colin Firth. Two simple, yet lovely words. Colin Firth. He loves Bridget just the way she is... and any woman in her right mind would LOVE to hear that, right? It's soooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet!

Hugh Grant plays a good a**hole. (As usual.) His hair is as floppy as ever, and he says lots of bad words. Every jerk's hero! Woot!

Who can't relate to Bridget? I mean, seriously. Who hasn't burned vodka bottles and self-help books in a tin trash can? Who hasn't had two British men fighting over them in the street, with "It's Raining Men" playing perfectly in the background? ("It's a fight! It's a REAL LIVE FIGHT!") Who hasn't dressed up in a Playboy bunny suit and paraded around a stuff British garden party? I mean, c'mon. We've all been there. ... right?

ANYWAYS... this is a good movie! And it's not just a chick flick... it's a chick flick where guys get to see, um... booze, fighting, cleavage and... Bridget's ass while she's sliding down the fireman's pole! And while your girlfriend might not appreciate the staring and drooling, they will find a new respect for you, because they'll think that you like them enough to watch a chick flick with them. (And then when it's over, you can go back to your house and rent Fight Club, and watch it alone with a bowl of popcorn and your pitbull.)

9/10 ^_^ Don't miss it, it's brill. Fab. Lovely. Etc... etc... etc...
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A guy's opinion
Eskargot29 May 2002
On first hearing about this film, dread filled my soul like a fart in an elevator. And as its simile counterpart, news of the event spread fast, catching up with my girlfriend like a fat sprinter in a cherry pie dash. As the lightning crashed and the thunder rolled, words that Mankind had feared since ages past found form on my girlfriend's lips: "Hey Mark, let's go and see Bridget Jone's Diary"...

Now don't get me wrong, ladies, I do like many films that are considered 'Chick Flicks', one of my all time favourites being 'Muriel's Wedding' or 'The Truth about Cats and Dogs'. The apprehension that clung to the bosom of my weariness lay more in the lack of any depth to the character/s. Bridget Jones is naive and abit thick - you'd think that any woman who was now about mid 30s could at least have a decent stab (no pun intended) at guessing if some guy (i.e. High Grant's Character) is a muppet. Although I can let that slide on the evidence so many friends have given me on how enigmatic most guys are (and how most of us are bastards, haha).

Some of the jokes will most likely need explaining to quite a few guys. One example is why a chorus of laughter followed her getting drunk and singing bad love songs alone. Another example is when she's sliding down a pole, smacks her arse into the camera and generates crowds of girly laughter as if the audience had been contracted to provide tinned laughter for some slap-stick home video show.

One issue however was with the tedious-neuroticism of Bridget Jones and her celebrating the latest fashions of excess with her incessant drinking and smoking. As I say I don't hate romantic comedies, it's just that this one seemed proud to have no depth and sectioning 50% of the humour to the 'Need to be explained to men' section...

If your a girl you'll probably find this a stunning exploration into the amorous side of woman-kind, where a single real-sized woman stands up amidst a backlash of what male-kind throws at her. Despite all the disappointments and let-downs, her optimism has not been misplaced as prince charming finally cuts a path through the web of first-impressions, pride and prejudice (pun intentional) to sweep her off her feet... though if you read the sequel, Mark Darcy turns out not so positive.

If you're a guy, it'll be mildy funny but a little tedious in places and Renee Zellweger'd get it...
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How Disappointing
NJtoTX1 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I thought that after all the good words I'd heard about BJD, it would be a safe-bet rental. I was wrong. This was a first for me; my first DVD in which I had no desire to check out any of the extras on the disk. Indeed, I found myself calculating the remaining time during the last half of the film.

Renee Zelwegger was fine, but the role was demeaning and sitcom-like.

(spoiler) Typical is when she arrives at what she believes will be a costume party, only to find everyone dressed. Not only does everyone look at her with their noses in the air (curious, since they were all told last minute that the 'tarts' theme was off), she does not explain, and does not pull off the bunny head and tail.

Colin Firth is supposedly the good guy, the one we want her to end up with, but he goes around pouting and angry and miserable and bitter through most of the film. Really endearing.

Hugh Grant is good, but (spoler2) his betrayal of her is so formulaic. Yawn. The fistfight scene with Firth is embarrassingly bad and could have been written by any 1st year film student.

Is this what we've come to? This is what's passing as great entertainment? I should have known better. I ignored my own rule: "Any film showing up on multiple shelves at Blockbuster can't be any good." 3.5/10
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Bridget Owes Benny!
ShadeGrenade17 November 2006
'Bridget Jones' struck a chord with millions of single women all over the world. She's kooky, blonde, has a weight problem, a man problem, and is British. If she were the creation of a man, she'd have been banned by now.

I loved the moment in this film when Bridget slides down a fireman's pole and we see her big knickers close up. But then I laughed at the same gag when it was done on 'The Benny Hill Show' on 23/12/70.

This is supposed to be feminist comedy, yet when its only memorable gag comes from an old television show derided and pilloried for its so-called 'sexism', you know something is wrong somewhere.

Benny Hill, rest in peace.

Your legacy is intact. Renee Zellweger is your natural heir.
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